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  1. Funnel clouds are more often created by wind passing over a nearby mountain, causing eddies. The photo I showed is 8 km downwind of a mile high peak. The eddies are pulling moist air up from the sea.
  2. We get those round here.....flying saucers apparently.
  3. I keep high over the town and then glide down the cliff side. There never used to be many at Bornos, but it is getting crowded now. I'm over in Estepona. Bit windy at the moment, but still brill compared to the UK! Andy
  4. NIce vid. I did an evening flight down below the bars on the top of Arcos. Very rarely is the wind nice enough to do it!
  5. Yes, Sky School use it in UK, Spain, Italy and UAE. APPI also have approved instructors all over the world.
  6. .....and those of us that go with the APPI syllabus and train with Sky School.
  7. My V3 was over 30 kg. Zenith a little lighter. Latest Mav, with lightest options, similar to NItro I think.....although AC have now introduced a lightweight harness, knocking another .9 kg off (I have that on my Tornado).
  8. I am same AUW and fly a Nitro and a Tornado. I have R2 in 26 and 28 m. Approx speeds are: trims in 23 mph, trims out 28 mph and with speedbar an extra 5 mph.
  9. I learnt on a V3. I had 2 hard landings in the first 20 hours, but no damage and no prop damage. The V3 is VERY strong and is probably why I got away with it. In fact I've never damaged anything, but I was taught to abort early, not go for it (160 hours now). You need to work out what is important for you when you have flown a little. For me it is similar to you, the lightest weight possible, but also a decent thrust. So titanium/carbon and 200cc. I found going to Parafest and seeing all the available machines in one place was best. I have flown with a number of harnesses but find them all very similar, if the size is right. Don't go for smaller 3 blade prop to avoid bad launch. Learn to not do bad launch. 3 blades cost £150 more than 2!
  10. Over the top of the dining table and chairs works well. Failing that, just leave it in a mushroom bag in a warm place and the water finds its way out anyway. Mine is 11 m by 3.7 m.
  11. Yes, mainly gliders. They like FLARM because on busy radar days it helps them manage what they are seeing ie a trace on the radar can be checked on FLARM to see if it is recognised.
  12. I am a member of the RAF regional airspace users group. We met yesterday at RAF Linton, just before it closes for good! We still have RAF Leeming and Topcliffe in the North East. I was particularly interested in yesterdays meeting because of 2 items. There was recent air-miss between 2 RAF jets and 3 paragliders - in the same air-space they missed me 2 years ago. I have attached the report below. There was also a debate about what system to use in the air so that we can be seen ie ADSb, FLARM etc. If you read the airprox report below you will see just how close the paragliders came to grief. This is precisely why I have been calling ATC prior to flying. However, even calling ATC is not foolproof as they only brief pilots first thing in the morning. The 'being seen' debate was really interesting, The CAA are not going to dictate which transponder system should be used, so there will continue to be chaos for some time. Having said that, the RAF in the NE is using FLARM as the system to help them identify gliders, microlights etc. In the ATC control room they have a huge TV screen with live tracking of all FLARM in their area. They also use FLARM in their trainers and tell me they can track them down to 50/80 feet agl. I will be getting myself one of these soon. There is a lightweight version (under 400g) with enough battery to last all day - it is Euro 400. Anyone using one yet? Andy Airprox Report 2019099.pdf
  13. All 2 strokes can be run lean, get hot and burn holes. However, I have never needed to adjust my Nitro/Tornado mixture settings from where I originally set them. The Parajets always needed tweaking. Each tweak had the potential to get it wrong. Most of the issues I have heard with the Nitro/Tornado are not machine issues, but operator issues. The blow priming is new to most people and getting it wrong means the machine will not start. Once you know how to do it, it starts first time, every time. Mine both start first time, on old fuel, after over 2 months with out being used. Parajet stopped doing Polini - because it was so unreliable. Now they have Moster, with lots of broken exhausts. Also, do you sell one of those Paramotor makes, or do special deals...with just one company? 😁
  14. Just seen your post. I flew 4 Parajets before the AC machines. Hated Parajet. Unreliable, staff too busy/couldn't get stuff right and machines VERY heavy. AC super lightweight and very reliable!...I am at 140 hours with no failures now.
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