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  1. Any update on this i dont see it in the Play Store!
  2. I'm surprised noone hass come up with a fly by wire throttle system yet shouldnt br to hard a servo for the throttle and a solenoid for the kill switch and a small range transmitter and reciever. You couldeasily put a 3.6v 18650 Lith-ion batterey inside the handgrip and i woulf of thought that the whole system wouldnt weigh too much more than a thickesh throttle cable zero chance of it getting in the prop! *edit to correct spellings
  3. It could be that after Brexit AXA does not inherently have the right to operate an insurance system in the UK I imagine that atm it would be covered under membership of the eu?
  4. Anyone going today it's nice and sunny round here and there seems to be only a gentle breeze
  5. Is there a good book people reccomend to get some of the theory started and embedded in the brain before i even get started?
  6. Has anyone tried Discord as a means to comunicate could be good if your in a large group or you could use multiple channels on one server for several different groups. it does require a mobile data connection. and i don't know how well that works up in the air having not made it up there yet. it also does text aswell and video but its great for verbal communication, its what gamers use.
  7. thats pretty cool godamm i need to get my crush fixed and sold so i can start my paramotor adventures
  8. Has anyone tried a twin cylinder engine on a paramotor yet?
  9. They thing about the GY6 engine is there is a massive aftermarket of tuning parts for these engines you can ramp them up to silly power!
  10. I would love to but there is a need for more instructors I would have to drive about a couple of hours each way to train with a PMC instructor. It also seems odd that they are want you to learn free flight which I would have no intention of ever doing just like gliding or skydiving I just don't see the point I want to have an engine and fly not fall slowly from the sky
  11. Has anyone ever done both of the main UK training courses or even the third one as I see it there are the BHPG (is that right I know it's something like that) and the PMC and I think the other is the APPI has anyone done more than one? Is there a preferred one both of my local ones are the the BH thingy one I just wondere did it was worth the 2-3 hour round trip to to the PMC course instead (my two local ones are both within 1/2hr to an hour). I would love to get started as soon as can shift my asset to pay for it all hopefully within the next few months. Just wondered what people's thoughts were. .
  12. Is this even possible most of the sub 70kg I have seen are mininilist trikes with a flex wing I think you would struggle to build a three axis in the sub 70 class you would be better looking into the SSDR as this give you much more weight. Even the American FAR part 103 ( which is what they call ultralights) has a weight limit of 254lbs or 278lbs if fitted with a parachute. If you can that will be amazing and fair play to you. We have things much rougher here I. The UK than they do stateside it's a lot harder for home builds and own designs as we don't have the experimental class and the part 103.
  13. Forgive my ignorance shouldn't you need a licence for the non airband radio too as I recall from when I was young ( before the mobile phone thing happened) me and my friends all had cb s both normal FM and midblock and technically we should of had licences for those we never did but we were aware of the radio hams and all their equipment and that all needed exams as well as licencing. Has this all changed? Would it not be easier to use the legal no license required (I think it's 49Mhz) walkie talky things you can buy from most online retailers like Amazon and eBay ect. They have a few mile range and several channels. Seems to me to be the cheapest and most legal and easiest solution at least for inter friends communication.
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