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  1. Hi Simon I paid £30 on 18 Dec 2019 but I'm just a 'member' according to my profile.
  2. From the article: "The temperature range where carb ice can occur is equally surprising. According to the FAA, carb ice is possible from 10F to over 100F, with serious icing possible from 20F to over 90F (-7C to 32C)." In Salisbury it was 32F, with a 32F dew point (judging by the fog). This is in the 'serious icing' region on the diagram. What were the conditions at Membury?
  3. I'm not familiar with the Atom 80, but so many people reporting the same issues might point to carb icing (restricted venturi caused by the formation of ice when moisture freezes on cold surfaces as the pressure drops, or something like that!). Larger aircraft have carb heating, and carb icing is checked before take-off. The annoying part is that the ice melts quickly once the engine stops, so it can be very hard to diagnose. https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/aircraft-systems/dont-let-carb-ice-happen-to-you/ It was cold and moist in Salisbury, I assume there were similar con
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    Looks like old puffa jacket sleeves and some hair bands.
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