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  1. Both very well made and designed machines, with lots of power. finally went for the nitro 200 with electric start and clutch, and must say I have been very pleased with it, there are two main reasons why . one electric start, two the weight , its light, I'm going to say it. Its a game changer. Ps don't underestimate electric start!!!!
  2. Just read about powerlords first flight in months, very well done powerlord. Thinking of having a flight very soon myself, just getting my head back into gear, has anyone fitted cruise control on to a air conception nitro 200 with electric start. thanks for any help. Geoffw
  3. Hi Rockon I have a nitro 200 electric start, clutch and have been very pleased with it, for a simple reason how light it is,full tank of fuel no problem fantastic .
  4. Hi Andy do you use Vince at custom air for spares.
  5. Hi Andy is it possible to fit the new netting to standard nitro frame, and do you need to drill the frame ,have you fitted one photo would be great. Geoff
  6. neilzy will you be wearing your posh boots.
  7. its a lot of sleeps ,a lot ,but what a brilliant thing to look forward to.
  8. Hi Andy, Alan is perfectly correct iam very interested in this fantastic trip sound like a lot of fun,and a lot of flying.let me in on any new updates..
  9. Good morning Tony's,will be down at Davidstow air field for about 10.45 today.  Many thanks geoff Walton. 

  10. Well that's a simple question to answer ,if a manufacturer inadvertently or by design find they have made a wing better in very different ways sometimes they put that into there next wing, and Iam almost certain they are constantly looking at what other manufacturers are up to . Copying most certainly. they have come on a long way ,but there are limits , safety is most important, or should be. just met thoughts
  11. Hi asquaddie all sorted I am now a full member of Davidstow flying club, and will see you down at the field next week, will give you time and date later this week,. Ps Alank is also going to join the club ,and will be coming down next week,thank you for all your help and will see you very soon. Geoffw.     Geoff Walton.

    1. asquaddie


      All good news then, see you when i see you :-)


  12. I have a nitro 200 and I love it,one of the most important thing to me was the fact it's so light.starting is easy lots of power , as for vibration never really thought about it, or noticed it that much.but then I haven't flown all the different paramotor out there.one thing I do know it's a great paramotor, and like I said earlier it's so light, just brilliant ..beat that. Just my view..
  13. Just about to become a member of the club myself, remote bring it on, wild camping bring it on. Just what we all need .lets get flyin!!!!!!!
  14. Hi asquaddie I love flying down in Cornwall,and would be to fly from Davidstow, how do I become a member, and can I stay there over night in my camper van looks an amazing place to fly .many thanks geoffw.

    1. asquaddie


      Hi Geoff

      You have two choices.  £5 Per day (flying only) or £40 to become a member, for this you can fly mostly 365 days a year and you can stay overnight (wild camping). Also being a member you get any fly-ins for free.

      Please note there is no water or electric, only a toilet in the club house.

      Email John at info@DavidstowFlyingClub.org, mention you have spoken to me.

      He will email some forms.  Read and sign, pay your £40 and you're a member.

      I should meet you the first time you arrive, after that, the place is yours.


      WIP Website:    DavidstowFlyingClub.org


    2. geoffw


      Many thanks will do .geoffw.

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