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  1. I’ve had an email from my local council announcing a trial scheme which allows Hampshire residents to pre-pay Corona fines. Has anyone else received the same?? This is actually quite a smart idea, raises money for the local council and allows those with the financial means to enjoy a bit more freedom but essentially, should mean Hampshire PPG pilots can fill their boots (at a cost)! They’re launching the website next week where you can pre-pay before going out and they’ve published a price list which ranges from £20 for a non essential drive and walk (up to 45 mins from home) to £1500 for a party with up to 15 guests. I’ve emailed the council to ask if they can specifically add paramotor flights and GA flights to the price list and given the solitary nature of PPG, suggested that it should be the same as a dog walk (ie £20) per flight. Will keep you posted!
  2. Sorry, thought I’d been pretty clear on that. Whilst I don’t think it’s a massive issue (depending on your circumstances), it’s clearly not advisable and SHOULD NOT be done for all the reasons I and others have given. You’d have to be pretty selfish and have an unhealthy relationship with the rule of law to consider flying on Friday at about 5/6pm.
  3. We will have our resolve tested again this week with a good weather forecast, particularly for Friday. God knows how you’d explain it to the police if they happened by as you were leaving the house, particularly with some of the keener trigger happy types. ”it’s a body mounted leaf blower officer” probably won’t cut it. Won’t be a problem for me of course, I’m a better person and wouldn’t dream of flying and I don’t want to be accused of encouraging anyone else... but hyperthetically speaking, I suggest we all go up at the same time, they can’t get us all.
  4. I’m not convinced it’s really of interest to anyone outside of the forum to be honest. I’ve seen half a dozen cyclists go through my village this morning, same number of horses and a couple of motorbikes.. none of them should be out either but I doubt anyone is filing complaints or calling the press. To Jo public, they probably don’t see the difference between those activities and ours. In the scheme of things, a bloke alone in the corner of a field in the middle of no-where with a 2 stroke engine isn’t really a live issue for the uk population at the mo. Of course, that changes when same bloke chops his hand off on a prop and takes an icu bed which.. as I’ve mentioned that’s when you cross the line from rule bender to selfish c**t. On a positive note, I have noticed that there are no longer any walkers driving their cars out from the local towns, local lay byes and carparks are empty so the message is getting through. Though a house construction site near me is still crawling with trades and delivery vans. I guess they’ve got to eat.. Anyway, crappy weather means we are no longer missing out. Can’t fly anyway.
  5. Kiwi K.. I’m confused, are you saying we should fly or shouldn’t? Get off the fence man.
  6. I see that the police in Cumbria have been flying a drone around the lakes to see if people are out on the hills and publishing footage on twitter to raise awareness. Great idea, however, with police resources stretched thin, shouldn’t one of us shoulder the burden for them? It’s a major sacrifice, but if we mobilised pilots to fly around UK beauty spots with go pros, it might free police resources.
  7. All very laudable and who could possibly disagree. In line with the current prevailing winds of self a sacrifice for the greater good, I did NOT fly this evening, despite the glorious weather I did NOT sneak a flight in. Had I done so, I probably would have discovered that there was a little too much wind aloft and landed back after a short 5 min flight. I would then probably have packed away and headed home for a pint. None of these things happened because, as I’ve said before, I’m better than you.
  8. I’m willing to bet money that anyone who is thinking on balance, it’s best to stay on the ground will be flying by June.
  9. ..does look nice though doesn’t it. I mean, hypothetically, would be a lovely evening for a flight.
  10. The dog walker sounds like a dick. Getting that close means he rather missed the point. We probably shouldn’t fly, I am in total support of BoJo policy. It works if we all join in. If you cant fly without going near anyone, without going to a fuel station for example, or rubbing shoulders in a tight car park or touching a gate then you should probably give it a miss. However, if you have a quiet little spot (and we all do don’t we?) and a fuel can in the shed then the separation thing isn’t an issue. Maybe just Sneak off and fill your boots. BUT be under no illusions, if you have to go into A and E or take an icu bed, you will have been selfish and everyone will call you a c**t. But there’s a potential solution to that too, don’t fly like a dick, don’t be a dell, don’t break anything and you won’t have to. Bit of context, I think people getting the tube to non essential jobs and company’s still insisting non essential staff come to the office (there are lots) is far more reckless than a cheeky bimble. I also think you pie eating fat boys, alcoholics and smokers are more likely to need Hospital support this summer than a ppg pilot. In conclusion, probably best not to but if you do, be even more careful than usual not to screw up. Its all good fun til you end up taking a hospital bed. I obviously did not sneak out of a hidden field and have a glorious hour long cross country this evening because I’m better than you.
  11. Ok. Have thought about this and I will definitely NOT be flying at 4pm, I will de NOT be enjoying the empty blue sky, wind on my face, watching the deer bound across the fields below me, the golden sunset lighting up the tress and making the fields look like they are glowing. I will not sneakily land back, pack it all away and have a glass of wine in the garden. So, that’s clear then.
  12. ...also, food retailers being left open, does that mean I can I still get take away beers out of the back door of my local pub? Asking for a friend.
  13. I’m inclined to go for it on the basis my field is v close to home and I go alone. However, my pause for thought is the idea that if I prang it and break a leg then I’d feel a proper selfish twat if I ended up in A&E..
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