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  1. I have tried both methods and prefer taking both, i have the impression that it gives me more feel but the difference is slim to none on this wing. What i have found works the best is to trim out 25% so the wing comes up faster and more easily. I am quite pleased with my takeoffs recently, i am progressing well.
  2. First flight( well i did 5 launches in a row trying to adjust the seat). I like the high moving bar but i realised the seat is probably too small... it's a Large compared to my miniplane XL. So i decided to put the miniplane seat on the frame. As the saying goes '' the simpler the better'' and that is totally right with 5-6 adjustements instead of 12! Though i must admit it was easier to run with the apco seat. This frame will suit me fine until i get my hands on a pap tinox low hangpoint.
  3. flight #79 and #80 Saw a plane very close to me around 400-500' below my feet! definetly spooked me. My landings are getting better now letting out 1/4 trim on my itv billy. I maybe should try making a 90 degree turn before landing to give it some energy. I should practice it when there at no people nearby tough i am also babystepping towards wingover, feeling the outside brake as i go at it
  4. In this video i explain how i broke my first and only prop (so far) during training. Multiple factors were in cause but mainly bad decision and maybe a bit of bad luck. Now i am getting better with kiting and control/posture pretty happy. 78 total flights with 3 flights on Friday https://youtu.be/bDk-FwpW7uY
  5. Today i bought a new frame for my ros 125. It's a paratour 2001 sd frame that had a ros-100 but the crankshaft from that engine broke so the owner sold me the frame,seat,ros reduction gearbox, muffler, spare reed valves,spare clutch, spare propeller... for very cheap. My idea is to transfer my engine to this new frame because right now i feel like my cage is deformed and the prop is 18cm from the hoop causing it to snag lines when the wing comes up crooked. I already damaged 4-5 lines (only the sheating thank god). Plus the frame has moving high hangpoint instead of my currently fixed hi
  6. Some people are happy with them but some others aren't... at least here in Qc where they are made As for myself i believe they are probably good machines that were improved alot in recent years but too expensive for me especially the Amaruk. I could import a pap tinox 185 for less. Also the fact that they don't list the price on their website always gave me a weird vibe. but that's my opinnion make sure to seek out many more
  7. I'm 120kg on a 120kg en-b equivalent wing. I don't feel too heavy. It just feels good so you should be right
  8. you should look into a rotax aviation engine
  9. i wouldn't fly this overloaded. That is alot imo
  10. Hi, I am currently looking for an easy traditionnal glider to practice reverse launches, kiting and other stuff too. A guy i know and who flys with me would sell me either one of those wings My all up weight is around 115-120kg depending on how much gas i have 1-Powerplay sting 160 weight range 95-160 kg line were replaced last year. asking 680 GBP ( 1200 cad) 2-Nervures estive 26m weight recommended 105kg to maximum 120kg. I did my trainning on that wing it was very easy and buffered wing. Asking 450GBP ( 800cad) which one would you choose and why
  11. Confirmed with ITV that it is safe to use main brake through all of the trim range. Brakes will only be harder to pull
  12. Remember that people on the internet are more likely to post about issues than positive stuff about their gear. I was looking to buy my instructor ros 125. Old engine, heavy but quite powerful...but i only found negative feedback on the internet about this engine reliability.Yet, a pilot who flies regularly with our group has had his ros 125 for nine years before it needed a rebuild. So i bought the engine anyways, fixed what needed to be fixed and so far 25 hours without an engine out.(25 hours isn't much but still...) My take on engines is: if you take care of them by using g
  13. you definitely should start training before looking to buy gear. You are going to know better what you want and most schools will let you try different gear. first wing choice is very important because a bad wing choice can make training/flying very hard or uncomfortable.
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