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  1. Steve

    Gro pro mount?

    If you want to mount it on your helmet with minimum risk then just use velcro. If you want to up the risk a bit use a lanyard. If you want to up it further then use the 3M mounts. It's a rarity for there to be a problem but it's down to personal choice how far to go.
  2. Steve

    Gro pro mount?

    You can mount a GoPro with good quality velcro between the mount and helmet, if you get slack lines at any point the camera should rip away.
  3. There's been all sorts over the years including wireless throttles but nothing has gained much traction. At the end of the day I'd guess most of us prefer simple mechanics with a bit of cable pulling a lever - better for our peace of mind than some battery powered black magic tech going wrong.
  4. until

    I'm working Friday and Sunday and so my place is up for grabs. If I can make Saturday afternoon I can just be a day visitor, I guess.
  5. Very honest report, well done on your progress. One big thing to remember is never feel pressured, whether from other people or from yourself. You're going to continue learning for years to come, so just take it easy and at a pace that works for you. Excess anxiety doesn't help anything. And remember, you never have to fly - you can just come back another day when you feel it's right. Were you with Steve Griffiths in Spain?
  6. At least I now know you own a fluffy romper suit with wings. Had that for years too ...?
  7. Nice one Stu! Someone got a green screen for Christmas?
  8. Sponsors will want something back in return. What can you offer them?
  9. Ask yourself why Parajet sell considerably more paramotors than Air Conception Andy. Your description bears no similiarity to my own ten years of dealing with the company. As Simon said, all motors have their problems but Parajet have the advantage of being able to choose the best motors to go with their superb choice of chassis plus they have awesome customer support so even if you have an engine problem they do their best to look after you. I find it strange that you constantly praise Air Conception but slag off everything else. I have had Parajets for ten years and am ever more happy with that decision. I considered an Air Conception a couple of years ago but chose Parajet again. There's no competition in many respects, as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Nice one Stu, you've always been the PPG Inspector Gadget.
  11. They've got a form and an email address on the website. Amazed that you didn't get a reply. They also have a Facebook page. It's worth trying again, the jackets are superb.
  12. I'd advise against a hood, I've had a couple drag into the net no matter how well tucked in they were, and it's disconcerting to say the least. If your neck is a bit drafty there are plenty of ways to seal your neck drafts with a snood or similar. Something like the Flykandy jacket gives an awesome luxurious neck seal.
  13. Ha, should have put a question mark after that sentence. I was looking for a weighty Bailey in the videos and all I saw was a lightweight two stroke.
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