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  2. Hi Andy . I'm temped to buy or build a trike myself . I also have an air conception. have you ever had an issue with the hoop flexing back into the moving prop ? I once did a power foot launch on my air conception and "bang" prop hit the hoop.

  3. View Advert Ozone Roadster 3 28m - less than a year old Ozone Roadster 3 28m wing Stunning '90s ski gear' colouring 10 months old Always stored in the warm and dry Selling as I'm keen to upgrade to a Dudek Solo Advertiser benraven Date 23/01/20 Price £2,500.00 Category Wings  
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    Ozone Roadster 3 28m wing Stunning '90s ski gear' colouring 10 months old Always stored in the warm and dry Selling as I'm keen to upgrade to a Dudek Solo


    Basingstoke, Hampshire - GB

  5. It’s also worth bearing in mind that it depends on what oil you’re using. Vittorazi specify two break in ratios, depending on whether you're using motul 710 or 800. And I seen to recall from my breaking in that the lowest ratio I was told was 40:1 to the 15th litre and then 50:1 (with 710). 33:1 seems excessive but I've not seen your documentation.
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  7. If the handbook says 50 to 1 it might be worth sticking to that. Remember that in a 2t some of the oil won't get burnt but all of the oil goes through the engine. More oil won't necessarily mean better lubrication but it will mean a higher compression ration and it will mean more unburnt oil in you silencer and it will mean more smoke. Just my 2p. I have just bought the same motor but mine is a low hours and already broken in so this is general years of 2t experience talking not moster 185 specific experience.
  8. For people diagnosing this: In the Walbro Manual, Page 12 has a few things to look at regarding "Poor High Speed"
  9. Now available including a full range of spares. SW
  10. Help:  It looks like Membury are doing training, which I need, so how do I contact them as I am local near Salisbury?  Thanks.  Chris

    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      You just did :-)

      Give me a call on 07983 428 453 

      Simon W. 

  11. Hi all, am a CP paraglider with a new Maverick Sport Moster 185 and an Ozone Roadster 2, looking for other pilots in South Wiltshire for training advice and launch locations. Am just about to run in the engine, using the Vittorazi recommended 33 to 1 2T mix, which is not the Parajet 50 to 1 mix. To my mind the higher lubed mix is more safe for breakin!
  12. Just pick a good day and come to Davidstow Airfield. Mostly laminate (depending on direction) winds and a bloody big flat airfield to land on. Once you've done a few on there you're be good to go
  13. Ideal. Ive got a parjet zenith and a universal 1.1 too. I am actually looking for a smaller wing as ive lost quite a bit of weight since i bought mine. They are great to launch and fly.
  14. So far I have bought a Parajet, a Universal 1.1 and an Independence reserve. This is all going to Spain so I can get trained with it and get it set up ready for me when I get home. Thank you so much for your kind offer of help, I am pretty sure I will need to take you up on it.
  15. I just found it a bit daunting the first time without someone watching over me with radio contact. My first solo here was as i said solo. No one to watch that the wing came up with no tucks etc, no one to test if it was bumpy up there etc etc. Then you have got to work out all the options if the motor stops etc. Its a sensory overload but also a massive learning curve and bloody good fun too. I used the clubs kit while training but my own wing so at least i was familiar with my wing. But using your own motor for the first time also brings a new dimension too. Did i get the hang test right etc. I would be happy to come up and help when you get back if you want? Just let me know. Cheers
  16. That's why I was so keen to do the research and buy the kit had of time. I know it was a bit of a risk but I need to be back in the air in less than a week after I get back from training. I would like it to be the day after I get back but the motor has to be shipped to me. Im happy that I have some cool sounding guys local to me so I am happy that is I do get weather delayed those guys will get me back on it and up in the air.
  17. i did half and half on my training, 1 week in the uk and was really lucky with weather and a week in Fermo in Italy. Its a fantastic experience. Still really nerve wracking doing my first solo flight back here afterwards though!! Took me a few visits to the field before i bucked up courage ...
  18. Im off to Spain with Steve from Mid Wales Paragliding.
  19. i was literally chomping at the bit today! So glad to hear there is an active group of flyers down here. I can cope with my own company if I have to but learning from a group of experienced pilots right on my doorstep is a great opportunity. 5 days till training starts, two weeks of head scratching and practice then its home to start developing those skills. I cant wait.
  20. Let me know next time you plan on coming down for a fly. It would be good to fly with some others for a change.
  21. Big day today...Wing and paramotor are paid for and on the way. Im not going to lie this has all just got very real and Im giddy as a kitten. Im going to use school helmet etc while I keep looking for the right kit for me. I would love to hear from you experienced pilots regarding gear. Helmets, gloves, boots etc. I am thinking some wind proof trousers with reinforced knees? 5 days until Spain........
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