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  1. Ey up! I was just thinking about the ebb and flow of product popularity and buzz and it feels like the shine has come off the Nitro 200. Is it just a lack of promo recently or does the unit have inherent issues that have eventually come to light? It seemed to be very popular for a while but its all gone quiet...can anyone hazard a guess as to the top 5 units these days(or is it just Mav all the way?) Just curious.... thanks
  2. HI, Was wondering if anyone has had experience of the PAP ATS arms fittings and if they are worth putting on? http://papteam.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Nota_SISTEMA_ATS_ing.pdf
  3. Hi My mind keeps wandering off to the reliability of the 4 stroke. Although I have never tried one, I really like the idea of the XC with less worry about the highly strung 2 stroke engine potentially going pop on me. I wondered if anyone knew if Bailey were still active? Seems a bit hit and miss from what I am reading... Thanks
  4. Spoof PPG training...cracked me up.... hope no one takes it seriously though! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbV_yBCXrX4
  5. thank you Hann for posting your video...adventures like this, are to me, the reason why ppg is the realization of the stuff of dreams...
  6. HI, Like I say in the Title, nothing to do with PPG (unfortunately). I am trying to gauge whether something thats happened at my work, is a normal average reaction or is a unique uncommon reaction. It basically revolves around an office environment staff member leaving to go to another job, who exported contacts from outlook. In my experience over the past 20 years, its been a fairly common practice, although a bit "naughty" particularly among the management layer for this to happen. Does anyone have any experience of the above and what if anything were the consequences. I would be interested in any feedback if you have any. Thanks
  7. It does kind of give you a physical reaction, this one. Especially when he added more throttle, surged forward a bit and the guy holding the fuel bottle stood still for a second....
  8. I thought this one best be posted in the safety matters section.....
  9. thats was I was thinking... wonder if he has a chute in the rucksack...
  10. What approach does everyone take when talking to a farmer for the first time to try to get access to a good field? Is there an approach/incentive that anyone feels is consistently successful? Thanks
  11. so...the videos I am seeing have the magnet but also have a condenser -is that the same as a capacitor?
  12. I have found some youtube videos on 2 stroke electrical systems. I wanted to know what each component does and the flow from pull start to spark.... its starting to make sense now..
  13. Hope everyone is safe and well. I am looking to learn about the electrical system of a paramotor. How it works, what it does etc. My youtube search just gives me stuff about electric paramotors. I am thinking that it wont be too far removed from other 2 stroke motors electrical setup but would like to take the forum advice in the first instance. Thanks.
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