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  1. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    You know when you have those moments you’re trying to remember everything ?... it was one of those. Mid come in too low to I either had to abort or blip the throttle to get into the field. I chose the latter. No particular reason I just felt ok at that point but obviously affected me. Not something I normally do I just seemed to be misjudging my approach that evening. No damage and my pride is waaaayyyy past being bothered or embarrassed 😂 it’s all learning🙂 i do appreciate feedback on here and try to take it into account when flying too. Thanks.
  2. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    Busy week. Tuesday got another two flights in so I’m now up to 19 short flights about half hour each. First one was engine off at 2000 feet - part of my training. Came in a bit high and it didn’t seem to want to drop so I lifted my feet over the hedge and overshot the field to land perfectly on my feet yet again. Just in the wrong field. All good though I want to do it again for my own satisfaction. Second flight was with a few others just local to the field nice but I got nervous when I needed eyes everywhere and I felt too close to other motors so I moved away . Nice little flight but I came down short this time and had to blip throttle to get into the field. Then everything happened too fast, no wind so it was fast anyhow, and you guessed it I came down on my arse!! oh well I did three foot landings in a row so I’m getting there back to Clive’s tonight for first part of meteorology lessons. A lot to take in but as I want to do cross country I’m interested and keen to be safe. I don’t get back from Clive’s until 11.30 so 3 late ones this week, making the most of the light nights, it’ll soon close in.
  3. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    landed on my feet😁😁😁 Twice!!!!😁😁😁😁😁 flight 15 - 1hr 25min from east farndon past Kettering and around Corby and back. Great flight with John and Martin from Clive’s club. Came in almost no wind, did everything as I hoped I would and nicely onto my feet, turned and brought the wing down. Had another short flight 20 mins. One failed lunch when o held the A’s too long. got the sunset and came in from 1400 on tickover to practice my engine out test which is coming soon. Same again, lovely landing with turn and wing gently down. I knew I’d get it eventually! Chuffed 😁💪💪
  4. richjones

    Training KETTERING area.

    Clive mason cm Paramotors. Market harborough. We flew around Kettering tonight. Great instructor and great group of people http://www.cmparamotors.com/
  5. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    On Monday 8th I did some ground handling but didn’t fly as it was quite gusty. On Tuesday 9th I did another xc flight. From east farndon down to pitsford water near sywell aerodrome, fly around and back again. Not the longest flight but racked up a total of 28 miles. Took off in the field with no instructor present and nobody to give me any guidance, just one spectator so this is the first time I’ve had no real backup available at take off. Zero wind needed a hard run but it was fine and off I went, trimmers out, headed southeast until I could see the a14/a508 junction after which I could see the lake in the distance. Google says 9.5 miles as the crow flies but I’m obviously not as direct as the crow! lovely flight with total cloud cover so smooth and warm. Got rained on a little halfway back so was prepared to land if it got heavy, was in touch with Clive all the time. I headed back to the field and had a little fly about before coming in to land. Came in fast with no wind and lifted my feet to land nicely on my arse 🙄 One day I’ll get this landing stuff sorted!😂
  6. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    Flight 14 in the bag😁 went to Tamworth with a fellow student of Clive’s to fly, grabbing a weather opening. One failed launch because I was too lazy to reset the wing after it fell forward. Easy second launch and felt a bit bumpy so I got myself up to about 2000 ft to settle in. Get my trimmers out and we had a slow flight into wind around the north east of Tamworth tot he school where Paul works. That took about an hour, then a fast flight back in 20 mins. It was a great flight, pretty smooth hands off unless I wanted to turn quick. Got my first wave from someone in a beer garden, tempted to join them! came back in and over corrected my direction on landing approach, slowed too early and flared to late. landed on my arse😂 I think im going to end all of my posts with ‘landed on my arse’ best flight I’ve had so far because my confidence and comfort are improving, I’m getting happier in the turns and with the movement of the wing. 14 flights and a total of 11hours 20 mins flying. Still loving it 😁
  7. richjones

    Club in west midlands?

    He ought to be able to help. 8 flights isn’t much to be confident enough alone really. Its a very relaxed tuition, you go to the field when you can make it and there’s usually a handful of people about most of which will go off flying. Everyone’s really friendly and helpful too. You could try Clive now he’s always available but works during the day. I imagine he’s at the field now they were planning to go.
  8. richjones

    Club in west midlands?

