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  3. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/hang-glider-flies-over-leeds-18021405 hmm...
  4. Definitely a prank, the fines are £60 for ANY first breach, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days, and each subsequent fine will automatically double.
  5. This is amusingly confusing. Why were they asking pre-payment of fines lmao? I haven't received a letter of this sort lately. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  6. Capitol Flying Aca. in Bristol. I guess they had to shut off operations due to lack of funds. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  7. Isn't there a discount for PMC's full members, Simon?
  8. I’ve had an email from my local council announcing a trial scheme which allows Hampshire residents to pre-pay Corona fines. Has anyone else received the same?? This is actually quite a smart idea, raises money for the local council and allows those with the financial means to enjoy a bit more freedom but essentially, should mean Hampshire PPG pilots can fill their boots (at a cost)! They’re launching the website next week where you can pre-pay before going out and they’ve published a price list which ranges from £20 for a non essential drive and walk (up to 45 mins from home) to £1500 for a party with up to 15 guests. I’ve emailed the council to ask if they can specifically add paramotor flights and GA flights to the price list and given the solitary nature of PPG, suggested that it should be the same as a dog walk (ie £20) per flight. Will keep you posted!
  9. Last week
  10. Hasn't that got anything for it ? I'm an apple fanboy - but just for macs (got 5 macbooks, 2 imacs and 3 mac minis in the hoose and been developing for macs since the 90s). but not an iOS fan at all though I'm afraid - after about iphone 4 is was glaring obvious to me that android was better - and that's never changed.. though I wish I could free myself from the grip of google. I think PPgs has a companion iwatch app - have you tried that ? It's not something I'd develop myself as frankly I'm a selfish sod - and build stuff for myself - and if it's useful for someone else, that's a happy side effect! Can you even see an iwatch screen in bright sunlight ? stu
  11. Sorry, thought I’d been pretty clear on that. Whilst I don’t think it’s a massive issue (depending on your circumstances), it’s clearly not advisable and SHOULD NOT be done for all the reasons I and others have given. You’d have to be pretty selfish and have an unhealthy relationship with the rule of law to consider flying on Friday at about 5/6pm.
  12. Just in case anyone was unclear Govt advice on flying
  13. Patrick, I can't tell by your posts if you're being obtuse, sarcastic or attempting humour. Are you flying during this period or not?
  14. Body mounted leaf blower ? Tell it like it is ! External turbo charger for the car
  15. We will have our resolve tested again this week with a good weather forecast, particularly for Friday. God knows how you’d explain it to the police if they happened by as you were leaving the house, particularly with some of the keener trigger happy types. ”it’s a body mounted leaf blower officer” probably won’t cut it. Won’t be a problem for me of course, I’m a better person and wouldn’t dream of flying and I don’t want to be accused of encouraging anyone else... but hyperthetically speaking, I suggest we all go up at the same time, they can’t get us all.
  16. Well i did last week. After a day of questioning myself i decided for mental release i should fly (even the missus said "your heads fu@ked you need to fly "!) What a flight, went over the fields well away from the built up areas. loads of people having walks and riding bikes all waving. I landed and could of flown without the wing! What a way to calm the mind. Really didn't want to land but was past sunset. Made facebook page and people where stoked, impressed at social distancing! People really cant see the issue, we are at no more risk of ending up in a &e than a cyclist, runner or DIY . Live your life guys
  17. Sanjeev i had and have No intention of Flying just morally wrong, but curious what Flying school are you referring too ?
  18. I would like to study the theory of it all. My flying is only limited to infrequent hobby flying. What I learned about Paramotoring, I learned from my uncle. I plan to get to this literature, as soon as this coronavirus pandemic has weathered.
  19. The people are really stretching their luck nowadays. I don't blame them - a lot of the global leaders are not doing taking this pandemic seriously, why should one expect of civilians to do the same? the coronavirus count for UK has exceeded 10000+ reported I guess. Boris Johnson had said in his address that a lockdown, if implemented, could last a long time.
  20. Your going to have to find a prop that works at those speeds ,sure someone has tried this with limited results, not a lot of thrust if I remember,
  21. Okay but now suppose if i use honda engine gx270 its rpm is already arround 3000 to 3500. You are right that for lowering rpm of prop we need to use bigger pully for propellers. But i do not modify my engine for higher rpm then can we attach propeller direct to engine shaft??? My whatsapp is +92-333-4868797
  22. You could fit prop directly to engine , but it would be the size they use on a model airplane , because you could be running 8000+ rpm ,so they fit different size pulleys , or gears to slow the prop speed down , then you can run bigger prop , this is a very very basic explanation,
  23. Read all about it here on Wiki -> All about prop speed reduction
  24. Can someone guide what is reduction means for example 1:4 / 1:3... Can we not attach propellers directly with small pully comin from engine???
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