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  1. AndyB

    ground handling

    The tiny wings are great for ground handling on windy days, when you could not fly. Gets you used to control. On a day with wind similar to that when you would fly, I like to use the wing I will fly as this means you know exactly how it will behave.
  2. AndyB

    XL Blue and Red Ozee Flight Suit

    I have 2, both quilted. One is 2 layers (summer) and the other is 5 (winter). That looks like the thinner type.
  3. AndyB


  4. AndyB

    Syphon recommendations.

    I love the electric pump Just got one this week. It works a treat and my 20 litre fuel can stays on the floor.
  5. AndyB

    Is it cool to fly over an ATZ (class G)?

    I regularly fly under the end of the Durham Tees Valley extended area There is a restricted airspace around Hartlepool nuclear power station of grd to 2000 and the airport controlled area starts at 3000 up. So I fly at 2500. I have had large jets go overhead, but they are usually at 4500/5000.
  6. AndyB

    Is it cool to fly over an ATZ (class G)?

    I wouldn't fly over a ATZ because an engine out might mean you end up in it. As to sideways, I fly right up to it at 90 degrees to runway direction and keep a few miles clear the other way....just to keep out of the way.
  7. AndyB

    Paratrike homebuild

    Since you are being abusive and calling me a thief....would anyone like to see the copy of the plans I have so that you can also see that they are not copyrighted and have nothing on them that says they cannot be shared. I have already appollogised to this guy and said I wouldn't share them again.

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    2. Al_B_revo2


      If you look in the thread Super Lite Trike Plan for Shop Builts.

      on January 19th. You will find it.


      Let me know and I’ll do likewise

    3. AndyB


      There is nothing there.

      Now, since you are calling me a thief, I have made screen shots in case we need to start a libel case against you. I showed you the source of where I got the plans from and I told you there was no copyright information on them. You continue to call me a thief on a public forum. There are also many errors in the plans and lots of things I had to sort out. I would have shared these with you for free, but now you can get stuffed. Also, I would have paid you since I used the plans without knowing you sell them, but now you can stick that up your name calling ass.

      Have a nice day. 

    4. Al_B_revo2



      If I find you’ve not taken the link down I’m not going to stop until you do. I removed the thief  part. 

  9. AndyB

    Breaking in a My19 Moster185

    Don't you just sit on the floor with it on your back? I did and it worked great. Just need something to push your feet against when going to full power or you slide along the ground!
  10. AndyB

    Wanted pm100

    I just bought an adapter from Eddie for the PM100 to fit my 3.5 mm radio connection.
  11. AndyB

    Check the PPG weight range

    It does not matter that much. The lighter you are the slower you go and the slower your take-offs. Heavier means wing goes faster, but of course take-offs are faster.
  12. AndyB

    Slots in cages...why?

    If you always run the throttle cable over the top of your forearm and have the cable the correct length for your arm, then there is no issue. The AC Nitro that I have has continuous netting. There are no holes in the netting, other than down at the bottom, where you can't drop something through it anyway.
  13. AndyB

    Slots in cages...why?

    The nets primary role is stopping stuff going into the prop while flying. It is not really trying to stop hands going in since, in flight, it is quite difficult to reach your hand behind you far enough to meet up with the prop. The one area where it can go horribly wrong is when the throttle cable has not been shortened to the correct length and it is held without looping the cable over the forearm. In one case a guy tripped while running and as he fell the slack cable went through one of those net gaps and then the prop pulled his hand in.
  14. AndyB

    Odd question, but...

    I am scared of heights. And since I started flying PPG I have found I am not scared of heights, I am scared of falling off a height. I can't fall off my paramotor, so I feel completely safe, not scared at all. Not long ago I was visiting an old church on top of a cliff. Even though there was a wall, I found was still really scared...because there was nothing to stop me falling over the wall!!!!
  15. AndyB

    Post Brexit Paramotor insurance....

    I asked AXA about this, but as I have a house in Spain they said I am fine after Brexit. Just out of curiosity why would anyone think that a no deal Brexit would effect the insurance? I am pretty sure that a "deal Brexit" will be unlikely to have any wording covering AXA insurance and hence be no different to a a no deal Brexit!