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  1. Fancy going halves on a business venture
  2. Hi everyone Happy New Year to you all. I'm new to the sport, I haven't even done my training yet, which should have started this week. (thanks COVID) Ive spend an unhealthy amount of time researching web sites and watching You tube over the past 6 months! The Gravity Defiant paramotor seems to be making a massive impression on new and seasoned Paramotorists recently. I don't believe they have a dealership in the UK at the moment but just wondered if anyone had indeed imported one and keen to hear any opinions. In my opinion they look great, very well made and the price point is fantastic (depending on import duties etc) I believe it would be premature to purchase one before my training so just looking at options at the minute and keen to hear what anyone thinks. Thanks Martin
  3. Hi Toploader Such a shame. It does seem like an ongoing problem down here, just the way it is I guess. Lack of demand I suppose Thanks for your replay anyway
  4. Hi Everyone. Im new to this forum and feel a little late to the party! I have searched for information but the info required seems to have dried up in 2018. As the title suggests, has there been any new information available regarding Paramotoring training in the Cornwall area? Or where would the closest be? I have PPL experience so would be looking at training to a high level, perhaps even to instructor status perhaps which could be a benefit down here in Cornwall for future pilots?! Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks Martin
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