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  1. https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/what’s-the-law-regarding-landing-paragliders-without-permission.331387/
  2. I put a mount on an old shin pad velcroed over my boiler suit, it's out of the way and you don't get the constant looking around as you check the canopy etc, but easy enough to move your leg around a bit to get different angles.
  3. Hi any more thoughts on this machine?
  4. He's always been very quick to get me parts, not that I've needed many, only a couple of exhaust mounts and a carb kit.
  5. Is that their answer to the air conception? If it is as light it will be my next one....... well one day!
  6. Quinoxyfen


  7. Last night at the paragliding club meeting it suddenly struck me that of the 20 or so members there 3 had had serious accidents involving hospitalisation while paragliding in the last 3 years which is a pretty high rate. These weren't pilots pushing the envelope, just competent pilots, so as an 'ordinary' PPG am I less likely to have an accident than the equivalent PG?
  8. How about an incident\accident reporting section, with an ability for anonymity for the really embarrassing cock ups!!!
  9. And me, I imagine the insurance will be pretty step, how are you taking the motor?
  10. You can come down to my field 3 miles N of Taunton if you like, 20ac field, stubble until march next year.
  11. i put the ear defenders on, the bolt is well within the depth of padding inside, I was more concerned with the ease with which the whole thing came off, I only lifted it to take the helmet off, the captive nut only appears to be held in by the depth of the coating on the helmet.
  12. After shelling out £110 on a helmet I am less than impressed with the build quality,and how easily this ripped out. I think I will use my old full face m/bike helmet. Close up of where the peltor ear defender was attached, there is not much holding the nut in
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