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About Me

  1. I have been holding my breath for months, not being able to talk about this new engine. Very excited, it is not for everyone, it is also not replacing the Nitro. We feel the majority of pilots suit the Nitro 200. This new engine the Tornado 280 is breaking new ground again. Larger capacity bore and stroke giving 35hp is going to be great for larger pilots finally wanting a light weight engine. Launched on the weekend at the U.S. Beach Blast 2017 to a fair bit of Facebook chatter. Public sales will start in September. I hope to have one end of June. It has been in tho
  2. I'm looking to sell my Parajet Volution 3 frame with Moster 185 plus engine, comes with. I have owned it from brand new, first flight April 2016, it has around 25 hrs flight time. Works beautifully never had any engine problems, zero crashes. Perfect for someone looking to get into the sport. Also comes with Sky Spare XL lap mounted reserve fitted by Parajet, (never thrown). rrp £570 Also includes a Parajet V3 Frame Carry case £ £116 All relevant specs can be found here on the Parajet site. The kit is in good condition, always stored in a dry trailer, it has the usual use
  3. First of all, thank you for having me as part of your community. I am looking for information about transporting two paramotors on a specialized cargo hitch carrier. Do any of you have any information/tips for procuring something that would be suitable to carry a Miniplane Top80 + a Parajet Maverick with a Moster 185? I am driving a Subaru Outback. :) Additionally, would you go with a cargo hitch carrier for that setup, or would you rather get a trailer? Trailers come with their own sort of problems - tyres to manage, bearings that break and so on..
  4. Today was the day that I began to realise my childhood dream. When i was 11 years old, i bet my brother that i would be a pilot by the time i’m 50! Well today was the day that my vision of actually achieving that felt real. Today was my 1st Paramotoring lesson. Before i start - I had a few flying lessons in the past, but the ‘cost' of getting a pilots licence was just too high (in both time and money). AND once you get it, there’s the small issue of BUYING A PLANE! So realistically, i needed to work out another way to fly. Cue Paramotoring. So what is Paramotorin
  5. For anyone who is interested in how Kangook Paramotors are made:
  6. Find out how a Japanese karaoke machine manufacturer, an old dairy barn and the Clarks shoe company, combined with the vision and hard graft of one man, led to the world’s leading paramotor manufacturer - Parajet. What comes to mind when you think of Parajet? Smart designs? - Yes Gorgeous looks? - Certainly Superb build quality? - Without a doubt Reliability? - Absolutely Great flying dynamics? - The best Comfort? - Of course A long list - with one big overlying quality - customer service. I have to confess that I learned to fly on an old Pap, but the day I saw the or
  7. You can now literally fly over the Pyramids! Taking place in Giza Pyramids, Egypt [SEPTEMBER 5th - 10th, 2019] Enjoy From-the-air-tour of the Giza Plateau at the year’s biggest paramotor flying festival. With Dabuka you can book your Paramotor Flying ticket above the Pyramids, and take part of Egypt's biggest air-games Festival in September 2019. Book your adventure today, and participate in one of those life events you will never forget. Email: service@dabuka.de, Skype: dabuka Hurry up, only 5 seats remaining... reserve yours today! Price: $180 + Entrance fees
  8. MAVERICK The lightweight market for paramotors recently hotted-up with news of the new Maverick from Parajet, which was unveiled at Coupe Icare. At first glance, the Maverick looks very good. The two things which were most noticeable to me were the colour option on the cage rim and the fact that this is the first time Parajet hasn’t used sexy aerofoils in their frames and cages; for this machine everything is tubular and made from titanium. Although 'lightweight' is usually regarded as a compromise in terms of strength, Maverick appears to have not compromised on this aspect as much
  9. I thought I would start a thread with some pictures of my nitro in and on various cars, I hope this will grow and everyone will share pictures of their paramotors either compacted into a car, or complete in a van or on a car with our various methods of transport. Hopefully we can learn which van is best, which paramotors fit in which cars. To start off heres a few pics. This one always makes me chuckle first. My Smart Cabrio is an excellent van Paramotor transport by Surfer Vince, on Flickr Paramotor transport by Surfer Vince, on Flickr Paramo
  10. For sale is my startup paramotor and wing kit. It consists of a Radne Arrow Paramotor with Radne Raket 120cc engine with pull start and a PAP Motion Size 26 wing. It was an ideal first setup to build my initial hours on however it's time for it to go and for me to move on to a more advanced setup overall. The paramotor never skipped a beat despite what I've heard about it in the past. I've refurbished the carburettor fully with the repair kit bought from Radne Sweeden (£18) 15 hours ago and the pull start magnapull spring again bought from Radne Sweeden (£12) about 17 hours ago. That's al
  11. Greetings. I'm a paraglider pilot. I'm looking at buying a used HR R120 paramotor for my First paramotor. I'm looking for advice regarding this particular unit. Is it good? Bad? Tell me! What a used unit fetch normally if low hours and good shape? TX.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/720999287913701/permalink/1653118241368463/?sale_post_id=1653118241368463 Photos in link above, video available. Parajet Parajet Zenith fitted with Vitorrazi Moster Classic 185cc engine. Black hoops and chassis with graphite silver spars and stand. Moster 185cc engine ideal for larger loads, tandem, small wings. Lots of thrust in a small and light engine. Well maintained. Engine has just been overhauled with new piston and rings. New pull start mechanism, new belt, recent new carb. Good starter even from cold and runs very well
