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  1. Lol. I don't think I have ever passed 0.5g or 1.5g total including me! My wing will last 40 years.
  2. I think Dan Kettle does training out of the Lake District area. Don't know of any other northern ones. Foot launching is really fun but you do need to be very fit. I am disabled, 57, and still foot launched until the end of 2019 when I finally became too bent (back deformity) so built a trike. The issue I have with my trike is it needs much better take off/landing field than with feet. I used to take off in 18" deep grass when running!
  3. Thanks Alan. The school 400 m from my house has said I can use their playing field, which is in controlled airspace. Four football pitches of flat, cut grass.
  4. Do you know what I need to do to get a callsign? Or can I just any? Thanks
  5. I have used both plastic and metal containers. The reason I switched to metal was that I kept 'exploding' the plastic ones when they got too hot....the filler cap would just push off.
  6. I also use fuel that can be over 6 months old and still starts first time. I use Mr Funnel in the tank neck and a battery operated transfer pump from 20 litre jerry can.
  7. Yes, that course. He is running a one day one in July. I emailed him.
  8. Is this torque steer and an inherent feature of the motor/frame design. I find that with either of my 2 machines it makes no difference what wing I use, they always behave perfectly and only require a slight left lean.
  9. Cheers Chris. I have just spoken with him and he has a course in July. Next I'll be searching for which radio to use!
  10. I live within the CTR and some really nice take off fields near me. I also fly pretty much along the edge of the CTR and under the end of the 3000 to 6000. Now I need to find FRTOL training.
  11. Following discussion in another thread about transponders, it prompted me to contact my local ATC and see what they would require for clearance to fly inside the CTR. Interesting answer: must phone before flying to make aware of flight plan; contact on radio as soon as airborne. No transponder needed. So only requirement is a radio and call-sign.
  12. I have now done a few flights on my trike, the first I have ever flown. I am really getting to like it. Today I took off from wet grass, over a foot long in absolutely nill wind. With the trike everything can be done slowly. The wing pulled up slowly, but I was able to feed power on, pulling the wing up and just take take my time. And landings, what a joy. I was bothered before using the trike that it would hurt my back (I am fully fused from thoracic to hips) as the slightest bump is very painful. But its just like landing an aircraft, flare a little, rear wheels start to touch, ease off flare and let the front wheel drop. The friction then slows the trike, keep hands up and just let wing land nicely in front. So gentle.
  13. Yes, I know. But I could also fly in class D here if I had radio and the transponder. I think transponder not compulsory but my local ATC are not happy without one.
  14. I have been using an ADSB receiver unit that Patrick Coleman sells called Paradar. If you want to be able to see what is near you (well, those that transmit ADSB) it is really good. The unit has a circle of LED's that represent the compass and simply lights up where the other aircraft are. I fly near RAF training jets and they all use ADSB. You also get an LED showing you north.
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