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  1. until

    It says 218 going! But I will now give up my place as the surgeons fixing my back in Feb this year, destroyed my femoral nerves. I now have no quad muscles, making standing impossible and everything difficult!!! On a brighter note, my back is fixed.
  2. I think training in UK or abroad depends to a large extent on the confidence of the trainee. I found my 10 days training in Spain was sufficient to have me flying on my own.....in fact I flew in Perpingan (France) on my my way home when my car broke down! and I was stuck for another week! I also had done considerable reading and research before going for training.
  3. Places are rarely shared because they are so hard to come by and can take weekends of knocking on farmers doors to ask! You usually need to look for flying friends near you and get to know them.
  4. Yes 100% ok. That school is run by Simon, who set up this forum.
  5. I am already fused from T12 to my pelvis and am very sensitive to knocks. Even a small jolt hurts like hell. I have tried a trike and have built one with solid grp axels that act as big springs. However, I find my legs are much better shock absorbers. With the trike I have to get the landing spot on. With legs there is a lot of lea way!
  6. Update re NC500 trip. I started to plan a route and sites and found some good places. However, I am now going in for major surgery next week. Having metal fitted down my spine from my neck to my pelvis. No flying for 8 months!
  7. I tested mine by standing with machine on my back and a set scales between my hands and the wall of the house.
  8. Yes, I exchanged emails with various CAA people before being put in touch with the right person.
  9. Yes. But I have now spoken with the guy that wrote the rules and he now understands that he has made an error as BHPA membership rules out over half of UK ppg pilots. Send me your details and I will forward them to him.
  10. Their main criteria is "UK pilot". Their choice of BHPA, or BHPA Pilot was trying to find ways of limiting it to UK. I have discussed my qualification, APPI, with him. Because it also covers non-UK pilots it will not be used. It is likely they will look for a proof of UK residence and not use qualification...or just sort them manually on the data provided.
  11. Update. After many emails with CAA I have now had a telephone conversation with the man responsible for the EC rebate. He is now fully aware that stating BHPA membership as a requirement rules out over half of the UK ppg pilots. The key requirement is really that we are UK based and properly into the sport ie trained with a qualification. He is now going to alter the requirements and then let me know when this is done. He asked me do I know if others have been stopped from applying because of this and I said yes. So, if you are non BHPA and still interested, send me your details and will
  12. Did you check the pop-off pressure,,,,, and more importantly the pop-off re-seat pressure? I have had 2 carbs that seemed ok, but once the pop-off lifted it would not re-seat and would just let fuel through.
  13. Yep, flying makes me keep fit. My only issue has been difficulty in not face planting when taking off because I can't stand up straight enough. I have to wait till the wing lifts a bit a weight off then I can lean back at an angle where normally I would fall over backwards!
  14. Thnaks Stu. Invercoe Highland Holidays is the site. 56.686452118675085, -5.105447612691024 However, it's now looking like I might not be flying this year. I just got a call telling me my spinal surgery is now planned for end Feb. I I have a spinal deformity that bends me forward by 45 degrees. They are going to cut 2 wedges out of different vertebrae and straighten me out. Probably grounded for 9 months.
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