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  2. It's early for me, 10.30 am on a Saturday morning, and I'm only just starting to 'get it together' after a 'Dutch' super-coffee & my handful of medz. 6 hrs sleep, for once, feels like a 12-hr lie-in right now. ... and my very 1st post here, I *had* planned to make that my intro thread (I'm NO fora rookie!) but that will have to wait until later in the weekend. (I'm a sports-junkie so weekends tend to be long & late - this weekend it's soccer, rugby(England v Waless), F1GP - #GoLewis , boxing, NCAA (college) american football & NFL from 6 pm Sunday to 4 am Monday morning.)
  3. Hi, Yes, agreed. Really interested to see how it goes with an electric paramotor I’ve donated and look forward to following the journey
  4. Yesterday
  5. Awesome guys!! I honestly think this is a worthy adventure and also something in the UK which involves a Paramotor and is super positive and most likely to be the single largest exposure of our sport / toys to the UK general public since the Bear Grylls Everest thing which was not a happy vibe expedition / edit. Keeping this positive and showing our support as a community is I think a humble offering in return for the all round good I think it will be doing Again, thanks guys.. SW
  6. Thanks guys. Engine failed due to extra thick winter clothing and neck warmer pushing into the electrics just behind my head and wire coming off switch. New AC machines have the switch at the side - I guess I now know why. I couldn't move initially as completely winded. I couldn't even talk to a helpful passer-by. He put everything away for me and I was taken off in an ambulance. Very lucky and I got off with just torn muscles between the ribs in my back. It feels just like broken ribs. My paramotor frame now has a healthy leaning back angle. It hit the floor so hard the motor bent the
  7. Sorry to hear Andy. Just proves to all of us 'not if it happens - it's when it happens' I've had two so far, but luckily I was high enough to pick a good field. After you're alright - hope the engine is OK Tony
  8. Hope you are OK Andy, that's a real bummer of a time for the engine to quit. I had one at about 50 feet but that was a non event. That really is bad luck, assuming you ran the engine for a while beforehand to warm and check full power.
  9. I practice engine failure often and try to spot land from high up. However, you can't practice this one. Here is my flight log from Wednesday. Nitro hrs Date Flt length Total mins Total hrs and mins Kit Comments Hours Mins 25-Nov-20 0.3 8612.3 143 32.3 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Engine failed at
  10. Excellent. Happy to be involved as much as I can. Let me know what I can do to represent the club, and/or support Sacha, in addition to a donation
  11. As you will I am sure soon notice, Sacha Dench is dusting off her kit and flying around the coast of the UK on an Electric Paramotor! The PMC are supporting this event in whatever way we can. ( I will be helping with some ground support on the Electric bike ) The link below has a cool little video explaining what's happening and why, on the page is also the chance to donate / get involved. It would be ace if we could collectively support this as I think that it will do masses of good for the sport in the UK sending out a super positive message to I suspect EVERYONE in the country
  12. Last week
  13. Lengthened brakes lines and lowered the brakes, couldn't help but notice that ITV has put some markers for each brake position so it was very easy to put them at their factory length. only needed to measure the tip brakes and I'm good to go for tomorrow
  14. The rules are !000 feet over a built up area, or a higher height if needed to glide to safety. Otherwise just 500 feet from people/buildings. And if no people/buildings within 500 feet, then height can be 1 foot! I think the flying manoeuvre you are describing is wing overs. These are the simplest of things and for an experienced pilot not dangerous at all. Spirals are basic spinning and also not dangerous - these are taught during basic training as a way of descending quickly. It is also very difficult for an observer on the ground to really know what height a pilot is. I have had
  15. We quite regularly get paramotors passing over East Leeds, they're quite nice to see, and I definitely get the appeal. This afternoon I heard one so had a look out of the window and saw one very low, so thought I'd go upstairs and grab my zoom lens, see if I could catch any cool shots, as I have got some nice ones in the past and this one was closer than normal. As I watched it flew over our estate and started circling the local park. From this window I'm looking downhill over the roofs of houses. They then seemed to lose control, or be trying to show on off, and spiralled downwar
  16. yes read the manual and launched trims closed... didn’t do anything differently from what i do with my sirocco 2 same size.. just wondering if there’s anything that needs to be done differently for single skin gliders..
  17. usually slowest trims, but trimmer range is so small it doesnt make much difference
  18. Heated garage!! (starting to think you could be a closet snob! lol ) Even at this time of year my garage is somewhere from 6c - 8c in the morning SW
  19. The subject wont come up during your mortgage application and will have no effect on the result. As above, separate the two things. Buildings insurance however can some times be a term of the lender. SW
  20. can you please advise on trim settings for nil wind launches? haven’t messed up a launch for ages but today i managed it with the first ever go with the hybrid.. it came up clean and effortless but seemed to hang back all the way until my feet were just off the ground and it stalled on me,..
  21. Just for info. I have "stored" a machine by doing nothing. Tank half full, fuel in carb. After nearly 6 months it started first time and ran fine. It was stored in a garage in a warm climate, 15 DegC.
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