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    If you like it, please do share it It's an antidote to the current 'snowflake' adverts.
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    Hi everyone. Could someone help guide me in the right direction for the best insurance covering loss of earnings due to an accident for paragliding and paramotoring. I'm self employed with a hefty mortgage, kids etc. (aren't we all). And injury would be devastating. I've got life cover but decided it may be prudent to get loss of earnings. Thanks in advance.
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    Just to add to Lees' comments above. If you want to go low you have to learn active flying. If this is new to you, read Jeff Goin's Paramotor Bible.
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    For me cloud flying and low flying are where the fun is at - but low flying is obviously dangerous! So forgive me stating the obvious, but always run an aerial check of anywhere you're going to fly low first... pre-decide your route, and keep energy in the wing! Either this, or only low fly low in a very well known area. This way there hopefully won't be any unexpected obstacles/wires etc. If you do need to make any sudden manoeuvres every little bit of energy gives you a 'chance', but don't depend on it! Sorry if this is a sucking eggs thing!!!! This whole flying thing is a privilege and I'm also cautious of upsetting anyone/anything. My rule of thumb is - if an animal looks at you (or becomes agitated), you are too close! It doesn't mean you may not occasionally stumble close to a dog walker or field with something in it... but I always try to avoid it (especially horses). Obviously don't overfly houses, villages and towns etc. There's plenty of space out there! Oh, and I find winter flying very rewarding. The cold dense air is great for wing control... plus you can fly all day long. Just dress accordingly! I don't wear anything heated and I'm always toasty. My iPhone battery doesn't like it much though. So to answer your actual question... I'll transit anywhere between 500-3000ft (depending upon local conditions). I'll go above this to play in clouds or find clean air and I go below this if I'm going to interact with the furniture!
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    HI, I know this is an old topic, but figure its worth an update, I ordered a Microavionics helmet with Bluetooth, but from the start i wanted to do something with the radio cable, i also wanted to have options to change the radio or not use one. After a few chats with Eddie (microavionics owner) and a few hours deciding on what connectors I wanted, IP68 and self locking, so the cable will not pull out. I went with the Icaro scarab helmet plus visor. (small visor not available) Cables are for FTA 750 and Alinco radios. The helmet fits great along with perfect ear cup placement. The connectors don't foul on clothing. Bluetooth to my iphone was simple and work perfectly. I believe Eddie will be offering this option on future models if asked for, a retro fit is possible, side note the connectors are not cheap as they are a full metal construction. Personal i think the end result is great.
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    Does anyone really look at these much? I have one fitted and rarely look at it. I tried it on the swing arm, but too close in to see easily. It is now attached to the harness, near the chest strap. Can't be seen, but can easily be lifted forward in flight to be able to glance at it.
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    Oh dear... I'd nip that in the bud asap! You're potentially going to be cheating gravity... and there are inherent dangers in doing so. I doubt any stats out there will allay any of her fears. Personally I just tell the Mrs I'm popping out to go Bullfighting.
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    Just regard it as dangerous - but with good training and lots of practise you'll mitigate that danger to a level which gives you the confidence (but not over-confidence) to fly safely and enjoy it. Your choice of wing is very important too. Like Simon said, it's the pilot which is the biggest risk factor, not the machine.
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    They are as safe as the person that owns them apparently, you are more likely to have an accident on the way to the airfield than while flying. ( I have been told this a number of times by different instructors over the years ) Seems legit, but not sure where the stats are published. SW
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    Thanks Danny. I'm 82kg, but not sure I can get to Bornos next week. The forecast is looking great though, so might have to move a few things around
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    Not very exciting but the actual fitting...
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    3-10' following the contour of a field. Only broke 1000' twice in my last 15 flights. I maintain a safe gliding distance over power lines, houses and trees.
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    Hi all, I decided to take a punt and the meter arrived today. Actually went for the Runleader RL HM028 A Inductive Tachometer with Backlit Display Time Thermometer. Just under 30 Euros from Amazon and 1st impression is good. Screen is bigger than the default unit I had on the Scout and much easier to read. After a bit of faf in the menu, a RTFM moment, I set the clock and CHT temp limit alarm, seemed easy enough really. I tested it on a bench supply and browns out at around 4.5V, not bad as it can run upto 24V, and by brown out I mean the back light start to flicker, digits still solid. I will connect a small 2 cell LiPo as the primary supply as very small and will give a solid 7V plus. I struggled to measure any current so probably one charge a season will be enough and the internal battery will save the data during any charge periods. Mechanically seems well built so at this time a thumbs up! Will install with the new engine this weekend. Taking the chance to also swap out all the old fuel lines as not as flexible as they used to be, like us all!
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    About 3 feet. The 500' rule is from people/buildings. So in between you can lower.
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    Hello mate. its Danny from Milton Keynes. Been a bit busy trying to get back into the swing of things with work. But would love a fly soon. I will hit you up on chat if you’re up for it Danny
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    Massive thanks for the replies guys! Also found this so will get in touch: http://www.hullppgclub.co.uk/ My in-laws are in Withernsea on the coast and there's often a PPG flyer out there. Looks great. Anyone know of who this is and launch sites around there? It'd be a perfect mix between family time and getting a flight in to launch when I'm over there. Cheers again, have a cracking weekend.
