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  1. Let's get a list going. Link to sheet below, tabs for motors and frames. Anyone can edit, but please try to keep it organised and fill in as many details as you can. I'll keep the sheet public and I'll start adding as many as I can over the next day or two. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FWKUlG0GxoUOpM0tQGJpiG7zvlwJI89Ift5kmkWBQOc/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Who’s up for helping me build a list? I’ll setup a public google sheet and let anyone contribute...
  3. Interesting, wasn't part of mine. I'll look into it, will have a chat with them and get some instruction on that.
  4. Good one, seen this a few places. Will give it a try.
  5. So, I've completed my training and can confidently get in the air and land without issues. I've had practice with navigation and have done a couple of XCs. I'm constantly trying to improve my launches in different conditions and working on landing accuracy. As much as it's enjoyable being up in the air seeing the views and taking in the feeling of flying, I don't want to "waste" my time and not improve. What suggestions do you all have for things to practice? I'm not talking "big ears" or anything that I should be talking to an instructor about. I'm looking for suggestions around landing patterns, accuracy, drills to practice in flight, turns with/without power, etc, etc to try and improve my flying and not just "float around"
  6. Hi all! I'm working on a little project between flying and I'm looking for an exhaustive (or as close as) list of motors, frames, harnesses and/or manufacturers. Does anyone know of such a list or an idea of where to start? Preferably not involving trawling through various dealer websites
  7. avalore

    PMC Insurance

    Who knows what the requirements are for insurance if I become a paid up PMC member? I'm new to paramotoring, I haven't had training from a "school" but have had training from a local experienced pilot. I'm 6 flights in and continuing to be trained by him until I'm comfortable.
  8. Just curious, this hasn't happened to me. You should always test the kill switch before flight to make sure it works. What do you all do to then power off the motor?
  9. avalore


    I certainly would want to risk that no. Its nowhere near me, more of a learning exercise. Thanks for clarifying though, I wasn’t aware of these things until I saw it on the charts!
  10. avalore


    😂 thanks The area on RunwayHD looks bigger than a 1.5nm radius, any ideas why? Say I wanted to to fly to Goathland, how would you do that? Or would you not? 😀
  11. avalore


    I'm learning/trying to interpret airspace charts and came across this. "High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas Fylingdales - Aircraft should not remain for more than one minute within 1.5NM radius up to 8000FT ALT" Can someone tell me what this means, practically, for someone with a paramotor? Original is here for ref: http://www.mantma.co.uk/pdf/eg_enr_6_5_1_1_en.pdf
  12. Anyone know of any roadster wings for sale, 24m or 26m?