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    I got my first flight today 😁😁😁 Down at Marston from about 12 for ground handling with a view to getting my first flight in between 3 & 4. I didn’t do too much work today I just wanted to be relaxed and ready. At about 3 I got to go, reverse launch in gentle but gusty wind. The handling of the wing was good, I turned and ran and it felt fine. As I started to feel lift under power I think I lifted my feet too early and possibly didn’t have full throttle. I was about a foot off the floor for a few yards but Clive was instructing me over the radio and I was soon up and away 😁 I have half hour getting into it and trying to relax myself but I was a bit more tense than I expected. It was pretty bumpy so I was a bit nervous. I did manage to stow my brakes and get my seat board up and even managed a selfie or two. Im guessing maybe 1500ft in height and a couple of goes around the field and local farms and Clive talked me in to land. Landing wasn’t as too bad, the approach felt better than I expected then I landed on my arse! Feet slipped under me and I just went down with a bump. No damage to me or my kit. Looking forward to the next one 😁
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    It could be worse, at least you didn’t buy a flat top. Let Laura’s experience be a lesson to our American cousins, there are two people you just don’t go near, Mr Fister and his arch nemesis, Dell Schanz’ - turns out they are both utter cunts. Who’d have thought..
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    I'm always dubious of most american trainers who go online and just slag others off, if your that good why try humiliate and abuse other trainers. Laura are you UK based and went to USA for holiday or permanent US based ?, only asking i know someone who can help but only if your in UK.,
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    PPG meter now with safe start..
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    Hi I posted some info on this a while back: http://www.searon-tech.com/product_view.asp?id=158 Looks nice and I run with external battery, info on the old post search for Searon.
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    @Paul Mockford has done a great job with the Paranoob channel. It is nice to know what struggles everyone else has with getting into the sport. i have only one flight to my name but with the weather getting nicer I'm hoping to get to double figures in the coming month with @admin (Simon W) 's help. Paul has also been great when i have asked for his advice as a noobie.
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    Some nice videos. Thanks for posting them.
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    Hi Paul I had a Tandem Fight with Clive Mason at the Autumn 2018 event. I made contact with him when I arrived at the site and we agreed a mutually convenient time. He was very busy. Cheers Darrel
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    Hi George, I'm the pilot who had the flight yesterday. As far as I'm aware I was not breaking any rules, airspace, notams, and maintained a sensible distance from any structures with take off and landing taking place well clear of spectators. I obviously want to keep a good relationship with the rest of the community, so I'll use this opportunity to open up a nice dialogue between us and anyone else interested. If I have done something wrong, I apologize, but I'm sure we can move on from here.
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    Seems you have to lubricate your ring every now and again 😁🙈
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    I have finally given up on foot launching in no wind situations. So I bought a trike, but I feel after watching enough videos and dry run with wing , I feel I can confidently launch . I haven’t had any formal trike training, what is there in class that I need to fly . Important is set up and layout. Anything else. Ridiculous to have to pay another 2500.00 to 3500.00 for trike training. Your thoughts ? Be gentle
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    Carrying on the Capt Kurt line i normally ignore youtube video's regarding Paramotor Trainers, but earlier today i watched one of his and he's bigging up Freshbreeze Paramotor and trike both brand new, but my surprise was he goes i'll show how easy it is to start these brand new products, IMO total madness as he starts the Paramotor on the floor even after checking throttle operation, but then after starting the Paramotor whist still on the floor he proceeds to go large handfuls of throttle, obviously the owner is unaware of lack of breaking in procedure and Capt Kurt don't give a stuff as it's not his, and must of never seen or heard about safety starting procedures and subsequent accidents from said actions.
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    Unfortunately from personal experience a large percentage of American training places are more interested in the bottom line than getting you trained safely and flying safely. Last I saw he pushed Edel gliders...not sure where they come from since they have not been made for many years. I talked to many trainers back when I was trained and turned away from many after just a five minute conversation. Finally found a good one and been flying ever since. BH
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    My trainer was also training a guy Kurt pushed to a trike. Obvious that he pushes people to trikes if they "aren't getting it" and probably makes more profit too. He may not charge for training explicitly but you are paying for in the gear cost. Mind I ask what wing he sold? At least he seems to have been selling a wing made design within the last decade from his newer videos.
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    I've just had my renewal notice with no mention of this. Have emailed them and will update when I get an answer. GeoffW, not sure the club's policy picks you off an alp and repatriates but maybe I'm wrong.
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    All the more reason to use the clubs insurance so simple to do ,very pleased with the service,give it a go.
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    Ooooohh bugger. You don't do things by half do you Andy. I'm sure everyone on here wishes you a speedy and complete recovery. Hope to see you flying soon at a PMC fly-in.