    Hi mate I don’t know of anything local. I travel to market harborough to train and fly. It’s about 1hr 15 mins travel. I don’t have a friend with a field in Tamworth but we’re both still in training and couldn’t give any tuition/guidance really. I train with CM Paramotors and he often gets people who have trained elsewhere needing a little more help. It’s a great club and worth the journey. You could give him a call and chat see how he’s fixed. Clive 07729 783989 I’ve done 13 flights now and I’m happy to go out alone if there’s nobody else at the field so I can vouch for Clive’s tuition. He’s really nice and very helpful. Have you flown anywhere else local or not? Rich
  9. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    Yeah I seem to just forget to lean forward and run. I either sit down or lean and fall on my knees. I’ve done two good landings on my feet and felt like it couldn’t be easier but not that simple. My landings aren’t heavy just not on my feet.
  10. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    Flight 12 & 13 done last night went to the field with s few others and hoped for the gusts to be less than forecast. It was breezy and looked good for my first reverse but by the time I was set up it had died and although the tall windsocks showed wind the low one showed hardly anything at field level. Tried for reverse but it wasn’t happening so another forward. Considering my arse dragging beginning I’ve only had 2 failed launches so far 🙂 I think I’m still hopping into my seat a little early but not silly early. Did a 55 min flight, not bumpy at all considering the forecast said gusts of 16mph. Followed a couple of others over foxton locks and bumbled about for a bit. Big progress was letting my trimmers out for the first time😁 got up to a safe 1500ft and gently let out my left trim, weight shifting to compensate for the turn then fiddled about sorting the right one with my throttle hand. Just practice I’m sure. What a difference tip steering is! So much more responsive and I’ve done tighter turns than ever , I think because I’m not putting so much effort into pulling the brake. Anyway came down nicely, wind had dropped and I landed on my arse🙄 squeezed in another flight at about 9.25pm just a 15 min one to see the sunset and try and land better. Trims out again, don’t know what I was worried about😂 came in fast and went forward onto my knees. Loving the flying and trying to do something new each time but I wish I could nail those landings!!
  11. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    How long since my last flight???! Bloody weather! got in flight 11 this evening. Flying from Marston airfield my first totally unassisted takeoff, flight and landing. Up until now I’ve at least had a thumbs up to take off. A lovely if somewhat hazy flight totally off the brakes for 90 minutes. A bit of Facebook live, a quick video call to my granddaughter and a circuit around Rothwell where a mate came out of his house to take a photo 😁 Today’s lesson - don’t take off with one of your trimmers fully out it makes a hard run and a confusing couple of minutes working out why I’m going in circles ! And as I hadn’t used the trimmers yet it was a challenge getting it right again. In zero wind I landed forwards onto my knees but not heavily have to check my tuning as I used 9 litres of fuel! I was changing my altitude a lot because I got a new altimeter so I now know what I’m doing so maybe that’s a bit of it but the plug is quite black too. loving this sport... not loving weather watching and waiting
  12. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    Got in flight number 10 on Thursday 6th. Evening ride to market harborough and met a few of the club in the field. It was blustery but forecast to drop about 8pm. Forecast was pretty much bang on. I set up and Clive arrived then I found I had left my headset switched on and was flat. Clive offered to lend me one but I chose to do my first non-radio flight if Clive could just give me thumbs up at take off. Great forward launch and a smooth flight but it was too windy aloft to make any forward progress into wind. So I tootled about backwards and forwards across wind at about 2.5k ft for 40 mins until the sun was setting. Clive had given me a pep talk on landing no radio and I just followed his instruction. Came in high and brought myself down across the far end of the field backwards and forwards on tickover until I was low enough. Came into the field ok, engine off and landed perfectly on my feet. A few steps and turned to bring the wing down. Makes a change from landing on my arse!! Bloody annoying when everyone else is just over the brow of the hill and can’t see my landing. I’m sure they expect me to just land on my arse every time now 😂
  13. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    It’s been 16 days since my xc flight and not had a chance to get to the field. Seeing others getting flights on several evenings doesn’t help the frustration !! last night I got my chance. Flight 9 done 😁 met clive at the field for a quick set up and go being cautious as it had rained an hour before. Yet another forward launch, up first go without a problem. Not much to say about this one, 40 minutes, bumpy down low but smooth as anything at 2500ft. Most of the flight off the brakes just relaxing and weight shifting until my hands got cold, enjoying the setting sun and the views. I am finding I feel the cold when flying, maybe more than a lot of other people. Landing was simple but on my arse again. Foot slipped a bit on the damp grass, no big deal not a hard landing, still frustrating. Waiting for the next one, thinking about trying out the trimmers 😬 still loving it!
  14. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    What a fantastic day yesterday! cross country Sunday. Up at 6, out at 7. Off to sheepy magna to fly xc from a farmers field to Clive’s field at east farndon. Direct about 22.5 miles. In reality we did about 25-26 take off at 9am and had to circle for 20 mins or so as Paul had problems. first fully nil wind take off. With packed lunch, layers of clothes and 10L of fuel it was a hard run but got up ok. As we’d taken off about half an hour later than planned and the weather was hotter than expected it was the bumpiest flight I’ve had. Oh well I had 20 odd miles to get used to it. We flew past Hinckley towards market harborough with some great views. Above the clouds at 3000ft, past Croft quarry (massive!!) over bruntingthorpe airfield and before long we could see Marston airfield and I knew the way to the other field from there. Took about 90 minutes. Both our phones lost gps so didn’t get a tracked log, but we were navigating by map and planned route anyhow. Had a hot hot day in the field and ended up waiting until 7pm for calm air to fly home. Homeward journey was about an hour, gentle and calm, a lovely flight. I could see the Wrekin and Malvern hills it was so clear. With a short flight in the afternoon I’ve now botched up flights 6,7 & 8 😁 my landings are still a bit dodgy but not terrible. Oh except my big mistake of final landing downwind😵.... I’d flown over the purple windsock and could have sworn I got the direction but I got it wrong. Fortunately next to no wind so it was just a very fast landing. On my arse 😂 more learning on getting wind direction needed, and initial navigation was harder than I thought even though I’d studied the route. Loving this sport 😁😁
  15. richjones

    Ok here goes...!

    I’m happy to accept the bad with the good but the good feels so much better 😉 Flight number 6 looks like it’s going to be a cross country on Sunday. Planning 22 miles each way as the xc and navigation part of my training. Exciting times 😁😁