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  1. This guy sounds like a damp wank tissue. I’ve just seen his post on Facebook paramotor group complaining about an ‘airfield incursion‘. It was out side of controlled space so he’s got delusions of grandeur if he thinks he owns the sky over his field, the paramotor pilot has as much right to be over his field as he does, or anyone else. There were no other aircraft active in the circuit at the time anyway so this is one of those bleating complainers who probably writes letters to his MP in green ink and then pleasures himself whilst biting on an orange ball.. The only mildly valid point is that
  2. Hi, Spotted someone enjoying a peaceful flight yesterday morning west of Reading, Thought you’d like the picture! Must be someone on here?
  3. Not strictly a paramotor flight but I got up to 7500 feet yesterday In a microlight which is by far and away the highest I’ve ever been and it took me clear above the clouds. A very particular experience. I’m actually a bit scared of heights so tend to stay under 2000 and avoid clouds like plague so it was a real experience being right up with the gods. What made the flight even better was the presence of a fellow aviator who swooped in to capture the moment in film! They say you never forget your first flight above the clouds, I dont think I will forget this one!
  4. Watching people’s head explode across Facebook as they react to being told they can begin to use their own judgement. Seems a lot of folks can’t operate without big brother telling them very precisely what they can or can’t do and get panicky and anxious at the idea of taking responsibility for themselves. I hope that’s just a vocal minority.
  5. I’m not sure the general public are interested in the slightest. Joe Public don’t really differentiate ppg/gliding at the moment from cycling and horse riding etc and that flight barely registered on the ‘giveafuckometer’ for most people. I think there’s an awful lot of sanctimonious pilots who have a lack of perspective and think that everyone must be terribly interested in you and your hobby, you will be disappointed to discover that they don’t and most normal people don’t spend their time thinking about paraglider pilots and what they are or are not doing. You just aren’t that importa
  6. I fly mainly from a local community playing field. Thankfully, no one has ever complained, I actually get a lot of support and positive comments from neighbours. I occasionally use spots around local farm land when there are no crops on animals, never had anyone say anything or complain. I once landed on a large village green/football pitch and I knew that there was a by-law against powered flight, so I killed the engine before landing. Some guy came striding up to me and I thought, here we go, I was ready to be apologetic and mumble something about engine trouble and precautionary l
  7. What’s your favourite flight? Mine was a x country in almost nil wind, end of the day, blue sky fading to a sunset. Route was over Highclere castle (Downton Abbey) and then along the top of water ship down, staying about 10 feet from the top of the ridge line. That’s a great route if you fly anywhere near Newbury. Though watch out for Leigh side rotor on the down if the breeze is in the wrong direction. I’ve never managed to fly in Cornwall but I’ve seen one of you cruising around the Camel estuary (Rock/Padstow)) and that’s on the list.
  8. Well, this is vexing. Whilst it’s probably technically against the law insofar as paramotoring isn’t daily exercise (though hardly the crime of the century), the only decent argument I’ve seen not to fly is around saving NHS capacity for those who need it. If that capacity is not being stretched at the moment, reasons not to fly are pretty thin.
  9. So... what I’m hearing is we should go flying now, before lockdown is lifted whilst A and E is quiet? Controversial but I can’t fault your logic.
  10. Ps.. yes, boredom really is getting to me.
  11. Is there going to be a surge of post lock down hospital visits as the uk population are allowed out again? And are we also going to see an increase in Covid cases as we start moving around more? If so, there will be more stress on the NHS than we have at the moment. Should we, as a community, collectively refrain from any flying well beyond lock down?
  12. Sheer bloody recklessness. I have spent the past 6 weeks hiding under my bed, where I shall remain.
  13. If you are a glider pilot then apologies for the lesson in egg sucking on airspace. Still, might be useful info for other aspiring pilots. Its a big sky and looks like you are in a perfect place for paramotoring!
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