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  1. HAHA we were on about the hummer areochute trike,lots more tubing etc,but you done a nice job on your trike,my kite buggy one cost £75 flys great,i fitted wider nylon axle,i cant see how to post pics on this forum,suppose you must be paid member to do so
  2. very expensive for a bit of alloy box section and tube.lol
  3. you can just lengthen wing tip steer line to be along side your brake handles.easy fix.you can t/o useing haft trim and go into wind ok.then have a cord to pull trims in for landing,but landing with some trim on with,your trike would not be a problem.ive t.o on full trim when i had my 447 trike and landed alibet quicker than normal,the speed across the ground is quick.lol..i wouldnt mind a 2 seat areochute but silly money second hand,so will convert another microlight soon
  4. brakes will be very hard to pull with open trims,hence tip steering lines,some say dont use brakes to turn when on full trim.plus you wont use speed bar on your trike,are you on any of the fb flying groups pm me on fb.want to as you somthing lol
  5. Guy did you sort a wing,
  6. jock

    At last some decent weather

    Thought that was my old quad but i cut mine up lol looked just like it
  7. Try clive mason.cm paramotoirs he may have or know of one,,,,you are welcome to try my nucleon but its not for sale,come down got perfect field for your trike
  8. jock

    Trike training

    what do you weight, the compact only puts out around 50-55-kg thurst,so your trike will need to be light.
  9. cloud nine owner had a bad motorcycle crash,not sure if he has fully recovered yet,i know it will be a long recovery for him,
  10. I flew ozone speedster 34 on 100kg trike minus fuel it had 30 litre tank 447rotax engine, it was perfect not slow on cruise i left paramotor buddys well behind.i regret selling the trike, i fly 34 dudek nucleon on ppg trike now,another good wing for trikes
  11. jock

    xt 180 Engine

    sold subject to colection
  12. jock

    xt 180 Engine

    xt 180 enginefrom volution 2 macro.. for sale.first £500 gets it,new piston new starter.new crank bearings.new carb.new stator/flywheel.new coil. done 12hrs since rebuild,im after polini 250 engine or moster,so grab a bargain
  13. jock

    ppg worcester

  14. jock


    flymec trike would work 9kg.plus you get extra tube to make cage ok to use in forward launch and line brackets,ive flown one good.clip straight on.or convert kite buggy im flying one at mo its good
  15. jock

    Pumping brakes

    Did not someone break his back at ppg comps doing excactly this,pumping brakes and fell 40ft