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  1. I’ll be doing nc500 May/June next year and taking my paramotor. Be good if we happened to be there at the same time
  2. Missed this. I’ll see if someone can get one soon.
  3. Right then. Monday 28th Sept i went to the field after having my frame welded at the weekend. Having completely stripped everything off and reassembled, and changed my engine mounts I had to check and test fly too. I wanted to practice landing see if I could sort it out. First thing is I changed my hang points one hole back. Since setting up over a year ago I’ve added a bit of belly, I nearly always fly with about 10L of fuel, I carry a flight deck full of cameras etc, and I’ve added a reserve. My logic was that I feel like I can’t get forward enough when landing so one hole back wi
  4. Not sure mate. Trying again tomorrow with paul watching and been chatting to Clive to get back to his field. Getting on my nerves now. I did adjust my hang point a bit tonight and felt a bit better. At least no arse landing. I logged on to update the thread but realised I Was still sulking I’ll type it up tomorrow.
  5. This is doing my nut in tonight I went to penkridge to practice landings. That’s exactly what I did. They were all shit. the end
  6. Cage fixed by a local welder. Just the job and all reassembled ready to fly Monday/Tuesday
  7. Cheers Andy. There’s definitely a bit of reluctance for my legs to run on touching the ground. I’m going back to clive to a bit of landing assistance, see if he can see what I’m doing wrong.
  8. Busted frame Well I came out of work yesterday to unexpected sunshine and still trees. A quick check of the met office weather forecast made a quick decision to go for a fly. As you do. home, shower, load up, shout at traffic, get fuel, get to the field about 6pm. Great for a quick flight now the field at Penkridge is narrow and the wind needs to be going east or west. Ideally. it wasn’t completely ideal but the field had very little wind. I decided to set up and see if it was doable. I had to do a slight crosswind take off else I’d be in the barn! i fuelled up and
  9. Landing out and meeting other paramotor pilots and a helicopter too close for comfort.. When one day becomes flyable in a week of shitty weather everybody goes flying Left work early to meet Richard & Paul at Richards field in Tamworth for a fly out. Got there about 3.30 aiming for a 4pm flight. We were going to a marina about 14 miles away at aiming to land at 6 so plenty of time. Paul went up and looked a bit turbulent so we didn't rush, took off with a nice forward take off at 4.30 for a 40 minute flight. My log says 16 miles so I guess I didn't go in a straight line. It wa
  10. Fantastic. Flying 3 miles over the sea would scare me shitless
  11. Having a van is great On Monday 14th I loaded my kit up before work and it’s easy to just leave it in there all day on the offchance it’s flyable after work. As it turned out it as perfect after work and everyone and his dog was flying The wind forecast was the wrong way for Penkridge but I wanted to test the limitations of the narrow runway so I was headed up there after work. Queue a medical emergency and some delays while mom got carried away in an ambulance and I made it to the field about 6.45pm. I’ve had a word with mom and told her to be ill on none flying days in future !
  12. Nil Wind + Wet Grass + failed launches = Wet Wing Up at silly o'clock this morning to meet Paul and Sean at Penkridge. Perfect 2mph wind, bit chilly, dew on the grass. So, after the normal chat we were ready to go. Sean is new, only his 9th flight. He had one failed forward and took off OK. I had a failed forward, I should have carried on but it didn't seem right so I stopped. I don't think there was really an issue. Paul had a failed forward. I had 2 more failed forward attempts - the wing was sodden and just wouldn't come up overhead. I had a rest and Paul got up OK.
  13. Well I’m back to arse landings ! drove to Clive field for a flight last night, but of a change. Almost nil wind take off, easy forward. Nice 50 min flight, round a hot air balloon, around market harborough. September and just starting to get chilly, and I didn’t go over 1300ft. Time to start wrapping up again. Came to land with zero wind and flaired too early. Slowed the wing but there was nothing left when I did my final flair and I came in fast. Almost caught it but not quite. Oh well. I blame Clive for betting I’d land on my arse! that was flight 72. Now up to 54 hours
  14. I used the parajet throttle RH for a year but fancied one that didn’t use the first two fingers on my main hand. when first starting using the camera/phone etc isn’t important but over time I wanted to do things needing my main fingers. Also I have my reserve on the right and wanted my main arm free just in case. I 3D-printed a throttle that uses 3/4 fingers and I put it on my left. For me it didn’t feel odd at all, I haven’t had a single issue with it except my little fingers ache holding full throttle to climb. It also gave me the opportunity to get the cable the right length to get
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