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  1. Cheers mate I enjoy writing them. Keeps my memories. I’m currently flying a spyder.
  2. Well the last entry was almost 3 months ago! There hasn't been much flying going on due to lockdown, and the bad weather actually helped us through it I reckon. My first flight was on 27th Feb. Remember that Saturday when the sun came out and everyone thought that spring had sprung? It was a great day so I just got my kit and went to Penkridge. All on my own with a flask of tea and a sandwich for lunch. I got set up nice and relaxed, plenty of pre flight checking after such a time of no flying. The field has a tendency to be very sheltered so on the ground you get no wind but
  3. Both really. I can’t keep up with others I fly with, even trimmed out. It is a lovely wing to handle and fly and although it’s fairly responsive on wing tip steering I just want something slightly more agile. I suppose as I’m over 100 flights now I’m ready to progress that’s all.
  4. I'd say it's about right, I currently fly a spyder. My all up is around 140kg with max of 160 on the glider. I don't feel very heavy on the wing at all - it's a bit slow if anything. I've ordered a speedster 3 26m which will put me at the top end of the weight on that.
  5. That’s good I understand that thanks and appreciate you efforts too. I assume my email is from someone else who dies not know about your discussions.
  6. Well coincidentally I just got an email reply. Dear Mr Jones, Thank you for email regard to the Electronic Conspicuity rebate programme. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply as we have no mechanism of validating that the individual is actively flying. Our partnership with the likes of BHPA aims to guarantee a cross-checking mechanism of pilots and to avoid fraudulent claims. Below are requirements needed to be able to apply: Funding is for carry-on or aircraft-fitted devices only. Ground system components do not qualify for this scheme. Applicants
  7. That’s great thanks Andy
  8. 5 flights in one day. 5 FOOT LANDINGS !!!!! And getting above the clouds Well there have been a few good flying days recently but I only chose to fly on 31st Dec. Went to a field near Kettering, coincidentally a handful of other people also turned up at that field. We did not arrange to meet at all ! After my previous engine out I had stripped and cleaned my carb, checked pop-off pressure, checked my reeds and replaced one fuel line. Carb was reset to factory and ran OK on short tests in my garde at home. But kowing it had failed I decided to have a few laps of the field to ch
  9. I emailed them on 15 Dec and the auto response said 10-30 working days to get a reply. Not too useful and no reply yet although we’ve only just passed the 10 working days I suppose.
  10. Sensible. I suppose our motors are like anything else. I know how my car runs same as I know how my motor runs. Usually it’s only the second time I’ve had engine trouble usually very reliable but you shouldn’t take anything for granted
  11. I can type. My 'n' doesn't always work o my keyboard
  12. I think evenybody is different. In hindsight maybe I should have. At the time I was wondering if the wing was even going to lift me as it had got wet. Normally I wouldn't go over the road but I didn't realise it was there. Normally I would go over the hedge into the next field no bother. But normally I'm familiar with the field I'm taking off from. Occasions like this the video review of the day is quite useful It's fine asking mate, I'm only a year into it by no means expert. I've seen people do much more stupid things. What I do thik is when you're flying on your own you lose the
  13. It's a fair question, when I took off I went straight out of the field, but I did circle around the fields next door until I was at around 1500ft but that wouldn't have made an interesting video Both flights were OK, even though I had tickover issues at first my engine hadn't shown any sign of cutting out whilst flying even until it died. When it died it wasn't at tickover either, it just decided it was a good time to no run any more. I always fly with a get out, I know where there's a field within gliding distance and I know where the power lines are it's a good habit to get into.
  14. I haven't flown for years!! Back on 29th Nov Paul and I went to Wellingborough to fly with Pitt (aka ParaPigeon on youtube) Shitty weather but we managed to get 3 short flights in staying low over the field. Wind was mild but cangeable and caught us out several times on the takeoffs, changing just as we set up in one direction. Resulting in many failed launches that day (only 2 for me). I mangaged 2 out of 3 landings on my feet too which was nice Then along came today. Perfect flying weather, not perfect ground... I had a day off work, got ready and went to look at a park near
  15. Got a reasonable window in the crappy weather yesterday. I met Paul at Penkridge to see if it was going to be flyable with a forecast of 8/15. First thing we did is get stuck on the way into the field. Becoming a habit this is! We're able to roll back out of the gate so no worries. So, we jumped in my van and went to find the farmer, see if he's got a different field. We didn't find him but left a message with someone at his house to say we'd blocked the gate and were going flying, just in case anyone turns up. I'm guessing the microlight club never fly in winter if they can't get
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