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    New photo - the first of the inlet tracts loosely assembled. Now I need to practice Tig welding thin stainless tube a lot.
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    Hello Gaffer. Compliments of the season to you. Just a quick question, Will I recieve an email notifying me that my membership is coming up? there is probably a way here of finding out for myself but im only a fikk digger driver lol. Regards Frosty. ello again governor. I know its really early....really early, but is next years fly-in at worlds end 12, 13, 14 july? I am trying to secure a motorhome to live in. cheers dude. Hello again governor. I wanted to thank you once more for throwing such a great weekend. All of yours and the teams hard work is greatly appreciated not only by myself- I am sure all of the other visitors who attended feel the same way. As it was my first fly-in I was not really sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised not only by the whole set up but also massively by everyones friendliness and generosity.It was great to just stop and talk to people who I had never before met and feel like I had known them for ages. I cant wait for next years main event. p.s, Im after some cheap fireworks for Nov 5th if you know of any lol. Chheers mate, Frosty.
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    PMC Theory Day (a). We will cover: Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and the principles of flight and cover the elements listed in the back of your training manuals. Soon after, we will cover the other headings in the manual, Flight systems, Human performance, and go further in to the Navigation and air law subjects. There are a strict 20 places (fire regs) so please only RSVP if you can make it. Please bring £10 if you would like infinite coffee and some lunch. See some of you there!
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    Everyone should to this day course. 3 High calibre experts cutting through nonsense and giving you the facts, the law and the do's and dont's straight. Very valuable. So many forums, bla bla bla, this course gives you what you need. These guys know what they're talking about. 5 Stars. Many thanks, great day.
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    Many thanks Simon and the Colins! Very informative, nice venue, great sarnies and super bunch of folk as expected with the Paramotor Club! 😁
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    Just made it home after a rainy day in the class room absorbing the Wever (not my spelling), law, through to Nav, altimeters, fun anecdotes and why Reflex. Thanks to all for such knowledge bombs. Cheers.
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    As above , couple hours of fun above guilford with my mate mark ' went up again to catch the sunset ' the wind had changed direction and wow from 120 feet ish " it turned in to rock and roll ride , got 800 then wow I'm at a 1000 very lively ' great fun though . Came down and at 100 ish feet all was calm again , fantastic time . Had I not had any pmc insurance I would not have had a fantastic time because I wouldn't have been able to use the site . Glad I have insurance , cas .
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    you can get insurance no matter who you train with,Axa
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    Hello all, a few weeks ago I started an introduction course paragliding at a flying school in zwolle, at the moment I am orientating for the purchase of a para motor set. I can buy a set with a new engine from Polini (thor 100) only, I can not find a supplier on the world wide internet where I can buy spare parts. At least until now, curiously, I find almost no information about this polini engine, now my concrete help question: Does anyone know why I can not find information about this engine? and where can I find and buy parts of this engine? thank you for your advice, (translation by google) Marc
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    Hi Guys, I'm brand new to this forum having only just discovered the amazing form of flight that is Paramotoring! I've always had a drive to get in the air, but have always found the expense to be too much, whether in training costs, vehicle costs, or hangarage. Paramotoring is definitely proving to be the right path for me, affordable, fun, and a strong community in an emerging sport. I have been reading online, and to be honest the information surrounding training is a little vague. Some courses endorse BHPA, others APPI, however it says in most places that this is not a mandatory requirement? Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction. I am based in South Essex and cannot wait to get my wings, just want to give myself the best start. Thanks All, Ash
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    I didn't train with Si but I have been doing this long enough that I did review a couple of things during the syllabus development. I finished my training in France by training for and passing the Pilote D'ULM (Classe Paramoteur). This is the French microlight rating.
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    I ordered the Tornado, the price difference between the Nitro and Tornado is so small that it does not make sense to go for the Nitro. The only possible negative aspect is the fuel consumption but I'm keeping my Zenith with Bailey v5 for cross country flights.
