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  1. Steve

    Yes or No

    You'd be hard pushed for spares and it's very old tech and relatively heavy by modern standards. Here's an article about how the DK Whisper evolved into the original Parajet paramotor.
  2. We managed to get over to Spain (and back) just before lock down. It was awesome.
  3. I had one deranged farmer discharge both barrels a couple of years ago - all over a simple misunderstanding. Always remember they are armed!
  4. Seems like it's mostly pretty light hearted, the OP just has a gripe with the house owner. It's not the first time reactions happen like that when outsiders with money move into farming areas.
  5. Won't damage the engine and is the easiest way to do it.
  6. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-general-aviation/coronavirus-covid-19-general-aviation?fbclid=IwAR0wlxkj3f06HSwKcTDPsPqNl15UQAx4DdisqiCbR-oLf4-_0MA19hZifZM
  7. More on my centre foldback, two, two ...
  8. View Advert Paramania GTX 22m I'm selling my gorgeous orange GTX 22M. It was purchased brand new two years ago for £3,200. Has been mainly used for local flying with minimal ground handling - most of my XC flying was on my other wing, so it’s in fabulous condition and smells like new and is as crunchy as the day I opened the bag for the first time. Owing to lockdown she has hardly been flown this year. Has been stored loose (not folded) for 99 percent of the time.
  9. I'm getting double alarm bells now - good job I like stereo. Apart from the Dell syndrome, does anyone remember that idiot we had on here a few months ago pretending to be an airline pilot along with the associated fantasy stories he spun. I feel the two merging into one new character ...
  10. There's a simple solution to all of this. And I encourage all new and wannabe pilots to adopt this stance. If Dell Schanze, Flat Top, Dominator, U-Turn or WPPGA are catching your interest, then just move on. No good will come from it and you will at best waste some time reading/listening, or at worst waste your money and time. Don't even get into debates - you don't know who you're dealing with a lot of the time as Dell has many pseudonyms and a little army of evangelists. It's all very bizarre. He's been poisoning the PPG community for more years than I can remember, certainly I re
  11. My alarm bells are still going off ...
  12. Shame he's starting to pollute the UK in the same way Dell has done in the US for years.
  13. Can't help myself but reading that sets off all the usual alarm bells. Maybe it's just me ...
  14. Welcome to PMC Tom. Have you loooked on the member map for your area? https://www.paramotorclub.org/membermap/
  15. If you are very new to paramotors then power launches need to be approached carefully otherwise you may create other issues for yourself. Try adding some airflow from the prop, then reduce the throttle and move forward, then apply power again once the wing is overhead but keep moving forward all the time. Not all wings will need lots of brake to stop overshooting, some are easier to control than others.
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