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  1. Out of interest which course was it on his website??
  2. Hey Stu, Would you ever consider creating an App for the dark side? Your Garmin App looks great but i own Apple Kit. Thanks Dan
  3. that is probably the best deal on the 4l bottles that i have seen - free delivery makes the difference.
  4. Thank you Both - the cheapest i have found is : Per 4 litre bottle : £46.26 or £11.57/L (£8.45 delivery) https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/motul/8288085 Per 1 litre bottle: £11.99 /L (£4.99 delivery - up to a week) https://www.motardinn.com/motorcycle-equipment/motul-800-2t-fl-off-road-1l/137053889/p I'm going to order a couple of 1litre bottles this time as it actually works out cheaper with delivery
  5. Hi All, I'm just about to order some Motul 800 for the first time and wanted to double check, Is it the Off Road or the Racing one? I have read the description for both and there doesn't seem to be much difference, but im not that technical :) Any help appreciated. Dan
  6. is anyone still looking to go to Bore chasers that hasn't already got a place?
  7. Hi all, I know this can be a bit of a open topic but i have emailed Vittorazzi recently and they included on their email (even through it wasn't my question) the updated oil recommendations so i thought i would share it with the group. Below you can find the updated oil ratios: Break in with MOTUL 800: From 1st to 15th litre: oil at 2,0% or 50:1 After 15th litre: oil 1,5% or 66:1 Break in with MOTUL 710: From 1st to 15th litre: oil 2,5% or 40:1 After 15th litre: oil 2,0% or 50:1 The Motul 800 costs more but it can be used with lower percentage. The Motul 710 costs less but it needs a slightly higher percentage.
  8. i have seen this in the past and thought i would share it with the group encase 1 person finds it useful - to change the settings click on the earth tab on the RHS - click on the map to get more precise measurements. https://earth.nullschool.net
  9. During my training week i was setup for my first flight on a V3 with a Moster 185. just before i was about to take off the exhaust started to rattle so the decision was made to move me over to a V3 with a Top 80 (as it was spare and we were losing light). at 86KG's (bodyweight) i got off the ground after about 8 steps once the power was on. the climb rate was much slower but do able. this is with an Ozone spark wing.
  10. Hi All, Which is the correct policy for our Sport - I don't really want to do the wrong one? I'm guessing this one : Thanks Dan
  11. Thanks, Cas, i will make sure i pop over when i get going.
  12. Ben i think you are near (ish) to me. I'm in Arborfield. i did a week with Skyschool last August and got one flight in. I have most of the Kit now ( engine is being mounted onto my v3 this weekend). keen to find local people that i can fly with once i have my V3 working and get a couple of reminder lessons to get me into the air. would you be keen to meet up? + any others in the Guildford Basingstoke Reading Triangle.
  13. have you tried Skyschool - they run courses all over the place - APPI syllabus.
  14. i would be a little worried about catching the prop, but it does sound like a back-saving technique.
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