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    I got up early today to take advantage of the promising looking weather. Arrived at the field just before sun up; Once aloft i settled in for a long XC - i didn`t really know which direction i was heading for as the WX forecasts had the wind direction from all over the shop and changing hourly due to a pressure centre right over my flying area. Once flying i was able to get a handle on the conditions and decided for my `Circa Soton` route which takes me all around Southampton CTR. The wind was about 6mph and north easterly at this point. If the forecasts were correct i`d have a tailwind on my way back.. I`ve been flying for over seven years now and in that time i`ve never thought `Wow, i`m a bit warm, i wish it was a bit cooler up here`, but today was the closest i`ve ever got to actually agreeing with that thought - it was so warm and humid for September it was unbelievable. The air actually felt warm on my face.. Smooth too, hardly any bumps were felt at all. The low-lying misty stuff made for some interesting vistas below; I always feel especially smug on early flight when i see all the workers travelling to work, and it was a busy morning down there on the M3; I was making good progress so once around the top quarter of the route i espyed Portsmouth in the distance and made a detour over there. P`mouth harbour; You`re looking at 7 billion quids worth here; Once out of P`mouth harbour the Isle of Wight beckoned - well, i might as well, eh? It`s a 3-mile crossing at this point (yes - i have flotation); Over Cowes to Gurnard, then the second crossing back to the mainland - a shorter 2-mile jobbie for this one. Clarence House; Cowes; At Cashot there is a disused power station. It`s being demolished at the moment. I`ve flown over it many a time but i wanted to try and get a straight-down-the-chimney shot before it`s demolished (planned for next year i think). The chinmey is 600` tall and has been a VRP for many a pilot - it marks the edge of Soton CTR; I was up for just over 3 hours and did nearly 100 miles once i`d done a bit of local stuff when i got nearer home. It was one of those flights you remember.
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    I don't envy you. It doesn't take much to get the heebie jeebies especially in the early days. You cant buy your way out of those I am assuming you would get the bulk of your money back if you chose that path. Or you could go for an expensive holiday and take each day as it comes... Choosing not to fly if you get the heebie jeebies... you are the pilot, the final decision on launch is on you! BUT I am reasonably sure that as soon as you see another student launch and come in for a scruffy landing, your mind will be all "Fcuk this, I have to get myself some of that!". Its a relatively risky sport, its difficult, smelly, noisy, expensive, the weather window is frustratingly narrow.... Hell, I'm not sure why I bother flying myself.... BUT every now and again, I escaped the earth into another world where few get to go and it all makes sense
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    Landing out and meeting other paramotor pilots and a helicopter too close for comfort.. When one day becomes flyable in a week of shitty weather everybody goes flying Left work early to meet Richard & Paul at Richards field in Tamworth for a fly out. Got there about 3.30 aiming for a 4pm flight. We were going to a marina about 14 miles away at aiming to land at 6 so plenty of time. Paul went up and looked a bit turbulent so we didn't rush, took off with a nice forward take off at 4.30 for a 40 minute flight. My log says 16 miles so I guess I didn't go in a straight line. It was a lovely afternoon, nice and warm but a little gusty. Bumpiest ride I've had for a while but nothing bad. We got there and I wasn't sure which field we were landing in. Paul had gone ahead and I couldn't see him on the ground so I flew round the site a couple of times the Richard came in and landed. I came in nice and gently for an arse landing ... Paul appeared from somewhere and landed last. Had a beer while we waited for the others. A couple came in (Pete and Joe I think). They both did spectacular arse landings too which makes me feel better Dan and Wayne came in a few minutes later, Wayne on his arse if I remember right, and Dan prancing like a fairy o one foot across the field. A bit of parabollocks later we got ready to fly back intending to have a bit of low flying and get back before sunset. I got up first, forward take off again, flying around waiting, Paul got off second. While we were waiting a bloody helicopter came straight at me a little bit higher. I was at about 300ft, and it wasno more than 200ft above me. I turned away and it went straight over my head. You'd think you would panic but I was just like 'oh shit he ain't gonna see me' lol The video below is the return flight and the helicopter is about a minute in. The GoPro makes it look miles away but it was bloody closer than Tucker's one!! Anyway, Pete and Joe got