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  1. I've had two defective new plugs in ten years. Swapping for an alternative new plug solved the issue in both cases.
  2. I've had similar - sadly, there are duff new plugs out there. Glad the landing was a good one.
  3. I'd guess Aviator PPG at Lake Wales would be your closest (and they are very good). https://aviatorppg.com/
  4. Once you're trained, come fly with us at fly-ins (when they resume) and other regular gatherings. We're all keen to share our experiences and help each other out. You'll solve a lot of issues and learn a lot of stuff by hanging out with experienced pilots.
  5. Ask your instructor whether he can give you machines with a variation of throttles to try (if he has them, of course). Where are you training?
  6. I sold the machine that it was on which is the only reason I stopped using it. It certainly did free up my hands a lot to do other stuff easily. From what I can see, the newer versions look to be be even better. I found the cruise control was very useful and I liked the fact you could ratchet it up or down really easily, but the downside of that was that sometimes the position you actually wanted was 'between ratchets' if that makes sense. That may have been improved on the newer versions (mine was the mk I). Keep us posted on how you find it Kiwi.
  7. What did you expect? Until you put these things in your hand and fly with them you'll never properly know what's right for you. Some things you just have to find out for yourself.
  8. I love the toughness of the Parajet throttle, it's what I'm currently using and keep coming back to - It's the throttle I've used most in the past ten years as it just reliably works and takes the knocks. It can feel a bit cold in sub-zero temperatures. Good recessed and reliable buttons and the cruise control is consistent. I used the Polini for about three years and trimmed the lever not long after getting it as it is definitely too long. Found it okay to use but too often I accidentally rubbed the kill switch on the risers, especially during a nil wind launch. I've known people have issues with the wiring failing although I didn't have that problem. I thought the Vitto throttle was surprisingly comfortable but felt like it was going to fall to bits at any minute (it didn't). If it withstands abuse it would be worth looking at. But I have little time using that throttle. For about three years I used a Chamelion Finger Throttle which I really liked - take a look at it as it's quite a different approach. It was great for keeping your hands usable and I thought it was very ergonomic. I didn't like that you could knock the off switch accidentally but in reality that rarely happened. Mine was the v1 and I think the latest are v3. That company also makes another 'outside the box' throttle which looks interesting. I'd go back to a Chamelion without protest. Don't be scared of experimenting with different throttles or even going from right to left handed, it's actually really easy and your brain adapts quickly. Good luck with your quest.
  9. It doesn't have to be massive but it's important that there aren't obstacles surrounding the field such as power lines, tall trees, etc. Buildings and trees can cause turbulence if they are upwind of launch and can be hazardous. As your skills develop you'll need less space to safely launch and land and a football pitch size area is plenty.
  10. I think you're two years, nine month too late.
  11. I spent a week with Stu flying the Slovenian Alps ... Scottish? Explains so much.
  12. That's the correct way to use them. I think some people instinctively do them up as tight as they can thinking it's better. Mine have lasted three years without issue.
  13. Any other rules and regulations we should follow sir?
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