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  1. until

    simply the best party with flying as well one not to be missed
  2. until

    as always a great no drama flying event pmc have got the recipe just right as with all pmc flyins and holidays
  3. until

    The best flyin of the summer not to be missed
  4. We fly alot slower so nav is easier as you have more time to do it.
  5. I found Runway HD pretty simple and straight forward to set up.
  6. What do you want a ground adjustable for ? Sent from my iPhone 6 prototype using PMC Forum mobile app
  7. Cross country planning is easy 1 check air space on your route if there is any route around it. 2 Height to fly at and landing options at all times. 3 Distance to refuel and landing take off options. 4 Check the weather along your route 5 check Notams 6 Check the weather along your route 7 final check of all kit 8 Check the weather along your route
  8. I have brought some fuel for mine so you can have a taxi around in it. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. Nothing is perfect first time and If I ever built another, removing any problematic design flaws would be advantageous. You might have to kick me on Friday night or Saturday as I don't know many peoples faces. Not long now till the fly in. Big blue renault master by the main tents (ugly looking bloke with no hair
  9. You want EGT readings as CHT readings can be too slow.
  10. I wont have mine there as I dont have room in the van.
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