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  1. Hi guys, i was wondering how many people in the group fly regularly? Also if anyone was interested to come out for a fly? If the weather is good I will be at very least trying to get out of work and normally already up. I know of and have been flying with 2 from the area but they are currently not flying. Andy
  2. andyy

    What are people doing for Strobes these days?

    I have a sky flar, I have had good reports from 2 others in the air and several on the ground as far as how visible it is.
  3. andyy

    PMC Theory day.


    Simon can I get an address for this please, I have looked but can’t find one. Probably just being blind
  4. andyy

    Let's hope its a blip in the Matrix! :-)

    Better get a snorkel
  5. andyy

    Parajet V3 towbar mount

    Hi, I’m having a clear out at work and have a mount I made for my V3 that I never ended up using because I figured a van was gonna be better in the long run. If it is any use to anybody you are more than welcome to it, it has been sat outside for a while so has surface rust and could do will a clean and a paint. It uses a bac-rak mount for the tow ball. I tried to add photos but they are too large. im in Buckingham MK18 and it would be collection only. PM me if interested and I can get some photos to you to make sure it works for you. thanks Andy
  6. Hi Daniel and welcome, just thought I would put the first bit to the back of your mind. When I started I weighed more than you so don’t worry about your weight as long as you can more it
  7. Thanks guys. Those led unit look interesting but I think something like the skyflar would be a better suit ready made plug and go. Any other options like this or someone that has a skyflar with a ‘review’?
  8. Hi as titled I’m looking for a strobe and without seeing one in person I think it’s hard to gauge how visible they are. I came across a microlight tonight coming towards me side on and felt like he was unaware of my position, however I could see his lights easily so turned away from him to give him the best chance of seeing me and then dropped altitude. So does anyone have any recommendations based on experiences?Cost is not an issue I would rather spend money than try and cheap out and not have it as functional as it could be. It would need to be powered by battery. Thanks Andy
  9. Well that sounds like a positive! At lunch time as well hahahaha
  10. andyy

    Summer 2018 fireworks help needed.

    I would argue that display was amazing!
  11. andyy

    What inspired you to fly?

    I have always wanted to fly since I was a kid. I had some fixed wing microlight lessons, Glider taster lessons and they didn’t really fit the bill of what I wanted. I saw someone flying a paramotor when on holiday in Cyprus and thought “that’s what I’m looking for” flexibility to store it at home and travel with my kit to different places and fly. Also I wasn’t looking to fly to get anywhere in particular but rather to bimble around and enjoy the view. So the slower speeds and ability to fly at lower altitudes than most fit the bill perfectly.
  12. andyy

    Wing size confusion

    Hi Karl, as a biggish guy myself I was told by a some schools that I needed my own gear before I could fly however I found that this was not actually the case. When I started I was 120kg and after some calling around I found Simon at paramotor training who was happy to teach me and also had the correct size equipment for my weight and a little more. as far as wing sizes I do not feel I'm the correct person to help however you do need to add the equipment weight including wing and fuel on top of yours for the correct wing size. good luck Andyy
  13. Hi Keith and welcome, i am just down the road from you at finmere. I have been training with Simon at paramotortraining and it's been great! A bit of travel time involved but your a little closer. training costs are around £1000 lasts as long as you need, I had my first flight around the 7th day of training. I have had 15 flights now but still like a trip up to membury for a chat, have a fly and pointers. kit depends on new or 2nd hand and makes etc so hard to say best to get training and get advise from you instructor on which kit would best suit you. good luck send me a message when you have had training and we can go for a fly locally. Andyy