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  1. hmm. so I tried it yesterday, and can't reproduce bug so far. procedure: 1. I first set garmin to correct alti by going to alti screen, and setting to get alti from GPS (even though I have mine set to auto I've never found it works - today before I did that it was saying alti was -960 feet). Now garmin showing alti as 72 feet which is correct. 2. started stufly (it shows 72 feet, and I set to to zero it, exit app. 3. start stufly again, its zero. flew quad, took it around a bit, and then landed again. watch reporting around 0 feet again, and trace looks as you'd expect:
  2. wtf are micro balloons and micro fibres ? I feel I'm missing out on something.. can you make tiny little balloon animals from them ? balloon tardigrades ? edit: just looked them up. disappointed
  3. just realised I can test this by stapping my watch onto one of my drones! should work fine. And ideal task for the weekend if it's dry ! stu
  4. fair enough, I'd have did the same if I'd thought to ask. I had a bunch of old lipos from my diy quadcopter and leccy bikes and stuff, but nothing that small in a 6s. acht well, just less times I need to charge it. spares always good as quick charging usb battery banks anyhoo with a basic usb xt60 adapter. stu
  5. I dunno if this is common knowledge, so sharing just in case. When I was taking off at Simon's my right speed bar clip somehow disconnected (I assume it must have not been fully in though I'd swear it was).. once at take off and once in flight i heard a ping - and sure enough when I landed I could see that the prop had been clipped in two places by it (one in each prop half of course!!). Neither is a massive clip imho so I was happy to repair and keep it as a spare (once I've tested it on the ground at full speed). For wee nicks you've got a few options that I've used in the pas
  6. ah, interesting Andy. Yeh, I've sort of went overkill with a 6s 2200 50c - but it still fits in the original fireproof bag and in the same place - so it does sound like that's the one then. As you say, a good quick kick round. Plus, the spark is gonna be proportially higher voltage too of course which is gonna also help. Just waiting for the 9.8mm spade connectors I'll need to fit the 60amp relay then and I should be good to do it. stu
  7. So, lockdown and dark nights - figured I'd do a project. Last few times I've flown when it's cold even with fully charged batteries kept warm inside, the wee 4s 2200 25c lipos that are standard with the nitro have failed to start the nitro. Luckily I had a big 6000 4s for my heated gloves that I strapped on, and with the added max amp and lower voltage drop I manged to get this to start it - just. Talking to @custom-vince lots of folk upgrade to 5s or 6s as the motor itself is 24v so I thought I'd do it too. I'll probably do next week, but thought I'd check if anyone else has done he
  8. So, what I need from you guys (meant to test last week when had flight on wed just before lockdown, but forgot watch!): - before you start app, what altitude does the watch say it is (on the inbuilt altitude watch face) - after you close the app (when it's got wrong altitude), what altitude does the watch say it is (on the inbuilt altitude watch face) Looking at paraflyer's track its like during flight its all fine, but then at the end it's a straight line slope far too far down. and I can't for the life of me think wtf I could have done in the app for that - as all I do in
  9. Hmm, sorry about that chaps. It's a problem testing this stuff, as the simulator is not wonderful so I rely on your flight tests for bugs like this, To help track down the bug, does the reading (-330 or 500) mean anything to you ? i.e. did you take off at 500 feet, etc ? i.e. what is you garmin alti face saying the altitude is ? And is it just a bug for those using the zero altitude feature ? I never use it, so might be why I've not noticed. Save/discard: I'll think about it. It's one thing I don't like on garmin apps, as I've chose the wrong thing and lost a track sometimes wal
  10. Hi chaps, I dunno if I'll be up there then, but if I am, I'd be keen to join for a few flights. Alan - motorhome camping wise - it's very different from england - where every car park has no overnight signs, and if you somehow manage to find somewhere you think should be ok, you get horns tooted at you at 2am and folk treat you like a pikey. In scotland, provided you are sensible, don't make a nusience and clean up after yerself there are loads of car parks and spots at harbours, coastlines, etc where you can park up. No one bothers. The 500 though was probably the worst thing i
  11. It'll soon be so much better for flying too, once the people have been eliminated.. at least I assume that's the current gov plan..
