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  1. Welcome to the Paramotor Club SW
  2. All, I recently purchased a half decent ultrasonic cleaner for my motorbike restoration. It turned out to be 100% better than I expected!! I now call it the newifator. lolol I would like to offer to all of you that need it, to send me your carbs for a F.O.C ultrasonic de-gunge. When I put the motorbike ones through it, I was flabbergasted at the amount of crap that came out of them!! (been itching to use that word for ages) lol Deal is: Send them to me, and pay for the sending back. Reply here if interested and I will PM over the address. You will 100% need to get a carb service kit to accompany this clean... there are many online places you can get these, please try to use your instructor / dealer for this if you can. The last thing you want when this is all over is a motor that won't play air games. lol SW
  3. This was done We opted for a dynamic site rather than an app There is now also an App in development for the software that runs this site. As soon as its available it will go live for all I have the test version and its currently poo. SW
  4. Time Left: 11 days and 13 hours

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    For sale 23 Meter V-king 'Energy' kited once. Perfect for PPG, and PG. Insanely easy to launch and fly. 100-155 KG For those who have not seen it: Grab a bargain....



  5. As I understand it, the only thing that needs to happen to the existing AXA policy is a change of wording (when the time comes) SW
  6. The PMC summer fly-in might just have to become the 'End of Corona Fly-in' As it stands, we are still set for the original dates for this event and will only cancel the event if ordered to do so by the .Gov Obviously there is a good chance that this can / will happen. Our plan of action is: 1. Keep planning / arranging the current date. 2. Plan alternative (later in the year dates). Whatever happens, we will be having this event as soon as is legally allowed. Stay happy, stay safe and be the best version of yourself SW
  7. You have People only post to moan about things... I was super happy with the EOS I got (A v1) and now so is the new owner The only real issues I have noted are the pull start. (the same as most of the Atoms and 185s) which I also have one each of. The warranty / support is awesome and I think that is more important. SW
  8. Any secret clues you can give as to who you 'were' lol ?? I am sure you can understand my asking.. Also, the Classifieds section is a much better place to sell things. https://www.paramotorclub.org/classifieds/ SW
  9. I am currently engaged with WWT Slimbridge which is a wetland reserve managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. I plan to help them with what seems to be the fairly regular problem of aircraft (of varying sort) disturbing nesting and breeding birds and flying low along the river. My plan is to create more awareness in the Paramotor community, and to encourage thoughtful flying around all of the UK's reserves. I am also helping WWT Slimbridge in particular to extend the current (out of date) Sep-April advice to become permanent (12 months) advice. The awareness part is below. Bird Sanctuaries, The Law & Best Practice for Pilots. The UK attracts great numbers of wintering, breeding and migrating birds. In particular, many estuaries, marshes, cliffs and islands are home to large numbers of waterfowl and seabirds. While a number of specific sites such as bird sanctuaries are notified and charted for aviation – with 'requested avoidance' many other areas are also important to the bird population. A bird sanctuary in the A.I.P asks pilots to avoid overflight of specific areas of airspace, but flight through a bird sanctuary is not, in itself, a breach of regulations. The appearance of a bird sanctuary on a chart is not a restriction but information that advises pilots of all types of aircraft to avoid disturbing birds. Sites important for birds are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) to preserve their special wildlife or geology. Additional provisions under this Act provide protection to vulnerable breeding birds. SPAs are classified under the EU Birds Directive for the protection of threatened, vulnerable and migratory species of birds. Within these areas, Member States ‘must take appropriate steps… to avoid any significant disturbances affecting birds’. What many people might not realise is that, as an example, It is an offence under the Act to ‘intentionally or recklessly’ disturb a wide variety of nesting wild bird species or to disturb dependent young of such species. Disturbance can include any activity which changes or disrupts a bird’s natural behaviour, and offences can result in prosecution. This in itself is nothing to do directly with Aviation, but a Paramotor certainly would be considered a Disturbance. Just some food for thought. A full list of the UK sites can be found on the Joint Nature Conservation 'Archive' pages at: https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20191105121616/http://archive.jncc.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=1400 SW
  10. Thanks guys it’s always nice to see you. SW
  11. Cheers dude. I seemed to have a row of drinks ready for me when I went to the bar to buy one, AND you and James were both stood offering me more!! lol I had to say no to someone lololol SW
  12. until

    The ParamotorClub.org raised £700 for the Charity 'Sunflowers suicide support' at this weekends Bore Chasers event!! Well done everyone and MASSIVE THANKS!!! Pic with comedy size cheque as soon as I can arrange it with them. That will make a massive positive difference in someones life and you all played a part in that. SW
  13. PMC Sylibuss attached for those interested. Reading replies with great interest. SW 2019_07_3.1_TPG_Ed11.pdf
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