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  1. OK , the unboxing week of the new rig, well new to me and pretty new so now thinking Id wish Id paid the extra £80 for transit Insurance (nervously!) lol Up till now I have viewed most You Tube out there and then some.... but the real bonus is that as a complete newbie, I have had loads of happy and supportive commentary on another thread here and I have this week been out and about identifying potential sites and it turns out if you go armed with a picture of the kit and a bottle of something I haven't had a thumbs down from anyone......in fact surprised interest and curiosity as to whether I am actually going to fly with the Zimmer Frame BUT this is my question I need a schedule for Wing Work , at what point is it competent or will you just know , yes you have the hang of it......also I dont understand the whole what you hold thing , I have seen various videos that tell you how to hold the lines for flight but none that tell you for wing training. This may see, very basic but can someone tell me what you hold and for what purpose and also . what you tug ( enough!) to get it above you.......answers on a postcard, in a few years time I know Im going to be amazed at how dumb this question is. Also, whilst Im on does anybody know the system for fuel mixing and how do you get it super accurate or perhaps it's not super critical?
  2. OK....this is the week my paramotor engine and wing arrives and excitement is an understatement, looking out the window today with the Atlantic full force on, it seems that the greatest test is going to be to find the flyable days BUT you live with what you got and I choose to be in the Hebrides manly for the scenery, music and the edge of the world atmosphere here, so all that comes at a price BUT can you imagine when I do get up the feeling of wonder will be amplified looking across towards the mountains and the other isles. I paramotor online like so many others and I would like to give a thumbs up to my YOu Tube sub for https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxX-zJKlEMf_H9tuenoXSpQ Mack is a really down to earth guy living in Portugal and I think his content is really tuned to folks like me I love the Anthony Vellas , Tuckers, Woodys Gamertag but the chance of me winging over. or footdragging is like sooo remote Id love to wing bump if I could find anybody to bump with within a 100 miles lol (assuming skills lol) anyway I thought it would be fun to see who else follows who and have you heard of any UK guys putting it out there regularly . Smiles all round.
  3. Hallo, Im a rookie  well more a hoody I suppose! On the Isle of Skye trying to pull together some contacts for the future.

    My name is Phil Berkeley

  4. Thankyou so much, saved to my ipad and its not just sunny or dry, wet or cold....its mmmmm I wonder if this is ok lol I like the idea of your analogy, ok . nothing changes then lol but thankyou
  5. Oh Thats great to hear, yes and im pretty light anyways so its got a good thrust to weight ratio of 44lb/101lb of thrust listen to me eh like i really know lol
  6. I kinda have total respect for the thing and Im already catching the weather thing, other people want to know whether its good for a day out , Im thinking could I fly if I could fly lol . In all of this remote outpost I have found the one field that the very first flights to Skye happened back in the 1920s and its still not under cultivation, just mown for silage and I called with a large bottle of dram to pave the way the only hazard being the west facing beach but it s hundreds of yards away, so thats where ill be from hereon, head north turn left you can't miss my new bright orange spark, you might even see me on the news lol if you do can you collect my kit and follow the ambulance
  7. OK peeps....thank you. I have just spent all the wife's savings and bought the whole kit and caboodle. So now my crispy wing and brand new engine are just waiting for me to do what with, well im gonna kite n kite n kite and then some, wear the engine run it up lots get used to the feel and then find myself some help to take the next step....So a huge Thank You for all your advice I did listen but the chap in the red suit stood behind my left shoulder and I realised that I can still run faster than my wife! lol and when asked I will say well these nice folks on Paramotorclub.org said!lol can't wait, now for a go pro lol
  8. Barra and its two mile long cockleshell beach is undeniably one of the most scenic flying areas anywhere and its on my bucket list for sure , but just Barra - Barra lol.....the island is linked by a causeway to Vatersay and it would make stunning footage , a low flight along it and I can virtually see Barra today and they say if you can't see it from Skye, there is bad weather and if you can see it.....there's bad weather coming lol
  9. I recall when i flew on the inside of aeroplanes! That my skipper said to me....No worries Phil remember the aircraft doesn't know its over the water and I have drawn comfort from that a few times however NO, I read that these 2 stroke engined aircraft are vulnerable to simply having a bad day and I should expect engine failure as the norm! Rather than something you talked about in the pub....that video I had the link sent to me recently portrayed stretching the glide painfully well and in his case it kinda didn't ...and hanging from the underside of the aircraft....thats really pants wetting to know you cant get that glide, the Gimley Glider just did lol but IF I were on the south coast looking out over the straits of Gibraltar looking at the blue dark ridge of the RIF and in your weather I can see how enticing a flight that is after all a truly intercontinental one! Definitely a rioja moment if ever
