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    Had the same problem on iPhone so resorted to laptop, but there is nowhere to see how long my membership lasts. I renewed again but for 2 years this time and now im paid up untill november 23 but cant find anywhere on the site that says what my status is ? Can this be added to subscription status to so people can see? Thanks Gary
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  3. Hi Vik Where abouts in London are you based? we have a little club in Cambridgeshire which is only 1 hr from North London, unfortunatley we dont have any rental kit though. Gary
  4. I'm selling my trusty ReportAir as I have a new wing coming shortly. It's my second ReportAir, the 1st being a 26 and has served me well and I trust it implicity in the air as its rock solid. Its easy to launch and very efficient with my set up on the Moster powered Zenith, medium trims I can get down to 3.5 Lt per Hr, even full trims messing around it keeps below 5. Made in May 2017 it has around 100 hrs and is in perfect condition complete with Dew bag, Rucksack, SpeedBar, Stuff sack, Repair kit, wind sock and documents. Its a great intermediate wing pefect for XC's or just messing around. £1250 plus delivery at cost WhatsApp Video 2019-11-16 at 11.16.33.mp4
  5. Only problem now is the weather looks shite for the period. Un-flyable on current forecast! Will you cancel for a better weekend?
  6. Si how do you take a classified ad off the page? sold the V3 to Oliver ??
  7. My V3 is up for sale brilliant for learning bought through Simon in 2014, its not much heavier than the Zenith but stronger
  8. Hi Dave You can fly from Davidstow airfield I believe, contact asquaddie on this forum as he has said contact him if I was going down that way. I hope to be down over Christmas near Bude and have a place I used a few weeks ago and could probably do it again.
  9. Hi Seb I am local to you and often fly over the town( if the weather ever gets better) Still a novice but have about 30 +hours to date. You can come and try my wing for a comparison. Simon taught me to fly, it's bit of a trek down there but at the right time of day it's easy. Gary
  10. FlyME fly out of Val thorens at about 2500m think they have a zenith not sure about wing. Sent you an invite to their FB page. G
  11. Hi Si Any more developments on the above or proposed fly-ins? Thanks Gaz
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