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  1. Might get the parts next week. they ordered a crankshaft last week they had just changed one on another machine. started to clean up the frame and redo the fuel lines. checked the carb and it looks like it was overhauled recently. I will reset the carb to factory settings because it was obviously not running right.
  2. Throwback from this summer. That's why you don't stop running hehe
  3. Not sure why but it seems that people are now buying gear based on the hype around it instead of actual quality and value
  4. Part 1 is up
  5. indeed, only once so far i felt like my lines were close to being slack... but i don't know maybe its just that my wing is solid, i haven't even took a collapse yet. better not going into that territory. i must say i'm at 115kg on a 120kg max glider so that must help
  6. engine a bit dirty, exhaust welded twice broken end of crankshaft Piston is melted, needs replacement Thankfully cylinder is in good shape, very smooth removed carb and airbox Removed engine from frame and detached carter support. Then split the case Finally removed the big pulley, i will replace the bearings So far everything is good exept for the crankshaft and piston. I will replace all seals and bearings. I will use permatex ultra grey to seal the case back together. Will post videos eventually
  7. picked up the engine yesterday. Teared it down today so now i am waiting on parts. Overall it's in better shape than anticipated. i think the previous owner heated the crankshaft to pull the starter pulley assembly (not needed) which caused the faillure. main features 2x new Carabiners Apco universal seat in good shape 15 liter gas tank solid double hoop frame 3 pull starter assembly brand new cylinder head gaskets for carb, exhaust and cylinder head brand new carbon prop 130cm and wood prop 125cm pictures will follow
  8. This summer i started doing small wingover. Concentrating on feeling the wing and getting muscle memory to keep some pressure on the outside. as some have stated i could go deeper in the brakes but i am not ready to go over the top yet. Just feeling everything out right now. The video is my third set of wingover ever so it's normal they are not good. Launches are still getting better. 115 flights done so far confidence is growing but i gotta be carefull not to become complacent. Will soon rebuild a moster 185... it should give me the ability to do more wingover with the better climb rate.
  9. okay i will do that! Definitely will be a learning experience for me and probably others
  10. Bought the engine after speaking with my instructor friend and Eric Sigier from AirProParamoteur. My guess is that the rings and piston are good, the magnetic flywheel broke off so that would explain the drop in rpm. I'll start by tearing it down then just changing crankcase bearings, seals and crankshaft. Parts are in stock here
  11. Anyone has experience with the moster 185 classic? Local guy is selling one with broken crankshaft very cheap. I'm trying to determine if it's worth fixing with around 800$ of parts or buying a moster silent for 4000$ and swapping it. The ask price is 1500 with sd2 frame, two propellers, seat, new cylinder head and few other parts. He says the engine has 120 hours and the pull starter rope wrapped around the flywheel and broke the crank shaft for some reason. He came down with reduced rpm and landed safely. do propellers fits on new moster's? is the mount pattern the same as the new moster's? Is reliability an issue with old moster's? i am currently flying a sd1 frame with a ros 125 which i quite like but lacks power. maybe the rings are done on my ros 125 i will be checking compression when i receive my tester.
  12. There is no dealer in Canada and so far they responded to my email (though there is 6 hours difference between Italy and Montreal). Maybe i could only buy the engine and install it on a kangook frame. I'll see ...
  13. Looking to buy the new sky 150. The price is very reasonable for direct import to Canada. Would want to hear some who flew these frames with the sky 1.1s . How's the quality? Are they good frames?
  14. I have tried both methods and prefer taking both, i have the impression that it gives me more feel but the difference is slim to none on this wing. What i have found works the best is to trim out 25% so the wing comes up faster and more easily. I am quite pleased with my takeoffs recently, i am progressing well.
  15. First flight( well i did 5 launches in a row trying to adjust the seat). I like the high moving bar but i realised the seat is probably too small... it's a Large compared to my miniplane XL. So i decided to put the miniplane seat on the frame. As the saying goes '' the simpler the better'' and that is totally right with 5-6 adjustements instead of 12! Though i must admit it was easier to run with the apco seat. This frame will suit me fine until i get my hands on a pap tinox low hangpoint.
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