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  1. funnydan85

    Breaking in a My19 Moster185

    I bet they loved you, I'm lucky enough to have some land that i can go and do the break-in procedure without upsetting too many people. I will wear my helmet with ear protection as i would rather be safe than sorry :-). Re the temperature of the engine during the process - is it worth taking my leaf blower and leaving it on tick over pointed at the engine to provide additional airflow for cooling or will the draw from the props be more than enough? After spending a tidy penny on the kit I'm not going to be skimping on any of the consumables.
  2. Evening All, I am a noob and I have ordered a new MY19 Moster 185 which will be added to my V3 frame, a part of the process will be breaking the engine in. I watched one of Tucker Gotts videos in which he strapped his unit to a tree to do the breaking in process to save hurting his back. I know there is varied thoughts on running engines on/off your back but keen to get people’s thoughts on strapping the unit to a tree for this process? Thanks Dan
  3. funnydan85

    Proud Sponsors of Paranoob.

    @Paul Mockford has done a great job with the Paranoob channel. It is nice to know what struggles everyone else has with getting into the sport. i have only one flight to my name but with the weather getting nicer I'm hoping to get to double figures in the coming month with @admin (Simon W) 's help. Paul has also been great when i have asked for his advice as a noobie.
  4. funnydan85

    Making yourself seen head to head with an Aircarft.

    Thanks Gents for the comments. It was just a thought that a high power torch might be enough to get someones attention
  5. Hi All, Being new to the sport i am watching / reading a lot of material and have been thinking about visibility during the day with faster moving aircraft. I have just watched Tucker Gotts recent video on the close call with Jet and was thinking about his comments about watching the light coming towards him which made him aware of the aircraft in front of him. This got me to thinking about how we can be seen in the air for a specific reason (like an head on approaching aircraft), now i understand about VFR collision avoiding techniques and agree with them but want to get peoples point of view on using a high lumen torch to make your existence in the air known to other aircraft? I will fly with a strobe but this is more of a Plan B situation. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Dan