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  1. No need to take your paramotor apart, wheel the Thule to your towbar and hook it up. Also an extra wide aluminium platform so no need to struggle with strapping in and out, saves your back and knees. You will struggle to find one this size anymore.
  2. 2015 orange, black, yellow Little use still crispy. Bargain price £1750 Bristol area. Call me on 07500114829
  3. For sale is a complete outfit. Polini 190 light Parajet V3 with 61.8 hours from new. 26mt Dudek nucleon wing, still crispy. spare props for more info please see pics on ebay item number 124741003098 or call George 07500114829
  4. Currently been using runway hd which is just too expensive, so im not going to renew my subscription. I have downloaded memory maps which Ive yet to try but I would like an instrument to tell me height and speed any recommendations would be helpful. Cheers George
  5. Great, anyone in person or just contact AXA
  6. Guys not looked in a while but can we get insurance anywhere,
  7. I am moving from paramotoring to microlight, so am thinking of selling my v3 and nucleon wing. The motor has done 45 hours it has a supair harness and in excellent condition. I am the only owner. I will be at the bore chasers this weekend should anyone wish to view and discuss price. Other extras to be had such as a Thule paramotor carrier. George 07500114829
  8. Dan not sure if it were you or your brother I spoke to, it will annoy people just buzzing around the common as far from my understanding it against the law to take off from the field.Yes you are correct we do look out for each other and the sport of paramotoring hence why I said if you had no where else to fly from you could of come to my friends field but he only likes 2 or 3 of us there and we must take off and go. I asked other people's opinion as I wasn't sure I should of said something to you or not.People will complain as you are flying from a built up area and paramotors are noisey i live around the corner and could clearly hear you. Where you fly from is your choice but take off and go somewhere is the better option. Cheers George
  9. They were fine about it, I just said if you have to fly from here go somewhere instead of buzzing around the field. I know the difficulty finding somewhere to go in the early days but people will soon get fed up with it .
  10. I love our sport as much as the next man but since the nice weather there has been a couple of guys flying from the common which is surrounded by houses and dog walkers. I went and had a word as I keep getting calls asking if its me flying . I said if you just took off and went somewhere it would be so bad but they stay above the common which is going to annoy people I'm sure. I felt like a typical moaner but I don't want it all highlited. Im sure its not legal to fly from common land ? Should i have just let them be or would anyone else said something ?
  11. Some people dont have the sense they were born with, very scary
  12. A tip a guy gave me a few years ago now was to adjust your leg straps whilst in a crouched position, tighten whilst in a squat then stand. It worked for me and never had a problem again. I don't have a bulldog but worth a try.
  13. Happy New year Simon, does the iPad mini have some sort of built in GPS system or something.
  14. Hi, i have been using the air box awares device for quite some time now, great for navigation, air space restrictions etc but a while ago I decided to park my paramotor down on the screen so it's no longer. Air box were very good about it in the respect of sending me the app which I put on my phone but its too small and fiddly can anyone tell me a larger device maybe 7 inch that I can use. I went to pc world to look at some devices but they don't have GPS, I'm not sure how gp's works without running a sim. Cheers in advance for any help. George
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