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  1. Whatever you think of the guy, try Brad Quinn at Paramotor Training UK (https://paramotor-ltd.business.site/) for propellors. I didn't train with him but recently needed a new prop and went to him, mainly because of speed and price. He's had his own props made. They're very well priced. They're a touch heavier than the equivalent Helix but only marginally so. I've not noticed any difference in thrust (apart from maybe the curve is slightly different - more in the mid range and a bit less at top rpm, but that's maybe because I went from a 130 to a 125). Very impressed with th
  2. Thought it was just me that almost exclusively does forwards. I’ve only ever done 3 or 4 reverses, they were fine but I still thought afterwards “I should have done that forward” Much prefer it and as you say, once you get a feel of the wing and comfy taxiing there’s not a lot can go wrong. You also have the added bonus of not struggling on nil wind days!
  3. View Advert Niviuk Link 25 Wonderful beginner wing, total around 50 hours, just been serviced by Aerofix (one tiny tiny hole). Only selling because I’ve just got a newer smaller wing. Advertiser avalore Date 06/08/20 Price £1,200.00 Category Wings  
  4. I had this on an old motor. Hard to replicate on the ground unless you can run it on full power for a good while. Do you have a primer bulb? I ended up removing mine and solved the issue. After closer inspection we found it was perishing and was letting in a tiny amount of air, when under full power it let in more and killed the engine. Hard to pinpoint these issues, before finding it was the primer I had gone through - Carb kit - Replaced fuel lines - Replaced filter in tank - Cleaned carb in ultrasonic bath
  5. You would hope so Interesting numbers anyway, curious to see in a years time what growth there has been. It feels like there’s been an increase over the last year, at least locally. We’ve gone from 3 local pilots to 6 now with a few others training this year.
  6. Interesting numbers. I wonder how many are uninsured... I was one of those for a while, not bhpa trained and axa wasn’t available
  7. Bonus points if you can point to real numbers or figure out if the number is growing/reducing
  8. Assuming active pilots (active being they fly minimum 10? flights per year) not just total trained
  9. If you had to work out a rough estimate of how many paramotor pilots would you think there are in the UK, USA & other countries?
  10. Thanks for the tips. Someone else helped start it today, managed it on second pull. It was primed a bit more than before and apparently I need to find Top Dead Centre. So just need to figure that out I guess.
  11. Which part do you want a photo of? Going flying tomorrow so I'll take some
  12. So you think it's just figuring out the priming then it should be easier? How long did this take you figure out what's needed?
  13. I'm looking for tips, tricks and techniques for getting a motor started on your back. I've got a new-ish (10 hours) Power2Fly Evo 8 with a Moster 185. I just can't for the life of me find a way to get it started on my back easily. What's everyones usual setup process? At first I think I just wasn't priming it enough as it was even difficult to get started on the platform but that seems to be better now (still not easy though?). Currently I'm either starting on a platform (very well secured) or relying on others to get it started once on my back - this isn't ideal though as
  14. My new paramotor is arriving next week. Having never had a brand new setup I'm wondering if there's anything others have done, checked, changed or been aware of on a new motor other than the obvious running in period and flying it?
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