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  1. admin (Simon W)

    Polini 130 for Dummies

    Remove the carb and send it to someone A Person who knows how, can whack it through an ultrasonic cleaner and then put a new carb kit in Cost about £50. SW
  2. admin (Simon W)

    Radial Engine Build

    Spectacular!!!! I have nothing more to say lol SW
  3. Hello Gaffer.

    Compliments of the season to you. Just a quick question, Will I recieve an email notifying me that my membership is coming up?  there is probably a way here of finding out for myself but im only a fikk digger driver lol.





    ello again governor.

    I know its really early....really early, but is next years fly-in at worlds end 12, 13, 14 july? I am trying to secure a motorhome to live in.

    cheers dude.






    Hello again governor.

    I wanted to thank you once more for throwing such a great weekend. All of yours and the teams hard work is greatly appreciated not only by myself-  I am sure all of the other visitors who attended feel the same way. As it was my first fly-in I was not really sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised not only by the whole set up but also massively by everyones friendliness and generosity.It was great to just stop and talk to people who I had never before met and feel like I had known them for ages. I cant wait for next years main event.

    p.s, Im after some cheap fireworks for Nov 5th if you know of any lol.

    Chheers mate,


    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      This years main event is the Cheltenham one (which will replace the worlds end location) :-) 

      12-14th yes.

      Membership you should get a reminder. 

      See you there!!! 

      SW :D


    2. frosty100


      yayyyyyy. I hope you have a great christmas matey.

      Kindest regards


  4. until
    This year we have chosen Cheltenham Spa as our location for the RDA, PMC main summer event. It honestly is an amazing venue! Of course there will be Fireworks, Music, A selection of food vendors, 24-hour fire pit, and 24-hour licensed security. (more to come ) What's this RDA thing??? This year, the PMC has chosen to support the RDA (Riding for Disabled) which is a super cool national charity who provide therapy through horse contact. RDA research shows that riders experience significant positive change in their capacities for communication, confidence, enjoyment, relating, physical improvement and learning horsemanship. Because this event is a Charity event, please note the slightly different pricing structure below. Full PMC members £10 in the charity pot (pretty please) Not a full PMC member and flying? £30 (or click > and join as a full member before the event for £30 and enjoy 3 fly-ins a year FOC!) Non Flying guest, partner £25 Children under 16 £0 Tandem flights will be available (please PM well in advance if your keen) There will be Fireworks! Big ones, it may or may not work as planned but either way, they will be big and they will go off ! lol Food, we have: Vegetarian and meat wraps van, pizza van, and a burger van. : Of course there will be a 'heated' bar, and the fire pit (you do NOT need to bring logs this time!! ) As always we will have the impossible to replicate, amazing PMC 'vibe' which is created by the awesome people that attend! To quote the very first PMC t-shirt, It's the Pilots that make the Party! (free pint for anyone that turns up that still has one of these!!) lol More info to follow, 200 pilots max so please ensure you RSVP (log in and use the green button at the top of the page that says GOING ) As always, we hope to see you there!!! PM or post a message if you have any questions.
  5. admin (Simon W)

    Trike plans

    I have been keeping my cool while watching this thread... But it's time to say something!!! lol I have a trike design at the moment getting built for a couple of people. My aim is to make it accessible to all in about 6-months time. PMC full members can have them at cost + £150 All others can have them at cost + £300 I should not have posted this yet, but hey ho... I have because I am excited about it! lol Pics and stuff to follow as the build happens. SW
  6. admin (Simon W)

    Is there a trick to successful pull starting?

    I had not considered flash starters... good shout. SW
  7. admin (Simon W)

    Is there a trick to successful pull starting?

    As above SW
  8. admin (Simon W)

    Paramotor Club Theory day

    Thanks guys There will be plenty more! SW
  9. admin (Simon W)

    Making yourself seen head to head with an Aircarft.

    Worth also remembering that, although a NOTAM creates awareness, it makes you no more visible to others. SW
  10. I am interested to know what people are using for strobe lighting (if at all) Ideally pics, price, links and how you find it please Many Thanks. SW
  11. admin (Simon W)

    PMC Theory day.


    Meeting point is Berrycroft ‘farm’ Ashbury Wiltshire. SW
  12. Thanks for taking the time to write this Great write up. SW
  13. You can also get Insurance via the Paramotor Club, if you have had PMC, BHPA, or APPI training Our policy costs less than AXA by a fair chunk, offers tandem and also covers Paragliding. Long gone are the days of needing to be in the BHPA just for the insurance. SW