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  1. Bulls head polesworth? That’s probably us as Webflew over there, there were three of us but also three others we saw flying around the area.
  2. Well after 61 days of not flying I finally got airborne again My last flight was 19th March which was 15mins. previous to that My last flight had been 19th January! So long with no air time. I thought I’d be more nervous but I was fine. Wind forecast was to die down late so we took off around 8pm. the grass was very long and we drove over it to make a runway. The reversible wind had dropped right off to almost nothing. Now we’ve been in lockdown and I’ve been messing. On my January flight I damaged my throttle cable in my prop. So, I’ve 3D printed a polini style throttle and made a new cable for left hand to free my right for reserve which I hope I never need. Previously I was using the parajet throttle which I always found bulky. Forward launch went perfectly once I remembered to add a little brake. Not a lot to say about the flight really, I guess this learning/training blog is going to stop soon. Up for around an hour and stayed about 1000ft. Surprisingly very calm and nice and warm. My landing was perfect. No arse landings here ... gentle approach get everything ready in my head , lean in, flare and touch down 30 yards from the van. So easy I don’t know what all the fuss was about! The change from right to left hand on throttle and to use my two smaller fingers felt quite natural. I didn’t forget where the kill switch was and had my first two fingers free for phone/photos. I got the cable over my arm which I could t do with the old one and just need to shorten is by maybe 6”. So I’ll be printing another in a stronger material as this was a test one. Post flight chat in the field - remember we’re in lockdown and no gatherings, social distancing etc etc. Well there was this policeman..... we got reported for having a gathering at the farm. 3 of us. piliceman came to verify we all live in the same household, had a chat and left. all good here IMG_4833.MOV
  3. Well no flying git me messing. I made a strobe last year so this year I’ve bought myself a 3D printer to play with. first I printed a few things off the Internet (including a paramotor throttle which I will be trying) but then I had to learn how to design things in 3D. Took me a couple of weeks of evenings and corona weekends to decide, design and finally print this. I found online a 3D model of a mount for a skyflar strobe onto a maverick frame. I designed a strobe case including transparent dome which would fit on this mount. But realising that with this mounted it would be above my frame and wild stop me fitting it my ‘new’ van. So I designed a mount of similar shape but with my strobe built in. not done the electronics yet, might do that tomorrow. It’s kept me sane!
  4. Well.... two months since I last flew. my Spider-Man engine cowl and my skull coated prop got their first outing today. I had planned to have a day alone flying in Tamworth but a call from Garry got him then Paul to both take the day off. Paul and I went over to Quorn near Leicester to Garry’s field. the forecast was reasonable but rain after lunch. Winds from 3 gusting 7 to 7 gusting 11 or so, all of which should be reasonably flyable. we got there about 8.45am and set up. Having had my throttle cable off I had to spend some time checking and getting my engine running right. Paul was up and away, with Garry close behind. so anyway I got ready and went for a forward launch. The winds were definitely higher than forecast and the position of the field means a bit of rotor too so the windsock was all over the place. having regressed to complete novice I flopped my first attempt, made worse by some walkers standing watching. Second attempt was up in a few steps. Now I don’t know if it’s because I’ve not flown for ages or what but I got bumped and thrown about and generally didn’t feel like everything was right. I couldn’t see any riser issues or anything so I flew around then decided to land and check everything. I came around over the A6 down to the field to be buffetted about on my approach. I had to do a quick detour as I was swinging about so looped round the next field to try again but sink/rotor from the A6 and trees dropped me down suddenly to a couple of feet off the ground. Full throttle to save my ass, then down. On my arse. In reality I don’t even know whether I attempted to stand I just wanted to get down. I do think such a long break took away some of my confidence. I’m still a beginner after all. i checked all my gear finding no issues. Then as it was a bit gusty and spitting with rain we waited around, doing some ground handling or acting and generally talking shit lol around 1pm it had settled a touch so Paul and Garry went up with me to follow. I really need to stop fussing about and get up, but I did after a while. A bit bumpy but felt better than earlier however it was raining a bit more. Paul and Garry said they were coming back I’m so I landed first. on my knees. Not my day! deciding not to fly again we packed up. paul and I went back to tamworth for a pint and decided the trees weren’t moving much outside so off we went to check out the tamworth field. wind was more stable than Leicester so went for it. had a failed forward launch, I think I just misjudged the wing and it came down on my left. Reset and up I went ! now the field is next to some industrial buildings and this is where I found my error. I had somehow picked up the brakes with both of the twisted around the risers. As I took off I managed a sharp right but the couldn’t steer properly due to the twists and climbed out right over the industrial estate. Not my chosen route and glad I didn’t have an engine out, but was ok. Once I gained height I sorted out my brakes and settled down. Up to 800ft and trimmed out, had a fly about waiting for Paul to launch (he fluffed it loads and didn’t get up). The other Richard had joined us and he was up ok. mot was reasonably smooth, chilly and bloody raining. So I did about 20 mins before getting back down on an approach I hadn’t done before due to wind direction. Came in really close to a tree and down ok to about 20ft then got chucked about again but managed to land sort of on one knee ish. then we went to the pub. a long but fun day. Racked up three flights of 7 mins, 5 mins and 20 mins. Not exactly much but learning lots. i like to post all my errors on here too so people may learn. Today was really a bit gusty for me but I didn’t feel unsafe, just struggled with the landings. the brakes was a stupid error and I don’t know how it happened as I’m pretty thorough. all good experience, nobody hurt and we had a day in a field where it was normal, no viruses or nonsense. now bring on the bloody summer!!!
  5. Great. I’m on 0752 7742192 off to Thailand for 2 weeks on Monday. Hopefully the weather will be better by then!
  6. I’d like to come down and fly now and again. More variety the better I’m in Walsall so probably 45 mins or so to drive there which isn’t a problem.
  7. No it’s stupidly thin but has to be primed and lacquered too. The primer/ lacquer will make most difference. I’ve put exactly the same coats on both halves but I’ll be balancing it this week to check.
  8. Cheers. It looks ok, I know where the bad bits are yet to lacquer it then see how well it balances. I guess I’ve got a few days before I’ll be flying
  9. This no flying weather is rubbish. So.. I did some stuff
  10. All of a sudden it will click and you’ll have some control. I was running up and down the field for 4-5 hours none stop in my first couple of lessons but it got easier once I started to feel the wing. It will come quicker than you realise. Keep it up
  11. That’s not a bad idea, maybe I’ll try that cheers I’ve not had any issue before but was aware I had the cable low, it was just when I had to pull the wing down hard I got my hand far back. I’ll look tomorrow
  12. I repaired my damaged wiring yesterday. It was only minor damage, I just soldered the wires and taped up. what I did find is I wasn’t getting full throttle, probably about 95% though so not a big deal. I tried to adjust my throttle cable so I could route it over my arm instead of having the loop under my arm. The parajet throttle has the cable at the bottom pointing down which makes for a tight ish loop on the cable when over the arm and when I moved my arm it changes the rpm off the engine. The answer is to loosen the cable to make some slack but if I do that I get even less of full throttle. Doesn’t look like there’s room to drill a hole on the carb lever to make it closer so for now I’m stuck with it under my arm. thinking of buying a polini type throttle to fix this and also as the parajet one is bulky and I’d like to free up my first two fingers for camera usage etc. watch this space...
  13. Pete was flying a fair bit longer than us while we got our act together
  14. Haha it’s ok I was doing it anyway. well the others had already landed and not sunk so I thought it’d be ok. Really big beach really. We flew over the estuary further north. It was great fun.
  15. Ok ok here you go Roughly edited to show some scenery and keep the beach bits.
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