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  1. Only problem now is the weather looks shite for the period. Un-flyable on current forecast! Will you cancel for a better weekend?
  2. Si how do you take a classified ad off the page? sold the V3 to Oliver ??
  3. My V3 is up for sale brilliant for learning bought through Simon in 2014, its not much heavier than the Zenith but stronger
  4. Hi Dave You can fly from Davidstow airfield I believe, contact asquaddie on this forum as he has said contact him if I was going down that way. I hope to be down over Christmas near Bude and have a place I used a few weeks ago and could probably do it again.
  5. Hi Seb I am local to you and often fly over the town( if the weather ever gets better) Still a novice but have about 30 +hours to date. You can come and try my wing for a comparison. Simon taught me to fly, it's bit of a trek down there but at the right time of day it's easy. Gary
  6. FlyME fly out of Val thorens at about 2500m think they have a zenith not sure about wing. Sent you an invite to their FB page. G
  7. Hi Si Any more developments on the above or proposed fly-ins? Thanks Gaz
  8. I use flyskyhy it does all of the things you want except notams. Height function doesn't work if you have a battery back case. Flight log is good though.
  9. Hi Tony Have you tried taking the motor off clamp in vice then putting 12V on it to see if the bendix moves out and spins. If not it sounds knackered. Sorry can't be much more help. Good luck with it anyway. Gary
  10. Ps you could check voltage at starter when you engage it. that should show up if your getting 12v when energised.
  11. Check all the connections/ wires from battery to starter. I had a similar problem with my boat recently and it was a slightly poor connection where the wire was clamped to the terminal block on the battery. May help ??
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