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  1. I was so inspired by the training blogs that I decided to start one of my own. Not to get too far off topic I feel it might be worth giving a little of the history that led me here. I went on a 5 day glider course when I was 21 and loved it. Sadly I didn't have the financial ability to keep up with it and so let it go. Fast forward 25 years and my son is an air cadet, flying every weekend and well on the way to his solo flight. After one year is is ready to go on the solo course but its too late in the season. Year two the cadets decide he cant go solo because they have increased the minimum age. Year three he is booked on a course and less than a week before he goes cadets suspend all flying indefinitely! My son was destroyed! So upset! It was horrific to see as a dad. I promised him I would make it right. It took over a year but I got us into the only club in Cornwall and off we went together. What fun! Weather and other commitments meant we struggled to get as much flying in as we wanted to but I was learning fast and my son was just great. We decided to go on a course for a week to push us on. Amazing both go solo and its all on. Back home the club we belong to is really struggling to get us in the air and over time my son goes off to Uni and joins another club and I just drift away from gliding again. It was a combination of things but mostly the need for a team to get you in the air on top of every other constraint. I discovered solo hot air balloons and the idea of being able to fly on my own was fabulous. Sadly learning to fly balloons while living in Cornwall is really hard and it turns out solo balloons are for very experienced pilots so once again Im unable to get up in the air. I am still going to do training flights but its a long term project now. Once again it was my son to the rescue "Im thinking about paramotoring dad" he says "check this out" HOLD THE FRONT DOOR! I can take off from home, explore the beauty of Cornwall and land right back at home without the need for another living soul. Better than that I can fly with my son as soon as he learns and get home from his year in New Zealand! This is it. Better even than all of that after I speak to a few people it turns out you lot are pretty cool. There seems to be a lot less bullshit in the paramotor world than in other forms of flying. I have found and booked what I believe you cal a "Zero to Hero" course in Spain with Steve from Wales. He has been great in the run up to the course (end of this month) with loads of advice on what I will and won't need to buy. No pressure to buy kit from him but the opportunity to if that suits. I am lucky enough to have a decent (not limitless) budget so the world is sort of my oyster. So far I have committed to buying a nearly new parajet Maverick and decided that the wing for me is a dudek universal 1.1 if I cant find a nearly new one today!!!! I will order a new one tomorrow along with a reserve a helmet and a box full of much needed widgets and gadgets! All of my new toys are going to Spain so that I can get using the kit I intend to develop my flying with ASAP. I want to avoid coming home to either no kit and a massive confidence sapping delay as well as coming home to a big box of kit that is all new and unknown to me. My plan so far is to get to Spain, learn as much as I can, get in the sky a bit, learn a lot more and then come home so I can use every little weather window to slowly develop my skills. Did I mention that I am lucky enough to be almost retired and live on a small holding with a decent launch field 1 minutes walk from my front door? I am grown up enough to know that the course is very much a tiny step and that I won't come back a pilot. I am very much looking forward to the Cornwall fly in and hope to be good enough to fly in from home and maybe fly here with a few new friends for a tea and cake pitstop! I hope you lot will be totally honest with me and feel free to point out flaws in my plan and to suggest anything you feel might be useful I will try and do blog updates as I put my kit together and while I am in Spain.
  2. Hello everyone! After looking at all the options for Ultralight aviation it seems that PPG fits my needs best. Ive tried to get in contact with schools ive found through Google, but have had little success. Can you folks help point me in the right direction to get a demo experience/training in the sport? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi all so just had my first tandem flight, and loved it. Afterwards I told the instructor that I'd love to get the training for the paramotor, he responded and said I shoulI earn to master hanggliding first and get 30-40 jumps in before I start strapping an engine to my back. that makes sense to me... but he also recommended I should then go for the advanced package, aerial stunts and more theory. He of course offers both.... So I'm curious, how did you all start out? What would you recommend? Also, I might be dreaming... but I envision myself getting a paramotor and driving around all kinds of places and seeing the from the air. Can you do that? Is that something that "you people" do. I already do the travelling bit, sightseeing from the air sounds like a great addition. Best regards Kim
  4. Hi all, I am looking to start training in Norfolk/the North side of Suffolk. I have seen Ufly4fun in Lincolnshire but it's a bit far unfortuantly (3 hour round trip). Does anyone know of any instructors in the area mentioned? I have some aviation experience in sailplanes and have simply tried paragliding, but not paramotors and I would be very interested in learning. Thank you for the help!