up and went off home, Richard was arsing about and managed a couple of failed forwards. Not sure what happened, he doesn't normally have any trouble. Then he got up and off we went. Once we'd left the area and got over a few pylons we came down low. I'm getting more confident with my own abilities to put the wing where I want it so don't mind the low flying now. Paul came up bedside me closest I've ever been to anyone, probably only about 100ft away. I was a bit twitchy but I know he's a good pilot and won't do anything stupid up close to me. Had a bit of low over fields, a couple of waves from people too which is nice. The video has a bit of Richard and Paul low flying together. Went up high and over Tamworth where another pilot flew by, a bit too close for me not knowing him (I know who he is, just don't know him) but waved and went on his way. Then I followed the A5 back to the field. The field is two football pitches and there was a kids match on one of them, bloody cheek lol. Wind direction was across the field and we had to come in and turn across the field. I came a bit high but there was enough field to land, lovely approach, fast with little wind, feet down, run then couldn't keep my legs up with the speed and went on one knee. Happy enough I was in control just too fast for me. I think I'm probably still flaring too early but not sure. Flight back was 48 minutes. I'm now up to 76 flights and still as excited every time as I was when I started. 21 Aug 20.mp4
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    A good reason for flying on one's own plus, no chance for photos, so it never happened.
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    To my way of thinking, bugger off with your inviting legislation, some of us can only just afford the sport as it is!
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    Nice hedge hop! And great write ups, keep them coming. At first I always had problems persuading my undercarriage to run on landing and often ended up on my arse or knees. At first I ended up on my arse, until I changed the hang angle a little so that I was much more vertical when out of the seat. This automatically put my legs more under me. However, I then started to 'fall' forwards onto one or both knees. I eventually found that the issue was that my feet didn't like to start trying to run until I had a firm footing, which of course you often don't at first. The trick was forcing my legs to start running before my feet touched the ground. I have only failed one landing this year....and to be fair to me it was blowing 18 mph when I landed and I got pulled over - I nearly had to land a mile downwind as the wind picked up when I was 5 miles downwind...and I was doing 2 mph at one point!
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    I took delivery of a 24m Solo wing from Simon earlier in the Summer after having a test flight at Membury. I wanted a new wing that was easier to launch than my current Dudek WRC which is an excellent wing but design now 10 years + old. First impressions very light and easy to inflate but at first it felt no reaction to brake input on zero trim but that is because my WRC is that much heavier and slower to inflate. First few flights were reverse launches nice and simple but the wing does want to overtake you so a little brake and control required before turning. I just need to fine tune this. Take off itself very forgiving and with corrections comes back overhead very easily. In brisk winds its very easy to launch. In flight behaves nicely trims are easy to use and the tip steering is very efficient, if you like fast turns then you will like these. Landing, it just floats for ever my first landings were into fair breezes but the wing just penetrates even with no trim on. Final flare and touchdown very smooth and controlled. As I fly a Miniplane I found the brake toggles too high so I have moved them down to the middle position and that makes them much more comfortable to use. So after waiting for the weather to play ball I finally had the opportunity to try some forward launches. My first attempts in very light winds went well with no failed launches which I used to get with my previous wing which was heavier and as I am only 10 stone this did make a difference. The wing I felt was again very sensitive so I now set the trim to number 6 out of 12 this makes the 'feel' on launching much better for me. I then had the daunting task of an early morning flight with absolutely no wind and damp grass. I would have struggled before but as this was why I bought this wing now was the time to really test it. A really good lay out, tips pulled slightly in and my brain ready - I launched and the wing started to inflate smoothly and after a little taxi power to stabalise things applied full power and a lovely uneventful take off. I was very happy. To sum up I am very happy with the wing its light to ground handle, it inflates smoothly it is fast and manouverable if needed and it behaves impecably on landing. Overall I am very pleased with my new purchase.
