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  1. AndyB

    Training and BHPA

    I did APPI and have insurance thru AXA. This is suitable for any of the non BHPA fly ins. If you want to fly at a BHPA site then you have to have the BHPA insurance....which comes free when you pay for membership, which of course is expensive, because it includes 'free' insurance.
  2. AndyB

    Private Training ?

    Hi, I did 10 days of which 7 were flying. Did 15 flights, including cross country. I felt I could fly on my own, but I would not have said I felt confident until about flight 50.
  3. In the video of them flying (supposedly just before the accident) they look like they were at 500' or lower.
  4. That turkey heading for the fence feeling in nil wind is why I recently got a Tornado. I also fly off the beach, with really soft sand that grabs onto you. As well as running I have to try and jump with each step so the thrust has more time to accelerate me before the next foot hits the ground.
  5. One of the reports said a hang point failed...which is why I was looking.
  6. Does that hang point look normal?
  7. My back is too knackered for that now!
  8. ...and mine is 23 kg (inc reserve) plus fuel.
  9. I started off with a Parajet V3. I can assure you that you will not want to put up with an extra 20 kg for long! I now have a Nitro.
  10. An RC engine is designed to run for 10 minutes. Some have used those engines for PPG, but they do not last long.
  11. AndyB

    Dudek Universal Size/Weight

    I trained 3 years ago with Sky School. I went for 28 m as it means I am mid weight on the recommended weight range. I am disabled and find it very difficult to run. Being more lightly loaded on my wing means I don't have to be going as fast to take off.
  12. AndyB

    Dudek Universal Size/Weight

    Roadster 3 would also be a good option. I have been using a Roadster 2 for 3 years. If you want to fly low and slow or just ambling around you never need another wing!
  13. The problem with not balance charging Lipos is that when one cell partially fails (only takes a small voltage) the other cells have to take up the slack and go over voltage. Imagine a 2 cell Lipo. Each cell can go to 4.2 volts so the charger applies 8.4 v to charge it. If one cell fails and only takes say 1 v, then the other cell now gets 7.4 v. When a cell goes much above 4.5 v it bursts into flames. You can get away with not balance charging, if you are lucky. However, I nearly burnt my house down doing just that! Only ever balance charge and always use a purpose built balance charger.
  14. Do not ever charge a Lipo without using a proper "balance charger". Never charger them without them being in a fire proof bag. Lipos are safe provided you follow the rules.
  15. After using my 1000 mah Lipo pack (yes, a tiny little one) for the past month I thought I had better charge it. It was only down to 65%. I use 1000 mah, 75 c rating (so will do 75 amps continuous), 6 cell (so 22 volts).