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  1. ive noticed that there is training available at shipdon air feild the main diff is at UKPPG you can use there kit for the whole course lee
  2. hi all well after years of wanting to fly ive said sod it and ive signed up for training with Nigel at UKPPG at March whoo hoo its been a long wait and i still cant afford my own gear but to hell with it im going to do the training anyway lee
  3. hi only school i know of in the area is UKPPG over at March i,m about to start my training there soon regards lee
  4. hi currently in the process of saving to train not got much in the cash department so would be after a secound hand set up i would love a moster but no way could i afford one regards lee
  5. hi all i used to be 105kgs so was looking at a shimini engine to get me off the ground but i have been dieting and am close to getting down to my goal weight of 90kgs what paramotor choices are there for that weight regards lee
  6. hi all there were 2 paramotors over my work place in bury st edmunds last friday mid morning any idea who they were i dident see them but people in my company did and tryed to get hold of me but i was unable to get out and have a look regards lee
  7. hi there is a tow hanggliding club on the A140 near mendelsham and a tow paragliding club at beeston in norfolk but both require you to be a BHPA club pilot with 10 hours flying under your belt before you can join them as they dont do the training and so its back to the frustration of learning to freefly where as paramotoring you can learn locally and you dont need a tow as a flat field will do regards lee
  8. Hi i live in mildenhall and will be starting my training with nigel at ukppg soon as i went to there fly in and was very impressed with what i saw
  9. hi all whats the diffeance between a simonini mini 2 and a simonini mini 4 engine regards lee
  10. Hi has there been any flying today allso are there many trade stands lee
  11. lee_d

    kobra ppg snake

    Hi shame i am a bit to porky lol what about a bailey jpx 330 Regards lee
  12. Does the rest of the weekend look flyable regards lee
  13. Hi all i notice that the kobra snake is rated for pilots up to 110kgs would people agree or is this a bit hopefull Its just i have seen one for a good price near me i weigh 100kgs regards lee
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