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    Dudek Reaction 29

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    Dudek Reaction 29 owned since new. 2007 wing. Last services this year by aerofix - see pictures for report which passed as general fair to good condition, 3 lines replaced and all flyable. I don't keep a log book, but I'd imagine around 10-20 hours per year - so somewhere between 120-240 hours. Always kept dry, and stuff sacked. still crispy. It's an oldy but a goody in nice colours. Suit intermediate pilot on a budget.



  2. I use 25 litre metal gerry can. I mix oil as soon as I fill it, and I write on can when I filled, and what ratio I used. Sometime it might sit in there for 6 months (as some of it had flight before last when I finished it and had to refill. I've never had any problems from 'old' fuel or degrading mixed oil that folk go on about. I use a standard glass ball jiggle syphon. A few shake starts it, then I hold the gerry can up high to increase flow. fills in no time. take out of gerry can first, and allow fuel in pipe to flow into tank. remove pipe, and leave out to dry while you fly (so no stinky fuel smell in vehicle). no spillages, no hassle really.
  3. wow they've really changed the top of Babdag! seems they've even build a fecking lake (swimming ?). first time I was there, the block paving wasn't even there.
  4. yeh that'd be great Tony - a good excuse to drive to lands-end too as never done it before. is there somewhere u know you can fly from around there then ? stu
  5. Hi chaps, I'm gonna head down to the South West from 13th July for a few weeks for some flying and cycling, etc in the motorhome. So far I've got two flying locations sorted (and where I can also wild camp for 2-3 days) - one near Glastonbury, and the other - Davidstow, thanks to Tony on the forum. Obviously the weather as usual is the great unknown, so it would great if I could find another 2 places or so in that general pointy out bit: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset area - so I can bumble about between location as the weather dictates. Any friendly clubs or airfields, etc. Obviously happy to pay visiting fees, etc as required. Ideally be good if I can stay at the field for a few nights as I say, as it makes it easier to take advantage of the weather, and it gives me somwhere to stay without hunting for laybys, etc - I try to avoid campsites at all costs really. Failing that, maybe known locations you've not had issues flying from - waste ground, moors or whatever would be a start. atb stu
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1bvxowLP7U I've stuck this as a link - as you'll need to comment on the youtube video with the answer if u want a chance of winning the quality merch on offer
  7. On the assumption that eventually holidays will resume - does anyone know of anywhere that does a course on speed wings ? not powered, just courses with speed wings ? thought it'd be kinda fun learning. I tried one once but it was so responsive it scared the pants off me, but I could see how once you get used to it, a hike and fly kinda thing would be pretty fun - but I'd rather not just buy one and make all the mistakes I'd no doubt avoid if I had a course first. I had a rake around the inter-verse but turned up blank. Alternative I suppose is one of the single skin intermediate wings coming out now - same weight, but flies more like a regular PG.. but as new, they're aint many 2nd hand out there, and I don't think I'd use it enough to justify spending 2k on a toy I'd use 2 or 3 times a year. stu
  8. Hi chaps - if you've got an older van or motorhome fer paramotor transport, or an older car - maybe it's worth upgrading yer stereo ? I've had an android based on in the motorhome for a while - 7" screen, etc- but it's very slow, crap processor, etc and kept crashing all the time. They've come on quite a bit, and prices have dropped a hell of a lot so I fitted a new one. You can get a cheap 10.1" panel one for about 60 quid now, or a better one with vastly faster processor, more memory, split screen support etc for about 150 squid. I started with the 60 quid one, but went up to the 150 quid one as I wanted split screen, and more memory - since the cheap one kept closing my background apps as it ran out of memory. Like all this chinese no make stuff, expect 'quirks' - the most obvious one for those not having used these before is that most will only 'remember' the apps, music etc playing for a minute or so after turn off ignition, then they shut down.. so each time you start motor its 20 secs or so to start up android... that's one of the few benefits ones like Xtrons and pumpkins ones have - but they cost twice as much. anyway, they are worth a look if you fancy a cheapish upgrade to yer vehicle imho - I have split screen satnav/music player, latest maps, speed limits, traffic cams, tyre pressure monitor, etc and a nice big screen all for less than my first decent tape deck car stereo cost me in 1990.. This one lefts me adjust shutdown time - so at 15 mins it means stopping for petrol, etc doesn't mean it shuts down and restarts again. I did add an amp, subwoofer and upgraded speakers right enough - which was another 200 quid, but still cheaper than a pioneer or summit. here's my setup here if you wanna see one in action:
  9. hi andrew, just google the Kenwood plug and you'll find pinout. Same for TRRS of android. https://www.wildtalk.com/knowledge-base/kenwood-2-pin-wiring-data/ https://www.epanorama.net/blog/2014/09/15/android-device-external-mic-wiring/ I've done it both ways - no major issues. stu
  10. Designed some new graphics for the motorhome - 3 layers of vinyl. came out pretty good I reckon. the dark blue is same blue as front of van, and silver matches the hymer silver.
  11. sunny, thermal and about 10-12mph ground wind today. And after cleaning the van, I thought I'd check BHPA site and found I could fly again. Last flight January before the knee op. 3 months since knee op, which is early, but physio says I'm at the stage most folk are after 6 months, so feck it - I went for a wee 20 min flight today just to get back in the air. I only had 2.5 liters of fuel, and it was bumpy and thermal as buggery, but it was just good to get back up in the air frankly. I visibility of about 60 miles so nice views (as nice as they get in billiard table suffolk anyhoo), and thermals have never bothered me much. Surprised not more folk commenting about flights - I was a bit worried I'd read it wrong so checked BHPA again to be sure - and I'm sure was all allowed. The fact the skies were full of GA was also a give away - never seen so many wee planes around here than today. Anyhoo - got up, got down, landed on my feet, no issues with knee. So all in all, I call that a win. Looks like some better weather over the week, so might have another go now I've got some more fuel, etc. stu
  12. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/hang-glider-flies-over-leeds-18021405 hmm...
  13. Hasn't that got anything for it ? I'm an apple fanboy - but just for macs (got 5 macbooks, 2 imacs and 3 mac minis in the hoose and been developing for macs since the 90s). but not an iOS fan at all though I'm afraid - after about iphone 4 is was glaring obvious to me that android was better - and that's never changed.. though I wish I could free myself from the grip of google. I think PPgs has a companion iwatch app - have you tried that ? It's not something I'd develop myself as frankly I'm a selfish sod - and build stuff for myself - and if it's useful for someone else, that's a happy side effect! Can you even see an iwatch screen in bright sunlight ? stu
  14. OK, I admit this has zero paramotoring relevance.. but I thought I'd knock up a website to cheer folk up stuck in their hooses. Some 'official' advice on how to work from home. feel free to share - maybe bring a smirk to folks faces. https://wfh-faq.yolasite.com/ and as they say in Hill Steeet Blue - Let's be careful out there. stu
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