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  1. Yes, just specify when ordering, if you send an email flypapuk@gmail.com , state size and style Thanks Danny
  2. One of my Tinox Atom's is 19.4kg with apco split leg harness, the other is 21.3kg with the supair harness, The new supair has a pivot on the seat so it's easier to get in to
  3. Pap all day long, easier to assemble, slightly lighter, cheap netting if it breaks, stronger main chassis for butt landings, great back up service from the UK main dealer 😉 Your welcome to try before you buy Danny
  4. I agree, that's why I offer extra training in this country upon return 👍
  5. I don't know of any Paramotor wing that is certified for powered flight, but that doesn't mean they are not safe, Ozone say on all of their wings ' because the gliders are shipped with trimmers on the risers they do not conform to EN standards. It is in the manufacturers best interest to make the gliders as safe as possible and the Link is rock solid.
  6. My school 19 and 20 are running flawlessly, but I have seen the problem and it was definitely air related ( bubbles in the fuel line )
  7. Kyle o gee just did a video of this, check out YouTube, it was sucking in air in the fuel line
  8. I train to suit the students needs, not everyone can commit to a block, I have 2 weekend slots available, if you fancy a chat give me a ring
  9. Instead of a used old wing have a look at the BGD seed, great for stronger conditions too https://flypap.co.uk/product/bgd-seed-ground-training-wing/
  10. Just a quick heads up, FlyPap are now running BHPA training courses once a month in southern Spain, this ensures that you get the best of both worlds, unlimited training in the UK followed by a week in Spain and more training in the UK if needed, this guarantees you come away with your CP rating, we also offer Post CP courses up to Pilot rating for those who feel they are not quite ready or thought they were rushed through training More details can be found here www.flypap.co.uk
  11. Loads of aircraft don't have anything between you and the prop, treat it with respect and it will serve you well, Regarding different designs, it's all about reducing drag, the cris cross style like the tinox and Mcfly are a lot more efficient and stronger than the square net type
  12. It is there to stop objects going in to the prop area, There are loads of issues with people putting their hand in the prop but not when they are facing the right way, if the throttle cable is a good design and routed properly then it can't go in through the netting, I can't remember the last time I heard of a brake handle in the prop,
  13. What do you think the netting is for ? If you think it is there to protect you from the prop then you are wrong, when the engine is running you should be facing the other way so unless you are a contortionist any type of netting does it's job
  14. Have a look at the skyway code from the CAA
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