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  1. How have you measured your thrust? I'm asking as I have the same PPG as you, except I'm using an Eprop. I can measure my thrust, but not sure of the accurate way to do it
  2. I remember this character from when I used to fly Cessna's from Barton Airstrip 15 years ago. He was bad enough back then, I guess this just proves idiosyncrasies become more extreme as you get older.
  3. I've been flying my Niviuk Link 1 (23m) in combination with my PAP Polini Thor 250 and PAP Rolling trike. The combination seems to work fine even though flaring takes a fair bit of muscle. The other day I worked out the all up weight which includes me + clothing 85kg, PPG + 10 litres fuel 45kg, Rolling trike 15kg - Total: 145kg. Which according to the specs is 25kg over the max all up weight. I know it's far better to be over weight than under weight, but I'm not sure whether or not 25kg is pushing it too far. I'm flying 99% of the time in perfect conditions, so not too worried about weathe
  4. I've used a Garmin Foretrex 401 for my flying for years now, but have just bought a Garmin Fenix 5, mainly because there are Garmin apps you can upload to it that have useful flying parameters (Alt, GS, Flight time etc). Just wondering if anyone using an Android watch with a similar app
  5. Yes, we are extremely lucky to be able to fly, so freely in such an amazing place.
  6. What days are you going to be in Bornos next week Danny?
  7. Thanks Danny. I'm 82kg, but not sure I can get to Bornos next week. The forecast is looking great though, so might have to move a few things around
  8. I have 2 Links, a 23 and a 27, and previously a Revo 2. All told I've clocked up around 1000hrs on them and have been happy with all of them. However, now I'm looking for the best 'nil wind' launch wing available. Compared to the Link 1 how do the new wings compare as far as nil wind launching goes? Thanks. Dan (Marbella)
  9. Any takers? https://news.sky.com/story/abusive-and-hostile-low-flying-paraglider-sought-by-police-in-sussex-11485031
  10. Magistrates fined him £600. He must also pay court costs of £400 and a victim surcharge of £60. What the hell is a 'victim surcharge'?
  11. I have 2 and ha've flown them for the past 3 years. I really like them as they are stable, easy to launch, and not too fast. Also, when in the mood, they can really be throw around. For what it's worth I recommend the Link. My previous wing was a Paramania Revo 2 which I flew for 5 years and also liked, The glide ratio was terrible, but that served me very well for getting into small landing zones. Not so well when I lost my engine. I think they are on the verge of bringing out a new wing? But I heard that a while ago. Hope this helps. Dan
  12. Haha, sorry Hamishdylan, it's just my weird sense of humour, I didn't do this with a penknife, an elderly client of mine closed the door of her Range Rover, and for a split second my finger just happened to be in the wrong place. It was no big deal, just a finger.
  13. My dad was saying the same thing to me just the other day. I said to him "So how did that idea work out for you...and me dad"?
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