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    Posting here rather than paramotor videos, as its mostly not a paramotor video.. stu
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    Flight 28 last night from a field in Tamworth I've never flown from before. It's right behind some houses alongside the A5 so we took off and moved away straight away for as little nuisance as possible. Flying north of the A5, over the M42 and around the north of Tamworth. Forward launch, no problems. It wasn't too windy on the ground but I was moving forward at 8mph at around 1500ft so quite windy up there. I was trying to get some aerial shots of Paul & Richard but I've not got used to keeping the camera focussed yet and the wing was trying to throw me out every time I tried Had an our flight and it was dusk so headed back. 45mph downwind so got back in about 5 minutes! The approach was a little different for me... a couple of hundred feet above the A5 to enable me to land downwind. I knew there were phone wires at the approaching edge of the field so went in high, landed 2/3 of the way down the field safely and ON MY FEET Had a quick pint whilst packing away. Nice finish to the weekend.
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    My last flight before returning to the UK tomorrow. On the beach 26 deg, at 5500 feet - warmer! This was the first time I have made it over the top of Reales mountain. Because it is a stand-alone mountain, whichever way the wind blows it is very turbulent around most of the mountain! Today, 7 mph, blowing with me as I climbed. I followed the the largest ridge on the way up, gaining lots of extra lift. Above the top, engine off and just kept climbing. The mountain is 4800 and I was taken up to 5500 by it. Took 25 minutes of engine off back to the beach, where I was still at 2100 feet. Two photos on the way up and 3 from the top.
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    Latest data of the geographical location of people who have visited the Paramotor Club in the last 7 days. SW
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    I started training at Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, New Hampshire, USA two Sundays ago. I spent a week there working the instructor, Heath Woods, and camping on site. Heath's down to earth, knowledgeable, and careful. Since it's a hill that also trains hang gliders and paragliders, I got a few launches off the 150 foot hill, a few tows, and a fair amount of kiting. The weather was uncooperative - they don't have a particularly large field, so if the wind's not in the right direction, no flying. To look at me, you'd think I was pretty athletic and coordinated for man approaching 50. But I am feeling every one of my years. My knees hurt, my back hurts, and I pulled my right hamstring something nasty during a tow launch. The day before, I tripped on another tow launch and skidded a good 15 yards across the ground. All of this without even a motor on my back yet. But I'm heading back up for more this Sunday - weather permitting. And assuming the hamstring heals acceptably. Right now it's complaining that it didn't sign up for this flying thing.
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    Yesterday was a great day and not so great day. Got to Clive’s field at about 9ish. Chatting and setting up , was nice to see a few people turning up. Flight 32. 10:45am It was some wind and a bit gusty but I went forward launch. Didn’t feel like a reverse was easily doable. I don’t really have much issue with my launches now but this time the wing came up to the right, then left, then right. I was all over the place fighting the dreaded Marston winds. After a few seconds of Benny Hill I cut the engine and stopped running, and the bloody wing sat there over my head laughing at me🙄 I think that’s only my sixth or seventh failed launch ever which is nice. anyhow, reset and a nice easy forward followed. I wasn’t making much progress into the wind at about 2000ft so I headed for some clouds to get a bit of video. I was near sibbertoft glider school when my engine misfired then started spluttering midrange. It would tick over ok and full revs ok but midrange was uneven and needed more throttle than it should. Weird. I climbed to 2500 to keep clear of the gliders in the even of engine failure and headed back to the field. Uneventful then until I came in to land. Engine was still running. The gusty approach was horrible, blowing me all over the place. The field is narrow at the moment as the crop area at the side has been ploughed and the wind was diagonal across the field. No way I could control that across wind so I went round. Coming in better into wind still very gusty at low level I almost did it, having to clear a wing laid out on the runway but ran out of room. Round again, horrible air and swinging about all over I came in third time lucky. On my arse. Everyone had issues landing yesterday just the changeable gusts at Marston giving us hassle, but it was by far the worst approach to landing I’ve had. Sad event of the day is one of our pilots came in fast and too far down the field. He was heading towards a van so he stalled it and came down hard, bouncing and rolling over a couple of times. Ambulance to the hospital and we found later he’s snapped his Achilles, broken his tailbone and one vertebrae. How easy it happens. He was in good spirits and hopefully will soon be up and about. Later on three of us decided to go for the clouds as they looked low. Took off at 2:20 and went for it. Up at 3000ft we started to clear some clouds and around 3500 John was taking photos. I then climbed to 4800. Highest I’ve ever been. I was going for the mile but the higher cloud was complete cover and I was going into the grey stuff so I bottled it. Not even that cold really considering it’s october. My engine was a bit better, I’d richened the mixture a bit to try it. I’ll be checking it over before flying again. Fantastic flight and came down to that bloody gusty field to land across again on a short runway. But I nailed it 😁. Came in low over the ploughed soil just touching the throttle enough to keep my height, cut the engine as I approached the grass, lifted my feet over a parked wing and landed on my feet😁😁 Always learning and new experiences all the time 🙂 Photo is me at about 3500ft.
