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  1. So, good for trike, not good for foot launch...unless you are young and strong!
  2. Engine dry weight about 16 kg, or double some other engines!
  3. AndyB

    Gro pro mount?

    But most people don't want to risk losing their camera so they add in a lanyard or some other tie to keep the camera safe.....I have seen them many times.......and I had one!
  4. AndyB

    Gro pro mount?

    Yes. You can get a kit for £14 ish on Ebay that contains every mount/strap you can think of. It was when I was flying with Skyschool last summer, they made remove my camera as they would not allow it when flying with them.
  5. AndyB

    Gro pro mount?

    I stopped using my helmet mount after being shown what happens when lines get tangled around it! Now attach to chest or knee. I had it attached using ope of the GOpro sticky mounts, with holes and bolts drilled thought it to make sure it stayed put.
  6. The CAA's reply to Scott is very clear. You will be breaking the law!
  7. The prime issue I see is that this a dangerous sport. Many pilots end up in A&E. This is not the time to end up in A&E. Yes, you can probably convince yourself that flying is your daily exercise. It isn't, that's just your excuse. There are many ambiguous things at the moment, such as what type of work still has to done. I don't think flying is. I find now is the time that actions separate the responsible from the irresponsible. Stay safe, be safe, don't put yourself at risk, don't put others at risk because you can't stop flying for a while.
  8. I can no longer foot launch as my spine is now bent 45 degrees forwards, so I cannot stand up straight enough. The last time I tried to launch the thrust just pushed me into the ground. I am now bored waiting for surgery, which now looks even more unlikely for some time. So, I am building a trike. This is lightweight, to help me moving it around, and comes to bits in seconds using pip pins. I am also making 2 sets of axles/wheels, one with beach wheels and one with foam filled tyres. Progress so far:
  9. I think a lot of us have taken off with a twisted brake. You usually only do it once!
  10. Does it do anything that the Garmin Fortrex 601 doesn't already do?
  11. Skyschool are great. Excellent instructors and the APPI course is aimed to leave you confident to fly on your own. One thing people seem to forget about the training courses is that APPI requires 15 powered flights before you can pass your pilot course. The BHPA Club Pilot qualification only needs 5 flights (I think, maybe someone can reply?) as it is intended that you then go and fly in a club. So when people are taking the micky out of foreign training and saying that trainees come back and need more training....well in many cases that is because they have not done 15 flights yet!!!!! I trained with Skyschool over 2 one week periods and have flown with them twice since then on their adventures. Really great bunch.
  12. Just keep the thrust line (centre of prop) in the same position and ensure the prop is set back the same distance from the hoop. If different motor is higher power then torque is more. If torque is a lot different then more anti-torque needed, but this can usually be increased or decreased by simply having slightly different hang point on one side ie if torque pulls to the right then move the left hang point a little further back, then your weight will lean more on that side and hence compensate.
  13. My AC Nitro belt has been tightened twice in 78 hours. It takes under 5 minutes and I did it in a field in the middle of France last year when it started slipping.
  14. Ah, yes that is a little weak. I still keep the A's off the hoop with my very long arms though....6' 4".
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