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  1. BenM


    Thanks a lot Simon ? sadly not local but I do appreciate ! B
  2. BenM


    Hi Simon. New EOS 100 owner here. Why is it a bit funky to start and do you have any tips on how to get round that funky staring issue ? Aside from the advice in the manual cheers !
  3. I would check out airways air sport in Ashbourne. I’m from Preston (north of you) and travel all the way down. It’s the closet one too me but can definatley recommend them ! I went down for a day taster and now nearly finished my EPC.
  4. I was thinking more 30mins after sunrise and 30 before sunset when it gets less light. Glad they work in daylight. Will take a look
  5. Do you use a strobe in the day to increase your visibility ? Or is it not as effective in daylight ?
  6. Does anyone have problems putting the motor flat, any leaking fuel from anywhere? Iknow some engines (maybe only 4stroke) must be kept one way up.
  7. Apart from mould what would damp cause ?
  8. So the engine is running okay. It’s just leaking tones of black oil like sludge from the engine block so I’ve got in contact with the supplier. Have you Seb this too Simon ? (I’m sure I’ve heard others complain of this too) I’ve got a little air bubbles in the line just before the carb and after the in line fuel filter is this okay and likely to go or needs pruning out ? Thanks again !
  9. Cheers for the info Simon, I’m not sure I’ve fully warmed it up, exhaust is warm and so is engine block but carb is pretty much still cold to touch so I will give it a long run over the weekend and see how it does !
  10. Hello All ! I’m Looking for a little advice with the EOS100 engine. I’ve got one near brand new at 4 hours old. When starts it runs okay then cuts out after around 2 mins. When re starting, it runs fairly erratically and can seemingly idle down too low and then sounds like the starter engages a knocking sound then cuts out. Adding a little gas/throttle to prevent that seems to of course prevent the low idle cut out but then engine RPM seems to jump around quite a bit. Is this just the standard for a cold, new 2 stroke in very cold weather ? I’ve Not flown it as I’m still learning but I’m just ground running at the idle mark to test my purchase works (prop off of course and okayed by manufacturer fir warm up at pre flight) Thanks for the help !
  11. I’m at airways Airsports. I can for sure recommend and got to say the guys there are great. Just book in for that taster day and you will get to fly/check it out. I’m currently learning their but have been waiting for some decent weather. Drive time for me is also around 2hours but it will be worth it !! Spain flying would be top !
  12. Keep us in the loop, What wing have you gone for ? Hoping I can get decent weather days in the uk to train and be good for summer flying !
  13. Hello ! I’m from Preston Also. Pretty much stuck on local training as there is non ! My only Problem with traveling to far away places to train is realising the weather is no good then having to travel all the way back. However I think I’ve pretty much decided to go to Airways Airsports in Darbyshire. I did my taster day there. Where abouts in preston are you from ? Simon W sadly there was no reply from east to West Yorkshire paramotors ! But I managed to find them on Facebook and did message them !
  14. I do agree that it feels longer winded doing it that way ! I feel once i take off with a motor there will be no going back, but we will see !
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