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360 fly camera


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I would hold out. 

Autumn will bring the Nikon Keymission 360 - a smaller, more usably shaped and probably better quality camera thats designed for sports.

The thing to remember with 360 video is that you need 6 x HD resolution - just to look 'ok'. Think of being inside a box... each side of the box is a TV screen... so 1 x 4K sensor wouldn't be enough... But for home videos etc and there are other options that world really well in addition to the 360 fly

Also - to edit 360 video has literally just come really easy thanks to Adobe Premiere's 360 support (release 2 days ago)... it's awesome. 


I have the Theta 360s - it's pretty good... but i find myself taking time-lapse 360 video because the photos are great quality but video not so much (which i suspect is the same for the 360 fly). 


Anyway - i hope that helps a little... (wait to see what Nikon bring to the table this Autumn). 

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