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  1. Ref Bore Yes please! Add me to the list please
  2. MartynD


    Hi Sam Good luck with the training see you in the air sooner than you think
  3. Just to add a spanner or two I think everyone has there favourite manufacturers I started with Dudek & after owning a Speedster I've gone back to Dudek When you're on a good XC flight you want to get places Yes the speedster is super easy to fly but it's sooooo slow WRC Nuk fantastic around wing
  4. Nice video Hopefully my Bailey Hornet should be ready end of Jan [THUMBS UP SIGN]
  5. Morgy I Didn't know you stock new exhausts and the upgraded carbs Dealer with many talents [THUMBS UP SIGN]
  6. Give Clive Mason @ Marston airfield a call based at market Harborough it's ideal for a Leicester Bimble
  7. Look up Powick PPG on FB Time to fill ya boots lol
  8. Sounds good to me - Fridays looking ideal - you joined group on FB?
  9. Weathers on the change - time to get into those blue sky's Thursday's looking ideal - cannot wait
  10. Leave the FB page with you then CW
  11. Sounds good Kevin Bimble again today around mid once I've cut my lawns
  12. Another great flight tonight - got myself passed the magic 100hrs mark - well chuffed
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