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  1. Hi Simon,

    Were any of your club flying over Barbury Castle yesterday afternoon?


    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      No, we did not have anyone up yesterday. Maybe the guys and girls from Draycote? 

      SW :D


  2. The Atom 80's engines are also selling like hot cakes ATM. It's an amazingly smooth engine and at around 2.5l-3.0l per hour and good for 100KG pilots (90%+ of the people we teach) I also would like to correct you on your comment about dealing with frame and engine manufactures... You guys with the 200's collectively decided to contact Polini directly on the facebook group if you remember. You were also the first bunch to buy the unknown engine. (known as an early adopter) as an early adopter, you take a risk, the new Samsung is a great example of this. I have had over the last 17 years 18 different Parajet's and I have never ever spoken to an engine manufacturer as a consumer. The essence of your post though is a good one Get a machine that you are happy with, one that you like the look of, or feel of, or both.. even how it sounds if that's your thing. Just make sure you like it or even love it and enjoy flying it. SW
  3. Check that you are not mistaken Richard. It would be highly unusual for a UK school to operate that way. Most offer training on a casual basis. Welcome to the Paramotor Club!! SW
  4. The Nitros are not bullet proof. They have a number of issues the same as EVERY other paramotor in the world. My personal view on the Nitro and Parajet differs massively to yours. SW
  5. Check out what we have in the shop Review video below. SW
  6. Unbelievably it looks as though we will be able to use the Bore Chase site again!!! ( I was convinced we had our last event there!!! ) We are going to have to do a couple of things differently (below) A) We will be collecting for a local charity B) We will be adding a small fee for 'camping' which will go directly to the land owners thus increasing their reason to put up with us (and the complaints that follow after we have gone) So at a guess, it will cost around £20 for paid members which will include £10 for camping + £10 for charity. Visiting guests (non members) will also be asked for the normal £20 to support future club events Dates TBC but I wanted to let those of you know who kept asking if it was a go / no go. SW
  7. In the order asked... I would say a minimum of 100 good take off and landings and around 100 hours before considering tandem passengers. (can be done in about 12 months if you are SUPER keen and have no life lol ) The Paramotor (MAY) be able to do the job of both but the wings will be different (you would need another wing) If you can dream it, you can do it! SW
  8. Don't be scared to call mate, deffo call if in doubt. SW
  9. Another option would be to develop a relationship with Boscombe so that you can let them know when you will be flying. (and where) Airspace wise its not the best location but not impossible SW
  10. Non of our students have to buy there own kit first!! We have 4 school motors and 10 wings SW
  11. I can post it here if you like but you may prefer me to keep it offline for now SW
  12. Jay, we have a couple of wings coming up which will suit your needs They will be ready in about a week if you can wait that long! lol SW
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