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  1. I bet that wasn`t a carabina failure, more likely to be a weightshift-style chassis swingarm fracture or associated fixing. I really don`t like those swingarms, they look very vulnerable to me. Those type of failures are known about and have been the failure mode on quite a few reported accidents..........
  2. Hann__

    DT Propeller Moster185

    They`re OK for the price but they are not multi-laminated like a `quality` prop - probably only have ~4 layers of wood. And the wood is fairly soft and `compresses` at the hub so be sure to check the bolt torque frequently in the first hours of use otherwise the bolts may come loose and fall out........shearing the remaining two bolts when you apply full throttle...........mashing the pulley bolt hole threads and sending your new 1.5 hour-old prop fluttering earthwards......... Loctite.
  3. Hann__

    Smart Watch for flying

    I use one of these, slightly modified, and it clips on to the Bulldogs spreader bars. https://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_iphone_clamp.htm
  4. Hann__

    Smart Watch for flying

    What are these `smart watches` of which you speak? I use a 1971 Omega flightmaster - you have to wind it up.....
  5. Virtually every two-stroke engine in existence has roller bearings on the crank - deep groove radial for the mains and a needle roller for the big-end.
  6. Hann__

    Flying in Turbulence

    It doesn`t seem to bother the paraglider dudes - they have to fly in thermic conditions to stay aloft (assuming not ridge soaring), and their wings are much more floaty and lightly loaded than a PPG`ers. Three hours before sunset is perfectly OK, the first hour might be a bit jiggly. I was up last night and getting nerly 700`/min lift at 5000`. Free lift is good! Unwanted lift not so good (if there`s airspace above you...) Bumpy air is like driving a car on a potholed road, most folk would prefer to drive on perfectly smooth tarmac..
  7. Hann__

    Is it cool to fly over an ATZ (class G)?

    Yes, i definitely do not want a heli flying over me...............
  8. Hann__

    Is it cool to fly over an ATZ (class G)?

    I had a rotary fly directly underneath me this evening....... Probably something out of Wallop such as a Lynx. I was at 1600` when i suddenly noticed an odd shadow beneath me then the `copter followed a second later, from where i was it looked like he was flying just above the treetops...Still an odd thing to see... We often get Chinooks fly by our town on a regular basis, a few times a week - in the airspace i fly in. Better underneath than above, i suppose.
  9. Hann__

    Syphon recommendations.

    I did see those battery operated pumps but thought they looked a bit gimmicky/cheap and potentially unreliable so gave them a miss. Not keen on replacing batteries often, either. Pleased to hear that they`re doing a good job, though. In the end i went for the simple approach - a tap on the side of the jerry can and let gravity do the work. Simple, effective, quick and controllable; I`m now of to the field for an unexpected flight, weather`s lookin` good. Hann.
  10. Hann__

    Is it cool to fly over an ATZ (class G)?

    My point was more that was it considered OK flying close to the edge of airspace on the *outside* , i know flying *inside* would be a no-no however small the infringement. On the point of `buffer zones`, if i fly 10 metres from the boundary and a GA aircraft does the same *inside* that would make for a pretty close pass. You can`t just keep adding buffer zones to buffer zones, though, it`d get ridiculous. As long as i`m outside, all is good, then? To be honest, i`ve had more `close calls` with GA stuff right out in the middle of class G than anywhere near any boundaries, they sometimes don`t mind passing by and giving a little `wave`... As long as the GA fraternity don`t start tut-tutting at the paramotor pilot skirting the edges of airspace i`ll settle for that......and phone ahead where necessary.
  11. Hann__

    Is it cool to fly over an ATZ (class G)?

    Both good points, especially phoning ahead, noted.
  12. In an effort to expand my flying options there is a route i would like to try but it would mean flying over an air traffic zone which is surface to 2000` Class G. Would it be considered bad form to fly over the ATZ (probably at 2500` - 3000`) in a PPG or should it be best avoided? On the subject of airspace what do folk consider a sensible distance to fly from the edge of airspace? I`ve seen reference that 2NM horizontally and 200` vertically to be the recommended distance for GA. The vertical figure is no problem of course but if a PPG were to keep 2NM away from airspace you`re planning on flying around then that would be a huge diversion due to our limited speed and flying duration. I`ve hugged airspace boundaries on occasion on long XC`s which i can do without fear of infringement due to the GPS moving map on my device. Do folk consider the boundaries as black or white. you`re either within or outside, with no further distance from them required while flying? ?
  13. Hann__

    Syphon recommendations.

    No bore chasing for me but that's a very kind offer Geoff.
  14. Hann__

    Syphon recommendations.

    Geoff, i can`t find anything on`t web about an Autoglym syphon, only car polish.. Got a pic or link? I did get one from MM and it`s bloody massive! For 200 litre drums.. Since buying it though i`ve also ordered a brass ball valve with lever which i`m going to install in the side of my metal jerry can and just let gravity do the work via an attached hose. Shoulda` thought of that first before all this petrol-related palarver and decanting dilemmas...
  15. Hann__

    Syphon recommendations.

    Nah, it`ll have to be a syphon, i`ve tried decanting straight into the tanks with a spout on the jerry can and fuel went everywhere! It`s difficult to hold a 20L, 10kg+ jerry can steady enough to pour accurately and slowly enough to fill the tanks on the Bulldog. A funnel would also obscure my view of the fuel level so i wouldn`t know how much more to pour in. I must admit, the tanks on the Bulldog aren`t the easiest to fill up having the harness in front of the filler caps, and i like to fill them to the brim on all flights (unless i know i`m going for a cheeky sub-1-hour second flight of the day for instance). I`m off for a ride on my motorbicycle to visit MachineMart, they look like they do an OK syphon.