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  1. Saw your comment on the Fister trail,  you have put your condition out there so Inguess you are comfortable with me saying ,  you are a battler and your example is humbling to us who have nothing really to contend with 

    well done mate 

    1. AndyB


      Thank you. I fly because when in the air I am just like any other pilot!

  2. Ouch, at least he was low! That incident was about 60 seconds after the heli flew by and the pilot flew just below the height of the heli. The downdraft will likely have dissipated (it doesn't last long) but the rotor vortex (due to the heli's forward speed) will still be rolling out....just the same as it would if an aircraft flew by.
  3. Helimed 68 lives just 2 miles from where I fly, so I often see it. I think yours was plenty high enough. Good that you saw it.
  4. Now you really worry me as you clearly do not understand engineering. An aircraft mechanic can ONLY fix things in a totally prescribed way. In particular aircraft mechanics are NOT allowed to do anything other than as prescribed by the manuals. One of the Discovery channel "seconds from disaster" follows an aircraft not repaired as per the manual....and it killed everyone on board.
  5. That last reply shows how little you know. A mechanic is trained to do tasks in a prescribed manner. They have no training in engineering - which is the applied science of acquiring and applying knowledge to design, analysis and/or construction of works for practical purposes. Hence a mechanic does not have the skills to make any analysis on whether a structure is designed well.
  6. My main issue is that I switch every few months between Nitro and Tornado. I had to learn to be careful!
  7. I fly Tornado and have not had a problem with the throttle response. The only problem I ever had was applying power the same way I do it on my Nitro ie zero to full in a split second. Face plant time! It is so punchy the legs can't keep up. I do lots of beach flying at an altitude of around 1'. Again, I have no problem with throttle response. I was told the change to the head was to improve fuel usage for XC flying. Since I only usually fly 1 hour it does not affect me.
  8. This is not a good explanation of reflex. Your air-speed on a paraglider is fixed by the weight that is dangling from it. Your speed is only altered by letting out the trims (lengthening the rear lines) and thus reducing the angle of attack, so the wing goes faster. Pushing speedbar pulls down the front A's, again reducing the angle of attack and hence increasing speed. Both of these are the exact opposite of what you say above. You have not explained at all how reflex works. That is why I asked if you really know. I also asked why you compared a reflex glider to a flying RC wing,
  9. Why do you compare a tail-less rc plane to paramotor wing? They are completely different. The ppg wing maintains stability by virtue of the large not insignificant large weight dangling below it....like a pendulum, the weight always wants to stay below. It can wobble a little forwards and sideways, but naturally wants to hang down. I have over 100 RC planes and not one of them is even remotely comparable........except for my rc paramotor! All my flying wings have the CoG pretty much up in the centre of the wing. Are you sure you are understanding what a reflex wing is when referring
  10. You say reflex wings are "far less efficient" than paraglider wings. Reflex wings typically achieve GR of 9:1 and paraglider 9.3:1. Competition paraglider wings can achieve over 11:1, but are quite different and it would be like comparing an apple and an orange. My reflex wing flies level at 5400 rpm with trims in (best GR of 9:1). Trims fully out (GR 7:1) it needs 5750 rpm. The reason I say this is to show that between most efficient and least, the difference is not massive. A non-reflex wing will not be that much better than the reflex wing with trims in (9 compared to 9.3). Saying refl
  11. Incorrect. I already said it has a lower compression ratio!
  12. Many have fallen for the Dell patter.
  13. It lowers the compression ratio.
  14. The usual teaching method is to instil running into the air....you don't stop those legs going into well into the air....at least 5 seconds after take-off.
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