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  1. I was pondering a hypothetical scenario (that may very well have happened to someone) and how you could possibly deal with it.. Scenario: Full tank of fuel, not long taken off and engine goes full throttle, stays there and kill switch does not respond. There are probably some models of motor that have a reachable cut out switch but I am assuming that if yours doesn't have that switch there are not many options other than -up! Could this be considered a super rare occurrence?
  2. HI Danny, Information, yes please. When do you train there? thanks Paul
  3. Aye...its a beautiful place, the West of Scotland but I'm beginning to think that I should have taken up dominoes instead! June and July have been dire weather wise... -I'm just 2 hours from Oban. A couple of months ago I was at an event for work in Oban and staying at the Royal hotel. In the evening, whilst my colleagues had gone to a pizza place to talk work, I went out to Ganavan sands beach with my wing and did some ground handling. The wind was perfect for a while and the wing just sat solidly overhead but the wind died off eventually... Lunan Bay over on the East coast is really good too -big sand dunes you can free fly off and a huge sandy beach...
  4. Blackburn Mark -I laughed out loud at your comments!! I would err on the side of the welly boot!! And Razzy -I am specialist in shite talking so happy to have a natter. As for Cloudbusters -Peter provides what you need - if you do go for a day or 2 it will be well worth your while -and give me a shout, I might be able to join you..you just need pay for the day , or however many you book - and a packed lunch. He will ask your weight so as to get the correct size wing and harness for you. I got my Airwave logic from a guy on a website called skyads.aero some years ago and I mentioned to Peter then that I had bought a good condition second hand wing to practice with and he said that he would have loaned me a wing to take home and practice with -so he's a decent guy but I havent been in touch with him for a good while now -might be an idea to call him to make sure everything is still as it was....
  5. Yep -I know Clydebank quite well. Had relatives in Dalmuir and was in Clydebank a few months ago getting some kit at Go Outdoors...I'm an hour and a half away from you in Dunoon... In the first instance, its all about the wing. I did a short time with www.cloudbusters.co.uk - a Scottish weekend only flying school, run by Peter Shields. They fly from the hills near Abington services on the M74 -(an hours travel from Clydebank). Peter is good guy, very experienced and knows his stuff. The problem for me was the combination of the school being weekends only and Scottish weather. There were so many days where the training was called off or it was 50/50 and you would get to site only to be told it was blown out, however the days that were good, were great fun and I would highly recommend it. A couple of unsuitable weather weekends and you are losing quite a bit of time.... In comparison, there were so many nice weekdays and evenings that I realized I was missing out -so got my own wing and cracked on with the ground handling. Totally agree with Blackburn Mark. Light winds and a beginner/intermediate wing with the correct weight range for your weight. Here's why...On one of my training days I met a guy who had watched you tube videos -and went -" I could do that" went out and bought the wrong kit, I asked him about the wing -he couldnt remember what it was he bought...clipped in one day (zero research, study or training) and got properly dragged. He some how managed to wrap the lines around a pipe to stop himself being dragged further and ripped the wing in the process. I'm sitting on the side of the training hill as he was telling me this, I remember my mouth slowly falling open and then he topped it off by telling me he had "fixed" the torn wing himself with fishing line... (you are supposed to have any damage inspected/repaired by a specialist..) Anyway -welcome to the forum, there's a wealth of knowledge and experience here (I'm one of the less experienced) and if you fancy heading out for some ground handling, if you want, we can hook up - I have a second wing - an Airwave Logic you can have a play with for the day..I'll bring the paramotor too so you can have a look....
  6. Hi Razzy -whereabouts in the West of Scotland?
  7. This weather is doing my nut in.... that is literally all I wanted to say....had to get it off my chest...
  8. Capotec2015

    ground handling

    Hi Philip, There seems to be a couple of lines of thought on this subject. Yes, you can buy smaller wings for the purposes of ground handling only -the Dudek Marlin for example is one such wing. You can also buy an old wing (a non flyable wing -some people have done that) however a lot of pilots say to ground handle the wing you will be flying. I had a shot of the Dudek Marlin a couple of years ago out of curiosity and noticed that everything happens faster with it but decided to go back to my main wing which is a Roadster 2 and I've been there ever since. So for me personally, I would ground handle with the wing that I am going to fly. So in answer to your question, in my case its not two different wings but there may be some people who have a wing they fly -and another for GH.
  9. Capotec2015

    Carb Springs Maintenance

    HI, Is there anything you could/should do to maintain carb springs -or - is it a case of replacing them at certain intervals? thanks
  10. Capotec2015

    How to tell if my motor is a 110

    HI, Just curious. My Polini is supposed to be a 110. I have no reason to believe its not but I cant see anything on it that tells me what it is. Is there a way of telling? thanks
  11. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    Hi Kiwi K -did exactly that... I needed to try to get my head around how the thing worked, so videos and internet articles to get familiar and then -apart it came!......only to find there was no broken springs! Greased up and back together -not yet had a chance to test it out -hopefully over the weekend.
  12. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    for info for anyone who may be interested: http://www.southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/thor130200/flashstarter/flashstarter.htm
  13. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    Oh yes - I watched video about a Minari flash starter and the guy had it rammed with grease -I see why now...
  14. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    Hi Mark -thanks for all the advice today. Much appreciated. I have been watching a number of videos and what I have gathered is (If I am right) that there is, within the plastic housing, 2 springs front and back of the main internal circular section. One spring is the rewind spring, i.e. the spring that pulls the pull cord back in and the other spring is the flash spring. In my case, the rewind spring seems ok as it does pull the cord back in again -but -there does not appear to be a flash element anymore, suggesting to me that the flash spring may have snapped. I am going to dare to open it up tomorrow and see if there is a break in the flash spring. I am not at this stage sure how the rewind spring interacts with the flash spring but will see if I can find video or diagrams etc. I really want to know the mechanics of this thing and become completely familiar with it. Thanks again -Paul.
  15. Capotec2015

    Prop bolts long enough on new E-Props?

    Thanks for your advice -longer bolts it is! Cheers.