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  1. andyy


    I wanted to go to parafest this year mostly because I want to fly around north wales, but with the clash it will have to wait till next year. If I’m honest the music side of it puts me off the event. I want to fly during the day and get to bed early so I can get back out first thing in the morning
  2. andyy

    Odd question, but...

    I’m exactly the same! Put me on a Paramotor and I’m quite happy at 4000ft but if I’m on a ledge or looking over a wall/safety rail at height I start sweating and go light headed. It is really odd!
  3. andyy

    Skyflar Strobe

  4. andyy

    Skyflar Strobe

  5. andyy

    Skyflar Strobe

    That looks good! Here is how I did it
  6. andyy

    Skyflar Strobe

    I bought the skyflar and it’s great! I have it fitted to a V3, I drilled a hole in one section and bolted it straight on. I keep getting told it is very visible during most of the day. the reality is if the other pilots are looking for other aircraft it will be visible.
  7. andyy

    Bore Chase 2019 new rules (all to read please)

    Cool. I think this helps a bit as well. I have found it hard (and can’t be the only one) to take off at the bore site due to people flying around and around the take off area
  8. andyy

    Calculating wind speed in flight.

    Hahaha it’s funny that is what I have started doing and it works, laugh it out and all is good.
  9. andyy

    Calculating wind speed in flight.

    Thanks Mark, fuel burn is not something I have been paying to much attention to at the moment I know that I am roughly using 5ltr per hour but in the next month or so it is something I need to start working out more accurately. Also as you say work out the fuel for different trim settings. Recently I have just been trying to extend my comfort with turbulence and In doing so giving myself more flying windows.
  10. andyy

    Calculating wind speed in flight.

    Saying that I shouldn’t need to as I now know half trims is 32mph
  11. andyy

    Calculating wind speed in flight.

    That’s a good idea. Just gotta wait for a nil wind day
  12. I had an interesting flight tonight. On the upper limit of my comfort which i am kinda trying to expand ATM, reverse launch and up I went No steps just throttle. Forecast was 8-15mph which on the ground was probably a little low, after kiting the wing for a while I decided it was strong but not gusting. going by my gps I was doing 12mph into wind level flight with trims half out. when I turned around still level flight and trims half out I was doing 52mph quite funny over taking cars below me on the country roads. so My question is, to calculate the speed of the wind you are flying is it as simple as taking away the into wind speed from the away from wind speed and dividing what’s left by 2 or is there a wing dynamic or something to take into calculation? thanks
  13. Hi guys, i was wondering how many people in the group fly regularly? Also if anyone was interested to come out for a fly? If the weather is good I will be at very least trying to get out of work and normally already up. I know of and have been flying with 2 from the area but they are currently not flying. Andy
  14. andyy

    What are people doing for Strobes these days?

    I have a sky flar, I have had good reports from 2 others in the air and several on the ground as far as how visible it is.
  15. andyy

    PMC Theory day.


    Simon can I get an address for this please, I have looked but can’t find one. Probably just being blind