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    OK peeps....thank you. I have just spent all the wife's savings and bought the whole kit and caboodle. So now my crispy wing and brand new engine are just waiting for me to do what with, well im gonna kite n kite n kite and then some, wear the engine run it up lots get used to the feel and then find myself some help to take the next step....So a huge Thank You for all your advice I did listen but the chap in the red suit stood behind my left shoulder and I realised that I can still run faster than my wife! lol and when asked I will say well these nice folks on Paramotorclub.org said!lol can't wait, now for a go pro lol
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    Fantastic. Flying 3 miles over the sea would scare me shitless
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    thank you Hann for posting your video...adventures like this, are to me, the reason why ppg is the realization of the stuff of dreams...
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    Once you're trained, come fly with us at fly-ins (when they resume) and other regular gatherings. We're all keen to share our experiences and help each other out. You'll solve a lot of issues and learn a lot of stuff by hanging out with experienced pilots.
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    Learn about the weather and fly in benign conditions is the safest bet. In 559 flights I have never had even so much as a wing tip tuck. I am probably on the cautious side of piloting but still absolutely love it. I have only suffered minor cuts and bruises in all my time flying and usually learn something from the fact.
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    The answer to question 1, officially is 500ft (or it used to be when I last looked) I stopped looking when I saw a Paraglider deploy at about 100ft and come to the pub afterwards..... I would say it's never too late to try. Ref motorbike / flying, Flying a paramotor 'normally' is massively safer than riding a motorbike 'normally' Tikes V foot launch: see general answer below. Wing collapses for 'no reason' don't happen. Safety in this sport comes down to pilot attitude and education. In very much the same way as a motorcycle or fast car or even horse for that matter. Get lessons, proactively learn about it, and it's the best thing you will ever likely do! SW
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    Scotland forever! Don't try to understand it, just enjoy it.... its the same as Scottish rain, you either learn to laugh or drown
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    A quick update.. A small team from the Cyber Crime unit are currently gathering evidence against the suspect. This has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks and may take a couple more. I have been advised that the next time I hear from the Police it will be to let me know they have made an arrest Any one of you are able to contact the Cyber Crime unit number that I have if you have concerns about either me, or the security of the website. Let me know if you want his number and the reference. For me it's just great to be able to see that everyone is continuing to use the PMC site and pester me about events!!! I am so happy that essentially, nothing has changed the awesome community vibe we have here. More as it comes in. SW
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    Nothing new though, we were all saying the same thing 15 years ago when stuff started appearing on ebay and it seemed every nob end was buying some ancient piece of crap and try to take off from his local playing field. But really, it was a few idiots who soon lost interest or saw the sense in doing things right. 15 years later, I think the majority of pilots still keep thier noses clean. Almost all issues are with low flying - not everyone appreciates been given a photo opportunity of you flying by 100 feet away from them (hands up - I've done it myself when I've been low flying, came around a corner at the coast and been low over a dog walker, etc) - and some will really get the hump - it's easy to forget with ear protectors on just how annoying a nastly 2 stroke can be 100 feet from you when yer out enjoying a quiet walk, or worse, 'birding'..especiallly if it's a bit windy and yer hovering above them for 10 minutes. As Mark says, as long as we self police with a light hand, we keep the powers that be happy and in turn they will be happy to renew the ANO. Like it or not, CAA's main goto is the BHPA, and any anti-social flying is likely to be reported their too... and then it's likely to be treated with a not so light hand. As a quadcopter/drone flier (and registered), I hope it won't come to that here - the entry cost (training and equipment) is small there - so I can see the neeed to have registration to an extent*. It's a much higher cost of entry for us. *still don't like it - as chances are any bad drone flying within 10 miles of my house means muggins gets the visit from the bottom inspectors and has to prove it wasn't him - hence the dumbness of a registration system imho - the muppets won't bother registering.
