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  1. Sky school are brilliant there training in first class, brilliant..
  2. Great to see all the paramotoring .org "die hards " at the seven bore , brilliant days flyin on Friday I think everyone made the most of it pilots where landing refuelling and taking off again, It just goes to show how much this means to the club members,we new that Friday was possibly the only day for flying , I only had a travel time of about one hour, and other pilots had traveling times of over three hours,and still made the trip, just shows how much we love paramotoring ,Saturday mornings was still in the flight window for some pilots and they were up again, mid Saturday and it started to rain a little and I must say that was the green light for me to leave, may I take this opportunity to thank the four wheel drive guys, for towing me out of the field, brilliant ,better than sitting in front of the TV .thanks Simon and all the team. Geoffw ps sorry Simon still owe you a pint,I did try mate!!!!!!
  3. Had my training with sky school over ten years ago ,one week in mere and one week in Spain, weather was brilliant in mere and in Spain and a great deal of time in the class room so much so I thought why are we not out in the field flying when the sun is shining, but as mentioned above its all about making the right decisions to keep yourself safe, yes you need the skills to fly. But knowing what to do and when to do it is far more important ,clippings in and checking your kit ,and that is first learnt in the class room ,when to fly and when to stay on the ground.70 percent is ground school, 30 percent flying. Once your flying with all that schooling, you can go to the field and fly safely. Then you can get yourself 100 percent flying, but never put the cart before the horse, start your training in the uk, then think about flight time in Spain . Just my thoughts worked for me.
  4. I thought you where over stretching yourself with them new boots,!!!!!!!!!!..catch up with you next time neilzy.
  5. Hi George you thinking about flyin again, glad to see you back,
  6. get your kit out this Sunday, it's flyin time.
  7. Yep it filled up pretty quick,I Know it's a LOT of sleeps,,,, but I can't wait.....love it.
  8. Always to p#ssed to fly on Christmas Day and this year was no exception..
  9. Hi am I missing some thing I don't mind,, just get a motor with electric start, one of the reasons I have a air conception nitro 200 and the other is the weight just press the green button. Ps had a parajet v1with electric start and parajet could not convince me that I don't need one...both motor always started 1st time. O yes you must blow down the primer pipe until the fuel gets to the carb.job done.
  10. Hi Simon ,great idea my wife has always supported me paramotoring , and always wants to go to the fly-in , we always have a great time , How many fly-in do you have in the pipeline for 2020. Thanks Simon for the best paramotoring club on the planet.!!!! Merry Christmas mate. Geoff /yvette
  11. Just seen this Andy what the hell happen , was this in the uk.
  12. Does it make the steering "lighter".you do know you have just confirmed my worst fear you are a pi## head, and being the most generous person I Know you will SHARE !!!!!!!!!!!!! It. Ps and don't say it's for Christmas.
  13. Where to start fantastic location right in the middle of Cornwall, nice and easy to get there, every thing was set for a great weekend of pmc activities meeting up with friends and talking all things paramotoring, but the weather was not going to allow us to fly , a shame because you could see the amazing views waiting to be explored, hope we will be able to fly from there next time, many thanks to Simon and the team .
  14. Beers tents and pasties ....tents pasties and beers....pasties tents beers...how many more sleeps .just dreammmmmmmmmin
  15. Hi top loader my radio setup a baofeng uv-5rc and a baofeng uv-8hx very pleased,price 30/40 pounds amazing value, transmitting on 143.750 paramotor channel unofficial of course.ask to have your radios unlocked. Yep the weather is not looking good rain high winds,Simon will make the call ,will have to wait and see.!!! Don't panic.simon is a weather God..
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