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  1. admin (Simon W)

    Exhaust sealer

    I am like 70% sure that it's a card / paper type gasket from the pipe to the silencer... What was in there when you took it apart? SW
  2. admin (Simon W)

    Microavionics PM-100 and SENA

    Hi Sam, You can Bluetooth connect directly to the headset (assuming you order the Bluetooth version of course) It's great for calls and music and audio recording. SW
  3. admin (Simon W)

    PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)


    Not sure there is any need for me to do that mate lol SW
  4. admin (Simon W)

    PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)


    So yesterday I was in Liskeard. I have been and had a look at the site, and it looks great!!! Even the drive to the location (I opted to drive up over Dartmoor because I love it!) was visually epic. The locals are ace, I had a phone drama and the local phone place repaired it and refused to take any money from me! (I invited him to the event of course, he will be there with his 14yr old son.) SW
  5. admin (Simon W)

    3rd Party PPG Insurance - AXA Returns

    The main difference being 'we are not registered aircraft' and so makes it almost impossible to ID 'your' machine as missing or found. SW
  6. admin (Simon W)

    New guy here..

    Welcome to the Paramotor Club It's worth checking out the members map and adding your details At a guess, I would say we have a few hundred members from around the US of A. Again, welcome and please do get involved. https://www.paramotorclub.org/membermap/ SW
  7. admin (Simon W)

    Parajet Maverick & Dudek Universal 1.1

    I can vouch for this kit. It's been very well cared for during use and the hours are as stated. SW
  8. admin (Simon W)

    RDA, Paramotor Club Summer Fly-in and Party 2019


  9. admin (Simon W)

    PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)

    THE 1st PMC COAST RUN! Situated just 7-Miles from one coast and 16-miles from another coast, with Exmoor and Dartmoor both well within cross country distance, this venue may well just be the best flying site the PMC has had an event at, and one not to be missed. There will be fresh local pasties of varying sort (of course) And the normal food van type food. As always, we will have a heated beer tent (bar provided by PMC again) The fire pit will be lit 24-hours a day. The music will be played at a social volume at social times of the day. Dogs are welcome, children are welcome. There is literally nothing bad to be said about this place! The above view lives only 7.3 miles away from take off! The view below is 20.8 miles away from take off! We hope to see all of the normal faces at this one, there is some added adventure for all of us as its a totally new site with some AMAZING flying opportunities to be had for those who venture into the UK's very own holiday resort! Costs: Full Members FREE Non Flying Partners £20 Non members £FULL MEMBERS ONLY I will add more information and spice this page up a little over the coming week or so, but I just wanted to get the dates out there soon
  10. admin (Simon W)

    EOS 150

    I actually mean, " I have not seen those before " SW
  11. Hi Simon,

    Would there be a reduction in training fees if one brought their own kit?

    If so, what sort of a reduction are we looking at?

    Kind regards



    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      Hi Tim, best to give me a call when you have a moment, but no I am afraid not. 

      We prefer to use School kit as we know it's well maintained and checked daily before flight (safe and suitable) 

      As I say, give me a buzz if your keen :-)

      SW :D


  12. admin (Simon W)

    EOS 150

    Ooooooo, not seen those before?? SW
  13. admin (Simon W)

    EOS 150

    Most of the Paramotors I have ever looked inside have the SS 'stopper' for want of a better word... SW
  14. admin (Simon W)

    Residual evening thermals - A cautionary tale

    I wonder if the cable from the chase Cam or the Camera on his helmet (which came off) prevented chance of recovery? It's been know for Helmet Cams to both cause collapses and prevent recovery from them when the lines get tangled. A cable with a nice weight on it dragging behind me would be pretty much the last thing I would want in this situation. SW
  15. I found this very interesting indeed Link to full document below. Technical description: This invention particularly deals with reducing the velocity with which the exhaust gases are released from the combustion chamber to the atmosphere, thereby reducing the noise created by sudden expansion of exhaust gases. The time for which the exhaust port remains open is around 135 degrees of the crank angle. At this stage of 135 degrees of crank angle the exhaust gases are forced out of the combustion chamber into the atmosphere creating sudden expansion of gases. The so proposed invention uses the rest of the time (i.e. the remaining 225 degrees of the crank angle) in addition to the available 135 degrees to control, regulate the exhaust gases flow. This is done with the help of an ‘exhaust gas reservoir’ and a series of ‘valve arrangement’ to control, regulate the flow of the exhaust gases. Referring to port timing diagram of a common two stroke engine https://archive.org/stream/10I34IJAET0933526V9Iss4Pp507512/10I34-IJAET0933526-v9-iss4-pp507-512_djvu.txt SW