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  1. Just seen this Andy what the hell happen , was this in the uk.
  2. Does it make the steering "lighter".you do know you have just confirmed my worst fear you are a pi## head, and being the most generous person I Know you will SHARE !!!!!!!!!!!!! It. Ps and don't say it's for Christmas.
  3. Where to start fantastic location right in the middle of Cornwall, nice and easy to get there, every thing was set for a great weekend of pmc activities meeting up with friends and talking all things paramotoring, but the weather was not going to allow us to fly , a shame because you could see the amazing views waiting to be explored, hope we will be able to fly from there next time, many thanks to Simon and the team .
  4. Beers tents and pasties ....tents pasties and beers....pasties tents beers...how many more sleeps .just dreammmmmmmmmin
  5. Hi top loader my radio setup a baofeng uv-5rc and a baofeng uv-8hx very pleased,price 30/40 pounds amazing value, transmitting on 143.750 paramotor channel unofficial of course.ask to have your radios unlocked. Yep the weather is not looking good rain high winds,Simon will make the call ,will have to wait and see.!!! Don't panic.simon is a weather God..
  6. These boots are made for walkin/flyin and that's what there guna do one of these days these boot are....................sorry losing the plot.
  7. That's it. Hi Just to let you all know ,,Jamaica inn, don't miss it ,, Also you can now fly to The Engine House at Compton park Callington , about 4/5 miles from pmc fly-in situated 6 miles from the lovely tamar valley sould be some brillant flying. "check it out" again great food with brillant service, you" CANNOT" land on the campsite or car park. Your landing field is right next door John and sue who owns the field/farm are going to cut the field in the next few days again looks brilliant place for a flying visit. Got to say Cornish people are so nice and helpful, just a few phone calls and all sorted. just trying to sort out a petrol station now. There's one on the A38 landing field next door just waiting for confirmation from land owner. Plus a restaurant.,,,,,!!!! Ps remember don't eat to much you have to take off later. Geoffw
  8. Hanwags can only dream about such kit ,there not banging them out in China by any chance small feet out "there". ps iam not jealous
  9. There must be some fantastic place to fly around this pmc coast run this year , if you know of any share them with us. Pretty please ,no sneakin of by yourself. Share!!!,
  10. JUST !!! to let you all know Jamaica inn on the bobmin moors will allow pmc pilots to land right next to the Jamaica inn one of the most famous pubs In the world ,they have a heli-pad for those of you with a helicopter , I have looked on google maps the field slopes alittle but looks perfect .Katie Smith the manager said pmc club members are more than welcome to fly-in and enjoy real Cornish ales,and brillant food ,Can have your breakfast there if you like , check it out, only about 8/9 miles from pmc take off field . So fit this in to your plans to the coast and stop off at one of the most famous old coaching houses in the world .bloody hell Jamaica ale yes Jamaica real ale, steady though chaps, no bussing or low flying over the pub please. Geoffw
  11. until

    Well done Simon as good as your word 3 pmc fly-ins this year .ive got to buy you a beer mate.
  12. Try to keep a low profile keep it covered up and a bike lock ,cable type say around a seat belt attachment point all helps,most importantly get your insurance for flying.
  13. What a fantastic weekend brilliant brilliant , geat turn out buy all the club members ,fire work where amazing great companily and some great flying very well done Simon and all the team. Very much appreciated...
  14. That's a shame I always try to get the time off work for the pmc fly-ins .
  15. Not long now boys and girls 6 more sleeps ,AND it's the pmc fly-in .been looking forward to this, all systems GO.and counting. bring it on .!!!!
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