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    My last flight before returning to the UK tomorrow. On the beach 26 deg, at 5500 feet - warmer! This was the first time I have made it over the top of Reales mountain. Because it is a stand-alone mountain, whichever way the wind blows it is very turbulent around most of the mountain! Today, 7 mph, blowing with me as I climbed. I followed the the largest ridge on the way up, gaining lots of extra lift. Above the top, engine off and just kept climbing. The mountain is 4800 and I was taken up to 5500 by it. Took 25 minutes of engine off back to the beach, where I was still at 2100 feet. Two photos on the way up and 3 from the top.
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    i have seen this in the past and thought i would share it with the group encase 1 person finds it useful - to change the settings click on the earth tab on the RHS - click on the map to get more precise measurements. https://earth.nullschool.net
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    Well it’s been a while!! The last flight was the only 20 mins in 6 weeks. Almost forgot what it feels like to fly. Met up with Richard Leishman today at Tamworth. We were going to fly near Henley in Arden but the field was too wet. Look forward to that another day. Loads of floods in Tamworth but the field is nice, just wet grass. Got two flights in today, first one was about 49 mins up the m42 towards Ashby but the clouds were too low up there. Easy take off, forwards no issues. At 1000ft I was into cloud. Little fly around settling myself into it again and kept around 7-800ft which for me is pretty low. I’m usually up above 1500. cold fingers but otherwise not too bad for November. Came in over the A5 to land. It was ok but didn’t get forward enough I think, slippery grass too. On my arse🙄 second flight was another forward, nice and easy. Wish I could say the same about my landings! We headed east along A5, I just flew about looking at stuff I hadn’t seen before. Out Hinckley was I spotted sunshine so headed straight for that. It was nice for the couple of minutes I circled in it, considering today has been very grey. Anyhow that’s about 30 mins in and was a bit downwind so we headed back to find the cloud has dropped considerably. At 500ft I was alongside clouds and ended up flying between 300 & 600 ft all the way back keeping up wherever I could. At one point it was raining a little and with that and the grim grey clouds we did wonder if we may have to land out. It wasn’t terrible but glad it didn’t get any worse. Made it back, getting to cold by this point. Came in to the field right behind Richard which is a first for me to land same time as someone else, had to lift feet a bit where the ground drops then promptly landed on my arse. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I had forgot to kill my engine until just as I flared so my concentration was off a bit. But I don’t need to make excuses for arse landings, I’m an expert😂 I’ve been told to say Richards landings were textbook perfect, a little wing over, a back flip and perfect landing on his feet. 😄 nice to be back up anyhow, might need heated gloves or something. I think I need a GoPro too, I’m hopeless at taking photos while flying but would like to capture some stuff. i now have a reserve too. Not that it would have been much use today! Also first flight with speed bar fitted. Bloody faff. Couldn’t get my hands down to release it so I’ll leave that off until another time. Just thought I’d see if I could. My wing is now all over the living room to dry off, and I’m off out for food and beer 😁
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    After some shenanigans on day 4, the sun came out on day 5 for some great flying.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D1vR1NMVHI more in a few days
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    Yes, Sky School use it in UK, Spain, Italy and UAE. APPI also have approved instructors all over the world.
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    Thanks a lot for the fast response. Always a pleasure to be here.
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    Unbelievably it looks as though we will be able to use the Bore Chase site again!!! ( I was convinced we had our last event there!!! ) We are going to have to do a couple of things differently (below) A) We will be collecting for a local charity B) We will be adding a small fee for 'camping' which will go directly to the land owners thus increasing their reason to put up with us (and the complaints that follow after we have gone) So at a guess, it will cost around £20 for paid members which will include £10 for camping + £10 for charity. Visiting guests (non members) will also be asked for the normal £20 to support future club events Dates TBC but I wanted to let those of you know who kept asking if it was a go / no go. SW
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    Just get your ass down there Jay, or wait for the spring fly-in.
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    I guess there was a reason - If you was down Cornwall you would need a rubber to steer the car. Good luck, hope you pass.
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    I am 88kg naked & love the atom 80, works great even on my smallest wing hadron xx 20m, on a skymax expedition frame it comes in at 19kg empty. I also have a moster plus, which comes in at 25kg on a starmax, lately I have preferred the atom as its so light & quiet
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    I am a member of the RAF regional airspace users group. We met yesterday at RAF Linton, just before it closes for good! We still have RAF Leeming and Topcliffe in the North East. I was particularly interested in yesterdays meeting because of 2 items. There was recent air-miss between 2 RAF jets and 3 paragliders - in the same air-space they missed me 2 years ago. I have attached the report below. There was also a debate about what system to use in the air so that we can be seen ie ADSb, FLARM etc. If you read the airprox report below you will see just how close the paragliders came to grief. This is precisely why I have been calling ATC prior to flying. However, even calling ATC is not foolproof as they only brief pilots first thing in the morning. The 'being seen' debate was really interesting, The CAA are not going to dictate which transponder system should be used, so there will continue to be chaos for some time. Having said that, the RAF in the NE is using FLARM as the system to help them identify gliders, microlights etc. In the ATC control room they have a huge TV screen with live tracking of all FLARM in their area. They also use FLARM in their trainers and tell me they can track them down to 50/80 feet agl. I will be getting myself one of these soon. There is a lightweight version (under 400g) with enough battery to last all day - it is Euro 400. Anyone using one yet? Andy Airprox Report 2019099.pdf
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    I use FLARM but fortunately haven’t had to attest to how effective it is v an RAF jet. I will say I think it’s petty useless for GA as from what I’ve read/heard/experienced the best option there is ADSB. I've had some pretty close planes fly by, even with my FLARM on. However ADSB requires an FRTOL, which makes it less likely to be used widely. I'm in the process of getting mine though, with a view to equipping ADSB. Interesting that the ATC you spoke to actively monitor FLARM. I'd imagine that's because of gliders rather than paragliders, as it isn't widely used in our discipline. Gives comfort though.
