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  1. Hi Tim, I train just outside of Crewe Cheshire, More than welcome to come over for a chat, www.flypap.co.uk for more details Many thanks Danny
  2. Flypapuk

    Trike wing recommendations

    Have a look at the Niviuk R-Bus
  3. Flypapuk

    So much for the NOTAM ...

    I'm saying nothing, I find the only pilot's who pay attention to notams are drone users and microlights, GA heli's and military are a pain in the ass
  4. Flypapuk


    I've got a guy coming down from Dumfries to train this month, I'm located in South Cheshire if you fancy a drive
  5. Flypapuk

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    Try the Niviuk Qubik, it ticks all the boxes
  6. Flypapuk

    New Niviuk Wings now released

    I've got one coming out, it will be here Thursday, so can be flown on Friday, here's my number, 07811345567
  7. Flypapuk

    Picking Motor for hot weather

    It has to be the 250 really, a lot more economical and the extra power at your weight will help
  8. Flypapuk

    New Niviuk Wings now released

    I will be there all week but I didn't bring the wing with me, let me see what I can do Cheers Danny
  9. Flypapuk

    New Niviuk Wings now released

    Hi Dan, the new wings are completely different, they both have Ram air which unlike some other brands really help with the initial inflation, I too had a link 1 for a training wing and found it needed to open trimmers slightly for nil wind but the new wings are a lot better, if your based in Spain I'm working out at flyspain next week and I'm thinking of taking my demo wing with me if you want to try it, what weight are you Cheers Danny
  10. Flypapuk

    Wing and motor size

    It depends what manufacturer you choose, Basing on your AUW @ 125kg then the 25 would be ideal Thanks Danny
  11. Flypapuk

    New Niviuk Wings now released

    Hi , Yes the link 2 is still comparable to the R3, And for my students this is what I would recommend, However If you have flown for a few hrs and are looking for a wing that will last a long time ( something that progresses with you) then I highly recommend the Qubik, The link 2 is definitely a step up from the Gin in all areas but it lacks Tip steering , To put the wing into perspective, I'm a Niviuk comp pilot and fly a competition wing based on the Kouger 2 and doberman 2 but Since I've had the Qubik this is all I fly, Its just as efficient, not quite as fast (4kph slower) but has a lot more stability even in really rough conditions, It's very pitch stable and no oscillation, The perfect wing for going places. The Niviuk R&D team have really upped the game with the current models
  12. Flypapuk

    Wing and motor size

    25m Niviuk link 2 and PAP safari 125 or moster, both available at Flypap.co.uk
  13. Flypapuk

    New Niviuk Wings now released

    Qubik is a lot faster, more agile but not scary, separate tip steering toggles, it's a great xc wing, as for low airtime pilots, if you are current then 20-30hrs on a beginner wing would be ideal but it depends on the pilot, It's the best standard wing I've flown by a long way and I've flown quite a few
  14. Flypapuk

    Starting out.

    Have a look on www.flypap.co.uk for kit price, that will give you a rough idea, cheers Danny
  15. Flypapuk

    I just want to set my EOS engine on fire. Not recommended.

    Sorry to here this, on the + side I can think of worse places to be grounded, maybe ask around on social media to see if someone will rent you a motor to at least see some sights good luck