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  1. I'm 120kg on a 120kg en-b equivalent wing. I don't feel too heavy. It just feels good so you should be right
  2. you should look into a rotax aviation engine
  3. i wouldn't fly this overloaded. That is alot imo
  4. Hi, I am currently looking for an easy traditionnal glider to practice reverse launches, kiting and other stuff too. A guy i know and who flys with me would sell me either one of those wings My all up weight is around 115-120kg depending on how much gas i have 1-Powerplay sting 160 weight range 95-160 kg line were replaced last year. asking 680 GBP ( 1200 cad) 2-Nervures estive 26m weight recommended 105kg to maximum 120kg. I did my trainning on that wing it was very easy and buffered wing. Asking 450GBP ( 800cad) which one would you choose and why
  5. Confirmed with ITV that it is safe to use main brake through all of the trim range. Brakes will only be harder to pull
  6. Remember that people on the internet are more likely to post about issues than positive stuff about their gear. I was looking to buy my instructor ros 125. Old engine, heavy but quite powerful...but i only found negative feedback on the internet about this engine reliability.Yet, a pilot who flies regularly with our group has had his ros 125 for nine years before it needed a rebuild. So i bought the engine anyways, fixed what needed to be fixed and so far 25 hours without an engine out.(25 hours isn't much but still...) My take on engines is: if you take care of them by using g
  7. you definitely should start training before looking to buy gear. You are going to know better what you want and most schools will let you try different gear. first wing choice is very important because a bad wing choice can make training/flying very hard or uncomfortable.
  8. main takeways are: when trying a new frame make sure you practice leaning into the trust, the angle and thrust may not be the same as your used to never stop running be gentle on the toggles and isolate your hands from the rest of your body ( don't use them for balance)
  9. This one is from october 2020 . First time flying my own machine, different geometry... need to lean into the thrust more. Be more gentle on the toggles too you can see the trailing edges moving alot as i almost trip and almost fall. this was my 31st takeoff
  10. Bumpy cold flight back in December. It was quite unique not to see snow on the ground at that time of the year https://youtu.be/UpLgq3i5D44
  11. Getting some foot drag practice going. Glad it warmed up, -12C when i left home but -5C when i got in the air. It was so much fun!! these flights make me want to fly even more even though i flew everyday this week and very tired. My friend flying a top 80 with a ITV boxer 2 almost blew his prop with his foot drag... He saved it nicely. Looking forward to fly with him again.
  12. I can't wait to fly in the summer without all that gear on. At least we can still fly normally we should already have 2-3 feet of snow on the ground this time of the year.
  13. And another one this time with a sick footdrag. I need a chase cam lol
  14. i don't like the idea of screwing things into a plastic tank/frame. Looks like a bad idea to me. They seem to be sponsoring pilots to push their machine like many manufacturers do. I don't think you can really trust YouTubers review's for paramotors, many are sponsored and don't say it/denies it. Price gouging is another issue which this company doesn't seem to take part in which is a plus but you need to assemble the machine yourself. So far i am considering Macfly/pap/ locally made machine/kangook for my next frame. it is not normal for frames to cost 8 grand without the engine. I
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