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    Hi chaps, Just thought I'd mention if you have a decent fast PC, the new Flight Simulator 2020 is fecking amazing. There's no paramotors or gliders out yet, but they'll come soon enough. It uses real streaming bing maps satellite data and 'AIs' it into 3d on the fly. We're pretty much at photo realism now. XBOX Live PC Beta allows you do subscribe for 1 quid first month, 4 quid each month after to get access to 100 games, including FS2020 so cheap to give it a try too. Just be aware, obviously this sort of graphics needs a sh1t hot PC. I'm gonna fly a wee plane around my local haunts, see my house, etc
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    cinereus I recommend you download EasyVFR onto a phone that has GPS capability, the basic version is free. It shows airspace with all the restricted areas, plus ground speed, bearing and gps altitude relative to the QNH. I have mine running on an old phone without a SIM card, perhaps you have an old phone that is suitable? I also fly with an altimeter that shows true height (above ground)/altitude with the current QNH/climb or descent rate. It also records flight time that I enter in my log. This is a suitable modern compact altimeter https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-Alti-Alti-meter-Vario-G-Meter-Paramotor-PPG-Paragliding-Trike-Gliding/233055951627?hash=item3643379b0b:g:W-AAAOSwHaBWks63
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    That is yet to be ascertained... Despite that, arias often get avoided on pure good will and / or, it is psychologically unpleasant to p*ss on someone else's joy. The OP has indulged himself in a painting a slightly darker picture than might be the case which is understandable and forgivable given a little reciprocity of attitude on the matter... Staying cool is better for all of us and the shorter route to protecting BOTH our chosen passions. So do I. You may well rob a bank if you knew you would get away with it, that might just place you in a minority demographic who requires rules via force... I would argue that the alternative is a slightly nicer place to exist and there are too few places left where it can and does And I envy American Part 103. I cant afford that posh coffee... I drink that powdered crap that taste like shite and cost 10p a cup. Not overly keen on expressing my take on this point in an open forum... I will say you may not be at all wrong but despite that, I enjoy the psychological quiet of self-reliance and first hand discovery on my own personal terms. I will concede that the stakes are high and there is not a lot of wiggle room for getting things wrong. Then try not to p*ss on our chips just because someone p*ssed on yours. In the initial complaint above, we get ONE side of the story with all the anger and trimmings... Ordinarily, these things can be resolved with a calm chat even on those occasions where there is no "legal" infraction. We ALL want to get our slice of fun out of life and not many of us enjoy navigating narrow legal tunnels carved out by people who don't even know our names! Pastimes or hobbies are also called "escapes" for a reason Take it easy man, I'm trying not to rub you up too far the wrong way, I am as protective of sub70kg flight as the OP is of his quiet nature spot... We are not very different at all.
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    You might look into it before you conclude... Air law or rules do indeed apply to paramotors / sub 70kg flight. There are some gray arias that fall into none legal categories that are often covered by decency, common sense or polite agreement such as nature / spotting arias etc. We may drift towards a position where there is nothing left we can fly over if ONE demographic gets its own way to the detriment of all other demographics. I don't want or expect birders not to be protective, or game shooters, ramblers.... There are many who like to make use of the countryside and the airspace above it and in the most part, we get along just fine
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    Thanks @AndyB, it makes a lot of sense. I will put more attention to keeping the pressure on the glider and have the lines tight all the time. Also, I will apply throttle only when the wing is over my head or close to that point.
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    Dave Enjoy the Oxford area - sorry no coastal paths to follow Tony
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    Cheers Andy. There’s definitely a bit of reluctance for my legs to run on touching the ground. I’m going back to clive to a bit of landing assistance, see if he can see what I’m doing wrong.
