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  1. AndyB

    Incredibly sad news.

    I wondered why they all stopped. Very sad.
  2. AndyB

    Icarus X

    Did David Yeend head off in the wrong direction? And the leader set off at 4.10 am today!
  3. AndyB

    Icarus X

    Yes, I can see a few names on the Icarus that are in here.
  4. AndyB

    Microavionics? And helmets.

    I have been using that headset with bluetooth. I recently called my wife from the air and she didn't even realise I was flying until I flew past the bedroom window!
  5. AndyB

    Quainton Railway Museum field

    I can't see it would be a big issue if everyone behaved as adults! I have no experience of sharing though!
  6. AndyB

    To reflex or not to reflex?

    Dell has no idea what he is talking about. Clearly he has never flown a full reflex wing. My wing, trims full out, plus speedbar (ie full reflex) still has considerable weight on the A1 lines. I have tried pulling one and it takes considerable effort. Hence his rather stupid tale about slack lines and pushing strings is either naive or just straight lies.
  7. AndyB

    Flying Weather Stats

    I fly up to 10 mph and gusting 13. The key is the difference between them. I will fly 3 gusting 6. It is the variability that makes launching harder.
  8. Even if he was/is a genuine seller, the bad luck of it just happening to break after being sold is not the sellers fault. It could just have easily gone bang the last time the seller used it. Only if the seller had heard a strange/wrong noise when last he used it could he have known something was wrong. It is notoriously difficult to hear wrong noises with a paramotor as there is so much other noise going on. So I am on the side of genuine seller.
  9. AndyB

    DT Propeller Moster185

    I like E-prop but they are very prone to leading edge wear at the beach. The end of the leading edge is so thin it HAS to have prop tape on for protection. I have the tape applied to the end 380 mm of each blade and the end 50 mm is a separate piece of tape. I do it like this because the end 50 mm wears out first (about 3 hours of flying) and I can then replace that part easily.
  10. I have a huge nose, which helps greatly. Can't tell about the ears, but I suspect they would reduce the efficiency of the rudder.
  11. AndyB

    Fly past

    I concur Simon. I have a friendly farm to take off from. Cows and horses to avoid. The farmer tells me it is fine to fly near them.....but then the cows trampled him to death last year. This year the chicken farmer next door to him said I was frightening his chickens, even though I was above 500 feet. I now have an exclusion zone above there!
  12. I really do find slide slipping my Roadster and using my head as a rudder works well. I just have to straighten my head when my feet touchdown. Admitidly, it can be difficult to see where I am going and this has resulted in some of my cross wind landing going off-course (well that's my excuse).
  13. Sometimes I crosswind land my paramotor using my head as a rudder.
  14. Talking of sand, last week I had a single grain of sand stop my engine starting for half an hour. I eventually realised that the stop button on my throttle was still slightly pressed. It was jammed in with one grain of sand down the side between it and the housing.
  15. So your advice to a student whose leg strap comes loose is.....a) Close your eyes or b) It didn't happen! Mine got a tiny bit of sand it. It looked like ti was done up and could even take a tug....but a big tug and out it came. Just takes a few grains of sand, which unfortunately is where I am most of the time. I have this same issue repeat a number of times now!!!!