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  1. Hann__

    18kg Suitcase Nitro

    That`ll be just the job for taking your paramotor to explore exotic and exiting new flying locations. Like Scarborough. Or Skegness.
  2. Hann__

    2 Stroke Oil

    Just be careful - `Power1` is semi, `Power 1 Racing` is fully synthetic.....
  3. Hann__

    2 Stroke Oil

    My moster is at 250 hours+ and i use Castrol Power1 Racing fully synthetic. I`ve found the best price is from Opie Oils. Buy 5+ litres and use an Opie coupon when available and it`ll come in under ten quid a bottle.
  4. Did you try a Hadron/xx? Know anything about them?
  5. Hann__

    Convincing Wife!

    Get the wife to research the `micromort` - it`s a unit of measurement to define the chances of death. 1 micromort = one in a million chance of death per activity. For example skydiving = 8 micromorts per jump. Do you have children? Giving birth = 120 micromorts!
  6. 5k is easily enough to get you some good quality used kit with low use. If you believe all the ads on places like ebay you`d be forgiven for thinking that there has never been any paramotor or wing that has ever been flown for more than 12 hours.... Just don`t rush into buying anything yet, get training and whilst that happens you`ll get a better idea of what to buy and be able to keep an eye on the used markets to get a good idea of what`s available and likely prices.
  7. .....it`ll be a shame if it has - i used to refer to it quite often. http://para2000.org/
  8. So at full speed you`re now using 8.5L/hr on the Zorro?
  9. Hann__

    Flight number 100 today.

    Ah ok, i assumed you`d been flying a lot longer than that - 100 flights in 18 months is good going then!
  10. Hann__

    Flight number 100 today.

    This was you`re 100th flight, Andy? With all your time in Spain seemingly flying every day i had you down as passing the 100th flight mark a long time ago. ....and well done on getting back in the air after that major op.
  11. Hann__

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    If i were you `id build a motorcycle monowheel trailer to transport your paramotor the short distance to your take-off area. You could leave the motor fully assembled and it`d be a much neater method than balancing gear on top of a pillion seat.. Monowheels are great - you hardly know you are pulling one when fitted.
  12. Hann__

    Cold weather flying

    I spent two hours above the clouds this afternoon and it was awesome - bright and sunny, warm, and mega-smooth air at 3000`+. Below the fluffy stuff though was a different matter - lumpy, cold, grey and moody. I`ve noticed that phenomenon twice on recent flights - warmer at higher altitudes than lower down - noticeably so.
  13. Hann__

    Apco Lift EZ medium for sale.

    Hi Jock, i`ve sent you a PM.
  14. Hann__

    Cold weather flying

    ...and Lo! There was flight, and my body was released from the grip of the firmament By an almighty and irrepressible force And i was able to soar, and i saw, many a wondrous vista that was laid out before me My gaze resting upon the earth as if from the heavens Verily, i transcended to a higher state of being, alive, and in realization of what achievement this is And then, it was to be, as it can only be, to the terra-firma once more reunited And on this occasion thusly, not once but twice: genuflect, with limbs out-stretched Because i fecked up me landings and fell over - no fluffed landings for nearly 2 years then two in one day! Bugger..
  15. Hann__

    Cold weather flying

    I plan on getting to the field early - about 11 - taking off for my first flight at 12, land about 2:30 - 3, have a warm-up then have another cheeky 1-2 hour bimble before dusk. Hopefully the air will be smooth and any thermals will be weak. If it doesn`t go to plan i`ll have a snooze in the sun and take off later!