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  1. admin (Simon W)

    Aviation Headphones to Walkie Talkie

    @eddiecartwright SW
  2. admin (Simon W)

    Bulldog paramotor for sale

    Try using the Classifieds section. More people will see it. https://www.paramotorclub.org/classifieds/ SW
  3. admin (Simon W)

    Polini 80cc

    Try here: https://www.paramotorclub.org/classifieds/ SW
  4. admin (Simon W)

    West/North London training + sites

    Most of the West London massive come to Membury It's about 45 mins from the M25 on the M4. SW
  5. admin (Simon W)

    Flight 10 - 1 Mile High - Paravlog

    Congratulations on the Baby boy! Thanks for sharing. SW
  6. admin (Simon W)

    Greetings from South West! (Bristol)

    Happy to give a days training away with a new wing (as we always do ) The Dudek universal 1.1 is still the way to go in my opinion. Flipping amazing bit of kit. I don't see the point in spending £2-300 on a wing for ground handling, A, it will be nothing like a new one to ground handle, B, once flying you will likely never use it again, C, it's still £2-300+ that you could have just put towards your flying wing. SW
  7. admin (Simon W)

    Proud Sponsors of Paranoob.

    Although I do mostly agree. I can prove that it is a very valid way to attract new students. We have had at least 10 people in the last 12 months who said they were inspired to be there by seeing a Tucker Gott video. Paul also gets mentions now, which I am sure will continue to grow through 2019. I think the people who are looking to 'learn' (granted it's a small percentage of the population) will watch these videos as I did when learning to fly the Heli. (over and over again in fact!) lol SW
  8. Hi all, I wanted to let you all know that Paramotor Training ltd are now proudly sponsoring Paul Mockford (Paranoob) as a pilot. A little vague I know, but in a nutshell we will pay for events, competitions and equipment as needed to help him to make cool you tube vids and provide the school some good positive exposure to a growing audience So welcome to the team @Paul Mockford Check out his you tube channel if you have not already! SW
  9. admin (Simon W)


    No chap, the Massimo guy SW
  10. admin (Simon W)


    I messaged him but no reply... Makes me wonder if he is still in the game.. SW
  11. admin (Simon W)

    Pumping brakes

    In this case (The people referred to in this thread) it's more of a pointless flapping and not the actual technique used by PG pilots in high wind. (basically taking up the slack +2" and letting it go) at a silly fast rate which the wing would not respond to. SW
  12. admin (Simon W)

    Pumping brakes

    It's a Paragliding technique which can be used when it's very windy to attempt a top landing. I know exactly who you are on about (the bunch) and I have no idea why they have started doing it. It can be dangerous depending on loading and conditions. It 'May' be a bit like a new racing driver (testing the corner before committing, rather than just committing) I think it is more likely that someone saw it, tried it, and now its spreading like an STD lol SW
  13. admin (Simon W)

    Herne Bay Site???

    Don't buy a Paramotor before you have flown one. Annoyingly, there are plenty of people out there happy to sell new (excited and keen) new pilots their old junk. We have seen all sorts on our field that quite honestly the people that sold them are knobs at best! lol Just wait it out, use the schools kit for your training and get advice from others (as you are doing here) before buying stuff Welcome to the Paramotor Club SW
  14. admin (Simon W)


    I have never heard of this person! (not that I am suggesting that's a bad thing) Good to know there is someone active up there! SW
  15. admin (Simon W)

    Convincing Wife!

    Well I never knew that! lol I am sure I wont be the only one looking at this now lol SW