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  1. One of my wings has enough hole repairs to make it identifiable!
  2. I think what Mark says is true and unless the PMC, APPI and others talk with CAA officials then the BHPA is effectively the governing body in the UK.
  3. I had Polini but didn't like it. I now love Nitro and Tornado.
  4. Lol. Twanging belt for tension only works well between 2 very fixed objects...otherwise the other bits vibrate as well. Can you do your prop speed reduction before it is fed to the belt? Keep it 2800 rpm?
  5. I nearly dropped my phone once. It made me do something better. I now use extendable key chain devices to attach anything I love dearly and don't want to drop. I have a rear case for my phone, with a hole drilled through it and the key chain attached. The other end is attached inside a flying suit pocket. When I go flying I just slot my phone into the captive case. In my same pocket I have a battery bank which can run the phone for 5 hours with gps maps running.
  6. I have a Garmin Fortrex 501 wrist watch. This is completely configurable. I have alt, speed, max speed and flight time set on mine. I like it because it is wrist mounted but big enough to be easily seen. You can set either sea level or current as ground zero. It is now called the 601 https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/572639#specs
  7. There is a formula, but it is easier to set one correctly and measure the frequency. AC is 370 Hz. I have done this many times and it is more accurate than torque since you are actually measuring the real belt tension with no friction losses in anything.
  8. Will do. I am currently looking for a bigger field! The one I fly from on foot is challenging - power cables and cows to be avoided.
  9. I asked on the Paramotor FB page about width and consensus seemed to be go wide then it is less likely to tip.
  10. Most machines are made for a certain prop. You can go bigger but will be more likely to snag a line with the prop on aborted take-off.
  11. Finished making my trike. The whole thing wheels up backwards to my towball mounted carrier. Tie it on, then the axles and main tube unplug using pip pin quick releases. I have 2 different sets of axles, one with wheels for hard ground and one with balloon wheels for the beach.
  12. The Microavionics PM-100 has an adaptor you can buy to convert that to a phone. I use it all the time.
  13. I have just read the latest update from the DFT. They have said "recreational flying" is not a "sport" and "the previously issued guidance precluding recreational flying continues to apply". They then say "we will provide another update as soon as the guidance is updated". So there you have it. Flying is not a sport.
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