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    There are still lots of people flying this engine including myself, try the following website https://poliniparts.com
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    Some of you may have noticed that the Parafest has changed it's dates which now clashes with the historical PMC Summer Fly-in dates of the 2nd weekend in July. I am unsure what the thought process was behind this date change and I am sorry to see that it clashes with our event. It's not good for anyone involved. I guess we will both be having slightly smaller events and one less fly-in in 2019. Because I know that we have many Services guys, who have already booked leave for the PMC event, (as well as many others who require this notice) The PMC will continue to have the Paramotor Club's Main summer event on the same date's as we have for the last 8 years. (12-13-14 July) As always, I hope to see you there, but understand if we don't. I guess it will be a 'best weather' win's lol SW
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    There I was in my 3M lakeside mansion with my 20 yr old wife as we were about to get "busy" when there was an almighty sound from the air above! Again and again it came round. So close I could see a small face on the pilots glove.
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    Had you considered that they may have thought they were going for a nice quiet ballon flight? I always like to say hello to the ballon sorts but tend not to hang around. It also has to be mentioned that there are a few occasions there where you have broken one or two laws during the flight. I don't wish to preach but I also feel it is my duty to make you (and others) aware. On top of all of that.... Is it not time for you to treat yourself to some new warm gloves!! lolol SW
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    If you are looking to move up from a Universal, a Hadron xx is the opposite end of the scale and too much of a jump.
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    The warp is Amazing! I have yet to fly a wing that I enjoy more than this one. The handling when accelerated is so precise and fast but yet stable at the same time. Top speed for me was right at 50mph on a 16m with 112kg all up weight. I dont see how a slalom wing could get much better than this.
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    The currently plan is this: We will continue to have the main summer event on the dates we always do BUT We will have another fly-in!! ( An extra one! ) as well after this one. I think that's a win win all round SW
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    It was absolute rubbish. Never going again. The people were just awful. There were no fireworks. These are just some of the phrases that weren’t written by me in a text I sent to the missus to tell her what a great time I was having at the 2018 PMC Summer Fly-in. Actually, that's not strictly true as the fireworks phrase did in fact get mentioned later … but more about that shortly. After my drive from the Brecon Beacons, I arrived Friday lunchtime expecting to find a relatively empty field. What I actually found was a campsite full of people who very much looked like they’d been there since the last fly-in, all happily getting on with fly-in life. I noticed the posh toilets had made a return, along with two porta-loos adjacent to the signing-in tent (which later also became the beer tent). The fire pit was in position awaiting darkness, ignition and an audience. It wouldn’t be long before the food truck and pizza wagon would both be set-up. Simon was nearby, all smiles and clearly enjoying one of his favourite things - organising fly-ins. Little Col was working hard, also making sure it all happened. There was still a lot of choice for pitching so I was honoured to pitch-up right next to the nicest guy in the universe, Dickie Welham, who was there with his family. Despite a lot of people already being on the site, more continued to arrive and I was very pleased to see Baz Root turn up quickly and also a guaranteed source of merriment, Lee Jackson. Lots of pitching and unpacking took place during the afternoon followed by fuelling and preflighting. And the sun beat down. Also on the scene was Connor Amantrading - I hadn’t seen him since we had his post-accident surprise get-together in the cold and wet of Membury Airfield, back in February. He was planning to be flying this weekend - and it wasn’t long before he did … and did again… and again … The launch field began to get busy and a lot of pilots were airborne for Friday evening. Richard Whitmarsh also arrived, but he had flown in brandishing his shiny new Microlight licence and very generously took people up for flights over the weekend. What a gentleman. Simon was telling everyone that he encountered about the fireworks - We all knew how much work (and cash, no doubt) had gone into preparing for this year’s fireworks display, but there was a hitch - Owing to the extreme lack of rainfall in recent months, the parched ground was a very high fire risk and unless we had some serious downpour before Saturday night then the fireworks would not be happening. We all hoped for a massive downpour followed by fabulous