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  1. Just curious, this hasn't happened to me. You should always test the kill switch before flight to make sure it works. What do you all do to then power off the motor?
  2. avalore


    I certainly would want to risk that no. Its nowhere near me, more of a learning exercise. Thanks for clarifying though, I wasn’t aware of these things until I saw it on the charts!
  3. avalore


    😂 thanks The area on RunwayHD looks bigger than a 1.5nm radius, any ideas why? Say I wanted to to fly to Goathland, how would you do that? Or would you not? 😀
  4. avalore


    I'm learning/trying to interpret airspace charts and came across this. "High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas Fylingdales - Aircraft should not remain for more than one minute within 1.5NM radius up to 8000FT ALT" Can someone tell me what this means, practically, for someone with a paramotor? Original is here for ref: http://www.mantma.co.uk/pdf/eg_enr_6_5_1_1_en.pdf
  5. Anyone know of any roadster wings for sale, 24m or 26m?