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  5. Is this a question or a (failed ) sales pitch ?
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    I changed it to 220 due to bonkers demand. SW
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    It says 218 going! But I will now give up my place as the surgeons fixing my back in Feb this year, destroyed my femoral nerves. I now have no quad muscles, making standing impossible and everything difficult!!! On a brighter note, my back is fixed.
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    Yep, it’s a field with a few porta loos, a fire pit and maybe a burger van. No hook up, showers, games room or shop. Usually no water either.
  10. Okay, so I got a little bit of relevant data from Dudek. On the chance it'll help someone else in similar situation, they say: "For Powerseat Comfort S / M, the container capacity is: min 4300 cm3, max > 5400 cm3, and for L / XL it is min 4600 cm3, max 5800 cm3." That's not a perfect guarantee this or that reserve will fit, but it gets us much closer.
  11. Yes once the velcro is opened on the ground you can re-do/tuck it away so the tip steer toggles are just held on the magnets. They are plenty strong enough. Your thinking on the speedbar is correct, depends how you want to fly the glider. If you have trimmers and speedbar active then you should only use the tip steer
  12. Thats a great help Alan. Did you remove the velcro that holds the tip steer handles in place? It looks like a fiddly thing to open in flight. My thinking with the speed bar is that it seems to serve the same purpose as trim but has the advantage of being faster and easier to open and close. I would be interested in peoples opinions of speed bar Vs trim in general.
  13. Great progress! I fly a Solo and I would say get up to a decent height then try 1/2 then full trimmer out, you'll feel the extra speed. Get used to the trimmers before going for the speed bar, I don't use speedbar as the Solo flies fast enough for my needs. The tip steering is fantastic, once you are above 500 feet you can park the brakes and just use the tip steer.
  14. That's a data point, so it helps, ty!
  15. No idea on the specs, but I've got an ozone angel 140 in there if that helps any. You might get something bigger in there but it will be tight.
  16. Depends on which bit of the Midlands you’re at, but Membury is easy to get to from most places
  17. Wow has it really been over a year since my last post? Amazing how time flies. So quick update. I am afraid that I am that guy....I took on board the advice of a couple of guys I met in Spain and cut out the bread and cakes and as much sugar was I could....22 kilos later..... I had a Uni 1.1 that was too bloody big for me! I stumbled upon the legend that is Clive Mason and not only was he able to offer me a good deal on a replacement but he found me a man in desperate need of my existing wing! I did a mass of research before I took the leap and, much as I loved the Uni I decided to g
  18. I have a power comfort harness, came with a right side reserve bag. I'm heavy enough I'm looking at reserves in the larger end of the range, so wondering if one I pick based on weight range will even fit in that pocket. They're listed by packed volume. Does anyone know the volume of that Dudek reserve pocket, so I have a chance of determining if side pocket is feasible for me?
  19. Brand new E-Props 125cm for cors-air black devil. Only taken out of box for photos includes postage to UK. £260
  20. Gary_Smith


  21. Looks like it was a combination of a big event hosted at Homestead farm (50+ paramotors, flexwings and Gyros etc) combined with the revised CAA Farnborough airspace restrictions which has forced pilots to fly closer to the ground in this area. Hopefully Barrys revised flight paths and timings will stop further complaints. The videos posted earlier do show how annoying paramotor noise can be, but at least it shows them flying at sensible height following the law (152 metres away from buildings etc).
  22. Hi. Did you have any luck? Also based Lancashire (Chorley) and looking to start my training locally somewhere. A para flew over my house tonight and I tried to make contact haha. Hence the post. Any advice on local schools/LZ/other paras locally would be fantastic. Cheers Nic
  23. This is the recommendation from the Simonini manual: We recommend using a semi-synthetic oil (for example, BARDAHL with API TC specification) that, although inferior to a pure synthetic, remains mixed with gasoline in the tank for a longer period. It grants good lubrication and longer life to engine components. During the running-in stage, use an oil percentage of 3,5% and then move to 3% once the stage has been completed. The gasoline must have an octane number not lower than 95, in order to avoid preignition phenomena. Carefully mix the fuel oil in a tank is appropriate and it is better
  24. From BDHGC, I have running a DragonFly LSA Hang Glider Tug for 900 hours at full Throttle when on Climb - Towing, replacing my ROTAX 582 at 300 hours even though the still look like new internally ? we use Castrol Active 2T at 300 hours mine have have no carbon build up and you can clean the top or the piston through the Exhaust port with one wipe of a petrol rag . I have Bought a Nano Trike with a new Simonini Mini 2 and was told to use 25-1 I don't Mind using that for run in But it smokes too much to use after run-in for my liking , on the odd occasion when I have Double oi
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