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  1. Read the letter sent by Asquith at the start of this thread- he is claiming to be the governing body
  2. Only his repeated complaining that ppg wings aren't identifiable and his attempts to get the CAA and AAIB to recognise him and BHPA are governing body Are you aware he bans BHPA Members from BHPA Facebook pages without giving any reasons ? Not a fit and proper person to run anything in my opinion
  3. I hope you feel the same if Asquith gets the power to issue mandatory licences and impose wing registration and identification
  4. Sunday morning flight at Borechasers last April down to the two Severn bridges then back up the Wye valley before coming in and a tiptoe landing It was my longest flight to date As I sat with a brew afterwards watching all the happy smiling faces, the gentle friendliness and sheer pleasure of like minded people I realised it literally cant get better than that
  5. It seems Marc Asquith's ambitions to control the world of footlaunched flying havent stopped Hes now claiming to be the governing body in the UK to government
  6. Some trade stands shouldn't be a problem As in all things it's to what degree - a few is no issue,bliads if stands would turn into a trade show I'm happy you'll judge the right amount to preserve the spirit of the weekend
  7. Loved the video and your other Stufly video Got a Fenix3 from bay of fleas Got Garmin Express on laptop Got Garmin Connect on phone Can anyone point to a good video of how to put Stufly onto watch and set it up ?
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