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  1. I recommend Andy Moon He did my FRTOL exam Contact him at Planespeak
  2. I recommend the Bak Rak Just made a paramotor carrier from one
  3. Many thanks to Simon and the team for a great weekend with superb fireworks All your hard work is greatly appreciated
  4. until

    Despite trying all strategies I just cant rearrange going to Cornwall fly in in August I've freed up my space for someone else as soon as I knew today See you all at September gathering
  5. Thanks for even more hard work Simon and the team - it is very appreciated with all the obstacles you have to overcome
  6. I think a week delay is pointless but may be no more or less sensible than a month - in truth I have no idea what will actually happen now regards restrictions being lifted Unfortunately I have no confidence in anything Boris says anymore Any later than August and I doubt the days will be long enough to justify a six hour drive each way for me
  7. I've bought the Pilotaware Rosetta with £163 rebate approved by the CAA I bought it because I think we will be forced to get something because of changes like the impending drone corridor down the M4 I think the power of Amazon and delivery companies will outweigh anything our small community can do If we have to have something I'd rather have it at half price I've found that the Rosetta and its power supply power bank fits neatly into a Gin radio holder I'll post photos if I can work out how to do so
  8. Police have been given this advice on enforcement Most significant is last slide No enforcement action for not following guidance only breaching regulations https://paas-s3-broker-prod-lon-6453d964-1d1a-432a-9260-5e0ba7d2fc51.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/2020-11/COVID-19-England-No4-Regulations.pdf
  9. Sunday morning flight at Borechasers last April down to the two Severn bridges then back up the Wye valley before coming in and a tiptoe landing It was my longest flight to date As I sat with a brew afterwards watching all the happy smiling faces, the gentle friendliness and sheer pleasure of like minded people I realised it literally cant get better than that
  10. Some trade stands shouldn't be a problem As in all things it's to what degree - a few is no issue,bliads if stands would turn into a trade show I'm happy you'll judge the right amount to preserve the spirit of the weekend
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