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  1. dklude

    XL Blue and Red Ozee Flight Suit

    Thanks Andy.
  2. dklude

    Tow Bar/Bak Rak Paramotor Carrier

    Now sold. Thank you.
  3. dklude

    XL Blue and Red Ozee Flight Suit

    Alan. Its quilted. So I would say winter. Cheers
  4. Have for sale a home made Carrier. Only used a handful of times. in Great condition, Very strong. It's based on the more expensive, stronger, stainless steel G4 Bak Rak that retails at £200, (http://www.bak-rak.com/). Made to fit a Parajet Maverick frame. Could easily be modified for other frames. Has full LED electrics, and used best fittings, (stainless steel) possible. Comes with 3 straps. Just needs a number plate and away you go. Selling because I bought a van. Comes with some accessories to modify design if desires. Looking for £100. Will bring to Bore Chasers next weekend if not sold before hand. Cheers Darrel
  5. Used, but in great condition, Extra Large Ozee Flight Suit. Clean, doesn't smell, I'd say it's not far off new condition. Only selling because it's too small. I'm 6ft and its short in the body for me. Looking for around £75 will be bringing to Bore Chasers next weekend if it doesn't sell before hand. Cheers! Darrel
  6. dklude

    Bore Chasers Apr 2019 - Tandems

    Hi Paul I had a Tandem Fight with Clive Mason at the Autumn 2018 event. I made contact with him when I arrived at the site and we agreed a mutually convenient time. He was very busy. Cheers Darrel
  7. dklude

    2 Stroke Oil

    Richard I believe your link is for the semi synthetic. Hann Thanks, I sussed that when I saw the large range in prices. Ordered the Racing, so all good. Cheers both Darrel
  8. dklude

    Proud Sponsors of Paranoob.

    Paul does a great job. He'll be a great ambassador for the sport and Paramotor Training Ltd alike. Good on ya Simon and Paul
  9. dklude

    2 Stroke Oil

    Thanks to all. Just found a nice deal on the Castrol Power1 Racing fully synthetic. Appreciate your help. Darrel
  10. Hi Need to buy my first bottle(s) of oil. It’s for a Moster 185. Any recommendations? Cheers Darrel
  11. dklude

    PMC Bore chasers April 2019


    Looking forward to it.
  12. dklude

    Paramotor Club Theory day

    Yes. Was posted in the events section.
  13. Thanks to Simon, Colin and Colin for a very informative day of Wing design, Meteorology, Air Law and Navigation theory.. Nice venue, nice lunch and good company. Recommended.
  14. dklude

    PMC Theory day.


  15. dklude

    PMC Theory day.


    What time Simon?