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  1. Thanks again to Simon and the PMC Crew, had a good days flying friday, was worth the 3.5 hrs Journey. Nice catching up with a few old faces and a few new ones. As always the PMC flyins are the go to places. Just a few stills off my headcam.
  2. Went from a Synth 2 29 to a Nuc XX 24, love the Nuc so responsive and of course quicker than the Synth. The NucXX was a good stepup from my First wing and launchs easier, need to run a little longer/faster on take off obviously but as Neilzy said you'll be suprised how much smaller you can go with a more advanced wing. The Landing on the Nuc XX is superb with great Flare authority. I weigh 90kg BTW.
  3. until

    A great setting and social event and a great place to fly, this is not to missed.
  4. Thank you Conner for sharing, this video provides important information that some of us can learn from.
  5. until

    Looks like another great paramotorclub event, can't wait.
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