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  1. until

    Many thanks Simon and the Colins! Very informative, nice venue, great sarnies and super bunch of folk as expected with the Paramotor Club!
  2. As title.....Dudek Universal 1.1 for sale. Air colour scheme 1year old (please see Dudek label) with 60hrs flying. Comes with all accessories and extras as delivered from Dudek; Dew bag, packing sack, carry all rucksack, speed bar, flash drive, fixing kit, riser bag, soft brake toggles, wind sock, wind indicator, Dudek multi tool, hat! Fantastic learner wing which can easily take you through to intermediate level. Please see reviews and comments on forum etc.. All in excellent condition, well cared for and stored in heated garage - still has the lovely crispy new wing feeling! £1950 o.v.n.o can post or collection welcome Genuine reason for sale....please PM me if interested or any questions or call 07971 83078five ....UK buyers only.
  3. Jeez is this guy going to give up...lol ?
  4. I bought a share in a Aprilia RS250 track bike with the sole purpose of getting my elbow down.....not quite managed it yet as haven't got the bike running right... Don't ever intend on getting my wing tip down however!
  5. Good call.....a book, a pen and a badge on completion! So what do you say Simon!....
  6. Hi Rich, Welcome to the forum... You are not that far from Membury Airfield or South Wales.....suggest you get some training before thinking of buying the equipment! You will find that any instructor will also be able to help advise the right kit for you... Good luck
  7. Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum You might find there are not so many 'schools' around or instructors that are willing to come to you..... It would be worth giving Simon Westmore a call, I travelled around the same distance as you would have to, to get my training with Simon......I started in June and now fly locally to where I live! www.paramotortraining.com 07983 428453 Great bunch of people and also experienced fliers that you can get loads of info from... Good luck
  8. Had the most memorable and awesome early morning flight with a mate last Friday morning.....truly breathtaking. Sorry about the low resolution but snipped from film, but i think you get the idea. To get such a beautiful sight so early in getting into this sport is just beyond words tbh!
  9. So 5th flight done Sunday just gone..... buzzing from that! Going to run the Maverick engine in tomorrow and then pray for more flying days!
  10. Hi Andy, Welcome! Good bunch of people at Membury...sure to see you up there soon! Dave
  11. Yeah going for the social and to learn as much as I can too!..... Ah great...thanks for the offer of use of school kit!...legend!
  12. Thanks Cas! Yep I reckon I'll be there....unfortunately I don't think my kit will turn up in time....but I'm not worried about that, want to learn to walk before I run! See you soon Dave
  13. Got into the ground handling over the ideal weather days in the last few weeks since signing up...moved on through that well and happy with my practice forward and reverse launches! Great tuition from Simon and his instructors...many thanks! So last Sat I got my first flight in .....take off was without incident, forward launch in lightish wind and landing I feathered a little too hard a little too soon so went down on one knee after landing....no big drama. Yesterday got two reverse launches in, first landing was perfect and the second a bit annoyed with myself as went down lightly on one knee again... Great fun, great people and great instruction!.........full set up on order!
  14. @phil_r great news!......Simon mentioned there are a few pilots around here.... Sure, once I get trained and some confidence as well! lol.......look forward to contacting you in the future for some flying!
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