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  1. until

    It was a great group reece and chin wag. I definitely cannot wait for the next one in Cornwall! looks like some amazing flights to be had from the site
  2. I don’t know anything about power to weight charts with regards to thrust but just wanted to step in slightly. I’m not trying to argue but the above is a little wrong. Im 120kg and have no issues with a moster 185cc, short take offs and good climb rate.
  3. I’m currently looking at ordering a new prop and I’m curious as to what the info of the prop means. Or is it just serial related? Some of it is self explanatory like 1,30 etc
  4. On the registration form there is an option for free flyers. That allow you to come, camp and fly from a different field to the entrants. If I understood it correctly
  5. Hi guys unfortunately I’m not going to make it this weekend, sorry for the last minute notice. So there is an open space if anyone is still looking
  6. Auto correct, I would have thought my phone has typed moster more than enough times by now
  7. I’m grounded just had my exhaust gasket blow on my Moster 185 plus (2018 2 bolt) i have ordered a new one but don’t think I will get it in time for the PMC flyin this weekend. Does anyone going have a spare? If so you would be my hero. thanks Andy
  8. Try living 5 miles from it. If you stay around for the weekend There is no point trying to go anywhere during the days
  9. There is always loads of small air displays. The red arrows have a track which shows where and when they are traversing. Normally a dashed white line
  10. The red arrows are at silverstone in the Sunday I know that much
  11. My advise would be do the training! That will help encourage you to save for the kit. where there is a will there is a way
  12. Definitely. The more I can do to understand and help other people I share airspace with I am up for and in my area there is a lot of heli traffic. Also one of the airfields has started to have jets coming and going
  13. andyy

    Icarus X

    I’m having a break at a petrol station. Absolutely knackered
  14. I’m in finmere so not a mega distance. I was over waddesdon a couple of weeks ago lol. i can imagine but with the motor you negate all of that we’ll most of the time anyway. once you are flying ping me a message.
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