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  1. I notice that the belt is branded `Optibelt` - rather than the Gates that they used to fit. Anyone with a newish Moster that can provide noise and longevity feedback? I once tried a belt other than Gates (sourced from a reputable bearing supplier) and it was totally and comprehensively crap - very noisy and lasted only a few hours before it started falling to bits.. Try a Gates if fiddling about with alignment doesn`t work and the noise still bothers you.
  2. Looks like an interesting area to fly. Coastal flying for the win.
  3. It`s definately not unknown, at least in the motorcycle community, to hear of `dead on arrival` plugs. Wasn`t an NGK by any chance was it - they`re the worst offenders.....
  4. Wow, 30 degrees at 2000`! I must admit, i bottled out of flying once or twice during that mini heatwave we had a few weeks ago, i just didn`t fancy setting up in 30 degree heat in the middle of a field..
  5. I've never experienced the extended or fast run-out, I always seem to get enough lift to take off with a moderate throttle at easy jogging speeds. Might be because I'm 68kg and have 70kg + thrust.....
  6. The funny thing is when you are preparing for launch at the field it may be in mid summer with 26 degree-plus heat bearing down on you in the middle of a heat-sink of a field, but you just know that you have to don that extra fleece under your flight suit `cos after 2/3 hours + `up there` you`re gonna` be glad you did. Just suiting up, getting the motor on your back and started, and the walk to the wing to clip in can have you sweating. It certainly concentrates the mind for a successful first launch attempt because the effort of setting up again doesn`t bear thinking about. In the
  7. I get 3.5l/hr on my Moster 185 and with a 15 litre tank can go over 4 hours.
  8. Yep, that`s excellent alright, i don`t think many 2T`s would be able to get near that! Must be a great feeling flying with a motor that sips fuel so sparingly, cheap too!
  9. What would you call excellent 2T efficiency, Mark?
  10. I know exactly what you mean, if the mix is lean the engine exhaust note sounds `faint` and the pulses regular, the idle speed will be smooth but on the high side, if the mix is rich it`ll be a `fuller` exhaust note and the `pops` will be random (4 stroking). The engine may shake more,too. When i first got my Moster the factory settings were so rich and the engine shake so much it used to give me double vision with the motor on my back at idle. Another tuning trick is to snap the throttle open from idle - if it bogs it`ll be lean, and this can happen if both the low or high screw is
  11. What engine is this on Andy, and is one turn out on both the factory spec? One turn out on the low screw seems a lot, and one turn on the high screw (comparing to the settings on my Moster) would be on the lean side.
  12. I got up early today to take advantage of the promising looking weather. Arrived at the field just before sun up; Once aloft i settled in for a long XC - i didn`t really know which direction i was heading for as the WX forecasts had the wind direction from all over the shop and changing hourly due to a pressure centre right over my flying area. Once flying i was able to get a handle on the conditions and decided for my `Circa Soton` route which takes me all around Southampton CTR. The wind was about 6mph and north easterly at this point. If the forecasts were correct i`d ha
  13. Reckless in the extreme. Never start your motor wearing flip-flops!
  14. Hann__

    No Spark

    How have you got the engine kill switch circuit wired? Be aware that the flying lead from the coil is earthed to kill the engine so the kill switch (positioned on our hand throttles usually, although most paramotors have an additional one on the frame somewhere) is normally open, if you`ve wired a switch where the circuit from the coil is made during your attempt to start you won`t get a spark.
  15. Like most situations when things go awry it`s not just one thing that is the cause but a culmination of minor errors - the Swiss cheese model. Your flight was doomed from the failed launch and busted prop onwards. 10:30 though, that`s late! You learn something from every flight, though.
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