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  1. I tried out the 3d printed chase cam today. Came out very good but i will need to adjust the length of the rope and the angle of the gopro. The flight is very stable and the petg makes this design quite sturdy and affordable ( less than 10$). You can find the files here :https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3427201 Video of initial test https://youtu.be/9wpiZAoyybI
  2. My first real engine out was pretty uneventful https://youtu.be/RiUpYpXTDys
  3. Working towards improving my kiting skills. Filming myself helps to see what i'm doing wrong. Here at the end i brake the opposite side. the collapse was recoverable. Winds were 20-25kmh. I was recovering collapses later that day but i wasn't in frame sadly. I will continue to kite regularly as it seems to help my launches alot.
  4. i have just moved from a ros125 to a moster classic. the ros 125 was much smoother than the moster at mid range rpm. I believe it's just the way the engines are built. Maybe look for a counter balanced engine. it will be heavier but smoother looking online it looks like it could be a bad carb adjustment too
  5. Maiden flight! It's awesome! 600 feet per minute trimmed out 1/3 is incredible.
  6. it really was ! one squirt with the bulb then bam fired right up
  7. Parts arrived Friday so here's the reassembly. I left out some parts as it was the same as the dissassembly. I set the squish to 1.5mm using my thinest gasket and use loctite on pretty much every bolt. Cleaned crank halves Heating crank halves to 220F New Bearings for the crank The bearings dropped right in (shown in video. Now putting the new crankshaft in. Closed the crank halves. used permatex ultragrey to seal them. Torqued to 10 Nm and used loctite. Installed carter support and crank back on the frame for easier reassembly. Carter support sealed with permatex ultra grey and torqued to 10nm with loctite. Seals pressed in (shown in video) à Installed flywheel, pinion pulley and big pulley. I replaced big pulley bearings following scout aviation tutorial. Flywheel torqued to 40nm Carburetor and reed valve back on. Torqued reed valve to 10nm and carburetor not torqued only loctite . Redid the whole fuel system with the custom primer bulb and blow tube Work area in my parents basement Reinstalled muffler,silencer and airbox Installed prop and gave the engine its first pull, started right up.
  8. Might get the parts next week. they ordered a crankshaft last week they had just changed one on another machine. started to clean up the frame and redo the fuel lines. checked the carb and it looks like it was overhauled recently. I will reset the carb to factory settings because it was obviously not running right.
  9. Throwback from this summer. That's why you don't stop running hehe
  10. Not sure why but it seems that people are now buying gear based on the hype around it instead of actual quality and value
  11. indeed, only once so far i felt like my lines were close to being slack... but i don't know maybe its just that my wing is solid, i haven't even took a collapse yet. better not going into that territory. i must say i'm at 115kg on a 120kg max glider so that must help
  12. engine a bit dirty, exhaust welded twice broken end of crankshaft Piston is melted, needs replacement Thankfully cylinder is in good shape, very smooth removed carb and airbox Removed engine from frame and detached carter support. Then split the case Finally removed the big pulley, i will replace the bearings So far everything is good exept for the crankshaft and piston. I will replace all seals and bearings. I will use permatex ultra grey to seal the case back together. Will post videos eventually
  13. picked up the engine yesterday. Teared it down today so now i am waiting on parts. Overall it's in better shape than anticipated. i think the previous owner heated the crankshaft to pull the starter pulley assembly (not needed) which caused the faillure. main features 2x new Carabiners Apco universal seat in good shape 15 liter gas tank solid double hoop frame 3 pull starter assembly brand new cylinder head gaskets for carb, exhaust and cylinder head brand new carbon prop 130cm and wood prop 125cm pictures will follow
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