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  1. I used to, but since Vince handed over AC business to footflightparamotors I have ordered direct from France using the main AC website. All parts are on there and delivery has been fast.
  2. I have fitted new net to my Ti Nitro. You have to drill out all the rivets, but once you find the right size of drill it is easy. The new net comes with the rivets....you obviously need a pop rivet gun. The new net is a different shape, better covers the lower part and has additional velcro straps to close gap.
  3. Hi, I did my first few flights (and ground handling learning) using a school wing. Then the rest of my training was on a Roadster. I liked it so much I still fly it after 200 hours!. I initially had a Parajet V3, then switched to Nitro. I now have a Nitro and a Tornado. I love both as the super light weight really helps my old knackered joints (I'm 58). I have elec start and clutch on both and never had any elec issues. I've just upgraded to the new aluminium swing arms on my Nitro...they are more comfortable.
  4. Not all training overseas is on a beach, but the beach really has some great benefits! When training on a beach with a sea breeze we were able to fly, even as learners with more wind than would be ok inland (because hardly any turbulence or gusting). Strong, but laminar wind actually makes training easier as take offs and landing are slower, plus you also get used to kiting in more wind. Then you need to learn kiting and flying in more turbulent wind. Lucky for me, my training in Spain also included inland flying on airfields. I will also add that learning nil wind launch on a very hot evening
  5. Air Conception use a special safety mount... https://www.airconception.com/store/produit/silicon-diabolo-engine-rubber-mount-large/?lang=en However, rarely have mountings been an issue since with proper inspection only one usually fails and the other 3 stay attached. Also, in flight the engine pushes on the mounts.
  6. Learning to kite will only help. The issue with learning to paraglide first is that instead of leaning forward at take-off, for ppg we stand up as straight as possible - so the engine thrust pushes back. Many a pilot have found how face-plant works when bending forward too much and applying full power....my flight 4 ended up face down! So when learning to kite, once you have the wing up and are running forward, make sure you get used to being upright.
  7. ....but the summer in Spain, on the beach, is the best time. There is usually a lovely sea breeze of about 3 to 8 mph. I never had any rain, just too much wind for learning on a couple of days. Obviously inland is not good as you can't fly between about 11am and 7pm, as it is way too thermic. I have landed at 11.30 am and struggled. In the south of Spain it hardly ever rains, maybe 4 or 5 days a year.
  8. I trained with Skyschool in Spain and it was £1600 for 2 lots of 6 days (4 years ago). I didn't need support after training as I live too far away from any possible help.....but I did talk to my instructor a few times after returning home for help with issues. Key to me was to have completed full training programme and feel confident to fly on my own. It took me 10 days to pass the course, but has 2 bad weather days, so only just made it in the 2 weeks. I then did the next 50 flights on my own, with just the Paramotor Bible for help! Skyschool now do UK, Spain, Potugal, Italy and UAE.
  9. Paramotor manufacturers tend to use proprietary brands for harness (like Dudek Alan gave link for) and carabiners. For both of these the specs are on the manufacturers websites. The frames are made by each manufacturer and you will not find much in terms detailed loading spec available for these. Wing test specs on the manufacturers sites...usually designed for 8g.
  10. There is not much stress on lungs during take-off as the effort is 10 seconds. I used to check my heart rate with a fit bit. In the early days (50 flights) my pulse would increase over 100 before I even strapped into my machine, then peak at 145 for a few seconds. Now (200 flights), pulse stays below 80, then peaks at 130 for just 5 seconds. However, as Alan says, when you are learning to kite, or learning to run with a machine on your back....you can get really tired!
  11. AndyB

    D shackles

    I get mine from Air Conception...they use them on their machines. You can buy them online.... https://www.airconception.com/store/produit/wichard-shackle/?lang=en
  12. Nice. Always makes me feel cold watching you!
  13. AndyB

    D shackles

    Search on Wichard for the best SS shackles. These are load rated at 600 kg AND are self locking ie the extra clip is still added, but not the primary locking device. These are the ones used on my current Air Conception machine. I think many others use them as well. https://marine.wichard.com/en/stainless-steel-hardware/shackles/self-locking-shackles/bow-shackles/part-1243?fbclid=IwAR0dlLJjzdiqjZ4sj6XIAVOVJ4oLYgdlNLLq085osPukeNEpIxOK7xdtCac
  14. I would find out what the total weight of the Gravity machine is....not listed anywhere! They go on about their technology making it lighter and the price reflects that. At that price you would expect it to be the lightest. I usually find most of them are many kg's heavier. Whilst a few grams is neither here nor there, a few kg's can make all the difference. I started on a 35 kg machine, then went to a 28 kg, then tried a 26 kg, then got my 20.9 kg one. Some people don't care about weight, often it is the dealers offering the heavier ones who will make you think that a little difference is fin
  15. Hi, I would be very careful about just using these plans. I have made 3 trikes and they do not work well as per the "Lite Trike" plans. If you fly from tarmac, or very, very flat, short grass, then it works ok, but anything a little bit bumpier and it will bend the main angle bracket. Many people have found this.I removed all my improvements and links after Don sent me unpleasant messages. I have strengthened the main cross member, added quick release axels and a split main tube (also with quick release). This enables the machine to sit on a car tow ball rack with the trike still attached
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