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  1. Awesome guys!! I honestly think this is a worthy adventure and also something in the UK which involves a Paramotor and is super positive and most likely to be the single largest exposure of our sport / toys to the UK general public since the Bear Grylls Everest thing which was not a happy vibe expedition / edit. Keeping this positive and showing our support as a community is I think a humble offering in return for the all round good I think it will be doing Again, thanks guys.. SW
  2. As you will I am sure soon notice, Sacha Dench is dusting off her kit and flying around the coast of the UK on an Electric Paramotor! The PMC are supporting this event in whatever way we can. ( I will be helping with some ground support on the Electric bike ) The link below has a cool little video explaining what's happening and why, on the page is also the chance to donate / get involved. It would be ace if we could collectively support this as I think that it will do masses of good for the sport in the UK sending out a super positive message to I suspect EVERYONE in the country
  3. Heated garage!! (starting to think you could be a closet snob! lol ) Even at this time of year my garage is somewhere from 6c - 8c in the morning SW
  4. The subject wont come up during your mortgage application and will have no effect on the result. As above, separate the two things. Buildings insurance however can some times be a term of the lender. SW
  5. Buy some Aspen and store it with that in the carb https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274568267425 (can also be purchased from most mower repair type places) It will protect all the rubbers and such and it will start in the spring with no dramas SW
  6. Welcome to the Paramotor Club! We currently have a couple of annoying blips with the software (fix one thing and it causes another thing) lol Well done for finding your way in!! SW
  7. That's a clever temporary get around I am just waiting for one more bit of advice from Tec support before hitting the 'see if it works' button SW
  8. An update: We have sussed out 'why' now I just have to suss out how to solve the issue. It's something to do with the 'Theme' being used as default from the new software install... I am on the case and expect there to be a fix in place by the end of play today. SW
  9. Roger that guys, I have submitted a tec support form and they will be on it soon I am sure SW
  10. The image above shows you as logged in Chris. ? The + will allow you to add content.. I know that the software guys are trying to produce an actual app for everyones forums so I think the site when viewed in a browser is starting to head in that direction. You should be able to do everything that you could before though.. I will take a look at the phone browser settings this morning SW
  11. Or try going directly to the log in page... www.paramotorclub.org/login. SW
  12. I think you are seeing a version before the latest change mate. Im not sure how to clear browser cash on a phone but 90% sure that its what you need to look at. Good luck! SW
  13. Well done for asking!! And welcome to the Paramotor Club SW
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