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  1. I live near Martock & know of at least 5 other active pilots within 1/2 hour of you. We tend to communicate by phone/text, rather than on forums, so I'm not surprised you think there isn't anybody else out there, however that's not the case. I have flown up to the Tor a few times in the last year! If you PM me your number then I'm always happy to meet up & have a chat. I'll PM this to you too, which should throw up a notification.
  2. I fancy Tucker Gott!! OK that's a lie. The truth is I was mad keen on planes when I was a kid & I used to daydream about what it would be like to fly. Fast forward a few years, in my teens, I was flicking through an aviation magazine one day & saw an article on Paramotoring & it caught my imagination big time. That thought never really went away. I then moved to a job in Pirbright in 2010 & a Paramotor flew right over me one day. Time, circumstances & money were right & I went straight onto Google & found that there was a school that was only
  3. Where abouts in Somerset are you Wanstronian?
  4. Clearly Bristol isn't viable to fly, but there were a fair few active pilots who flew in the surrounding areas (mainly around Bath). I haven't lived in the area for a while, but I'm sure many of them are still around. Good bunch of lads & I'm sure they'll be happy to chat about flying in the area & maybe show you some kit.
  5. Jacques, i haven't been here for a while so I've only just seen this post. I work in Blandford & plan to fly as soon as the weather lets me. Happy to meet up for a chat. PM me if you're still interested. Phil
  6. Hmm. Brown wings, red wings & now Paramotor wings. Sounds like a great wing collection!
  7. Steve, I think I may be one of the Paramotors you see over Somerton as I am local. A mate who is just outside Long Sutton who flies a fair bit too. Happy to meet up & have a chat about flying if you want to.
  8. Si, Happy for you to pass on my details if he wants somebody to fly with him once he's finished training. Who is it BTW (I'm assuming he's in the same line of work as me)?
  9. phil_r


  10. Wesley, I'm guessing you're at the top of Black lane in Blandford? If so I will be arriving mid December & plan to fly from there. PM me if you fancy a chat - happy to talk about flying, Paramotors etc. There is somebody else there too who is looking to fly soon!
  11. Had another flight on the Maverick, with a friend. This time I tried out my new mic setup for some in flight chat, seems to work OK!
  12. Give me reliability any day! That's why I now own a Moster (with a shroud, but no temp gauge, so I have no idea if it makes much difference).
  13. Thanks for the link Alan, The linked video makes a lot of sense & I would recommend following his advice. An alternative, that Parajet use (& is incorporated onto the Maverick & I'm assuming all other models too), is to attach the throttle cable to the swing arm with velcro. This prevents it from physically being able to move back through the cage. In my video I have not re-attached the velcro as It was preventing me from showing the fitted cable fully. I'll try to get a photo uploaded later today to show what I'm trying to explain more clearly.
  14. This in my second attempt at a Vlog. This time it's much shorter at 6 minutes & I have sorted the sound out! I plan to do a number of these shorter videos covering fuelling, how I transport my Paramotor, pre flights etc etc. If you feel these are useful then please let me know, along with suggestions for other topics you want me to cover. Here we go...
  15. Aidi, I have another video in the pipeline which hopefully will be useful to you. I am just in the process of modding my towbar rack to carry the Maverick (it worked great with the Bulldog). I plan to discuss in a bit more detail the methods I have tried & why they were good or bad.
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