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PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)


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Situated just 7-Miles from one coast and 16-miles from another coast, with Exmoor and Dartmoor both well within cross country distance, this venue may well just be the best flying site the PMC has had an event at, and one not to be missed. 


There will be fresh local pasties of varying sort (of course) And the normal food van type food.

As always, we will have a heated beer tent (bar provided by PMC again)

The fire pit will be lit 24-hours a day.

The music will be played at a social volume at social times of the day. 

Dogs are welcome, children are welcome.


There is literally nothing bad to be said about this place! The above view lives only 7.3 miles away from take off! 

The view below is 20.8 miles away from take off!



We hope to see all of the normal faces at this one, there is some added adventure for all of us as its a totally new site with some AMAZING flying opportunities to be had for those who venture into the UK's very own holiday resort! 

Costs: Full Members FREE

Non Flying Partners £20



I will add more information and spice this page up a little over the coming week or so, but I just wanted to get the dates out there soon :-)




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It might be a long way to travel for some; But it will likely be the best flying you have ever done, in a spectacular location and well worth the journey.

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Well done Simon as good as your word 3 pmc fly-ins this year .ive got to buy you a beer mate.

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I live just down the road; fantastic area, top choice Simon. See you all there...

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Motorhome booked, holiday booked not missing this one for sure “How many sleeps to go”

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YAY - really excited about this one !


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It wasn’t a complete washout. Well.. ok maybe it was 😂

we were staying until Monday but our van was playing up and made us almost immobile which wasn’t so good in the downpour so we called it this morning. 

Giles flew twice which was good to see. Far too windy for me though. 

Good evening around the fire on Friday. Had a 7.5 miles walk yesterday because the van wouldn’t work then the downpour from 3pm all through the night finished it for us. The van worked this morning. We were last to leave the field and had a day in Looe (we decided we want to live there) followed by a picnic on Bodmin moor and just got home. Still managed to make a nice weekend of it😁

Having seen some scenery today I really hope there’s an opportunity for a fly-in there next year. 

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It was a great group reece and chin wag. I definitely cannot wait for the next one in Cornwall! looks like some amazing flights to be had from the site 

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    • Thanks for the info🙂. I read on FB today that there is a field near Salisbury (Barry's field I think), but as I'm still learning I'm content with travelling to Membury. 🙂
    • That could well of been me, or the other PPGer i know of who flies in this area who often fly over Totton on our way to the IOW, but not much flying happened last year... Finding flying sites in this area seems very difficult. I lost one field when the elderly farmer passed away and the farm was taken over by a new tenant. The other regular field i had used for several years had crops in it instead of the usual grass so that one was out of action for the whole year. I couldn`t find any other willing landowners so last year i only flew 5 times... The whole process of finding a site will begin again this year i suppose, but if nothing comes up.......i expect the appeal of PPG will fade away....  
    • You should take a look at your set up if you are turning without power. Are your offsets correctly set? Are you using torque correction on your wing? Is your harness causing you to be weight shifting slightly? Is anything bent? Was your wing trimmed properly? 
    • Hi all, Question re taking kit abroad and bringing it back. So I'm planning on going to Turkey babadag and planning on taking my wing with me. My question is, can I put the wing in my suitcase and take it with me and bring it back without any issues? When coming back to the UK will I have issues with customs? If they question me about my glider? It's an old glider so if I was questioned I couldn't prove taking it with me.... Or do I do a video before and after. Or am I being paranoid?
    • Flight 5 Happened today! Blew one launch, My instructor was watching this time and immediately indicated that I was pulling the A risers rather than just running with them up... collapsing the front of the wing before it could get up. That explains all the blown launches recently. 2nd time was better... reverse launch into about 6mph wind. Straight up. Struggled to get in the seat... so got some altitude then stowed the brakes and dragged the seat forward under me. Pootled around for a bit, enjoying the view.  Did some experimenting with varying levels of power (my setup seems to turn right all the time. Even with no throttle, there is a slight right turn that gets progressively worse with power.) Tried a few sharp turns, then eventually came back in for a landing. Not good. All was good until it came to the flair... left brake slipped out of my fingers... Ended in a rough bum slide after my legs acted like shock absorbers.  Not pretty at all, but thankfully, no damage that i noticed. Ill give it a proper check over during to week to make sure.  
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