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  1. jock

    CorsAir Black Devil Trouble

    i have a bailey v4 runs perfect if you want to swap
  2. volution 2 macro 3 blade prop wanted 125cm,,
  3. jock

    Trike plans

    go on paramotor family face book page and you will see my trike £75 7 flights all good,just fitted bailey v4 in it
  4. jock

    Trike plans

    dont which peter lynn model the cheap one i think,ive just fitted the bailey v4 engine in it, will let you know how it flys
  5. jock

    Eprop on Bailey v5 (Parajet Zenith)

    you need tool that can grip the stud.mole grips might do it,but prob mark the shaft,a bit of heat will help.put some cloth over stud before you try with grips,looks m8 or m10 thread,looks like quick relase hub
  6. jock

    Eprop on Bailey v5 (Parajet Zenith)

    Ebay.or any local engineering shop or tool shop.
  7. jock

    Trike plans

    nice,looks light
  8. jock

    Trike plans

    peter lynn is same as mine.if you are useing your 3cyl it might struggle.as peter lynn is 17kg,what thurst do you get.i cant post pics of mine on here cant figure how to free up space,to do so,but bigfoot at right price is worth buying,
  9. jock

    Trike plans

    use a kitbuggy cheap and very easy to do
  10. Long gone are the days of needing to be in the BHPA just for the insurance,,,,are you sure on that..lol...
  11. jock

    Eprop on Bailey v5 (Parajet Zenith)

    fit longer studs,cheap to buy
  12. Axa you can fly in uk all year round.as well as abroad,
  13. fit longer ones,simple job,,lol
  14. you can get insurance no matter who you train with,Axa
  15. should be just a case of changing what type of brackets you use,