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    That looks brilliant!. Can't imagine doing that but working towards it! Regards Nige
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    I have had 5 spinal fusions and 2 discectomies (3 emergencies to relieve paralasys). I am fused from thoracic to pelvis and have a 30 degree froward bend. I now cannot walk more than a few meters unaided. I still foot launch because it is fun and more convenient than trying to get a trike out.
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    The photos and scenery look amazing Andy. Looks like an amazing adventure 😀
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    Thank you, Simon. Drove up to New Hampshire again this weekend. There are great people up at Morningside. Not so much great weather, though. Two days there and only about 2 hours of kiting. With winter coming quickly, I think I'll be starting over in the spring. So THAT's why they call it parawaiting.
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    I just insured with Axa last week. No checks.
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    Hi Andy, I know how you feel, I too have experienced death of a friend in the sport first hand, I know the importance of good training. I won't go into detail about Brad's training syllabus and techniques as we have discussed this before, I think you should meet him before you make assumptions from a collective of comments from other people. People pass their driving test and wrap their car round a tree, this does not make it the instructors fault. I am with AXA 3rd party cover, there are no checks. Rich.
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    with table on the top,a half its in dream zone😂😂 simply overestimated moster 78kg thrust, 🥵🥵 eos 150 70kg its joke eos 100 61kg max 55kg in reality and fuel consumption moster 3l 🤣🤣🤣😂 ,on the ground only ,slightly higher then idle revs 2100 or 2200,dont know why they misleading this way. if you around 90kg body weight and want fly not only sprint exercise go strigh to nitro 200 or tornado 280 this is only one very reliable motors,nothink cracking ,smacking ,ringing,fouling off , or any other nasty surprises
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    I agree Geoff wife and me stopped off at Jamaica Inn for some breakfast on Sunday that would have been an epic fly out for breakfast/lunch can’t wait for the summer flyin. Was good to put a face to the name as well, and well the Hanwags were the nuts my feet were warm and dry and sooooo comfy. See you at the next one Neilzy
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    Where to start fantastic location right in the middle of Cornwall, nice and easy to get there, every thing was set for a great weekend of pmc activities meeting up with friends and talking all things paramotoring, but the weather was not going to allow us to fly , a shame because you could see the amazing views waiting to be explored, hope we will be able to fly from there next time, many thanks to Simon and the team .
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    Well done Rich enjoyed reading all your ass landings 😍 keep up the good work
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    That's what I use and works well and battery life is awesome. Does what I need. eBay had it at a great price I couldn't pass up.
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    Have been using it on a Fenix for best part of a year. Works great. Thanks for all your efforts Stu.
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    Nice one Stu, you've always been the PPG Inspector Gadget.
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    It was a great group reece and chin wag. I definitely cannot wait for the next one in Cornwall! looks like some amazing flights to be had from the site
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    It’s officially a fly-in 😁 Giles has been the only one to brave the wind and dodge the rain
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    You have to lean slightly left when on full power? Why don’t you just buy a better machine?? 🤔🤷‍♂️
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    TBH I haven't approached this scientifically or even given it a lot of thought, but I don't think there is much in it. If anything I've done some 1-2 hour XC's and, when I've used the Snake, I have definitely found I had more fuel at the conclusion than expected. However please note that I always seem to be burning more fuel than everyone else I fly with, regardless of whether I'm on the Moster Silent or my much newer Moster (or whichever wing). Less pies maybe!!! That aside, the snake will start oscillating if it sniffs a thermal... or if I pass too close to a butterfly! As such I'll prefer to XC with the Nuc.
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    Well done Rich, cheers for the pint, keep it up
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    Awesome! That’s what I thought. I understand it will take a little bit more breeze to keep me up, but I don’t need to buy a more efficient wing just yet. Thanks mate.