  10. Really well said , we want to do this thing because ,? I mistakenly thought because it’s super cool, and a plane in the boot and a thousand other reasons that are as personal as the individuals but actually it’s hunting down the competence not being better than anyone just better than yourself, facing the fear is unlocked by not being the mediocre bloke or blokess we are all normally and for a change being good at something, that’s not to boast about but just know your good at something which in my case is pretty rare lol and applying yourself, evaluating the weather, the site, the day, the mission and your inner self and learning from others which is why the generosity of everyone’s comments is truly heartwarming , bringing together a community of like minded people however far they be flying. The idea of that pocket handkerchief being the football field you left from is really a hometruth I can imagine and having some cool dude on the ears telling you it’s ok must be a massive boost so as they say in all the good you tube videos , this is no substitute for real training but it’s hugely interesting to hear from pilots personal opinions. Thank you I feel part of a wider group already Great Come n fly this awesome place even fly off Barra Beach a short ferry ride away, as You can’t fly there lol
  11. I get this that’s a really balanced commentary , cheap is what it is cheap and your super lucky if it does the job you hoped ie be great for ground handling training and you wouldn’t want to do all that hard work and then find you couldn’t fly the wing you might eventually buy etcetera so invest in the final wing , that’s your experience and it worked wonders for you t depends if you have anyone local to help you. I struggled trying to follow youtube tutorials with it, because it just wasn't that forgiving. I'd have definitely had more luck with my new one. I think the core of your opinion lies therein, that’s exactly what I’m doing You tubing my experience and you know exactly how safe armchair pilots are! I WILL get formal PPG instruction, before I go up but I’m just trying to increase my chances as I can’t afford to do otherwise and Im the wrong side of the Urals lol and the closest pilot is still a long ways though having said that driving the Glencoe last week one wonderful ppg pilot was cruising and landed in the middle of the moor adjacent to the kings head hotel, awesome I was so envious , it was so cool in the shadow of the ski resort he landed on a pocket handkerchief
  12. Well thats all very interesting.....yes ok flotation has to be there but only as an aid to keeping the hardware afloat affording you the precious seconds to extricate yourself. The video was rather awful a bit like watching a car crash, the apparent calmness of the flight followed by the inevitability pf an immersion and then the choking as its awfulness . I felt that, i swear , excellent piece of training footage...and its bought home to me your remarks about staying away from water..... also really interesting remarks concerning stepping off the throttle as your feet leave the ground, its kind of like once we push the throttles pilots are assisted by others or electro mechanically to keep the power where it should be, fully applied until the safe height , how many times do we hear how altitude is our friend BUT having said all that the increased noise, the anxiety and relief as adrenaline pumps through you and being alone it must be super easy to happen, I hope above all my hand would remain pinned to the max the second there was a commitment to flight but so easy said and truth I could be just that man....."These traps quickly disappear with familiarity.Its the reason why having a good instructor/training is the optimal option." YES this is good....never a better reason is there. I have heard that the angle of the thrust by standing well upright or possibly lying against the thrust optimises the efficiencies and enables shorter take off runs. Is that your experience? Im sure I will be like a drunk Gannet trying to stay under the wing , shouting run run run and having the runs lol
  13. MMMM ALL excellent advice theres no doubt, so a BIG thankyou. Interesting the flotation conundrum, perhaps after all IF you do find yourself entering water ( what is called in GA a controlled water landing lol....which makes Sully Sullenbergers achievement totally amazing) but I have always thought was complete )&*^(&*^&^cks its a crash and drown maybe....so you might be better having a drill and make sure you can slip out of the harness easily and given your already out the seat. loosen legs straps and or shoulder straps who knows. Im only trying to pick up on the idea of NOT investing too much hope or faith in armbands lol, so flotation seems a bit of a nono ok picking up on the reserve issue, OK its there and at sufficient height will save your neck....thank you. This seems like a preoccupation with in flight emergency when im already in a blimmin parachute lol, so im just wetting my pants . The really serious issue seems to be dont fly over water anyway, so footdragging my way over to Lewis is out then lol. Point taken Isnt it great these folks are chipping in with advice....I just missed out out on an Ozone wing (Ground Handling ONLY) admittedly for £150.00 I cried ...when I got outbid lol. I hear what you say about waiting to buy and YOU are right but I cant wait to learn the ground side ALL the videos seem to say if your a good ground handler you will be a better pilot and easier launches and just generally be more wing happy
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