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  1. Sooty100

    Macro v1 exhaust

    I need a exhaust for a macro v1, everything but the silencer heeeeeeeeelp
  2. Sooty100

    Bizzare Lamels

    Great story
  3. Sooty100

    The PMC Summer Fly-in - 2018

    Great write up And pics
  4. Sooty100

    Paramotor solo 210

    Preston mate
  5. Sooty100


    Wanted engine only mister or similar
  6. No mate it doesn't the owner died a few months ago I fly outa Preston try active edge
  7. Sooty100

    BGD echo power

    Bgd echo power Anyone any knowledge of this wing ?
  8. Sooty100

    Paramotor solo 210

    1000 quid solo210 New bearings v belt cdi Centrifugal clutch fitted cost 400 New carb kit Fuel lines and filter This machine is bullet proof Mine for 8 yrs Will trade for decent wing
  9. Sooty100

    What inspired you to fly?

    Dreamt of flying since being a kid
  10. Sooty100


    Wanted Walbro wb32 for solo 210 Cheers Chris Yep 07983271181
  11. Sooty100

    Learning to fly lamcashire

    Active edge will give you everything you need to know very professional outfit I went with them about 18 yrs ago
  12. Sooty100

    Welcome Lancashire

    From Preston mate add me on facebook help if I can Chris Sutton
  13. Can anyone help my solo 210 will not go to full revs I have replaced Fuel lines Air filter Ignition coil Plug Lift pump clean fuel Cleaned carburetor Replaced all gaskets carburetor and exhaust Tried to tune for hours all to no avail The only thing that feels different is there seems to be more compression