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  1. I have had 5 spinal fusions and 2 discectomies (3 emergencies to relieve paralasys). I am fused from thoracic to pelvis and have a 30 degree froward bend. I now cannot walk more than a few meters unaided. I still foot launch because it is fun and more convenient than trying to get a trike out.
  2. Have you been insured with them before? and if so, since when. I think they only introduced checks a few years ago and then when you renew they do not re-check as your rating is for life.
  3. AndyB


    My last flight before returning to the UK tomorrow. On the beach 26 deg, at 5500 feet - warmer! This was the first time I have made it over the top of Reales mountain. Because it is a stand-alone mountain, whichever way the wind blows it is very turbulent around most of the mountain! Today, 7 mph, blowing with me as I climbed. I followed the the largest ridge on the way up, gaining lots of extra lift. Above the top, engine off and just kept climbing. The mountain is 4800 and I was taken up to 5500 by it. Took 25 minutes of engine off back to the beach, where I was still at 2100 feet. Two photos on the way up and 3 from the top.
  4. OK, point taken re Brad. AXA would not let me take out cover without first sending the training cert! Have you had yours for some time - before they started doing checks?
  5. From personal experience of trying to fly with a guy trained by him, plus lots of feedback on other forums about his bad training. It's just most people never like to say anything bad. I do, because someone died last year who was not flying to a good standard. I saw it. Month later, dead. Who is your insurance with? I could not get insured without providing one of the above training certs. PMC do their own insurance? Do they check your training before giving you insurance? Is the PMC insurance accepted everywhere?
  6. Be careful which instructor you chose. Make sure they are registered (trained) to provide a recognised syllabus/training programme that an insurance company will accept eg BHPA or APPI registered. I think the above guy is neither.
  7. Any engine is suitable for weight. However, it depends on your experience and level of fitness as to whether you will be able to fly. Smaller engine = longer, faster run. Heavier pilot = longer, faster run. Smaller wing = longer faster run. Inexperienced pilot = more chance/time for error. I know 95 kg pilots with Atom 80, and me at the same weight with Tornado. I like the extra power because it pushes me into the air very quickly (I can't walk very well!). I use Tornado on beaches because running in sand is more difficult. I use a Nitro in the UK on grass.
  8. Fuel use is very dependant on wing and pilot weight. Big wing, slower, more drag, more fuel. Big pilot, fly faster to stay level, more fuel. The following is with a 28 m Roadster and 95 kg pilot...... Nitro fuel 4.25 l/hr Tornado, thrust 88 kg, fuel 5 l/hr
  9. That looks good, but this does really well.... https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/572639/pn/010-01772-00
  10. My experience is that some of the engines I have had (AC Nitro and Tornado) need virtually no tuning. Others needed, Polini (a lot) and Moster (a little).
  11. All AC elec machines fly with a Lipo. It is kept in a small fire-proof bag. They only ever go up in flames when charging (incorrectly) or sudden short circuit - although the latter often results in a resounding nothing. I have driven nails through old packs to ensure they are dead....and never managed to get a decent fire, just a few small flames twice. You CANNOT charge them in flight, but they last so long, you never need to. I use a small 1000 mah pack (weighs nothing!) and it lasts me more than 10 flights, with multiple starts in flight.
  12. I agree. It is quite likely that whatever you do to be visible, may simply go unseen. It does depend on your altitude and the type of aircraft. A few personal examples: Yorkshire. Two RAF Typoon jets decided to do 100 foot maneuvers over where I fly. They got quite close, more than 1/4 mile, less than half, but were going so fast was hard to tell. I was the same height. They did not see me. Discussed it with RAF and I now call their ATC before flying. Costa del sol. 300 feet above the beach, 300 feet out to sea. Military transport plane flies by at the same height, 1/4 mile out to sea from me. I was heading towards them.....and waved. I believe they had come to see who I was in case I was drug smuggling from Africa! They saw BECAUSE they were looking for me.
  13. Depending how quickly you want to get going, don't bother with pg!
  14. On my mid engined kit car I made an all stainless, 2" big bore, 3 into 2 into 1, hard mounted exhaust with no flex joints and no soft mounts. All mounts were directly to the engine. Did 60k miles with no issues. You might argue that it didn't vibrate as much as a 2 stroke, however, it was full race engine that idled at 2800 rpm. I can assure you it vibrated like crap.
  15. The farmer who lets me use a field has horses in the field next to where I fly. He says they are fine and will not be bothered. They sometimes used to dash to one end of their field, but now they seem to have got used to me. However, his cows like me and make setting up really difficult as they want to be petted on their noses!
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