  13. HELLOOOO !!! Ive just moved back to Bath, is there anywhere i can takeoff from ? desperately trying to find people and or a sit to takeoff from. Ive got bhpa cp tow and motor Im on facebook as Eddie Handford (bath university) if thats easier Thanks
  14. NIRVANA RODEO Simonini 200 Lots of photos and a video on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pcqYY5yu60 http://www.paradrenalin.com/shop/paramotors/rodeo/ - full spec here. I am selling my barely run-in Nirvana Rodeo (Simonini 200) after buying a Nitro 200. I am only changing from this great machine because I want something a little lighter. This was bought new in June 2014 but has been mostly unused for 12 months in that time. It’s in excellent condition. I have now flown 20 hrs since a complete rebuild by the US Nirvana dealer (Ryan Shaw) and it runs perfectly
  15. I have said to a few people I think the Spyder is one of if not the best beginner Paramotor wing. Its lighter weight makes it easy to launch and forgiving of mistakes. The wing just hangs there waiting for input, begging to fly. I just come across a great youtube video which shows how easy it is. You can see the wind is light, barely blowing 5mph it looks. The key element to a beginner is reliable easy successful launching. Easy for an experienced pilot to make any wing look good, but when beginners pull up the spyder after ground handling something else is great to see.
  16. Just uploaded my most recent paravlog. Woody recently setup a local meet where a bunch of local pilots got together at the soccer fields behind my house. Here is my vlog about my training progress and telling about my experience at the meet. Thanks Woody for getting everyone together and taking the time to give me some valuable instruction/pointers! Enjoy guys!
  17. I am Looking into getting into flying paramotors in Malaga, Spain. FlySpain are not too far from me, and heard good reviews so more than likely will get a few lessons there, but I would like to buy the equipment first before I do. I have been told it is a good idea to buy a PAP as parts should be easy to get hold of here and that the Pap pa125 and Pap ros125 are really solid machines, but open to suggestions. I weigh 87kg and about 6ft2. Look forward to some suggestions, many thanks, Daniel.
  18. I bought a used ParaJet Volution 2 Macro last year (it's a 2012 model). An injury kept me from flying much but it seems like it has never run well. I’m not able to get over 6500 RPM with it and even that seems to be inconsistent. That manual says to shoot for 7600 RPMs. I can run it up, get 6500, let it back to idle, then get 5500 when I run it up again. Here’s what I’ve tried so far. Replaced the fuel tank cap and fuel filter. Replaced the fuel line and put in fresh fuel. Rebuilt the carb with the OEM kit (Walbro 37c). Adjusted the throttle cable to ensure t
  19. A question for folks ...has someone thought about using a 14k power bank ad a battery , pros n cons. If it can start a car I am sure u can crank a paramotor with it. Like this one https://www.walmart.com/ip/68800mAh-4USB-LED-Car-Jump-Starter-Emergency-Charger-Booster-Power-Bank-Battery/568089020?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=15564&adid=22222222228136594269&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=m&wl3=245352131987&wl4=pla-402280347529&wl5=9009674&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=118770990&wl11=online&wl12=568089020&wl13=&v
  20. Hey I have paramtor Radne raket 120 for sale complete set with reserve and prop. Ready to fly. Paramotor have electric starter. And it’s suitable for pilot with weight up to 75kg. Frame is made out of stainless steel and it have been powder coated. Frame can Be taken apart in. 3sections. Flight time for engine is 50 hours most. Shipping is not included in price. Paramotor is located in Latvia. U can contact me by phone +37128682054 or email zuravlovs65@gmail.com
  21. clearly I have never paramotered before, but I am deeply interested in the sport, I'm also interested in getting to college in the least stressful way possible. why dont I buy a car?! well according to google, paramotor cost you less in repairs if used correctly, so id rather spend a lot once than constantly fixing a lemon in essence, all im wondering is, can. I fly to college in anyway possible many thanks,
  22. Hi all just joined, looking to get into the world of paramotoring. Live in Bristol just wondering where I start. Is it as fun and relaxing as everything I've heard? What's the set up costs I'm around 95kg so would need to know pricing for getting set up for that weight. Is there a lot of opportunities for flying in the uk, what with the wonderful weather we have here. Thanks in advance for any help guys.
  23. hi pm flyers i remember about 28 years ago that the pre flight checks were covered with a weird saying consisting of words easily forgot so i devised a simple way of making sure that i took off with out making a mistake , i remember using it in front of another pilot she said at the time thats so easy , she passed it on over many years and today many people use it it is so simple i hope it makes your pre-flight check simple and fast so here it is- hang-glider pilots -paraglider pilots and paramotor pilots etc paraglider pilots R6 CHECK RESERVE PIN SECURE AND ALL CORRECT 1 AND 2 LEG STRAPS SEC
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