flying conditions, being the optimist that we are. As the light faded, the fire pit became the usual focus for a lot of people. Ironically, the firepit caused no fire problems at all, but rules is rules. We also had to enjoy (or endure) a comedian who had probably never played to a poorly lit corner of a field with an iffy sound system and a half-interested audience. His magic tricks didn’t work (I couldn’t work out whether they were supposed to or not) but the audience was good-natured and he finally finished and the music went on into the evening. Prior to the comedian, we had a short speech from George, the land owner. Earlier, there had been several instances of pilots flying over areas we had been asked not to and the neighbouring chicken farmer and some residents in the nearby village were not overly happy. George was very laid-back but asked us to refrain from flying before 8.00 am in the mornings, and to avoid certain areas. It was all more than reasonable and everyone seemed happy to oblige - after all, it was his land and without him we’d not have been able to fly from here at all. The following morning many of us awoke to the sound of two paramotors taking off at 6.00 am. So much for George’s polite request. Fortunately, the rest of the fly-in's pilots respected the 8.00am start time and a little before 8.00 the launch field started filling up. Being later, the air was a little more bumpy but the sky was soon full of paramotors, all heading off for some fun. Our very own marshal, Andy Stuart, who in real life keeps us safe in his work as a rozzer, reprised his role of the previous evening and donned his fluorescent jacket to make sure everyone taking off and landing was part of some controlled chaos. Jason Mead-Blandford, and even Connor (between his many stints in the sky) could be seen in high-vis and helping keep everyone safe and organised during the day. The usual friendly vibe was prevalent throughout and it was nice to see a lot of new faces at the fly-in; the word has clearly spread. As ever, there wasn’t a bad word uttered about the fly-in… other than about the early morning pair and the fact that one or two other pilots seemed to be unable to understand the rule regarding not flying on or above the active runway. With the usual arrangements for making it more than a bunch of pilots in a field, the food facilities were very good and popular, with Killins Kitchen providing the nosh … despite running out of chips on Saturday night! And Platinum Bars did a great trade in liquid refreshment throughout the weekend. As has been widely circulated on the internet, The Red Arrows came over on Saturday afternoon and gave a us a brief private display. Simon had registered a notam so the thoughtful Arrows ensured that during their trip to The Air Tattoo they came directly over us and gave us a burst of smoke. Then, almost unbelievably, after they passed over the field they formed into two arcs, which more than one spectator observed looked like they were forming the shape of two paramotor wings. I’m happy to believe that’s what they did . As usual, tandem flights were available to those who weren't pilots themselves, and there seemed to be an endless stream of people waiting for their turn. At my count there were three tandem pilots, with the majority of people being taken up by Clive Mason. Also of note was Lee Moss who, in an amazingly short timespan, has become a tandem pilot - and for his first flight without his trainer (Clive) he took best mate Danny Kellett up. The Yeeehaaa as they came overhead is still ringing in my ears! The weather held good and hot which ensured lots of summer holiday feel - and also lots of thermals. It also meant that the fireworks were definitely not going to happen. They would have been spectacular but the fact that they didn’t go ahead had no effect on the mood, especially as Saturday evening gave some great flying opportunities which everyone took advantage of. Sunday morning was another late start, owing to the 8.00 am imposed limit. But plenty got up in the air. Gradually the camp broke-up during the day and by mid-afternoon only a handful of people remained. It had been another great success for Simon and PMC with the usual mellow atmosphere, great facilities on a great site and, best of all, so many genuinely great people getting together. Special mention must be made to the set-up (and take-down) crew, including Colin Borland, Colin Baker, Gary Higson, Andy Stuart, Andria Stuart (set-up crew food) and Connor Amantrading. And not forgetting The Red Arrows. With a great weekend behind us, all eyes are now on the Severn Bore Fly-in.
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    It's the wrong sort of wing for me for it to be of interest chap. I prefer a more floppy affair. I think you should give all your credit and debit cards to your misses until your off the drugs! lolol SW
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    Thanks, I've seen the ebay listing but also had funny dealing with him. I arrange with him to visit his place with money in my pocket to spend with him only to be turned away by him when I arrived at the time he said? Very strange, that happened 3 times. I dont think he likes me.
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