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  1. Is the shop working, I ordered a couple of mug about 5 weeks ago, and haven’t received them , I’ve sent a couple of message via the contact us link and had no replies that I can see?
  2. Just driven past it , top right of photo
  3. Just a quick question, I have a Gin Glite reserve and when I bought my parajet package it was delivered with a front Gin outer container, I wanted to try using the parajet side reserve container, it is tight and puts pressure on the sides of the reserve, would this adversely affect the reserve?
  4. I’m changing parajet throttle to a Vittorazi v throttle and I’m just wondering, the two black wires that come from the throttle and just bolt to the chassis at the carb, these aren’t on the new throttle so do you just remove the bolt take and take them off?
  5. Hi I got a reply from cloud 9 saying they weren’t taking on anyone , I’m off to sky school at the end of July, Alex there is really good at replying and answering questions.
  6. Kev Moore

    Kev Moore

  7. Hi I’ve just bought a Parajet Maverick and getting trained at the end of July with a mate both from Bodmin, would there be space at Davidstow after this date?

    1. asquaddie



      Of course.  If you both have a wing I'm happy to give you some lessons on ground handling before you go and any another information that might help?

      Let me know



    2. Kev Moore

      Kev Moore

      Thanks Tony, the wing won’t be ready for about a month then due to a holiday It’ll be almost the course when I get back, I’m an ex Sapper, what were you in?

    3. asquaddie



      Duke of Edinburgh Royal Regiment, then RGBW

      Mostly in 1 DERR, 24 years in total.

      Shame about the wing, because it would be good to get a head start for the first couple of days.

      You're still enjoy.  Marerick a lovely motor.  I have the V3 with the Moster185, which is solid and nice - just what I needed :-)

      Enjoy and keep in touch.

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