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  1. You should take a look at your set up if you are turning without power. Are your offsets correctly set? Are you using torque correction on your wing? Is your harness causing you to be weight shifting slightly? Is anything bent? Was your wing trimmed properly?
  2. Dew will always guarantee a wet wing and a wet wing will always be harder to launch so don't be too downhearted. You could try pegging out a large tarpaulin to lay your wing onto or blow some of the water off the grass with your paramotor (wearing it!).
  3. Wow, Cas, wasn't expecting that here. Thanks mate.
  4. until

    For anyone who has never been to a PMC fly-in, here's a little taster from a couple of years ago ... https://youtu.be/wMFkba0o3fI
  5. It's daft to not record audio in the first place as you've still got to go out and get the audio afterwards (like the OP has to). On a more positive note, I have paramotor audio Owen is welcome to if he still needs it, mostly from video shot at fly-ins and recorded on decent mics.
  6. I've worked as a camera operator for years and that's news to me! Who'd shoot paramotors without sorting out audio at the same time?
  7. I had a similar issue, check that the primer bulb isn't drawing in a tiny bit of air. The engine copes and runs normally until it goes wide open for a while. I had that problem even on a brand new primer bulb - some types of retaining clips cause the pipe to slightly distort on the connection to the bulb.
  8. I agree with Hann, Flyskyhy does this particularly well.
  9. Less vibration on the Moster and a more solid build.
  10. Does that mark move about when you wobble the Maverick? It looks like the fuel line to me.
  11. Which engine? On the Thor I replaced the standard pull starter with a Briggs and Stratton. Edit - Just realised you said starter motor, ignore my post.
  12. If you intend to fly a paramotor, inspection and maintenance will be one of the things you should learn and must do. Your thoughts about the mounts have probably been the same for many new pilots over the years but the reality is they don't often fail and in eleven years I've not known any sag (although I generally get a new machine every three years or so). If you look at machines like the Parajet Maverick you'll see that there is also webbing on the mounts. But replace them with manufacturer approved mounts every year if it bothers you, it's an easy job on most machines. Certainly cheaper and less hassle than making your own. As for the netting, if you don't start you machine on the ground (which you absolutely mustn't) then it's unlikely you'll need to worry about your hand holding a throttle going throught the netting. Give yourself some time in the sport before getting too het up about how flawed things appear. Nothing's perfect and the machines are constantly evolving and improving. If you can add something that will make the sport better that's great but we have been here with a lot of things many times before.
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