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  1. Finally got to put together the video from Durness in Scotland. It's here:
  2. Lol just had a look and yes pretty isolated. I bet it’s a good long walk to the nearest people. I do wish it had been more stable weather because I’d have loved a long flight but I’m glad to have just flown at all.
  3. I’ve freed up my space. You know when there’s not been much going on and you’re really looking forward to something.. then Boris the twat ruins it for you. seriously pissed off but I understand it’s unavoidable Simon. what really gets me is they can have thousands in Wembley watching football but we can’t have 200 in an open field. anyway I’ll have a week in Cornwall in July and take my kit anyway, and I’ll look forward to September
  4. Gutted. That’s the one weekend I can’t make
  5. Yeah I was cautious and kept away from both really. Mir was a short but brilliant flight. Such views
  6. Had a couple of flights since my last update. Most notable was that I went with my partner in a camper van and spent 2 weeks driving the NC500 in Scotland. took my paramotor kit with me hoping to get a couple of flights in but that was a bit optimistic. However when I was at the very North West of Scotland, Durness, I got a short flight when there was a window of opportunity. We were camped at Sango Sands campsite which is at the top of the cliffs and the wind dropped.Forecast showed a flyable wind for a while - bearing in mind the location is near mountains so I was being careful about wind
  7. no no no no no you want to drive to Cornwall 2 weeks running. Honest you do. you know it's the right thing to do
  8. Well I was planning to stay until the Friday anyhow so one week would suit me perfectly as I’m already there. if it’s 4 weeks later I’ll still be there. 5 weeks later and I’ll be at beautiful days festival in Cornwall. Please don’t make it clash with that. Any other date I’m in.
  9. You’re close to Clive Mason at CM Paramotors in Market Harborough. Give him a call and have a chat he’ll see you right. I bet I’ve flown over you going to his field from tamworth
  10. Thanks mate. I enjoy writing them. Well, maybe not the ones where I make stupid mistakes but it’s all learning and maybe lessons for others
  11. I’ve had a few more flights on my new wing now. mostly ass or knees landings however we went to Paul’s field last Friday evening. It was a surprise to get a decent day so met up with Paul and dave. off we went up and around Nuneaton for an hours flight. Came down with a nice long approach into a decent wind and got my foot landing. Very pleased after a period of messing up all my landings. So I decided to get a practice - took off with a slightly lopsided reverse for a 5 min flight then came in to land - on my feet again! So I had another one. Less wind and forward launch th
  12. You'll probably find airfields rarely want paramotors, partly because we're slow I think. Possibly the noise too. There are some paramotor friendly fields Derby way - Airways is in Ashbourne is one. Generally we fly from friendly farmer's fields. Once you find a field you'll become very protective of it. Being slow, low and noisy around the fields often causes friction with local residents so you have to work round this and then tend not to want anyone else to come and mess it up for you. There's plenty of countryside your way so really it's a case of persevering and finding a
  13. NEW WING Fantastic flights and crash landings! I've had 10 flights since my last update - some good, some not so good. Couple of uneventful flights but had a run of landing on my feet OK. Thats nice. Way back in February I ordered a new wing from CM Paramotors. 58 day wait. Felt like 58 weeks! Finally on 9th April it had arrived with Clive and I went to his field after work to collect andn test fly my brand new custom colour Speedster 3 'Do you need me to show you over the wing?' says Clive 'No' says me 'I'm fine.' 'OK check the trims as they usually come set
  14. Cheers mate I enjoy writing them. Keeps my memories. I’m currently flying a spyder.
  15. Well the last entry was almost 3 months ago! There hasn't been much flying going on due to lockdown, and the bad weather actually helped us through it I reckon. My first flight was on 27th Feb. Remember that Saturday when the sun came out and everyone thought that spring had sprung? It was a great day so I just got my kit and went to Penkridge. All on my own with a flask of tea and a sandwich for lunch. I got set up nice and relaxed, plenty of pre flight checking after such a time of no flying. The field has a tendency to be very sheltered so on the ground you get no wind but
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