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  1. Hi Andy . I'm temped to buy or build a trike myself . I also have an air conception. have you ever had an issue with the hoop flexing back into the moving prop ? I once did a power foot launch on my air conception and "bang" prop hit the hoop.

  2. You can't really compare per number of people doing the sport. It has to be per hour since eg there might be 10x as many pg's as ppg's but the ppg's fly 10 times as much, so they do the same hours.
  3. Facebook groups: Paramotor; Paramotor UK, European Paramotor pilots.
  4. In flight feet dangle down like normal. You don't even know the trike is there. I've looked at some others. Many seem rather over-kill in terms of connections. I think the difference is whether you are intending to be in flight as per normal with a trike dangling below you......or sat on the trike, which then has to support your weight.
  5. While on the ground the black thing is a lightweight plastic spacer that allows me to sit on the standard harness seat. I this position my weight is on the trike wheels. As the wing takes up my weight it lifts me off the plastic spacer so that the only weight on those mounting tubes is the weight of trike.
  6. Great data, love the 21 hours and one will die! The problem with these stats is, well, they are stats. The probability of death in 1000 hours does not mean your probability of death. It means someone in that spot's prob of death in a 1000 hours. So others could do 999 hours and have no accidents and then you do the silly thing and become the statistic. Within each sport the figures are averaged. So, for us, if you don't do aerobatics (especially near the ground), don't fly with others (cos they fly into each other), don't fly in strong winds/gusts (collapses), then you are much safer and have eliminated the major causes.
  7. Mine is connected to the side tubes, but there are various ways of doing it,
  8. I rarely look up at my wing when launching as I can feel it so well through the harness. I also still have full weight shift steering so can turn without having to use brakes. I also still foot launch...because a) it is fun and b) there are not many places I can use a trike.
  9. my homemade trike. I have 2 sets of wheels so can swap them quickly for either beach or grass. I added stops on the leg rests to stop feet sliding off....
  10. Provided you are moving, a bike will steer just as well with zero castor when you lean. The wheel turns because of the gyroscopic precession. This is why the faster you go, the more stable the bike feels and the harder it is to fall over.
  11. I think you would be much more in control if you steered it yourself. Otherwise, the trike will turn when pulled by the wing, then go to far since it will require more wing pull the other way to straighten it up. You can also steer yourself deliberately in a direction you want to go. Just a different point though. Castor is usually there to provide stability ie straight up and the wheel will vibrate about the vertical axis. With some negative castor the contact point between wheel and ground is trailing the point where the steering axis is and thus is "self steering" and stable. This is why all bicycles are like this - not so you can steer hands free, but so they are stable.
  12. Chill out. I fell over (not flying!) and broke 2 ribs. I flew Christmas day, but it was a really bad idea, every bump hurt and the swing arm was just poking where the breaks are. I have not been able to fly since! Now going stir crazy!
  13. I thought it was someone on a bike!....you can see their right hand on the throttle at the beginning.
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