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  1. keving9464

    360 fly camera

    Does anybody have any experience feedback on this camera? cheers Kevin
  2. keving9464


  3. Has anybody paid for tickets for this event and received them? I paid for one Saturday and not even received confirmation, has anybody else experienced the same issue?
  4. Speak to Marco at Yorkshire Paramotors
  5. Went to fly Monday, too windy but had a great flight yesterday... Fantastic it was
  6. Good flight Jock, what editing software do you use?
  7. Does anybody have any experience on these? Cheers Kevin
  8. Aiii, Nick txt me but I am in Florida going to hookup when I am back & hopefully get a deal in with the new field )
  9. I am so jealous!!!
  10. Not sure if it helps, I have a Pap top 80 with an Ozone Spark and have the same issue, I found letting out the left trim riser out 1/2" when in flight corrects the problem. NB, I replaced active arms, adjust strap on harness to counter the torque, only letting out a little riser one side worked hope this helps
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