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  1. I use my Oudie as my main unit and then have my phone as a back up incase anything happens
  2. I went with a naviter Oudie 4, it’s an expensive outlay but once you have bought it the updates are free. There is a subscription service but it is not needed for normal function and manly for used for competition route planning. i weight it up as 5 years of runway hd would cover the outlay if buying it, it has more functionality can set up the screen to show which ever data you require and In your chosen location and size. The biggest selling point for me was having a standalone unit designed to do ONE job, I think we rely too much on our phones and if it fails,battery dies or you drop taking a selfie you are knackered.
  3. There are many way of running injection on 2 stroke engines. The best System I have had a play with was on a husqavana motocross, it has a separate oil injector so no pre mixing oil and fuel (I always end up putting fuel in Gina’s car because I can’t remember if I put oil in or not) Depending on how far you want to get into it the benefits can be massive but on MX bikes the weight isn’t as big of a deal. with the correct sensors and management you will get much better fuel consumption and the ability to adjust fuel to match altitude. Although O2 sensor don’t like 2 stroke oil too much so unless you want to change o2 sensors as they burn out they are best for diagnosis only and leave your fueling on the rich side just incase. i looked into a system made by a guy in America for the Moster last year and the benefits didn’t match the cost. The biggest downside for me though is carrying a battery up there even more so if you’re having to charge it, it’s Just more things to go wrong. Best bet is to learn about 2 stokes engines, maintenance and tuning, they really are as simple as an engine comes and the benefit of knowing how it works means you can fix it. Im amazed there isn’t a course ran by one of the schools for maintenance and diag it would be beneficial for everyone, And hopefully reduce ground starting by having better maintained machines that start easier. (sorry went a little off track there)
  4. So I trained with Simon and col at membury (PMC) and loved it! Flew for 1 year or so and then due to lack of wiling insurance company’s at the time I joined the BHPA via alternative entry. (There are wiling insurance companies now without bhpa) I have seen two different sides to the sport from PMC and BHPA, is one better than the other? In my opinion no. it all depends on what you want to do, PMC is very laid back teach you what you need to know and get you flying to a good standard and continue from there to Wherever you want to get to at a time scale that suits your needs and desires. The BHPA (remember of course that I joined after learning to fly so can’t comment at school level) is a lot more formal, you learn a level and then prove competence with a test, then to the next level and test again etc. I do like this way of doing it as it prove to me more then anything that I have taken the information in and not only understand it correctly but can draw it from the depth of mind when needed. The other added benefit is the BHPA direct influence (if that’s the correct way of putting it) towards any law changes and regulations, supporting them helping keep our sport safe etc. I think neither are wrong and both are good it all depends on how you like to learn. Do you prefer a more laid back open ended trained or do you prefer a bit more regimented complete a level to move on to the next. Each to their own but if it was me doing it again I would probably learn with Simon and col again and then once confident and happy with my knowledge and skill level I would join the BHPA again. BHPA opens up more flying sites and help keep the sport possible in the long term by giving us a voice with the CAA and for me that’s worth paying for. Either way your going to have fun!
  5. I know he feeling, I stopped riding mountain bikes and put 4 stone on what felt like over night
  6. Hi Ben, I am 120kg and have no issues with kit. Although I’m a large lad I am active and relatively fit considering, which is the most important part. You will spend day after day running around a field to start with so as long as you have the legs for it you will be fine
  7. I have found the opposite, I have 160 hours on my motor with Castrol 2T racing at 40:1 and it is as clean as they come. No build up, no signs of wear beyond normal even the underside of the piston was cleaner than expected. I have also taken had the jug off a 50 hour moster ran on motul 800 at 66:1 and the build up was horrible, no signs or wear but excessive deposits over the piston and and the “webbing” under the piston was only just visible. I do run 98 octane which could possibly have an effect. just my small 2 pence. I am an Audi trained technician and while I was there found it funny that they service books, oil caps and stickers under the bonnet recommended castrol oil only. However the oil we used that was bought from VW was shell. obviously VW got a kickback for advertising the oil and that’s why it was recommended
  8. You just need to have a play and work it out. They all have their own little quirks, I have a moster 185 plus and it is first pull 90% of the time if not then 2nd or 3rd pull. my technique for my engine that works is to do a half bulb prime with the carb button pressed and then once the motor is on my back pull the engine over slowly for 2 compression (no point priming it if you don’t get it up in the cyclinder) and give it a starting pull.
  9. Hi Rob, the Dunstable downs club also have an airfield they have gained permission for the paramotor members to fly from. I believe it’s holmbeck farm. I have spoken to a couple that fly from there who seem very friendly. It might be worth contacting the club for more info and hopefully find the guys to chat too. i am in Buckingham, I have a couple of sites over this way you are welcome to join me at once you are up flying but they aren’t particularly beginner friendly.
  10. until

    It was a great group reece and chin wag. I definitely cannot wait for the next one in Cornwall! looks like some amazing flights to be had from the site
  11. I don’t know anything about power to weight charts with regards to thrust but just wanted to step in slightly. I’m not trying to argue but the above is a little wrong. Im 120kg and have no issues with a moster 185cc, short take offs and good climb rate.
  12. I’m currently looking at ordering a new prop and I’m curious as to what the info of the prop means. Or is it just serial related? Some of it is self explanatory like 1,30 etc
  13. On the registration form there is an option for free flyers. That allow you to come, camp and fly from a different field to the entrants. If I understood it correctly
  14. Hi guys unfortunately I’m not going to make it this weekend, sorry for the last minute notice. So there is an open space if anyone is still looking
  15. Auto correct, I would have thought my phone has typed moster more than enough times by now
  16. I’m grounded just had my exhaust gasket blow on my Moster 185 plus (2018 2 bolt) i have ordered a new one but don’t think I will get it in time for the PMC flyin this weekend. Does anyone going have a spare? If so you would be my hero. thanks Andy
  17. Try living 5 miles from it. If you stay around for the weekend There is no point trying to go anywhere during the days
  18. There is always loads of small air displays. The red arrows have a track which shows where and when they are traversing. Normally a dashed white line
  19. The red arrows are at silverstone in the Sunday I know that much
  20. My advise would be do the training! That will help encourage you to save for the kit. where there is a will there is a way
  21. Definitely. The more I can do to understand and help other people I share airspace with I am up for and in my area there is a lot of heli traffic. Also one of the airfields has started to have jets coming and going
  22. andyy

    Icarus X

    I’m having a break at a petrol station. Absolutely knackered
  23. I’m in finmere so not a mega distance. I was over waddesdon a couple of weeks ago lol. i can imagine but with the motor you negate all of that we’ll most of the time anyway. once you are flying ping me a message.
  24. Hi, where about in buckinghamshire are you? i know what you mean with fear of heights. I hate being on a roof or a ladder but quite happy at 4000ft below a glider
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