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    I got another training day in at last! After my holiday the weather has been bad for another two weeks. Seems hardly anyone in the UK has got a flight in for about 4 weeks - lots of people having withdrawal symptoms 😂 On holiday I had purchased a used Parajet Maverick from Lee Moss. He’d been in touch with Clive to buy a newer model and left mine at Clive’s house I’d had a message from Clive to say it was sitting in his garage waiting for me. So on 16th March I went down to Clive’s to collect it, impatient to get my new toy even though I knew I couldn’t do anything with it! Clive showed me how it all worked and hung me up in his garage to get me all set up in the harness. I dismantled it and set off home with a big grin on my face 😁 i dropped the motor at home, went about the rest of my day before heading off to my partners house for the evening. She’s been with me to Clive’s and she knew I was itching to mess with my motor, a bit of cleaning and familiarising so she suggested I take it with us😁😁 That evening was spent assembling my motor in her kitchen, cleaning it up, trying it on and generally dreaming about flying😂 Next morning I got the engine running in her back garden to see what it felt like on my back. I got myself a good lady there 😁😁 anyway enough waffling on .... So on Saturday 23rd March the forecast was decent at last and I went training at Clive’s other field, Jimmy’s. it was a busy day with about 6 or 7 people ground handling at a time and others waiting for the gusts to drop off before disappearing into the skies. Plenty people got in the air as it turned into a lovely spring day. I continued practicing which took a little time to get back into as I’d had. Month off, but I was soon into it. I like to train hard and feel it’s been worth the 2.5 hour round trip to get there too, and I only stopped for a few drinks and food so got in total about 4.5 hours practice. At about 3pm Clive took up a tandem flight and he told me to start ground handling with my motor on. Potentially I would get my first flight after the tandem. While they were up I was ground handling with my motor on which wasn’t too bad but got heavier as time passed! But the wind dropped to almost nothing and my reverse launch practice turned into forward launch practice. It was hot work, for most of the next 2 hours I had my motor on my back. Anyhow after a bit of rest I had the potential opportunity for my first flight but almost no wind. Clive said I was ready if I wanted to do it, but advised against it as for first flight the lack of wind would mean it would be a really fast landing. With potential to mess up my first landing and cause damage to my kit I was unsure whether to go for it. As it turned out it was decided for me as I should have left at 5.45 and the afternoon had gone far too quick, meaning I had 15 minutes to pack away, no time for a flight. I was late leaving and had a hurried journey home to a lovely meal with my ever supportive partner at a local Thai restaurant. Waiting...watching the weather foracast for next Saturday..... is this my life from now on??!
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    Happy to keep our sponsored pilot safe and comfy! SW
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    Hi Trevor, actually taking the day course and then exams in Alvechurch but the actual main school is associated with Halfpenny Green Airport in Wolverhampton. www.planespeak.com, guys name is Andy Moon. He reliably informs that his pass rate is fantastic!!! More and more ultralights are becoming licensed and they have made it easier to register the handheld and not the plane the radio is fitted to. Up until now, the only PPG pilots that I knew used airband, were those from other disciplines (PPL pilots or commercial jets). They tell me that they find it very useful, not just at airports/grass strips, but to talk with balloonists ("Permission to come closer"), that always gets a "Yes" with permission obtained, but would be an airprox and notifiable (!) without permission. I just think we're currently very unregulated, even with ratings, anything we can do to become more "professional" has got to help.
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    Just a quick update as i'm not able to fly in our lovely Summery weeks weather we're having, and just in-case others are bored and stuck indoors for something to see and read, Pictures of my Paramotors meal after it got a little hungry . It was my choice to stop flying it before it destroyed the barrel as well
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    There are a few little tips you can use to overcome the little bumps.. Just remember the wing will take alot and probably allot more than you in your early hours, One of the best things anyone can do is laugh the nerves away.. When you hit something you do not feel comfortable in let out a big WHOOOHOOOOO Laugh, Cheer, Anything to turn the Negative into a positive.. My Hangliding instructor told me this years ago and worked for me...
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    I guess one reason is it depends on whether you want to fly in thermals to get some altitude or whether you fly through them on your way somewhere whilst under power. I'm surprised to hear an instructor saying summer is bad for paramotors, it's usually awesome all year round.
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    That's the issue I have with those two guys lol. Yahoos to a degree. Unfortunately, I'd be stupid to not take advantage of ththe fact that I have someone "supposedly" knowledgeable in the sport right in my back yard. I'm going to go there and see if I can just get the basics and just feel out the situation. The internet isn't a place to make final determinations about someone imo. I'm one that is oftenly misunderstood via text format. Great, I ordered it I dont know...a lot of his videos say he trains and helps people even if they dont buy his stuff. There are at least 4 instances I've seen him say that. He speaks of being a honorable man and what not...I'd have no problem holding him to his word, I have no problem tipping someone a few hundred bucks if they show me the ropes. I'm a pretty quick learner and dont take long to correct wrongs. I'm just looking for that source of "unintuitive information" out there. I know for a fact that the moment I start kiting a wing, I'll learn the intuitive common sense shit instantly, of course not "instantaneously"..lol you know what I mean.
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    good thread Simon, enjoying this
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