  5. Hello all, Another one from the west of Scotland (Oban) looking to get in to Paramotor early next year after wanting to do it for 10+ years I have told my self "just do it". Just stating to look at training and and logistics given my location as you know trainers few and far between in Scotland. I have plenty of family around Doncaster so that could be an option to spend a few weeks down there and travel back and forth if there are any local trainers that are recommended, or i could travel further south although times i could travel down may be more limited (my job is pretty flammable and can usual take time off at late notice). Does any one have any suggestions? or the best way to do this given the distance? (want train in the UK rather than go abroad) Trying to get a bit of a head start one of my good friends who is local to me taught paragliding in Portugal and now just fly's XC for fun, they have been taking me out to get me used to ground handling and kiteing a wing, Ant hing else i could do to help me hit the ground running so to speak? Thanks all in advance every one
  6. Hi. I live in Kettering and looking to get some training to get in the sky. A trial lesson or something similar would be good. Don't want to travel far so someone local if possible. Look forward to hearing from someone.
  7. I've heard of FuSTICS, MACE & WHIP, specific to PPGs, and the general aviation IMSAFE. Anyone else have a good mnemonic to check-over yourself & gear before flying? Newbie PPG student
  8. Hi all, Am about to turn 40...so it's time to do something about my dreams...! Can anyone recommend any training within say 90min drive of West London (Membury aside ). Thereafter, where do people fly from? All the Heathrow slots are gone... Many thanks for all and any help, thoughts, etc!
  9. Here we go. My brother and me started our venture to become paramotor pilots about a year ago, yes the title of this post is "Let The Training Begin", allow me to explain. We first found out about paramotoring because a certain video was trending, yes the well known Tucker Gott flying to McDonald's video. Some may roll their eyes at this others a nod in Tuckers direction regardless, I was inspired, what wasn't to love? Take off from your local park, grab a bite to eat and then fly home. From that point I've obsessively watched videos from various sources on YouTube and read a hell of a lot of post online about the sport. Back to the training... At the time of discovery we got a bit eager and bought a very cheap Solo 210 home-brew of a paramotor, which we're still renovating, our friend bought a old clapped out APCO Thrust for ground handling. We literally started at ground zero. We knew nothing. We had no instruction, bar what I had been watching online, hell we didn't even know how to get the wing out of the bag it came in. We filmed it all. Everything related to our paramotor journey in the last year we've filmed and it's on my YouTube channel for you to all have a good laugh at. However, as of 5th January 2019 we had our first official lesson of which you'll find the video below. If you feel inclined to watch our journey from the beginning, which is amusing at points if i do say so myself, then you can find my channel here: https://bit.ly/2RSpRNb Here's my intro video to our official paramotor training. I hope you enjoy the video and any likes or subscribes would be truly appreciated, see you up in the air.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm brand new to this forum having only just discovered the amazing form of flight that is Paramotoring! I've always had a drive to get in the air, but have always found the expense to be too much, whether in training costs, vehicle costs, or hangarage. Paramotoring is definitely proving to be the right path for me, affordable, fun, and a strong community in an emerging sport. I have been reading online, and to be honest the information surrounding training is a little vague. Some courses endorse BHPA, others APPI, however it says in most places that this is not a mandatory requirement? Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction. I am based in South Essex and cannot wait to get my wings, just want to give myself the best start. Thanks All, Ash
  11. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Francis who is the person that has made this exciting news possible. As you mat have heard, the UK CAA have now agreed to issue an exemption to anyone who can provide a GP's letter stating clearly that you should not continue with foot launched paramotoring for whatever the reason is. Bad Back, Disability and so on... The process is a simple one and only requires that you send: Doctors letter, a description of the modification, and a statement to say that it still meets the SPHG definition (sub 70kg). The trike must be one with a detachable Paramotor. Below is a copy of the Draft exemption policy. Draft exemption policy for SPHG.pdf I will be talking to the PMC insurers tomorrow about this but am certain that they will be able to cover people who have the exemption in place. We are offering conversions NOW for people who have this exemption in place. If you would like help to submit your request, please give me a bell and I will do my best to help. SW
