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  1. Capotec2015

    ground handling

    Hi Philip, There seems to be a couple of lines of thought on this subject. Yes, you can buy smaller wings for the purposes of ground handling only -the Dudek Marlin for example is one such wing. You can also buy an old wing (a non flyable wing -some people have done that) however a lot of pilots say to ground handle the wing you will be flying. I had a shot of the Dudek Marlin a couple of years ago out of curiosity and noticed that everything happens faster with it but decided to go back to my main wing which is a Roadster 2 and I've been there ever since. So for me personally, I would ground handle with the wing that I am going to fly. So in answer to your question, in my case its not two different wings but there may be some people who have a wing they fly -and another for GH.
  2. Capotec2015

    Carb Springs Maintenance

    HI, Is there anything you could/should do to maintain carb springs -or - is it a case of replacing them at certain intervals? thanks
  3. Capotec2015

    How to tell if my motor is a 110

    HI, Just curious. My Polini is supposed to be a 110. I have no reason to believe its not but I cant see anything on it that tells me what it is. Is there a way of telling? thanks
  4. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    Hi Kiwi K -did exactly that... I needed to try to get my head around how the thing worked, so videos and internet articles to get familiar and then -apart it came!......only to find there was no broken springs! Greased up and back together -not yet had a chance to test it out -hopefully over the weekend.
  5. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    for info for anyone who may be interested: http://www.southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/thor130200/flashstarter/flashstarter.htm
  6. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    Oh yes - I watched video about a Minari flash starter and the guy had it rammed with grease -I see why now...
  7. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    Hi Mark -thanks for all the advice today. Much appreciated. I have been watching a number of videos and what I have gathered is (If I am right) that there is, within the plastic housing, 2 springs front and back of the main internal circular section. One spring is the rewind spring, i.e. the spring that pulls the pull cord back in and the other spring is the flash spring. In my case, the rewind spring seems ok as it does pull the cord back in again -but -there does not appear to be a flash element anymore, suggesting to me that the flash spring may have snapped. I am going to dare to open it up tomorrow and see if there is a break in the flash spring. I am not at this stage sure how the rewind spring interacts with the flash spring but will see if I can find video or diagrams etc. I really want to know the mechanics of this thing and become completely familiar with it. Thanks again -Paul.
  8. Capotec2015

    Prop bolts long enough on new E-Props?

    Thanks for your advice -longer bolts it is! Cheers.
  9. Capotec2015

    Polini Flash Starter Dead?

    HI, Been out giving the motor the once over and tried starting it -a job that didnt used to require much effort. Certainly never used to break a sweat! Something doesnt feel right and it feels like I am just pulling the piston over - kind of hard to explain but I'm not getting that snap at the end of the pull where you would feel the secondary spring kick in. Its done nothing over the winter and I would expect some resistance but this seems excessive. I read somewhere that the flash starter wasnt a great design and to expect it to fail at some point but I wondered if there was an alternative, although it did make things very easy... is there a way of testing to see if it is indeed broken? thanks Paul
  10. HI, Beautiful day here - wish I was near a big field.......Got a brand new e-props and put it on today but noticed that the end of the M6 Allen bolts do not protrude through the back of the plate like they used to with the wooden prop that I have just replaced. The bolts are nearly through but are a couple or three threads shy of being flush, let alone protruding. Here's a link to a photo: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ape9bfQTOEGDjk20FsgqU9TRCvY3 Looking for advice as to whether they will be fine as is, or should I order longer bolts. With the old prop on, the bolts used to stick out the back about 3 or 4 threads showing....I dont even want to start it up in case there are any adverse effects. ....any advice welcome. Thanks.
  11. Capotec2015

    Proud Sponsors of Paranoob.

    I signed up to his channel (among others) from the beginning when he was learning ground handling.It has been a pleasure watching him progress. Paranoobs channel is fantastic and I for one will continue to watch all the content he puts out....
  12. Capotec2015


    Was a surprise to me too! A pilot I know based in Stirling gave me his number as he was getting lessons from him....
  13. Capotec2015


    As it happens, you might be in luck...I remembered getting Paolo's number last year, forgot he was based in your area.. and it looks like he is only an hour away from you... Massimo Paolo Bellezze. Mob: 07714 707297. myguru@theskycamp.uk 1 Nether Balfour Cottage, Durris, Banchory, AB31 6BL. Paragliding and Paramotor School based in Aberdeenshire. We offer guided trips abroad and stock most leading brands.
  14. Capotec2015

    Paramotor Club Theory day

    Any chance there could be future webinar(s) of some of the material.? Perhaps a Q and A after... just a thought..
  15. Went for a drive yesterday to a ski resort at the Nevis range. There was no snow but caught this as we entered the car park.. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ape9bfQTOEGDhUnF-7Ch1fGB8eVk