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    Check that you are not mistaken Richard. It would be highly unusual for a UK school to operate that way. Most offer training on a casual basis. Welcome to the Paramotor Club!! SW
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    Probably Nothing to do with mateys accident , while at membury ages ago I saw the start of a spinning mass of air , dust just started to move around then get picked up , traveled a fair distance down the runway as well, if it wasn’t for the dust you wouldn’t know it was there . Was spinning at a fair old lick . cas .
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    There is one more possibility that no one seems to be noticing. I watched many and i mean MANY crashes on youtube and there is one possible explanation. The only time i`ve seen such a sudden collapse out of nothing is when you fly into a turbulence caused by an aircraft, especially helicopter. Any aircraft causes huge turbulence that in calm weather could last for several minutes. Guy is flying around the airport...;)
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    I have been having problems with my Solo 210 with Tillotson carb. It starts and idles beautifully and revs up to about 4000rpm but then dies as I try for full throttle. I think the problem could be the fuel line and maybe primer bulb, so I thought I'd remove the primer bulb so I know that's not the problem. So I replaced the fuel line and filter and took the primer bulb out thinking that I could prime it by blowing into the breather tube. But as hard as I blow I can't get any fuel to even start going up the fuel line let alone get it up to the carb. Does anybody know if I can get around this problem or do I have to put them primer bulb back in?
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    Sponsors will want something back in return. What can you offer them?
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    Another one I found on YT. Looks like it was a DVD at some point, so not sure what the situation is with copyright. That said, its been on there since 2017 so plenty of time to have been taken down. Pretty sure its the guy from skyschool.
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    I believe the ''so much hype" came from the US Aviator - they are nice guys good in marketing, have huge costumers and speak English. But once they decided to change to Parajets...Tornado hype diminished rapidly. I fly Nitro directly bought with a visit to the Polish factory at Rokitno (Rokitno 2, 05-870), I spent some time there and I saw those guys are serious about production, but marketing is another issue, especially when they sell mainly with a French company Air Conception...and it is not about English language marketing neither here in Poland nor in France. Knowing the Nitro engine quality and reliability I would not hesitate to buy Tornado...just Nitro is good enough for my style of flying, including tandems from time to time
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    Been in the UK 4 weeks now and flown once!
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    Florida here, just been lurking in the background.
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    Nice one looking forward to it all ready
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    Nice bit of met experience imparted whilst also making us very jealous of your 26 degrees, glorious setting and flyable weather it looks great Andy, thanks for sharing and glad you were packing in the experiences before returning to the cold and wet! Hoping for a chance to fly this weekend, think Sat is wet for Membury but maybe Sunday....
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    Of course - we're all sky demons. Seriously every day is a school day 😄
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    Check out what we have in the shop Review video below. SW
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    I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to get any replies because I don’t have a lot of posts, thanks so much for your reply Mark! That’s exactly the type of answer I was looking for, too. Now I have an actual reason why not to do that, for risk of frontal collapse I gather. Versus not knowing what the danger of doing so would entail. Now I suppose it makes sense why I was told to pull the entire rear risers to steer while on bar, to prevent going into that negative angle of attack you described. Wish I had the option for tip steering! Btw, I hang from Gin Pegasus 2 28m with motor risers and am strapped to a ParaJet Maverick w/ Moster 185. Thanks again for the reply! I’m not really new to the forum btw. I spend a lot of time reading and just don’t post often! Cheers from the US 👍
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    Watch all these top tips too:
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    Have you thought about doing a tandem yourself to give you an idea what is involved? I did one, and even to my inexperienced eye I certainly wouldn't say it was trivial. If flying tandem is your main driver, it me be worth looking at microlight, as practically things are no different solo to tandem. Obviously you get a lot more regulation.
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    Lol... I get that on a 23m kougar and Bailey V2.... ran like a bastard... no chance! Getting too old for nil winds on a 23m... that shit hurts
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    It's a bar code - 10% discount at Aldi.
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    Just seen your post. I flew 4 Parajets before the AC machines. Hated Parajet. Unreliable, staff too busy/couldn't get stuff right and machines VERY heavy. AC super lightweight and very reliable!...I am at 140 hours with no failures now.

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