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  1. It's a situation many of us have. Trying to find a field. At the end of the day farmers use fields to make money. Of the 4 local farmers around me, 3 have given a flat no. The 4th is far more reasonable and suggested a small field I could use. Problem is it's right next to a paddock that has horses in it. I suggested that together we saw how the horses reacted to the motor and some kiting. They were fine with the motor, the wing caused them to run around like headless chickens even when about 50m away. As a result it was a no go. A real shame. I did use a friends field a couple of times, but it was small, with a bit of a slope and now has horses in it. OK for very particular wind directions. I ended up having to land in a next door field without permission once due to a wind direction change whilst in the air. Luckily no crops had germinated so no harm done. I've also tried local airfields. One said "no 2 strokes" - I almost told him I had a four stroke just to see if it was an excuse. One said that he had had too many paramotors being idiots (low flying, pissing off neighbours etc) to risk it again. I managed to get to see him face to face and he was fine. Big issue was the runway was a narrow strip with a high hedge down one side and crops the other. Totally dependent on the wind being in the perfect direction for not just take-off but also landing. I've got two more local options to explore, but it is hard..... The USA lot have no idea how lucky they are - one with FAR103 and federal land, and also just having SOOOOO much space.
  2. Simon, great idea. Can't imagine anything worse than knowing you can save a life and not knowing what to do! Dedicated day at Membury would be great, or there is a great village hall in Aldbourne (v.close to Membury) that would be ideal. Let me know if you need any help setting it up.
  3. My - still novoce pilot - approach is to try to control the take off as much as possible, Get lots of speed on the ground and only then apply a bit of brake - me telling the wing when to take off, not the other way round. Deffo only raise the legs when you are well off the ground.
  4. Very wary of dogtag - reading their Extreme Sports policy I noticed that whilst engaging in Paramotoring there is No personal accident or liability cover. So I pay the extra for an extreme sports policy and then am explicitly NOT covered for accident/liability when engaging in that sport. Whilst medical cover is included it still takes away significant policy benefits. See Page 6 of https://www.dogtag.co.uk/media/1683/covered-hazardous-sports-181217-v1.pdf for the relevant section. Calling JS now....
  5. JS look like they are about half the price. I'll give Chris a call. Thanks Lee.
  6. I'm planning a visit to see my brother in Spain later this spring. Whilst a valid EH1C card is useful, it seems to make sense to have accident insurance to cover extras like repatriation etc. I've found a company SportsCoverDirect that will cover but it costs £120 for a 10 day trip. For previous PMC holidays are there any other companies that people can suggest ? Cheers all......
  7. Love it. Great video - plus you made it look a load warmer than it probably was !
  8. Attn all NE Wiltshire/W Berkshire/S Oxfordshire pilots. Whilst we have the amazing Membury airfield as members of the PMC, the instructors can't be there every flyable hour - especially those long summer evenings. It's also always nice to have a variety of sites to fly from. I also really like the idea of getting to know a few local pilots better in a more social setting - aka a pub. I've been looking for a local field to fly from with limited success. So I've come up with a plan B. I want to rent a area of land from a local farmer that would be fenced off and the grass kept short. Obviously there would be a cost so I wanted to post here to get a feel for anyone who is interested and would be prepared to contribute. If you are interested in a local flying site or meeting up for a beer every now and then, I've set up a facebook group so please feel free to apply to join and we can get things rolling ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/129877197674558/ Look forward to meeting up !
  9. Really, really look forward to this. Electric paramotors solve just so many issues. Keep us posted ! Do you have any technical details in terms of batteries/thrust/motors/current etc ?
  10. Simon, You need access to the DNS entries for the domain - these are reported as LIVEDNS.CO.UK so I'm guessing you have a fasthosts account for the domain A bit of a dig there shows that www.paramotorclub.org is a cname for r269152.tryinvision.com I'm guessing that a cname record for paramotorclub.org pointing to the same tryinvision.com url will fix the issue although it's not always a great idea to add a cname for the domain root. This can be done at the fasthosts control panel. The root cause of the issue is the slightly strange way the the domain has been told to use the tryinvision servers. There is probably a better way of doing it than at present. Just shout if I can help further.
  11. The Swindon option is actually at Membury airfield. You can come of at the Membury services and sneak onto the normal roads. As a result it really doesn't take that long to get to. Google maps shows about an hour. The training there is good (I got signed off recently). The equipment is first rate and the instructors are in it for all the right reasons. Give Simon a call on 07983 428453.
  12. Looks so light it's floating in the YouTube thumbnail !
  13. Really interesting - a good read. Thanks Steve.
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