  12. Is there training this weekend 14th and 15th at Membury as always subject to weather?
  13. Hi All I have been thinking of learning to paramotor for years and determined to try this year! I have a few questions for the forum 1)I am currently 18st and hope to lose some weight soon.(again been saying this for years too! ). I have seen that this is not overerweight if using a larger wing. Does it make learning harder if using a larger wing? 2)Any idea where the closest club is to Bicester Oxfordshire? Hopefully when trained I can fly from the local gliding centre across the road (Windrushers) 3) Any idea how much training costs and duration? 4) What is the approx cost of a full set of equipment? Sorry to start with a few questions. Many Thanks Keith
  14. Hello all. I’m currently booked in for a first day training at Airways Airsports, also been in contact with active edge on the Yorkshire Dales. Quite a trek To both places as there seems to be no schools in Lancashire ! Can anyone recommend the above ? Cheers !
  15. Hello errrbody. I ordered my stuff (geeze how come ppg equipment doesn't just magically materialize at my doorstep? JUST TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!! ). I'm all excited. Now, any pointers to a new guy, pre-training, on what you know now that you didn't know that you didn't know before getting into ppg? For example, "If I had only known [insert obvious "thing" any experienced pilot would be fully aware of here], my experience level would have graduated SOOO much quicker." Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, i'm new to the sport but would really like to get stuck in. I'm trying to find a place where i could get paramotor training nearby to York and some advice on getting started. I haven't really done any "para" related sports other than a tandem paragliding session with active edge but i would really appreciate some pointer.
  17. Hi! I've just joined the site, mainly as a lurker to find out more about paramotoring! Having just moved to Kent, I'll need to wait until I have some more money for training and equipment before I take the plunge. Just wondered if anyone has any experience learning abroad? It seems to be a lot cheaper than learning in the UK and I guess the weather is more reliable, i.e. in Spain. Also, is there anyone in the South East who's agreeable to meeting up for a chat / observe you fly please? Thanks in advance!
  18. Just completed my first days paramotor training with Simon and Colin at Membury. A steep learning curve but progress was made. Special thanks to Colin who has the patience of a saint in teaching a newcomer like me to this sport. Looking forward to the next day. Thankyou Sandy
  19. It’s been 5 weeks since i had my first lesson in Paramotoring. Since then there have been a few variables that have led to such a long absence from the airfield: Weather Family life Work Other hobbies The main cause out has been the weather. I have a bit of a better understanding of the weather requirements now so now i look for a good wind - Average of <10mph and gusts under 15mph. That’s about my limit. The night of my 1st session, i ordered what has now become a bible and regular bedtime read - ‘Paramotoring from the ground up’ 2013 edition. This is a great book that covers so much in a really easy-going way: FLPA exemption (Which means i can’t take a cup of coffee up with me because if the cup falls, that contravenes Schedule 3 of the Foot-Launched Powered Aircraft Exemption - which includes dropping people (??)). Introduction to the aircraft (i’ll stop calling it a parachute with a motor - i think aircraft sounds betters!) How it actually fly’s - Lift, drag, the controls etc Mastering the Wing - of which some of my learning was validated when i finally got my 2nd lesson in) The Power Unit (I didn’t even know how a 2-stroke engine worked!) As well as the rest: Instruments, hardware, rules, laws, airspace, weather and (excited bit) competitions Overall, the book has really helped me on a number of levels - learning, keeping the ‘drive to fly’ present, and giving my confidence. O and i also order my own wing… the not so expensive part of the kit… (exciting!!!!!) So on the night of the 17th (June), i text Simon after looking at the not-so-perfect weather “are we good to go?”