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  1. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    I’m doing this for anyone who cares and for myself so I can look back on it later 🙂 In April 2012 a nice nutter by the name of Bobby Frankham got me hooked on wanting to paramotor. I know a lot of you know him too. We were going from John O’Groats to Lands End on mopeds for charity. Anyway he went off around Loch Ness on his paramotor and the idea of doing it got me bad. Even better when Bobby explained how accessible the sport is. Sometime around 2012 or 2013 I had a day’s training in Nottingham while it was ok I wanted a more thorough training package including laws and weather etc and I didn’t get to go back. My life took a different turn and after many life changing events I got to 2018 still obsessed with getting up there. I had researched training a bit and decided where I wanted to go - Clive Mason has a great reputation and he’s accessible to me about an hours ride from home. So in October last year I contacted Clive and after impatiently waiting for an opening and weather I got to meet him and a few others at Marston airfield on 20th January this year. It wasn’t the right day to start but I chatted with people and had a go at a handful of forward launches to get a feel for the wing and harness. Next lesson Sunday 3rd Feb. Plenty of wind a little gusty meant I spent 5 hours or so reversing and kiting all over the field. Well by then did the day I was, at the start I was just wearing myself out I think! Good progress though and plenty of tuition from Clive with help from the others on the field too. I’d got a holiday booked 25 feb and I was keen to get some more training in before I went. (Sitting in Thailand writing this😊) But before that Clive found me a good used Oxone Spyder which I collected on 8th Feb😁 I got to go and train on 23rd and 24th Feb with Clive and it was great. Using my own wing was different to handle than Clive’s training wing. Plenty of wind Saturday at the other field, then calmer and more technical on Sunday at Marston. Loads of time reversing and turning, kiting and falling over a fair bit too! That’s my lot so far, to be continued when I return from Thailand in a week or so. oh and looks like I just bought myself a motor too🙄😁 turned into an expensive holiday !
  2. richjones

    Hello - newbie alert !

    Got rid of the wife. Now I can afford this 😂😂
  3. richjones

    Hello - newbie alert !

    No putting me off now I’ve already started spending money !🤪
  4. richjones

    Hello - newbie alert !

    Wow! first log in since 2012!!! 6 1/2 years later and the obsession never left me. Having been through some major life changes I find myself finally in training with Clive Mason. I have myself a wing, and I’m as keen as I ever was. Shame I’m older than I ever was too and gutted I didn’t do it earlier but very happy I’m actually going to get off the ground 😁
  5. richjones

    low flying around powick area

    How high do you think that was, say at 3 mins in over the houses? I'm not airborne yet so difficult to judge, but I'd guess 150 - 200 ft? aside from safety I'd say at that height the noise alone is enough to about people into complaining? Not sure i agree that pilot reporting pilot will help the cause - once those with the power get a grip with something they'll spoil it for everyone regardless of who reported it.
  6. richjones

    An old idea, but added on

    The thing with chat boxes is that you might be asking questions that lots of people would be interested in reading. Keeping it in forums makes a plentiful resource.
  7. Thanks Pete, I was just thinking aloud, building my knowledge bit by bit
  8. Does everyone fill in log books then ? Seems basically you have to go beyond club pilot exams in order to get any insurance for flying XC? At least with bhpa. I guess there aren't many 3rd party incidents? In which case, as it's supposed to be about as safe as recreational flying gets, that it shouldn't be this difficult to get insurance?
  9. Was it a funky moped You might be too young to appreciate Sounds like an adventure Cheers, Alan Not too young It was good, and I'd never seen the Scottish highlands before, so I was suitably impressed.
  10. What fantastic scenery! I did JOG-LE on a moped in April this year and went across Glencoe on the A82. I was stunned then by the landscape even in the dire weather we had. That area is definitely on my list of places when I eventually get airborne.
  11. richjones

    Dan - Paramotor Training Blog

    I know it's a while since any updates but this blog is inspiring
  12. Hi, I just joined with exactly the same problem - including the credit card and marriage one
  13. Hello all I'm not even qualified to be a newbie yet! I'm at the stage of becoming obsessed with getting into paramotoring after watching and chatting to someone about it. I was watching him in April at Loch Ness, and then last weekend in Northampton area and got chatting about the rules, requirements etc. I think the interest really got me when I found I didn't need loads of training & license as such, hence keeping the formalities and cost down. Having said that I can see the benefit of some training as I know little (nothing) about controlling the wings never mind the weather etc I'm not in a rush to buy kit or anything just yet, probably not til next year but I'm keeping my eye open whats going about and prices. Still have a fair bit of saving to do! I'm in Walsall, West Mids so I'll probably be looking into training somewhere like Derbyshire, Shropshire or other Midlands surrounding areas. Oh, I also still have to convince the wife I'm going to do it but she'll come around to the idea I'm interested to know what type of kit I'll be looking for. I'm 90kg fully clothed. Also read a little about high/low mount points - whats good for beginners? What size engine? what size prop? I know training will answer lots of questions but I gotta know if I'm going to be really doing it before I even spend the training costs. cheers Rich