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  1. Lengthened brakes lines and lowered the brakes, couldn't help but notice that ITV has put some markers for each brake position so it was very easy to put them at their factory length. only needed to measure the tip brakes and I'm good to go for tomorrow
  2. that is good advice, i was taught to hook in the a's with my thumb and use the mini plane throttle with my index finger while holding my brakes with my other 3 fingers. So far with gloves i seem to prefer holding the brakes with my two last fingers and using the middle one for the throttle. I like to be able to stow my brakes. So far i didn't get cold anywhere else with 4 layers of clothes and surplus combat boots. It will be interesting this winter as it often goes down to -20 C. Most people choose not to fly during winter or only fly when it's like 0 C .
  3. Yeah, it was my first time using heated gloves and it worked quite well exept at launch (not good enough yet). Might review those soon
  4. Getting high with my ros 125. A first time over clouds for me was truly something memorable. the glide down was so peacefull too. AMAZING "
  5. After confirmation i will need to stom my brakes upside down after i lower them, no big deal
  6. I know this post is dated but if anybody is looking for it, I have a freedconn t-com bluetooth setup and it's been very good. I know other pilots which switched to a legit sena and were disappointed by the slim difference in quality. So yeah it compares really well to a sena at a fraction o the price i recommend it. My only complaint is the length of the wires, they could have been 2-3 inches longer my guess is that the t-max is as good as the tcom
  7. with a take off weight of 120kg i fly a ITV billy size 22.5m (small). Inflates easily , agile but safe, it is my first wing (from my 12th takeoff i only flown this wing so i cant really compare it to other wings except to the Nervures estive 26m which i made my first 12 takeoffs with)
  8. thanks for the clarification, right now the brakes are on the top pulley so nothing was adjusted other than when it was initially received by my instructor ( they were a bit too tight) . So if i understand correctly if i want to put them on the lower pulley i need to lengthen them by 150mm. But again where will i stow my brakes? it would be more comfortable to lower them on my high hang point machine but not absolutely necessary
  9. I remember when i received the wing it was in a paragliding configuration so i had to release the trimmers and shorten the brakes maybe i was supposed to lower the brakes
  10. I see how i could lower the brake handle but then the magnets would become useless i couldn't stow the brakes? maybe i could stow them upside down? one thing for sure is that this pulley is there for this specific reason. Maybe i should ask ITV about that
  11. i would have too liked a separate tip steering handle. my next wing will probably be a dudek but that won't be in the near future. I will look if i can do what your suggesting
  12. Hi, I am currently flying a ITV Billy XS my all up weight is 120kg and i have so far 48 flights under my belt,It's got 2d stering and was told that i should only use tip steering when trimming out since it is a reflex wing. Is this correct? i cannot find this information in the manual. I have so far only flown straight when untrimmed and used weight shift to correct my heading because the tip brakes lines get so high on my high hangpoint machine it is very uncomfortable to reach out and grab them to make a turn. I rarely fly untrimmed but i want to make sure i am safe when i do.
  13. Got in touch with the manufacturer of the frame and They told me it is very doable. They already put some moster's on these once
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