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  2. Mine field for sure , for me it’s got to be light weight , and can I get spares ordered via a message from phone at the field should it go wrong for you . im currently using eos 150 wasp and a eos 100 motor in a AC frame . Miniplane and pap top 80 had them and there also great little set ups and tick the above boxes . Can only vouch for what I’ve had though , Probably no help what’s so ever , but hope it is .
  3. Sorry Max I don't. Good luck in your search.
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  5. Do you have something available?
  6. I reality I think you are going to have to up your budget a little.
  7. Hi All, As you may have seen from my post in Kit wanted i'm back in the market for a used paramotor. Obviously the used market is a minefield with lots of machines available. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a few for me to look out for? Or what thrust you think i should be looking for? I will be flying a paramania fusion 26m and I weigh 86kg. I have previously only rented gear, and this included (I believe- it was a while ago) starting on a top 80 and moving to a thor 130, and the wings I was flying varied between GTR 20/22 and sirocco 20/22 after starting on the roa
  8. Hi All, I'm back with my tail between my legs after deciding to cut my losses and upgrade from the RAD MXL I was given! I'm looking for a paramotor to suit me at 86kg. I have up to £1500 to spend so know it wont be Gucci, but all I want is airworthy, and easily able to get parts for the motor. Ideally something I can upgrade as I go along! I'm based in Fleet Hampshire so anything around here would be perfect. I'm in talks with a couple of people about a couple of PAP 1400 125's and was also looking for feedback on the suitability of these? Thanks a lot!
  9. I wish that was down under here in Aussie land
  10. I agree with Hann, Flyskyhy does this particularly well.
  11. The above points notwithstanding regarding GPS accuracy the app `Flyskyhy` has an option for height above ground (as well as altitude of course), both options can be configured to be viewable on screen simultaneously. It appears quite accurate - when flying over the sea both altitude and height above ground displays show the same figure but as soon as i head inland the height above ground changes instantly. Flyskyhy is a great app.
  12. GPS height is generally considered not accurate enough for aviation. The following is a quote from Garmin: GPS heights are based on an ellipsoid (a mathematical representation of the earth's shape), while USGS map elevations are based on a vertical datum tied to the geoid (or what is commonly called mean sea level). Basically, these are two different systems, although they have a relationship that has been modeled. The main source of error has to do with the arrangement of the satellite configurations during fixed determinations. The earth blocks out satellites needed to get a good q
  13. Price 330EUR/290£, shipping for EU/UK included in the price +38598876847
  14. It is with great saddnes I have announce on that on Thursday 22 April 2021 my good friend Paul Taylor of AV8ER Paramotors passed away, Paul was responisble for getting many people in to the Paramotoring world, Training and teaching many people to fly, He also built and marketed his own paramotors. He had been in the paramotor world in the infancy of the sport. working and flying around the globe, Including flying around The Petronas twin towers. He had also climbed K2 the earths 2nd highest mountain. One amazing Man Paul knew many pioneers of this hobby, He was an Absolutely genuine and
  15. Last week
  16. Hi guys, is it at all possible to buy a GPS/ altimeter instrument, that will give what height you are above the ground you are flying over, instead of height you are above sea level. I've watched many videos on paramotoring in the USA, and most of their instruments show both, above sea level and actual height above the ground. I've searched every app in the UK, but can't find one that gives the height above the ground. I can't understand why not, if the GPS map you are using has the above sea level information, why not give another reading of the same, with this above sea level subtracted, mak
  17. Thanks very much for the reply and advice Rich
  18. You'll probably find airfields rarely want paramotors, partly because we're slow I think. Possibly the noise too. There are some paramotor friendly fields Derby way - Airways is in Ashbourne is one. Generally we fly from friendly farmer's fields. Once you find a field you'll become very protective of it. Being slow, low and noisy around the fields often causes friction with local residents so you have to work round this and then tend not to want anyone else to come and mess it up for you. There's plenty of countryside your way so really it's a case of persevering and finding a
  19. Hello my name is Andy and my brother (Keith) and I are both well into our post mid-fifties mid-life crisis and have signed up for the paramotor trike course in Aug with fly school. we are in the process of buying the fly products fly cruiser trike with Moster 185 and ozone roadsters through the same company and looking forward to starting the course. neither of us have flown before and are a little concerned about where we can fly from once qualified. We have visited and spoken to the two local airfields in our area (Derby/ Burton) in Staffs but neither are interested in allowin
  20. Thanks a lot! The same idea I was talking about.
  21. Got a bridge in London for sale, could maybe arrange a swap ?
  22. Business Opportunity. Paramotors, Inc for sale. One of the original Paramotors, built to military specifications. Entire company and inventory for sale, with 70-80 complete frames in stock. Contact Stephen Mitchell at: Sales@Paramotors-usa.com or S_Mitchell@MagnaTechnologies.com
  23. I’ve got the skymax with their own harness which is really good
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