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  1. AndyB

    Polini 130 for Dummies

    One rule of fixing things is to be careful to only do one thing at a time. You initially said would not rev above cruise speed...which does sound like carb issue....usually not enough fuel getting through. Then you took the carb to pieces. Now you describe some new issues. These new issues are very likely to be due to the carb, since that is what you just played with. Before starting on new things first complete the carb set up. That "springy thing" is often a tricky one to set. What carb is it? List details and then ask someone with same carb to help.
  2. AndyB

    Trike plans

    Sounds about right. Mine took 6.5 hours to make....but I do have a mini engineering workshop, which made it easier.
  3. AndyB

    Ozone Roadster 3

    Nice. I see you took off with trims fully in. For the R2 Ozone say use neutral trims. Have they changed it for R3?
  4. AndyB

    Trike plans

    About 12 kg. The rear axles are 1" solid glass fibre rods, slotted into centre tubes. This gives good suspension as well.
  5. These work really well. Only issue is that they need to be attached to the wing, to keep the high power transmitter away from your brain! https://www.xctracer.com/en/76/?oid=1905&lang=en
  6. AndyB

    Trike plans

    This is the finished trike from the plans above.....less than £400...the wheels were £270 of that !
  7. Try out the new FLARM devices. Make yourself seen.
  8. AndyB

    What are people doing for Strobes these days?

    I have used 2 pairs of the cheapie ones Vince recommended. Assembled so they face in four directions at 90 degrees to each. Runs directly off a 2 cell lipo. Assembly is strapped to just one strut so it just comes apart when I take the machine apart.
  9. There is a new hang glider called a "nanolight" because it is in the sub 70 kg, deregulated class. In theory this can be flown without any training. However, the pilot must have insurance. I don't know whether the insurers have decided what training they will require yet. https://www.flyer.co.uk/peabee-ready-new-nanolight-sub-70kg-class/
  10. AndyB

    Trike plans

    ab2018-02-22 trike design.pdf
  11. AndyB

    Paratrike homebuild

    I have plans for a trike to attach to your own paramotor.
  12. Yes, AXA allows you to fly in any country (not USA) for as long s you like.
  13. Yes, but if you want to fly abroad more than 60 days then you need AXA insurance, not BHPA.
  14. I did 2 separate weeks with Skyschool. I did 4 flights towards the end of the first week and then 11 flights the second week to complete training.
  15. I am APPI trained and fly all over the UK. There are some BHPA school sites and they will not let you fly without BHPA training. Fly-ins are organised events with many (often 100's) of pilots. You must have insurance to fly at them.