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  1. andyy

    Airband Radio in UK

    Definitely. The more I can do to understand and help other people I share airspace with I am up for and in my area there is a lot of heli traffic. Also one of the airfields has started to have jets coming and going
  2. andyy

    Icarus X

    I’m having a break at a petrol station. Absolutely knackered
  3. andyy

    Noob in Bucks

    I’m in finmere so not a mega distance. I was over waddesdon a couple of weeks ago lol. i can imagine but with the motor you negate all of that we’ll most of the time anyway. once you are flying ping me a message.
  4. andyy

    Noob in Bucks

    Hi, where about in buckinghamshire are you? i know what you mean with fear of heights. I hate being on a roof or a ladder but quite happy at 4000ft below a glider
  5. andyy

    Flying Weather Stats

    Gusting 15 is what I go off. But if the forecast is a little over it is often worth getting to your launch site and see what condition actually are. It’s also not all about the wind on the ground, you need to know what to look for In the sky. I could be 10mph on the ground but the wind gradient at 1000 ft could mean it’s 20mph plus and you won’t be able to go anywhere ( unless you are planning a one way trip in the direction of the wind) im no expert, best bet is to start doing research into meteorology. It is a Huge subject and to understand enough for what we do will take a some time and will hopefully clear up your concerns about Uk weather, if you do decide to take up paramotoring (which you really should it is the best thing ever) it will have gotten you a head start on one part of the training.
  6. andyy

    Flying Weather Stats

    There are loads of flyable windows, I often find an hour at night on days that have been crap but you really have to be looking for them and jump when they appear. On the whole I have had 60 flights this year but only one in the last 3 weeks total pants. But Tuesday is lurking as a good morning to get out. what I’m trying to say is although the weather can be crap if you look hard enough and monitor what’s going on there is loads of flying to be done. But at the same time occasionally you won’t get any for a while. On average I would say 2 days a week for me
  7. https://www.supair.com/en/produit/mousqueton-acier/ maybe sales wank but metal fatigue is a thing I would be more concerned about the locking mech wearing through use rather than one snapping
  8. Best bet would be to change them every 5 years as per manufacturer specs. I wonder how many are in the air that are older?
  9. andyy

    Airband Radio in UK

    Just found this thread, really interesting info. I have been thinking about this for a while as I fly from a semi busy microlight aerodrome. but my research didn’t help much, this thread however has. Will have to give Andy an email. thanks again for doing the leg work
  10. andyy


    Tom pb and co have always been fantastic for me
  11. andyy

    how old is too old ?

    It’s a funny one in the world of Paramotoring. It seems that Most people (that I have spoken too) think around 100ish hours is the time to get rid and buy a new one, however they will go indefinitely with correct maintenance and replacement parts. 2 stroke engines do need more work than a 4 stroke and require parts replacing more often, but if done right and you want to keep the motor going there is nothing stopping you. I guess the big part is supply of the parts and as engines get older manufacturers may stop making what you need. The biggest part however is engine development with engines getting lighter, more power from smaller units, better fuel economy and so on. I say if you are happy with the engine and can get the parts why not keep it going if you don’t feel the need for a new one. I had an engine at the start that I was struggling with and ended up selling it on but that was mostly due to confidence issues early doors but now wish I had stuck with it but the metal block I was having made me move it on (fully declaring the issues I had with the motor)
  12. andyy


    I wanted to go to parafest this year mostly because I want to fly around north wales, but with the clash it will have to wait till next year. If I’m honest the music side of it puts me off the event. I want to fly during the day and get to bed early so I can get back out first thing in the morning
  13. andyy

    Odd question, but...

    I’m exactly the same! Put me on a Paramotor and I’m quite happy at 4000ft but if I’m on a ledge or looking over a wall/safety rail at height I start sweating and go light headed. It is really odd!
  14. andyy

    Skyflar Strobe

  15. andyy

    Skyflar Strobe