  12. Updated menu fields to reflect current settings as requested. https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/10bbeff2-2ab0-4e18-8bb2-b6a3fd808873
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00TH20F20/ref=psdcmw_1939465031_t2_B00B9C170U Should work fine
  14. I was there about 3 years ago, but weather wasn't flyable so ended up having to make do with a cycle around it. Very jealous. Stu
  15. my second ever flight I did the same. broke my first prop - this was in South Africa in 2005 - luckily we had a spare as there were no other spares in south africa at the time. The standing up straight (dick forward, head back - totally opposite of a paraglider takeoff) and keep running even when airborne trick worked for me. Get into the habit of not even trying to sit down till yer 200 feet up or so. After lots of flights this can change, but until then think about your legs as your undercarriage - and it doesn't get retracted till your pretty high. I had a similar instinct I really had
  16. yeh starts when detects ascent more than 20m. doesn't stop till you stop (or close app) recorded track though is from time you start recording (or start app if using autorecord) till time you stop recording (or close app). Idea being time on ground faffing isn't timed, so you know how much time you've actually flew/run the engine. stu
  17. well, assuming its a 2 stroke everything from the carb down is soaked in petrol+oil. and the oil stops it evaporating much. So most of smell left is probably coming from carb out through air intake so you could try covering that. same with exhaust really. But yer best bet imho would be to get a big 'garden waste' sack - like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PATIO-PLUS-Rubbish-Waterproof-BLGWB500-2GR/dp/B088M3MFVZ/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=garden+sack+200&qid=1600887774&sr=8-15 just stick it in that and seal the top with a few bungies. job done. stu
  18. What’s New 22/09/2020 New Features: Altitude fixed - it will now display the same altitude as the altitude widget on your phone. This will use barometer and GPS is available, and if you have adjusted it, it will display this adjusted value. Zero Altitude is now persistent. If you prefer to always start a flight with take off field at 0, set this and every time you start the app it will zero the altitude. Units have been separated into Distance and Vertical. So you can independently set mph or km/h, feet or meters. Just go into Garmin Connect, apps, and stufly and 'updat
  19. too fancy for me - I just use google maps - 'measure distance'. has the benefit it even works with airspace provided you use a link with the airspace overlays. stu
  20. the osmo pocket is pretty bad for vibrations - see folk trying to use it for motorcycling. It not really much good as an action camera/gimbal because of that tbh. I've got osmo pocket, osmo mobile, probably 10+ gimbals, etc ...last I counted summit like 15 cameras that shoot in 4k... whether quantity makes me an expert is debatable - someone who's profession is photpgraphy/video like @Steve would probably be a better font of knowledge, but I'm a knowledgeable amateur at least. if yer talking photos - all you need is a standard pocket camera - set it to sport mode so it uses a fast sh
  21. liability is the big one - it just takes landing on a field/car/house or an awkward person with an expensive lawyer and you could be talking 10s of thousands. And having plummeted onto my face in babadag, smashing my nose flat and fracturing my neck - then being taken to the public hospital (like something out of MASH) before playing the 'I have insurance' card - and going to the proper modern one... I'd personally never fly abroad without personal injury insurance. each to their own risk though - just go in eyes open. Back in 2005 I went snowboarding in Zermatt - totally forgot
  22. ah that's good 7300 - exactly same as i get. with air conception saying 7700 i kept thinking i was down on power, but sounds like I'm same as you get. yeh - no wind days - awesome once airborne - an utter sh1te to get airborne. when I had my top80 i remember once having to run maybe 150m - then climbing crazy slow. When you've so little power to start with, all it takes is a wee bit off on the carb or whatever and it's back to rad days. I've never measures pop off pressure - what amazon purchases do i need to make ? stu
  23. hi. yup. try it with a running app or summit. sync with phone and yer track will appear. if you want it in GPX format, just logon to garmin connect website on yer PC and you have the option there to download the raw GPX trace if you want it for plotting on some other app or google earth or whatever. Stufly creates tracks just like any other app. there's 3 different things: =- watch faces: kinda self explanitory. - fields - there are bits of data that you can then use in any regular garmin app to configure on a custom screen. e.g. say i made a field which was 'double
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