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    You have a lot of things to juggle when launching.... Too many until the muscle memory eases the brains workload! I am assuming your brain is reacting to the harness beginning to take "some" of your weight. Tell your brain not to call "Gear Up" at all... you can switch the running off later..... Your feet will eventually start missing the floor
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    Well, nothing to be added here, really @HDY run until the harness takes you up from the ground. When you start feeling a pressure on the leg straps is probably when you begin sitting down as your brain gets the message "uhhh, we are in the air". Well, you are definitely not, ignore this impression and just keep running and keeping the appropriate amount of throttle until your legs firmly lose contact with the ground. In mountain paragliding, especially in thermals, when you often have the ridge you've launched from right behind your back it's still not a right moment to sit down but instead wait to gain more altitude and distance from it just in case you get collapse or sth, and only then sit down. Are you afraid of starting to fly with your body hanging on your leg and chest straps and not having your butt well supported by the harness seating? This is maybe why you want to get safely seated as quick as possible but end up doing that way too early.
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    This guy sounds like a damp wank tissue. I’ve just seen his post on Facebook paramotor group complaining about an ‘airfield incursion‘. It was out side of controlled space so he’s got delusions of grandeur if he thinks he owns the sky over his field, the paramotor pilot has as much right to be over his field as he does, or anyone else. There were no other aircraft active in the circuit at the time anyway so this is one of those bleating complainers who probably writes letters to his MP in green ink and then pleasures himself whilst biting on an orange ball.. The only mildly valid point is that the ppg looked to be within 500 feet of an overgrown shipping container hidden in the trees that the ppg pilot probably couldn’t see. it looked like 500 feet to me, and if not, move on, it’s a 2 stroke hanging under a bit of fabric, not a Lear jet. Knob.
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    "willy forward". You must run with your willy as far forward as you can get and don't stop that until well in the air. This mind set is designed to not only keep your legs under you, but also to make you stand up straight so the the motor is pushing you forward.
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    well, assuming its a 2 stroke everything from the carb down is soaked in petrol+oil. and the oil stops it evaporating much. So most of smell left is probably coming from carb out through air intake so you could try covering that. same with exhaust really. But yer best bet imho would be to get a big 'garden waste' sack - like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PATIO-PLUS-Rubbish-Waterproof-BLGWB500-2GR/dp/B088M3MFVZ/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=garden+sack+200&qid=1600887774&sr=8-15 just stick it in that and seal the top with a few bungies. job done. stu
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    Fuel mixing isn't super critical, the best container to measure the oil is a baby's feeding bottle, as these have to be accurately marked by law. Putting 100ml into a 5 litre petrol container gives you a fuel mix of 2%. Regarding how to start with ground handling I would strongly recommend that you travel to meet a proficient pilot or instructor to get the basics face to face.
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    the osmo pocket is pretty bad for vibrations - see folk trying to use it for motorcycling. It not really much good as an action camera/gimbal because of that tbh. I've got osmo pocket, osmo mobile, probably 10+ gimbals, etc ...last I counted summit like 15 cameras that shoot in 4k... whether quantity makes me an expert is debatable - someone who's profession is photpgraphy/video like @Steve would probably be a better font of knowledge, but I'm a knowledgeable amateur at least. if yer talking photos - all you need is a standard pocket camera - set it to sport mode so it uses a fast shutter speed. Don't zoom in - that will be a disaster. for video - I use a custom gimbal with a gopro 8. gives me super smooth video. If you can't be arse with that ----and frankly i wouldn't advice anyone else to try - it's taken me years to perfect it. The only other person I know that flies with one and gets good results is Gordon Robertson --- you are fine with 1080p as an end result - get an insta360 - it works a treat - no gimbal required. have a look at my videos on my youtube channel for examples. https://www.youtube.com/theflyingscotsmantv
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    You need to come and fly in the south of Spain. 44 C on the ground at times and can still be 30 C at 5000 feet. Quite often in the morning it is chilly (well 15/16 C) on the ground but 25 to 30 C at 2000 feet. Having taken off with warm gear on I have often thought "I wish I was a bit cooler up here"!!!!!
