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  1. If anybody in the somerset area is looking to do thier FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operators License) I can thoroughly recommend Andrew Sinclair at Andews Aviation (https://andrewsaviation.co.uk +44(0)7774 625951) I did my training and examination with them and I can't recommend them highly enough. They taylor the syllabus specifically towards paramotoring so as to cut out a lot of the unnecessary elements for the paramotor pilot. If you are thinking of getting your license I'd give them a call.
  2. These are amazing for the cost.. Run off a 9v battery.. In run tests we've got 18 hours run time running 4 lights off 1 9v battery... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Truck-ATV-LED-Strobe-Light-Flash-Emergency-Hazard-Warning-Lamp-White/232482121300?hash=item362103a654:g:9v4AAOSwlpZairJg
  3. Sorry I has now Sold.. The chap I fly with still has his. They are identical in hours and condition. The only difference is his is in Air (Blue) Hope that helps....
  4. What a genius... more brilliant publicity http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6001943/Paragliders-breathtaking-snub-safety-dangerously-swoops-beachgoers.html
  5. For sale is my Dudek Universal 1.1 28m £1800 I’ve had the wing from new. It has 60 hours flight time on it. It’s in extremely good condition. No rips, tears holes, repairs or any damage of any description. The wing is as crispy as the day it left the factory. The wing has not been used for ground handling, flight only. This was my first wing and has been an absolute dream to fly. Stable and predictable, safe and a joy to own. I’ve flown it in many different weather conditions and its always out performed my expectation. Comes complete with Dudek rucksack, quick stuff wing bag, fold
  6. I agree.. This has been one of the best posts on the forum....
  7. Oh right.. Ok then... Thats fine... All is forgiven.... ?
  8. Would say you have to have a bit of experience under your belt. Not really for noobies as it would probably put you off flying altogether! .... None of it is done with motors.. As you say they don't really like being dunked... It would be a case of bring your wing and thats about it.. Everything else can be provided....
  9. Putting this out there to see what the potential interest might be.. I've been speaking with Jocky Sanderson to see if he would put on an SIV course tailored to paramotoring. He said that he would. To do this he'd need 6-8 people as a minimum to run. He believes that he could do something in September in Turkey (Link to the paragliging course below). Would anyone else be interested? I think the weeks course would be about £590 but he did say we'd get a discount for a group booking... Let me know if you are interested and I'll see if I can firm something up. http://www.jockysanderson
  10. I fly near Yeovilton in Somerset. When ever I fly I call air operation and speak to the tower. They take details of where and when I’m going to be flying and advise any traffic they have operating that I’m around. I fly with a strobe so as to make myself as visible as possible. I got the Yeovilton number from a quick google search. I get mixed responses depending who I get through to. Some are great, giving loads of information about traffic and expected arrivals/ departures, opps in the area etc.. others give you the impression your a pain in the arse and your wasting their time.. My view is
  11. Great day.. fantastic to see you back on your feet Connor.. Next stop the skies!
  12. Just for the days when you can't get out to fly!
  13. You need to get some inflatable pylons for the next fly-in... We can do some slalom....
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