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  1. Thats a great help Alan. Did you remove the velcro that holds the tip steer handles in place? It looks like a fiddly thing to open in flight. My thinking with the speed bar is that it seems to serve the same purpose as trim but has the advantage of being faster and easier to open and close. I would be interested in peoples opinions of speed bar Vs trim in general.
  2. Wow has it really been over a year since my last post? Amazing how time flies. So quick update. I am afraid that I am that guy....I took on board the advice of a couple of guys I met in Spain and cut out the bread and cakes and as much sugar was I could....22 kilos later..... I had a Uni 1.1 that was too bloody big for me! I stumbled upon the legend that is Clive Mason and not only was he able to offer me a good deal on a replacement but he found me a man in desperate need of my existing wing! I did a mass of research before I took the leap and, much as I loved the Uni I decided to g
  3. I am so sorry that there has been nothing to post on this thread but..... There is news. We are almost able to fly again and I cant wait. Time to get back to training and get my rating finalised! In other news I lost almost 20kg during lockdown so need to replace my wing. I managed to sell the uni and there's a new wing on the way! Spring is in the air people so lets get some Cornish air time going on!
  4. Im looking to buy a large harness for use while practicing ground handling. I figure I may as well get one I can use for paragliding if the urge to ever hits me. Does anyone have anything hard decent they no longer need? Budget of up to £200.
  5. So today is an important day for me. All my kit has now arrive home from Spain. I am so sorry people but I am sure the rain and wind is my fault..... Every time I get anything new that needs decent weather it turn full apocalypse on me. I have now taken up a new hobby. I like to call it Parawaiting.
  6. I cant tell you anything about the PAP but I am the proud new owner of a maverick and from an engineering point of view it all feels like good stuff. Everything well machined and all fits like a glove. If I had to be super critical I would like to see the tank just a little shorter so it wasn't on the ground in the event of a bad landing. Im going to fit a motocross style skid plate under mine just in case. Also the fuel filler is in a proper twat of a spot. I am going to try and get a permanent funnel 3d printed.
  7. When I set out to learn it was motor all the way but Im felling the need to do some free flying since Ive had a go. I need a harness to practice ground handling so I may as well get one good enough to fly with right?
  8. I kept a record of hours on the motor but not individual flights. What a numpty I am.
  9. You know what? i forgot to keep a record for myself. Steve has the books. Im going to say I managed 10 flights of between 10 a 40 minutes.
  10. Wise words buddy. I am blessed with almost no ego so Im not under any pressure from anyone including myself to push myself out of my comfort zone. I was with Steve.
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