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  1. thats was I was thinking... wonder if he has a chute in the rucksack...
  2. What approach does everyone take when talking to a farmer for the first time to try to get access to a good field? Is there an approach/incentive that anyone feels is consistently successful? Thanks
  3. so...the videos I am seeing have the magnet but also have a condenser -is that the same as a capacitor?
  4. I have found some youtube videos on 2 stroke electrical systems. I wanted to know what each component does and the flow from pull start to spark.... its starting to make sense now..
  5. Hope everyone is safe and well. I am looking to learn about the electrical system of a paramotor. How it works, what it does etc. My youtube search just gives me stuff about electric paramotors. I am thinking that it wont be too far removed from other 2 stroke motors electrical setup but would like to take the forum advice in the first instance. Thanks.
  6. You gents remind me of spiderman. You have harnessed the power of webbing..
  7. your joke kind of caught me off guard.......I'm a -frayed I just spat my coffee out!
  8. Just FYI -the loft quoted a whopping £20 to do the repair!
  9. Thanks hadders. The loft it is!!
  10. I think I will contact The Loft for the webbing thing. I would rather have it done professionally for peace of mind. Thanks again for everything...
  11. Thanks for all your input. Replacing split ring and bow shackle no problem. Not sure about how to replace the webbing. Any pointers on that one? Thanks.
  12. HI, Hope everyone is doing . I am looking for some advice please. I noticed some fraying on the harness webbing and looking to see how serious this is and what I should do about it. Any advice welcome. Thanks Paul
  13. Dont know if anyone has seen this video..its a bit iffy.. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=suTJU_1588002741
  14. Slightly off topic but whats the cut off age to achieve "codger" status?
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