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  1. admin (Simon W)

    Membury Sunday Apr 21st?

    Back to normal at Membury tomorrow You are of course more than welcome to visit (please call first to check we are going to be there) SW
  2. admin (Simon W)

    Bore Chasers now full members only.

    Clive is the man to judge if you should fly or not mate See you there! SW
  3. admin (Simon W)

    Bore Chasers now full members only.

    Hi Gary, Being still in training I am assuming that you are still under instruction. The Bore Chasers is not the ideal place for first / early flights in fairness. Who is teaching you? SW
  4. Hi Simon, when is membership renewal date, can’t have you saying can’t come in at the Bore.


  5. admin (Simon W)

    Bore Chasers now full members only.

    Non flying visitors welcome. SW
  6. BIC Razor proves that point nicely! SW
  7. admin (Simon W)

    Southport Incident

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-47900428?fbclid=IwAR2o6k-3uiIr1M_KVGmKZ-CrjiRMe2ws2HQTL0Lf_4F8ayBxU0hj7ZDxMwQ Not much info yet.... My sympathy to his family and friends (whoever it may be) SW.
  8. admin (Simon W)


  9. admin (Simon W)


    Not flapping at all chap!! Your relaxing at the bore 'assuming not still at airfield number 20!!!!' lol SW
  10. admin (Simon W)

    A new item has been listed.Paramotor & Wing WANTED

    I have a motor that would suit you. Please call this evening. SW
  11. admin (Simon W)


    I did We are one of the sponsors!! 'not that you can tell to be fair' and not moaning about it... Good luck lads!! and stay safe I will be following the live feed when I have a moment. SW
  12. admin (Simon W)

    PMC Bore chasers April 2019


    Super sorry Eddie, No one allowed on site (except the set up crew 'who know who they are') until Friday Morning We had a fairly nasty accident on the field last year on the Thursday which involved an air ambulance. My meeting with the council was not easy when this was brought up. I can't risk anything this year if we want the event to keep happening in the future There are though, loads of local areas where you can Gorilla camp, or campsites if thats your thing.... My hands are kind of tied with this one as I know people will be watching! SEE YOU THERE THOUGH!!!!!! SW
  13. admin (Simon W)

    Wanted pm100

    You need to chat to Eddie from Micro Avionics, I am certain hi ships worldwide. @microavionics SW
  14. admin (Simon W)

    Salisbury based wannabee

    A unlimited number of days to complete the PPG1 (PMC rating) and build your confidence It normally takes people about 8-10 days to complete. SW
  15. admin (Simon W)

    Slots in cages...why?

    They are the point at which the cage breaks down for travel. (joins) for want of a better word. SW