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  1. Leg strap issues should be picked up on preflight. Failure to do the straps up properly, as you did, is pilot error. Totally avoidable.
  2. Bad advice, lifting your weight on the risers - especially for new PPG pilots to read. Seem to recall we've been here before. HangTen, I advise you not get too hung up on stuff until you've spent some time around experienced pilots and/or an instructor. Things like leg straps are the first thing you'll probably get drummed into you, it shouldn't ever be an issue. Paramotor flying is a joy and it's a case of understanding the risks, the equipment and your skill level - and flying accordingly. Do it properly and you'll love it. If you can, get yourself to a fly-in and immerse yourself in it all.
  3. Steve

    Weather Pro app update.

    Would recommend you use a variety of sources for your weather info and not reply on any one app. Learn to read weather charts - and maybe use the RASP forecast and something like Windy which alows you to switch between the models. The Met Office balloon forecasts can also be useful.
  4. I check mine for any hairline marks every month or two and replace them every couple of years regardless. Ensure you use carabiners specific for flying. Check the gates function properly on every preflight. If you drop them on a hard surface, or there's any visible damage, replace them. They're very unlikely to fail but you can do stuff for peace of mind. If you are concerned about your carabiners then you should be equally aware of your shackles and webbing.
  5. Steve


    After struggling to make sense of the first two of your three post rant, I've always found Parajet to have excellent customer service - and I've been using them since 2010 without issue.
  6. Steve

    Flying in Turbulence

    YouTube hides most of the stuff you feel while flying, you often just can't tell from helmet footage. As for flying during the day, I've seen hardened pilots land looking very pale after regretting choosing to fly. Always asses the conditions on the day, learn to read the signs and, if in doubt, don't fly. Ignore any macho bollocks you may read.
  7. Steve

    When the kill switch doesn't work

    Wide Open Throttle. ... or were you just hard of hearing.
  8. Steve

    Gin Falcon 24m - 15 hours only

    Hey George, Hope you're keeping well. You might want to tweak the title of this post, sounds a bit spicy!
  9. Steve

    Training and BHPA

    Totally agree. When was the last time we were all together and checked that the people we were having fun with were from the correct training tribe? Or religion? It's irrelevant.
  10. Steve

    Volution 2 Parajet belt & prop

    You will get a reply, just might take a couple of days - You can imagine how busy they are. Good luck getting it sorted.
  11. Steve

    Volution 2 Parajet belt & prop

    If it has the XT engine, they had an issue on some of them with belt tension. I seem to remember they had some pulley assemblies that were outsourced for manufacture and made slightly out of spec. I ended up having to replace the pulley and arm on mine, which cured it. It's an old machine now though, maybe worth emailing Parajet to see if they have any spares.
  12. Steve

    Anyone around a Halifax?

    Congratulations on completing your training and welcome to PMC. Anglesey is a fabulous place to fly (you may have a couple of local pilots there - Look them up on the Members Map). Good luck finding company in Halifax (search the map for there too).
  13. Steve

    Bore Chasers 2019 videos.

    You got the snap in, well done.
  14. Photos is me job, innit. As for Simon, I'd suggest we build a shrine and start worshipping immediately. Anything to get more of that perfect weather.
  15. There’s a rumour that most of the meteorologists working at The Met Office have a little trick up their sleeves when it comes to booking their UK holidays. Regardless of what their own forecasts are saying, when it comes to their personal free time they always check out the dates of the Paramotor Club fly-ins before making any bookings. I imagine they have all been enjoying the weather this bank holiday weekend - And so did we, thanks yet again to our very own weather god, Simon Westmore. As usual, 130 pilots spent the prior week glued to weather charts and forecasts which served up three glorious days of flying in the warm and sunny Gloucestershire countryside and surrounding areas. The PMC events are always a cosy affair and this one was no exception; enough pilots, families and doggies to keep it busy but the right numbers to keep it all manageable, easy and friendly. As previously, food was provided by Killins Kitchen mobile caterers, but sadly the bar failed to to materialise. However Simon’s crack team carried out an expedition to the local booze emporium and came back with enough supplies for the event. The rest of the facilities were up to PMC’s usual high standard. The bulk of the crowd arrived throughout Friday and by the evening the skies were filled with paramotors. The weather was good enough for flying to commence again early on Saturday morning, with some pilots flying through the majority of the day. But Saturday night was a joy to behold and the field self-managed itself with no issues or marshalling required - and it was the busiest skies at a PMC event that I can recall, bursting with colourful wings and buzzing motors right up until last light. And Sunday morning carried on where Saturday had left off, only with lighter winds, if any at all. As the field emptied, a handful stayed on until the evening which provided some lovely air for the final flights of the weekend. And then it was over. As usual, the fly-in provided a great opportunity for sharing ideas and knowledge, asking questions, hanging out with all your buddies and having a great time. It was clear that there were more kids and dogs than at previous events, but that didn’t detract at all - in fact the kids were great and were clearly loving it and the dogs were enjoying the attention and freedom. And during the weekend I only spotted one dog turd, so owners were being responsible too (well, except for one maybe!). An inevitable issue with fly-ins is congestion around the airfield and the risk of annoying the locals. This year there was one simple rule - take off and cross the river and stay on that side. This immediately cured any issue with pilots who insist on flying around the airfield constantly and getting in the way of those trying to launch or land, and also prevented any disturbance to the locals. And the difference it made to the quality of life for the campsite was noticeable. I felt sadder than usual at the end; it was as good as it could have been and, as usual, a big thank you goes out to Simon, Col and the crew who made it all happen. And to everyone who attended and contributed to the vibe and fun. Only three months until the Summer fly-in where we can do it all again - get praying to our weather god now. -------------------------------------------- For over 150 more photographs of the event, visit Facebook.