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  1. until

    Hi, are there any spare tickets going? thanks Marcus
  2. Brand new Dudek Universal 1.1 25.5 (Fire Colour) paramotor wing, purchased in June 2018 and flown once for approximately 45 minutes. Selling due to giving up the sport. Comes with rucksack, dew bag, stuff sack, spares and documentation, basically everything it comes shipped with. Please ask if you want any more photos etc. Comes with stuff sack, rucksack, manual pouch, speed bar, wind sock etc - everything you get brand new from the factory. Looking for £2250 ovno! Open to sensible offers! Advertised elsewhere so could be removed at any time.
  3. Afternoon all, i am looking for advice regarding the training and progression up to paramotoring. Ultimately, I want to fly paramotors but was considering taking up paragliding first. What are people's thoughts on this? Would you just go straight to paramotor? if I were to paraglide first could I purchase a wing that I could eventually use for paramotoring? Any recommendations? For me, paragliding is considerably cheaper in the short term however, I understand the limitations regarding suitable sites that I would be able to launch from. On the other hand paramotoring is more flexible in terms of launching and getting as much air time as possible. Would anybody recommend a good, cost effective paramotor setup for a beginner? Thanks
  4. Hi hanks for the reply, yes I must get a pop off pressure tester for my engine as I most definitely do not want to wreck my engine. Do you have any recommendation as to where I could get a tester?
  5. Hi thanks for information - I have had the carb apart for general servicing i.e. Gaskets etc. It seems to be running well - I have the high jet open about 1 1/4 turns and the same for the other jet / throttle plate - it does however seem to when I have started the engine and apply throttle it cuts out sometimes is this maybe because the mixture is too lean and I need to open the high jet slightly?
  6. Hi everyone, i have a PAP ROS 125 and I need some help setting the jets on a Walbro WG-8 carburettor? Could anybody tell me how much the jets should be opened from fully closed? Thanks, Marcus
  7. mjmac

    Airbox ROS 125

    Thanks again for the responses
  8. Thanks for everybody's input I have contacted Opie Ools today who have been very helpful and have several options for me to try. I have been lookin at the ROS engine manual who recommend using 140 SAE, however, when looking in the PAP manual it recommends using 75W-90 oil. Having looked it appears that SAE 140 is a mineral oil and the 75w-90 is a synthetic oil. I could also get a 75w-140 fully synthetic oil. Could anybody suggest which oil might give the best performance and efficiency? Thanks, mjmac
  9. Hi everyone, i am looking for some advice on gear oil. I am doing a complete oil change on my ROS 125 reduction gear - the manual for this engine suggests that I use SAE 140 gear oil and I cannot find this anywhere in the U.K. Could anybody advise? thanks in advance, Marcus
  10. mjmac

    Airbox ROS 125

    Im struggling to find a rubber to match what I have - I may have to try a K&N. Having looked at the rubber between carb and airbox - the rubber seem to go inside the airbox quite far and this is the reason I am having trouble finding something that closely matches the rubber profile? Any suggestions?
  11. mjmac

    Airbox ROS 125

    Thanks for the responses - I will look at both options!
  12. mjmac

    Airbox ROS 125

    Hi Everybody, The rubber between the Airbox and Carb on my ROS 125 have perished - I am struggling to find anybody in the UK that would be able to supply the spares for this. Could anybody tell me if I will be able to fit a K&N Filter to this engine? Will it affect fuel/air mixture / be louder / quiter? Basically can I use a K&N air filter or will this cause issues with the engine? Thanks, mjmac
  13. Sorry my mistake - I think this is obviously a clutched system.
  14. Evening all, i have tried the pull start on my ros 125 and it doesn't seem to engage the prop?? Any ideas? thanks, mjmac
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