. "Yes mate ? Se you tomorrow" was the response got… BOOM! We’re on!!! So Saturday morning, i arrived promptly at 9am ready for the day. There were a few other there that i hadn’t met - all at similar levels. I met the guy that went to a trade-type show to buy a t-shirt and walked away with a paramotor! Awesome bit of kit btw…. (didn’t see the t-shirt thought lol) and i has my first task of ‘F*ck he’s gunna crash… ooo no he didn’t, ooo he’s about to have a wind direction pole anally inserted…. ooo no he didn’t!) that incidentally didn’t scare me off - just made me wanna get up there! So as for the training…. After re-familiarisign myself with the kit, building the wall, ‘making love with the wing’ and general practice, i moved on to a full sized wing! This was great…. more force but slower reaction time to the wind… which actually gave more thinking time…. I also did the reverse launch…. Reverse launch? Yes - you face the wing, get it in the air, twist 180 degrees and run! simple…. got the hang of that pretty quick (thanks to imprinting the instructions from the book followed by confirmation and more tips to improve from the instructor… felt more autonomous today ? TIP: I wore some gym gloves today…. so the cables arrmchign the wing to the harness didn’t rub my hand raw… (Less from the last lesson). So - not much more to say apart from: “you’ll be taking your first flight next lesson… “ Yes! I’ll be in the air actually flying solo!!! Hopefully i won’t be almost flying into trees and i’ll try to prevent the wind direction pole from inserting itself anally!!!! haha So here's a little arial drone video edit i've knocked up showing the airfield, and someone training their 'ground handling'... Hope you like it... (and i mean 'knocked up' btw... )
  20. Bazza1111

    The start

    the first stages For me learning to fly was always something I had wanted to do, but I never had the money or brains (so I thought) to do it. During my twenties and thirties I dabbled in a number of sports from climbing in my younger years then progressing on to mountaineering as my skills progressed and later moving into the caving and windsurfing scenes. Then, as the grey hairs inevitably muscled there way through and the 'dad bod' started to form it was time to find a new hobby. For me the logical step was to look back into flying. The start for everything now is the Internet, so, there I am, click, click, click, distraction after distraction, cats on skateboards, dogs being chased by mice, focus - stay on the search and after many hours of trawling through different pages, I found learning to fly for me was out of the question due to cost of lessons and that diabetics are not allowed to get a pilots license (Bloody health and safety). Just as I had given up hope one last distraction, a YouTube clip of a paramotor pilot having to ditch into the sea off of sandbanks Dorset, and a glimmer of hope! Does paramotoring have the same restrictions as flying a plane and can I afford it? Time to resume the search.. With new enthusiasm my next search was more focused. Paramotorclub.org seemed to turn up again and again, Facebook was pretty useless and other sites seemed to be paragliding based. With further research I found my nearest training centre to be at Membury airfield by the m4. It was time for a phone call. Simon Westmore was the guy on the other end of the phone, I had a plethora of questions; I'm diabetic can I fly? How long does it take? How much is it? How much is kit? How experienced are the instructors? Do you supply the kit for me to learn? Do I need insurance? Thankfully Simon had all the answers and gave me confidence - not enough to pay for lessons there and then, I don't just hand over my hard earned to any old Nigerian prince with an investment opportunity on the other end of the phone! So next it was off to the airfield to meet Simon, make sure it was a credible set up and see if paramotoring is for me. Training - morning 1 Membury airfield is 40 minutes from my home, driving up was a mixture of excitement and nerves. Sat nav is a wonderful thing and it took me straight to the airfield without a problem. The field itself is flat and well, a field. Simon was easy to spot, his van had 'paramotor training.com' written on it and there was a huddle of guys next to it - one of them had to be Simon. After parking up Simon introduced himself and Colin, another instructor, and invited me to have a go before I committed to the full course - this massively eased my mind. The relaxed approach and easy going attitude of both Colin and Simon was just what I was looking for. The first morning was spent 'ground handling' with a small training wing, this was a safe way of feeling the wind, recognising how the wing reacts and generally gaining confidence. Colin is an excellent instructor and with his positive instruction I quickly had the wing up and was able to react to gusts (pull the brake lines) and lulls (run like fudge!). Roses were next, they're not just for valentines, who knew paramotoring was so girly? Simon did apparently, he showed me how to rose (pack up) the wing without tangling lines and walk to a different location, then it was back to practice, practice, practice. After a few hours of this and a lot of encouragement from Simon and Colin it was time for lunch and progression to a larger wing and harness! Yey!!! I'm confident and hooked! Then came the wind, the dreaded wind! As soon as its above 15mph learning to paramotor is iffy so we are blown out for the day and I'm booked back in for 9am tomorrow.
  21. From the album: Hull Aero Paramotor Club

    Flying my bulldog and Nucleon
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