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    5k is easily enough to get you some good quality used kit with low use. If you believe all the ads on places like ebay you`d be forgiven for thinking that there has never been any paramotor or wing that has ever been flown for more than 12 hours.... Just don`t rush into buying anything yet, get training and whilst that happens you`ll get a better idea of what to buy and be able to keep an eye on the used markets to get a good idea of what`s available and likely prices.
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    Just started flying from this area, have put photos in the "GALLERY". Any other PPG pilots in the area??? 6.01.2019 Alcester, Walcote, Haselor.
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    @CMParamotors is at Northampton and @admin (Simon W) (me) at Swindon. Welcome to the Paramotor Club! SW
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    Hi Mark. Great pictures. I live very close to you but I am not trained yet Have been very keen to learn for a while now but need to lose a few pounds which I am in the process of and then get some training. Do you know the closest training school to Warwickshire? Hope to hear from you soon. Adrian
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    my weight 84kg, 19m ozone freeride wing. UK launching only a few hundred feet above sea level. I have averaged 4.5lph on the tornado, just fun flying. Not conservative but not all out. I cannot climb out at full throttle so that will be helping my economy, typical full climb my max throttle is 3/4, I can actually climb on less which is something I do often on all my machines, quiet and gentle climbs. I only hit full throttle at sudden peaks, when banking hard or hedge hopping. With the extra power of Tornado, I use full throttle less than I do with my Nitro. Vibration, it is a bit smoother than traditional nitro but I would say not greatly smoother than a nitro on a race2 frame, there the chassis is designed more to accommodate the pilot, all reducing transferred vibration. Nitro 150 frame with 3x 140 prop. the power is between standard frame and XL 165 frame. estimate about 75kg
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    Landing towards the sea. The only way to get down today was to go between the bamboo. Those are really big bamboo plants. Look at the car behind them. Dan had just nailed his landing through the gap on the right and I am aiming at the other gap.
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    I often take off on the beach towards the sea. The last 2 days have been near zero wind, but just a trickle off the sea. Not quite wet feet, and look how much brake I was pulling!
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    Hi, Dug this off the net. Worth a read. ****************** In the UK, we are allocated one (one!) airband frequency for HG exclusive use - but NO ONE uses it, as no one has an airband radio - for historical reasons - they all use 2-Metre instead. This is because : 1) They're cheaper, like half the price 2) They have much clearer transmission and better range. 2-metre radios are FM, airband are AM, which is antiquated and inferior to FM in terms of clarity and audibility. 3) They have multiple channels (we actually use a small "illegal" band between 143.750 and 143.950 Mhz) ONE channel, after all, is no damn use when there are fifty pilots in the air at a site - as happens in the UK on good days. 4) All other HGPG pilots that use radio use 2M, so if you bought an airband, you'd have no one to talk to. For safety/rescue/collision avoidance they'd be useless. 5) It's what HGPG pilots in most other countries also use, so you can take it on holiday and use it. (Oz excepted) You don't HAVE to have a radio at all - although there have been persistent murmurings about the authorities trying to get us to compulsorily use Mode C transponders (height-encoding radar reflectors). No such HG-compatible device exists at present, though. I'll put this reply on the Epg list, in my position as **** radio adviser because some people STILL don't know these basic facts. If you buy an Airband radio in the UK, you'll be talking to yourself - 'cos NO ONE else on an HG or PG has one! (Well, a tiny minority of XC hounds maybe). Only the other day I had an anguished email from a guy who had bought two airband radios (for him and his wife) and was trying to get them licenced through CAA! He couldn't understand why no one else on the hill had a CAA callsign, and why he couldn't talk to them! He also wanted to know how he could legally use his airband radios abroad (he can't in most countries). Sadly, I had to enlighten him that he'd wasted his money... And just to recap for anyone who is in the dark..... The "unoffical" frequencies used by HGPG in the UK are: Calling channel....143.950 Other channels used for "private" nets (groups going XC, teaching new- soaring pilots, etc): 143.925 143.900 143.875 143.850 143.825 143.800 143.775 143.750 These frequencies are not currently used or allocated elsewhere, so you won't interfere with anyone else. Do NOT use any "official" frequency between 144.00 and 146.00 in the 2-metre band - these belong to the radio amateurs, who will shop you in an instant. (They're a bit anoraky as a tribe - sorry any Amateurs out there - how's the Asperger's coming on? - still suffering from "frozen trigger finger" where you key the mike and rabbit for ten minutes without saying anything?) Also, NEVER use anything above 146.00 Mhz - these are used on a split- frequency basis by ambulance, police, fire, etc, and although the channel may SEEM to be empty, you can get into a repeater and cause havoc over half the country from 2 grand! The same goes for anything under 143.750 Mhz. Why do we get away with illegal use? Well, there are very few vans with spinning roofracks at 3 grand over most sites - imaging the enforcement problems - we are never at the same place 2 days running, we never LAND at the same place, hardly, and while we're in the air - what can they do to catch us? Bit difficult unless the RA heavies hijack the local Plod Helicopter... People used to use any old frequency that they could tune their 2M to - and caused quite a bit of havoc. I've spent years trying to shepherd everyone into this small unused band just below 2M, where they'll do least harm. It seems to be working.... ********************** Cheers Bendme

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