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  1. Reading your posts is like a deja vu event Andy - I know what's coming before you write it. It's a wonder the majority of pilots don't fly the same machine you, seeing as they are the most perfect machine ever created. For any new pilots reading this, don't just focus on weight or thrust or anything else any of us might suggest as the biggest and best. Try to fly more than one machine if you can and consider comfort, reliability, build quality, attention to detail, flight characteristics & geometry and perhaps biggest of all, after sales support.
  2. The Moster engine is about the best there is in terms of power to weight IMO. If you want lightweight and smoothness then the Atom 80 is awesome. Personally I wouldn't consider a Nitro these days - I've only tried one once but it was very uncomfortable with vibration whilst on tickover and there are few few design aspects I dislike. Each to their own.
  3. Don't go near it. For example, look at the Parajet paramotors they have for sale, mostly models from ten years or more ago. They even have Gilo's Everest machine for sale on there - that's in Parajet HQ in Semley and not for sale.
  4. I flew a Thor 100 for three years, found it totally bombproof. It was later models that Polini had problems with.
  5. I flew with one for several years, really liked it. I'm surprised how many people say they don't like them. This is France but will ship to the UK: https://www.miniplaneshop.com/en/miniplane-paramotor-gas-command-and-pieces/1417-throttle-gas-paramoteur-cameleon-v3.html Or FlySpain: https://www.flyspain.co.uk/shop/chameleon-finger-throttle-version-3/
  6. Good luck with that! Great guys but they've been trying to restructure over the past few years.
  7. I haven't seen one of those for a very long time! I think they were intended as school wings for beginners and came out about 2006 or so. As the address is for Paramania when they were in Presteigne shows how old the wing is. Wouldn't know how much it's worth but I'd guess not much owing to its age.
  8. Nicely put Rod, and welcome to PMC.
  9. Four of us took off near Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, which is stunningly beautiful, and flew in circles up to 10,000 feet and then headed out over the Julian Alps above cloudbase with peaks poking through now and then, with an eventual a descent through clouds whilst still over the mountains (a partial leap of faith), then more mountain flying below cloudbase and we eventually landed a few miles from the Italian border. That flight is etched into my memory as stunning and unforgettable.
  10. My paramotor already has guaranteed non-accidental airbag deployment. I think that extra weight, extra bulk, extra preflighting, extra stress worrying about it going off accidentally, and wondering what to do if you're coming down upside down or spinning and so on would be prohibitive. How would you know when to deploy it or whether you perhaps shouldn't? If things have gone that badly wrong then it's probably enough to deal with sorting the wing and throwing the reserve.
  11. Don't fancy one of those accidentally going off when coming in to land normally or mid wingover.
  12. I'd hold off buying things like sunglasses, wait until you can fly and then start trying stuff out. Personally, I never fly with sunglasses. That's unless you want to look cool on the ground, of course. I bought my helmet and comms before I trained. I still have the comms but sold the helmet soon after I got flying for something I preferred. Should have waited and tried stuff out.
  13. To be serious, this clown tried to get people to engage with him as a paramotor/747 pilot. Now because that has failed he is trying to get people to engage with him as a computer programmer. Just don't and hopefully he'll go away.
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