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  1. Steve

    Polini 130 for Dummies

  2. If you decide not to fly, call and cancel it.
  3. Nice detailed write-up Ivan. Thank you.
  4. Oh no, not another fly-in to fit into the year. The fun meter will be off the scale!
  5. Maybe make a new post with Santa Cruz in the title, might help them spot you.
  6. Hi Ian, welcome to PMC. Take a look on the member's map to see if there's anyone on there nearby. https://www.paramotorclub.org/membermap/
  7. PS - Apologies, welcome to PMC and PPG.
  8. My usual airspace is shared with Chinooks, fast jets, transport planes and anything else the military decides to use that day. Use notams and fly aware of other aircraft at all times. You can be pretty sure they won't see you first. A torch, or even a strobe, isn't going to make much difference in daylight. Some people avoid flying at round numbers like 500 or 1000 feet. Pick your airspace and fly accordingly.
  9. Steve

    Few Days in Cornwall

    Wow - really living the dream down there in Cornwall, Tony.
  10. Steve

    Help Grow the Sport

    Better send a letter to Santa too. And one to every paramotor pilot who has struggled to buy their kit.
  11. Steve

    Where to start???.

    Hi Pete and welcome to PMC. If you're interested then just get on with it. The weather gets in the way but also gives us fabulous windows, especially in the winter. Skydiving is a bit different, especially in that it is over rather quickly whereas you can stay up for hours with PPG if you want to. If you can hook up with some pilots in your area then you will learn a lot by going along when they are flying. YouTube videos are very different to real life, I've seen more than one person buy kit and sell it as soon as they realised there was effort, noise, vibration and a learning curve to deal with. Hang out with some pilots, maybe get a tandem flight (definitely worth travelling for - somewhere Like CMP Paramotors is highly recommended) hang out some more with pilots, learn to ground handle, preferably with a decent school ... Hope you enjoy the jourmney.
  12. Steve

    Bore Chasers 2018 Video

    Thank you Mr Lee, sorry I didn't have space to include any urinals this year.
  13. Steve

    Bore Chasers 2018 Video

    And it was even more exciting in the editing suite reliving it repeatedly.
  14. Steve

    What would you do .....

    Van and props, vans and ripped tents ...