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  1. The offroad version is the one they suggest. Something to do with flashpoint. I thought the different bottles was just a selling tactic but apparently it's not.
  2. Great news. I watched loads of videos on last year's event, I will certainly be there.
  3. I use the outside of a biro pen. Push the cord up the inside at the fat end then use it like a needle.
  4. If any of you guys want to feed the audio from your 2m radio into your go-pro audio in, this circuit works. I spent the last two days getting the values right so the audio from your mic and the audio from the radio is about the same level. Using Baofeng radios and the normal Go-pro remote microphone.
  5. Just my 2 cents but as Steelmesh if your current draw will allow I would always go for a LiFe over a LiPo. Yes they do have a lower nominal voltage but they are a much more stable chemistry making them a lot more forgiving for both charge and discharge. Also they have a much lower self discharge rate meaning you don't have to put them to storage voltage if you want to store you kit up for more than a month or two.
  6. That's what I'm trying to figure out. I'm building a "safestart" style system but for a sensible price hopfully. I have now set up dip switches so you can select a kill time between 500ms and 4000ms in 500ms incriments.
  7. Hi folks. Any of you guys that fly motors without clucthes, how long do you think you have to hold the kill button down before the motor is stopped. I have no way of knowing as my moster is the clutched version. I'm working on a project and this would be helpful. Cheers.
  8. Hi guys. Is anyone based near Hepworth (Bury St.Edmunds) way and free to spend an hour or so with me tonight or tomorrow morning? I have just finished putting together my AC130 / Moster and would like a sanity check and help setting up the new harness properly. Tea and biscuits will be provided. Cheers Adam.
  9. Maybe some of the guys here will know somewhere. I can only testify to the quality of Simon's training at paramotortraining.com but thats possibly a little far to travel.
  10. Interesting article but from reading it the chamber will go between the exhaust port and the expansion chamber. The problem I can see with this is it will severely hinder effectiveness of the expansion pipe. From my book leanings the expansion pipe is designed to produce the high gas velocity/low presure entering the widest part which in turn creates high backpressure front as the pipe narrows again to push some of the unburnt charge back into the cylinder. If there is a large void between the two what would stop working surely? Ref: Tuning for speed. Phil Irvine (1960) Great book for getting right back to basics. When I was racing 2 strokes and building my own pipes it was my reference as it contains all the calculations needed. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/tuning-for-speed/author/irving/pics/
  11. Best thing to do before you even look at kit is get some training. Not only will you see if this new hobby is for you but also you will learn a lot from the people you meet and they will be able to guide you in your purchases. I'm sure some of the guys from around here will be able to suggest a good local training centre. Where are you based?
  12. Version 5 can no longer show wind for a week at a glance you have to go into each day individually. You can't colour code windspeed and gusts. Rain radar is usless as it's just one colour (blue). I have found the apk for version the non fooked version and attached it below. com.mg.android_4.8.8.3_paid-www.apkhere.com.apk
  13. OK so now the Weather Pro app update has destroyed the apps great functionality for pilots, what is everyone using?
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