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  1. Well, that didn't come to much. Guess I'm not going to be a paramotor pilot after all.
  2. Hi Danny, I live near Glastonbury, south of Bristol. Crewe is a bit of a stretch but I actually commute to Manchester weekly for work so could probably arrange something! Cheers Jim
  3. Thanks Falcon. That would be great but I need to get a few instructor-led flights first! Think I'm just going to have to start phoning around some schools and begging for help!
  4. I already PM'ed Simon, he explained that he's too busy at the moment
  5. Hi folks, I attended a block training course this Summer, got right up to the point where the instructors told me I was ready to fly - and then weather and other constraints prevented that first flight from happening. The instructors have now left the UK until next July. I'm desperate to get that first flight and don't want to wait ten months while what I've learned goes stale. The problem is that other instructors aren't keen on "finishing my training." I completely understand that. But having spent a large sum of money training up to that first flight, I really don't want to pay again for a complete newbie's course when the chances are high that I'll fly the first day. Can anybody suggest a good instructor who would be willing to be paid by the day, just to get me into the air for my first two or three flights? I live near Glastonbury in the South West and am happy to drive for 2-3 hours to get to a flying site. I don't have my own motor or wing. Hoping you can help W
  6. Given that my thread is the only one started this year and we're already in June, I'm guessing that Somerset is not really a PPG hot spot
  7. Hi, sorry never got a notification about any responses on this thread! @phil_r I'm near Glastonbury. Start training at the end of this month!
  8. Thanks to everyone for their replies and advice! I certainly don't intend to! Until I'm able to fly a paramotor I can't really decide on size, weight distribution etc. I'm just trying to get as much varied information as possible so I don't put myself under pressure to make a quick decision later! The thing I like about the V3 is how quickly the cage can be disassembled. I don't have a towhitch or a massive car so the ability to assemble and disassemble quickly is a key consideration. I hope to. If everything goes to plan with the weather (ha!) I should have finished my training by then so will be in a position to go along! Thanks folks
  9. Hi folks, I start my training in July, why are the days going so slowly I realise that there's no one best motor (or wing) for every beginner, but currently I'm considering the AC Nitro 200 or one of the Parajet units. Veering towards Parajet as they're relatively local to me. However between the V3, the Zenith and the Maverick I'm not sure which is the best for beginners. By which I mean the most likely to withstand a sit-down on landing etc. It seems as if the Zenith would be the least suitable (looks relatively fragile), but does anybody have any advice? And which motor? I'm not bothered about eStart but I do want a clutch. I think. Cheers
  10. Wanstronian


  11. Hi folks, I'm lined up for Paramotor training this Summer. However I'm also moving house (I hope) so I can't really afford to run out and spend thousands on kit immediately afterwards. So it looks like there may be a gap between training and buying kit/regular flying. Would I need to take refresher lessons or would I be okay to do a few motor-free glides and ground-handling etc after the break to refresh my skills, then fire up the motor and go for it? Alternatively, do places rent kit so I could keep gaining experience while I wait for my finances to settle? I live in Somerset, for what that's worth! Thanks W
  12. Hi folks, about to sign on the dotted line for training. Not sure about where in Somerset I'll be able to fly from though once I'm qualified. Can anyone advise? Be gutted to pay for the training and then find out I have to drive loads of miles to actually fly
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