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    My forecast says it’s improving, if it continues to go that direction it should be good. Trevor.
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    Well decision made I’m still going. If I can’t fly we’ll have a weekend exploring a bit of Cornwall 😊
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    Beers tents and pasties ....tents pasties and beers....pasties tents beers...how many more sleeps .just dreammmmmmmmmin
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    Si, I don't drink so I don't want to bring alcohol! (BTW already at Membury so it'll not be long). GaryH
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    When learning to ppg, you learn how to control the wing first, well if the instructor is worth anything. You'll have your hands full with that. Then, when you can demonstrate good wing control, you'll be introduced to the motor. Some advocate PG then PPG but if your aim is PPG, then learn that. It'll save you time and money.
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    Splendid, it isn't just me then
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    Hi Alan_k I'm now going to the PMC and camping with my brother, so I would be happy to take a two of them if they are available?
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    Good to hear you got it working again but if through "wire wiggling", that would suggest something is going to fail sooner rather than later. I'd recommend a thorough integrity check of the kill switch wiring. (I've had to replace both wires/connectors on different occasions recently)
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    I have three folding camper chairs, similar to this one, that are surplus to requirements. FREE to PMC members. If I bring them to the Coast Run does anyone want them? I cannot take them back with me as I have onward travel.
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    Well done, you'll get there. I just did number 150 in 2.5 years...and I did a knee landing last week.
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    I agree that paranoob is a great inspiration and as someone who hasn’t progressed further than watching YouTube I’m all too grateful for the info he provides. Well done 👍
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    My advise would be do the training! That will help encourage you to save for the kit. where there is a will there is a way
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    You won't go wrong with the link 2, it will progress as you do, build quality is like any other Niviuk wing ,second to none The sting power play is an old design, Most modern wings are pretty much the same with just a few tweaks between them Try and get to fly a few different brands if you can Good luck 👍
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    Interesting that Vince uses them on his Nitro. SW
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    I have them on my Maverick and can attest to them working. I can do full power launches with no toque steer at all. At cruise it flies dead straight with no input at all. BTW, MR Nitro, why did Aviator PPG use them on their Nitro's and why did they rave about them so much? I will tell you why. Its because they really do work. In fact Aviator still fit them to their paramotors regardless of make.
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    I don’t get why you have to shit over the post with inane comments about nitro’s Andy? It isn’t helpful and it kills the thread. There are a lot of members who don’t post and it’s hardly any wonder the response they get sometimes from apparently senior members. Can we drop the ego’s and discuss the pastime we love with a little more respect for each other maybe? The forum would surely benefit as would our knowledge of new tech. Not just the amazing zero torque from the nitro, which I think you covered at least three times...
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    "... arrogant know-it-all paramotor pilots ..."
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    Much as I value the opinion of someone who has never used lamels despite 'much discussion' with people who mysteriously use them despite the fact that they don't notice the difference - and calls them 'little plastic flappy things' - I refer you to the first paragraph of the article.
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    Curious... what kind of forces does each one take on? It wouldn't be too difficult to model and 3D print these but the question would be if the 3D printed part would be strong enough. Good post though! I've seen these dotted around on different sites/videos and wondered what they were for!
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    Murray is the supr dell of paragliding.yes he has excelent pg skills his millons of youtube show that,but you will always get the im the holy one, everything the bhpa or others have taught you is the devils work,let me put you on the path of my way is the only way. //yes you have to crash in style to be loved..lol i landed on a cow once. high wind pging.big ears going up and down like a yoyo.at a site called scaresfeild. much to the delight of other pilots who said its a tad windy to fly 2day jock,heck what did they know. i flew.lol.i didnt make that mistake again..crap weather again for next few days.now weres murray videos.
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    Hi i am looking for a flying buddy in the hampshire area to go paramotoring with. I have plenty of experince of free flying in the uk but am new to the uk ppg scene. I am live in fareham.
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    Just get a nitro. I have no problem at all with torque steer at take off or in flight. This machine is clearly very well set up. After much discussion with some who use those little plastic flappy things our conclusion was that if you have a well set up machine and don't do acro, then you will never notice what those do for you. If you do extreme acro moves then they do make a difference.
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    And I say again...with a Nitro, where is this torque steer problem? Why don't I have it. What I am doing wrong? Maybe I haven't been taught right.
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    Well there's your answer. Buy a better machine that does not need them. ps. I flew the zenith last summer and did have quite some torque steer on full power, needing much more left brake to keep me straight than I was used to.
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