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  1. until

    simply the best party with flying as well one not to be missed
  2. brilliant motor about 8-10 years if had mine no problems a bit heavy compared to the new breed but im still happy to keep it and have no reason to change it
  3. until

    as always a great no drama flying event pmc have got the recipe just right as with all pmc flyins and holidays
  4. until

    The best flyin of the summer not to be missed
  5. Prime hold kill button press starter button get it turning over then Let the sto button go
  6. Prop should not make any noticeable difference between 2 or 3 blade
  7. pete_b


  8. dont know where mine went but if you send pics or info on prices your having problems with I will do my best to help they have assembly videos on the Blackhawk website
  9. not sure about flyproducts kit but the simonini engine is a good reliable powerful engine have one for tandem flying never had any problems with any simonini engine
  10. I fly an Apco Lift EZ medum 27.5M (100 - 165kg) and am right in the middle at my weight. I deffo don`t want to fly slower.. As i mentioned above, if i could get the engine speed down to 5500`ish the flights would be a lot quieter, calmer and more relaxed, the engine tends to `shout` at 6000+. This is only fine-tuning my flying, if nothing can be done then so be it, i`m happy with my set-up overall. If you alter the prop pitch you will overload the engine as in driving uphill in top gear
  11. For what you want to do providing you have the correct to fitted now is to change the drive ratio
  12. clean plug or use new start run up to temp hold flat out and press kill button keeping throttle wide open remove plug and check colour light brown lean
  13. Cheers email sent Sent from my iPad 4 prototype using PMC Forum mobile app
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