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  1. weather been rubbish,but will be out as soon as it gets better,
  2. nice one on your field,come fly with worcester group when weather gets better
  3. jock


  4. corsair m19 black magic with clutch,119cc excelent runner,suite pilot 80kg or less grab a bargain 07541087279 £500
  5. https://youtu.be/sS4GBLyyA9k made £24 trike in an hr,£24 is what main frame cost.wheels forks i had lying around,seat plate is from car, back head rest bit,flew great 12.5kg should be around 10kg once i trim a bit off
  6. jock

    Trike test

    https://youtu.be/sS4GBLyyA9k Testing my £24 trike
  7. corsair m19 clutched engine,119cc excelent runner suite 80kg or under.bargain £500 07541087279
  8. wing has sold.trike and motor and reserve for sale £2200 flymec trike,fresh brezze titanium frame,simonini engine ,electric and pull very low hrs from new,cant post pics on here wont let me,
  9. itv billy 110-140-160ppg,,as new only 17,mins on it one flight.28m, bargain,£1500,,ovno,,07541087279 might sell complete trike set up. as new.itv wing, with flymec trike.fresh breeze simonini, titanium frame plus reserve,£3500 bargain,
  10. you got me on that one,,yamaha parts lol
  11. grab a bargain dudek nucleon 34, 140-175kg,60hrs,had new trims fitted 3hrs ago.and a panel repair at areofix a few mths ago,great wing for trike check my youtube for it flying.its a steal at £500...07541087279,or test fly it sunday if you want worcester
  12. The bloke at scout has said on his youtube it was having new crankcases and 290cc,will find vid,and it was standard kymoco 250cc org
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