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  1. I would say go and have a look at a few different manufacturers, you may find yourself swapping one fiddly machine for another, there are a lot more simpler designs out there that are built for this sort of thing, Personally I wouldn't say the build quality of the mav is anything to write home about, one of my pet hates is they made a pretty machine but forgot to incorporate the throttle cable so they just zip tied it on, The nitro has definitely got a strange powerband, the moster is really smooth My vote would be a PAP tinox moster, lighter than the mav and better build quality than the mav .
  2. Hi, In stronger winds the trims should be set to neutral, has the wing had a service as you could have an issue with line shrinkage, You certainly shouldn't have to open trims out Many thanks Danny FLYPAP
  3. Hi Paul Training at the cumbia site is either when its not trainable at Crewe or if I have students up that way at the time, Have a look at the website for details www.flypap.co.uk Thanks Danny
  4. Hi guys, I run a BHPA paramotor school in Cheshire but I also train in Kirkby in Furness Cumbria, let me know if you want some information Cheers Danny
  5. The Link 2 is a great wing for beginners and to progress on, yes I am biassed to the brand but there is always a reason, Niviuk's build quality is second to none and they fly great
  6. How far south are you, Bobby Benn flys around fort Myers area
  7. You won't go wrong with the link 2, it will progress as you do, build quality is like any other Niviuk wing ,second to none The sting power play is an old design, Most modern wings are pretty much the same with just a few tweaks between them Try and get to fly a few different brands if you can Good luck 👍
  8. I'm surprised your having problems, every man and his dog sells parajet, did you not contact your dealer about parts, if you bought it direct then there's your issue, if you bought it 2nd hand just find a local dealer
  9. For those that don't follow Tucker Here's a great little video of him trying the new Qubik, for anyone interested I have a 21m and 25m demo and a new 25m in stock Visit www.flypap.co.uk for details
  10. Hi Tim, I train just outside of Crewe Cheshire, More than welcome to come over for a chat, www.flypap.co.uk for more details Many thanks Danny
  11. I'm saying nothing, I find the only pilot's who pay attention to notams are drone users and microlights, GA heli's and military are a pain in the ass
  12. I've got a guy coming down from Dumfries to train this month, I'm located in South Cheshire if you fancy a drive
  13. Try the Niviuk Qubik, it ticks all the boxes
  14. I've got one coming out, it will be here Thursday, so can be flown on Friday, here's my number, 07811345567
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