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  1. What makes you use that calculation? Would you 'not' use Aspen in a 4 stroke then? If not, why bother using it in the 2 stroke? SW
  2. Have you used the DJI in the air yet mate? I also have one and it fails to impress when in any kind of airflow. SW
  3. Yes mate, but your membership is still active at the moment so no need to renew yet SW
  4. Yes, but you still have an active membership. You will loose the VIP logo when it expires. SW
  5. Our main income as a club is the Full memberships people take out Which also then gives you the option to remove the banners. SW
  6. Locally (ish) you have Clive Mason (CM Paramotors) @CMParamotors SW
  7. The answer to question 1, officially is 500ft (or it used to be when I last looked) I stopped looking when I saw a Paraglider deploy at about 100ft and come to the pub afterwards..... I would say it's never too late to try. Ref motorbike / flying, Flying a paramotor 'normally' is massively safer than riding a motorbike 'normally' Tikes V foot launch: see general answer below. Wing collapses for 'no reason' don't happen. Safety in this sport comes down to pilot attitude and education. In very much the same way as a motorcycle or fast car or even horse for that matter. Get lessons, proactively learn about it, and it's the best thing you will ever likely do! SW
  8. Hi Andy, if you have not already done so, please check out our website www.paramotortraining.com Welcome to the Paramotor Club! SW
  9. Flotation device: I have mixed feelings about these... I think they are a good idea, but in the same sense.. I don't think they are a good idea if you are going to have the mind set that it will save your life. There are a few reported cases where they have flipped the pilot on to his / her face. The only thing to say about water is don't. Reserve: Always a good idea and it is OK to buy one second hand from a trusted source. SW
  10. Second hand, £2k will get you a decent wing if you buy carefully Most of the wings for sale here are from known people who would not sell the wrong wing to the wrong person at the wrong price we are a kind people lol Check out the classifieds where you can also list a wanted... List your weight (mention that's without the paramotor) and this lot will see you right And yes, wing first then motor... Matching is no problem as long as your wing is a 'paramotor' / certified for paramotor wing. SW
  11. Welcome to the Paramotor Club!! I quite fancy a mini adventure to the Heb's!! (in the summer) lol My advice would be to get a wing that you can actually fly. The painful truth is that if you are unable to afford it now it's even worse economy to spend money that you could be saving towards your 'actual' wing. I know that's not what you want to hear but it's what you need to hear. sorry.... Stick it out until next year, keep saving and you will make it to the dream!!! SW
  12. Happy days!! Well done, and... the best has yet to come SW
  13. A quick update.. A small team from the Cyber Crime unit are currently gathering evidence against the suspect. This has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks and may take a couple more. I have been advised that the next time I hear from the Police it will be to let me know they have made an arrest Any one of you are able to contact the Cyber Crime unit number that I have if you have concerns about either me, or the security of the website. Let me know if you want his number and the reference. For me it's just great to be able to see that everyone is continuing to use the PMC site and pester me about events!!! I am so happy that essentially, nothing has changed the awesome community vibe we have here. More as it comes in. SW
  14. Warranty should not effect a factory modification. Vitto will send out however many your dealer has sold irrelevant of age. SW
  15. All of the dealers were told and given upgrade kits for those mods. Everyone who got a machine from us and needs the upgrade has had it and or its sat in my garage Vitto are the ONLY company I have ever known in out industry to issue a t.s.b which is of course a good thing. Contact your dealer and he/she will send the parts for the upgrade FOC. SW
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