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  1. Steve

    2 Stroke Oil

    Motul 800 is red, Motul 710 is green.
  2. Steve

    Night Flying

    An engine out in the dark - where's the benefit of balls and common sense then? Or are you suggesting only flying in small circles above a known safe landing spot ...?
  3. Steve

    Convincing Wife!

    Just regard it as dangerous - but with good training and lots of practise you'll mitigate that danger to a level which gives you the confidence (but not over-confidence) to fly safely and enjoy it. Your choice of wing is very important too. Like Simon said, it's the pilot which is the biggest risk factor, not the machine.
  4. Steve

    PMC Bore chasers April 2019


    Here's the last one ...
  5. Nice to see a post from you Stu, glad you are still living in the real world. It's amazing that the Slovenia trip was 2014 - time is such an illusion, as the great man said. Was some superbly great flying had on that trip (but won't forget some of our crappy launch sites too, or the cops ... ). And we all got to meet Igor!! Hope we all get some great flying in this year, maybe see you at one of the PMC fly-ins? There's a choice of several this year.
  6. Steve

    Polini Thor fuel starve

    This is a standard tank.
  7. Steve

    Polini Thor fuel starve

    Just noticed the tank seems to have two fuel line entry points, is one blanked off? All looks a bit odd.
  8. Steve

    Polini Thor fuel starve

    That fuel line below the bulb looks very suspect. Why does it loop back upwards?
  9. I guess one reason is it depends on whether you want to fly in thermals to get some altitude or whether you fly through them on your way somewhere whilst under power. I'm surprised to hear an instructor saying summer is bad for paramotors, it's usually awesome all year round.
  10. Selfish git. Wouldn't turn up out of the blue, unlike the photograph!
  11. We've been talking about the coming year's road trips and this year 'Visit Tony' is high on the list, as in actually do it this year. If we can fit it in around all the fly-ins Simon seems to be organising, of course.
  12. That's really thoughtful. Looks like a great flight mate.
  13. If you decide not to fly, call and cancel it.