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  1. I run a BHPA school in Cheshire with a site also in Cumbria www.flypap.co.uk Danny
  2. Have a look at fly Italia www.fly-italia.co.uk
  3. Or just get a pap tinox, lighter than the Maverick and quicker to assemble than the V3
  4. Hmm, interesting read, but it appears it's not only the overseas instructors are lacking a bit, I've just had a guy book on an Italy trip who has spent well over 12 months at a non BHPA school in the UK, in this time he has managed to accumulate 2 flights, long story short he kept going to the school only to be left to his own devices, the last straw was when he was helping someone ground handle and he asked where he was up to, 5 flights the guy said, needless to say that was the last day he spent at the field, I just hope he's been taught the right way
  5. I've had a few enquires from pilot's that have just left a school and think they need coaching, this may well turn in to a conversion course where low airtime pilot's can get the coaching they need and also receive the BHPA CP rating whilst on the Holiday
  6. With the restrictions now removed I am pleased to announce that fly Italia is now open, There is a holiday starting on the 20th October for 1 week The price includes accommodation in the 4* Elia hotel which is 100m from the airfield It also includes the hire of my paramotors 3 brand new PAP tinox Moster+ and 2 PAP Tinox Atom 80 All you need is a cheap flight out to Naples Italy, food and drink money and of course fuel money, this is a great trip for those that would like extra coaching or experienced pilot's alike, if anyone saw Tony's review in this months skywings you will know there are some spectacular areas to fly including 2000yr old Greek temples Details can be found here http://www.fly-italia.co.uk/holidays
  7. I'm just up the M6 In south Cheshire, give me a call if you want to chat 07811345567 Danny
  8. Hi duffman Where are you located Danny
  9. Hi Kona, yes I'm up and running again, I'm currently full but should have space towards the end of June, feel free to call me Thanks Danny
  10. I'm glad your enjoying it, excellent choice
  11. If they are training day 1 pilot's they certainly shouldn't be yet, fingers crossed for the middle of June tho
  12. I know what you mean, when you pull the wing up you want to hold the A's in one hand and and the D's /brakes in the other, pull the wing up with the A's gently, if it start to go to the left move your A hand to the right and the brake hand to the left, basically your trying to pull the front away from the turn and brake the high side, be gentle with no big movements and you'll soon stop it flipping, make sure your trims are equal Good luck
  13. I've just found my astronaut license in my cornflakes box
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