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  1. Would a site in Penkridge be too far for you guys? I know of a very accommodating farmer who doesn't mind a bit of diversification as far as use of his land goes..
  2. Cats are devious creatures who can never be trusted and it's obvious that one has been using your paramotor whilst you are at work. if I were you I'd up my garage security and install CCTV. A Labrador? Nah, a Labby would only want to fly tandem accompanied by his master, and who has ever heard of flying Guinea pigs, that'd be ridiculous.
  3. Yes, do you or any of your immediate neighbours own a cat?
  4. Your in-carb filter/gauze may be bunged up with cat hair....
  5. That`ll be a nice place to fly from (around) once you`ve got your training done, coastal flying is really great. I quite often fly from the mainland to the island, most recently was last Friday - did you see me!? (whereabouts on the island are you?)
  6. Picking up on a few points that stood out; Yep, 6.9L/hr for that motor is far too much. Do makes lie? Maybe not lie but their figures are probably on a test bed not during actual flying, not that it should make that much difference because a PPG motor putting out 30kg on the ground will be very similar to it doing it in the air (as long as you keep a constant speed and not constantly climbing/losing altitude) How are you doing your plug chops? To get an accurate indication you`ll have to run the motor at cruising speeds for a while, then kill the engine and glide down so that the plug shows the actual running conditions during cruising speeds not just the last 2 minutes when you were at idle/low speeds lining up for a landing. Is it a Synthesis LT (original Synth)? They were renowned for being a bit of a lardy ol` bus with similar efficiency.. Once your feet leave the ground there is no `wind` - you are simply flying in a moving air mass - flying into or with the wind only affects your ground speed, your air speed on a PPG is always the same (for any given trim setting). Have you got a tacho fitted? Knowing where you are in the engine power/speed range might help. I suspect that your motor is not as well tuned as you think - an engine temp of 120-125 is very low and is an indication of a very rich mixture.....
  7. I bet that wasn`t a carabina failure, more likely to be a weightshift-style chassis swingarm fracture or associated fixing. I really don`t like those swingarms, they look very vulnerable to me. Those type of failures are known about and have been the failure mode on quite a few reported accidents..........
  8. They`re OK for the price but they are not multi-laminated like a `quality` prop - probably only have ~4 layers of wood. And the wood is fairly soft and `compresses` at the hub so be sure to check the bolt torque frequently in the first hours of use otherwise the bolts may come loose and fall out........shearing the remaining two bolts when you apply full throttle...........mashing the pulley bolt hole threads and sending your new 1.5 hour-old prop fluttering earthwards......... Loctite.
  9. Hann__

    Smart Watch for flying

    I use one of these, slightly modified, and it clips on to the Bulldogs spreader bars. https://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_iphone_clamp.htm
  10. Hann__

    Smart Watch for flying

    What are these `smart watches` of which you speak? I use a 1971 Omega flightmaster - you have to wind it up.....
  11. Virtually every two-stroke engine in existence has roller bearings on the crank - deep groove radial for the mains and a needle roller for the big-end.
  12. It doesn`t seem to bother the paraglider dudes - they have to fly in thermic conditions to stay aloft (assuming not ridge soaring), and their wings are much more floaty and lightly loaded than a PPG`ers. Three hours before sunset is perfectly OK, the first hour might be a bit jiggly. I was up last night and getting nerly 700`/min lift at 5000`. Free lift is good! Unwanted lift not so good (if there`s airspace above you...) Bumpy air is like driving a car on a potholed road, most folk would prefer to drive on perfectly smooth tarmac..
  13. Yes, i definitely do not want a heli flying over me...............
  14. I had a rotary fly directly underneath me this evening....... Probably something out of Wallop such as a Lynx. I was at 1600` when i suddenly noticed an odd shadow beneath me then the `copter followed a second later, from where i was it looked like he was flying just above the treetops...Still an odd thing to see... We often get Chinooks fly by our town on a regular basis, a few times a week - in the airspace i fly in. Better underneath than above, i suppose.
  15. I did see those battery operated pumps but thought they looked a bit gimmicky/cheap and potentially unreliable so gave them a miss. Not keen on replacing batteries often, either. Pleased to hear that they`re doing a good job, though. In the end i went for the simple approach - a tap on the side of the jerry can and let gravity do the work. Simple, effective, quick and controllable; I`m now of to the field for an unexpected flight, weather`s lookin` good. Hann.
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