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    Yikes, now that is one thirsty motor. Not seen a burn rate that high before. I would definitely be looking at alternatives. That I think is a given. Edit - the too pricey bit, not you being a skinflint
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    I should've clarified I have the pocket osmo, and that is small enough to not seem to be affected but given its sensor and lens are pretty similar to phone specs, there is arguably little to be gained for stills, although it's a lot easier to hold. Videos are noticeably better though.
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    I tune my 2 stroke engines almost entirely off of sound so it's sort of hard to explain. Basically if your engine sounds smooth without very many exhaust poping sounds, then you are lean and the needle needs to turn counter clockwise. If there is a ton of poping sounds, then you are likely rich and you need to turn the needle clockwise. This way can be difficult for people learning to tune. For your specific engine it sounds like the idle is slightly lean so I would try going like 1/8 turn CCW at a time until you get the best throttle response. If it gets worse reset the needle to where it was and try going the other way
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    Warm vs smooth.... I prefer the one I haven't got -12C is the coldest iv seen at base... Didn't last long in that!
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    ...and very cold! I rarely go above 1000 feet, usually 500' (or 2' where I can) as I like to stay warm.
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    Congratulations on the kit. Fresh Breeze is a well respected make, I had an earlier one as my first motor. A memorable phrase as said by an instructor 'when kiting don't f*ck with the wing, make love to it'. What he meant was use smooth inputs on the controls, hope you get the feel for it quickly.
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    You have cracked the hardest part... You pulled the trigger and splashed the cash! Its just a matter of time now. The winds are looking like they might be light up there Fri Sat Sun... If the weatherman isn't lying, you might be holding that glider over your head for short runs by Sunday
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    Barra and its two mile long cockleshell beach is undeniably one of the most scenic flying areas anywhere and its on my bucket list for sure , but just Barra - Barra lol.....the island is linked by a causeway to Vatersay and it would make stunning footage , a low flight along it and I can virtually see Barra today and they say if you can't see it from Skye, there is bad weather and if you can see it.....there's bad weather coming lol
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    Where I am in Spain it is only 8 miles to Morocco. I still haven't tried it!
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    I don't understand the question ...
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    I got about 6 good flights in. Probably a total of an hour in the air. A lifelong dream come true. Really. I could not keep the grin off my face. I nearly wept with... overwhelmingness. Okay, I did weep a few of those cool manly tears you might see The Rock have at, like, at some special moment in the movie where the kid is reunited with his family. I deny anything beyond that. No pictures, no proof.
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    There is one device that covers just about everything; Naviter's Oudie. I've the 5XC and it has a colour glove usable screen, readable in sunlight, long battery life, GPS, gyro varios, speed, altitude, bearing, wind assistant (speed and bearing), thermal assistant (for those times you want to gain free lift), mapping, airspace, electronic conspicuity (FLARM FANET+). The only thing it lacks is the competition specific software (speed to fly, etc) though for a fee I could enable those. It's great and means I only need one instrument, though I tend to have a radio, phone and camera with me too. Plus drinks, mirror (for checking fuel level) and a few other bits and pieces. You end up carrying a lot. The downside to this all-in-one box of technology is it costs a bit more (though possibly less than buying lots of different units). However I note you say you're on a tight budget, so possibly something for later.
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    lol. I have 4 calipers and 7 micrometers, covering metric, imperial up to a foot. I do make lot's of weird stuff though.....such as this granite sculpture with lasers and smoke in it....
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    My god this is amazing and at the same time been so frustrating. thanks for all the help!
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    Ahhhhhh! Calipers, even cheap ones.... I feel sooooo much better 6XM8X75 ---- that is Six bolts of M8 (metric bolt designation) with 75mm diameter
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    'for a day I recon'. More like 3 by the sounds of it.
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    Thanks so much everyone!!! #TEAMPMC SW
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